Nikon related news/links/rumors

This is turning into a weekend tradition - Nikon related news/links:

  • Nikon India is hiring - lately Nikon has been pushing hard in this market (source).
  • Nikon P6000 now comes bundled with photo-mapping software.
  • Best bang-for-your-buck cameras - 1st place: D3, second: D90 (source). I concur.
  • Another site that no longer lists the D300 as a current pro model (D40 is not listed either):


Those are the rumors/tips I received from readers in the past few days:

  • "A reliable friend of mine who works in the *** retail shop in Paris, told me he had received instructions to sell as many D300 as possible before June and that a salesman from Nikon France had told him something big is finally coming."
  • "An author of many Nikon books told me that the D400 is not slated for a mid-April release.  He said expect a D60x, which is consistent with the commercial shoot "leaks" and some lenses but not the D400."
  • "New Nikon 17-35 II: there may be a new 17-35 II coming soon. I called my local Nikon dealer (Austrian Flag Ship Store for Nikon) today to see if they can still order it. He called the Austrian Nikon representative and said that it has in fact been discontinued and that a new one is due end of April/May."
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  • Brent

    Best bang-for-your-buck…the D3? No way. I can understand why this website , The Money Times, believes this…but, for you to concur!? …and you call yourself a Nikon man. I beleive the D700 offers the best bang o’buck…95% of the features at 2k less.

    • I didn’t call myself a Nikon man, did I? I run also The “rumor man” is probably more appropriate 🙂
      Anyway, this was just my opinion and you are entitled to have one too.

  • Anonymous

    it’s because newbies buy D3 so they have latest, newest, and greatest camera by setting it to auto everything and say “do you like my pic?!”

  • Brent

    Fair enough…sorry about that. I enjoy the site and appreciate your efforts. Please keep the rumors coming…

    • No problem – I am trying not to give my opinion and just report the stuff I find, but sometimes I forget. Whatever I say, somebody will not agree with it, so I better stay quite.

  • afterdarkernikon

    If the 17-35 2.8 II is true I will order one immediately 🙂

    • Anonymous

      not too soon. very early lenses have problems, im sure you know that.

  • marc

    The News is not totally correct as by now (12.04/20:47) the D300 is still mentioned as pro DSRL on

  • Brent

    I hope this is an interesting week!!!

  • Warprints

    D300 discontinued on the german nikon site? I think not. Instead of looking at the highlights page, look at the general digital camera products page. Maybe the general digital camera pages have not yet been updated, but … there it is.

  • Pablov

    D400 in june ? 🙁

    It would be really great to have some reliable leack of specs before…

    it’s been a long wait………………………………………………………………………….

    • Anonymous

      damn! what a gearhead, waiting for the newest and latest, ahaha

      • Pablov

        there is a good reasong for that indeed

  • who needs one

    instead of wasting time on a lens that is prefectly ok today, they should update lenses that actually matter.

  • rhlpetrus

    It makes sense, I always thought D5000(?) would come first, then D700x or D400 early in Summer or August.

    What I’m really interested in is new WA zoom for D700. I had hopes for an f/4 model with a bit wider range (16-40mm ?), lighter and cheaper than the f/2.8 models.

    Let’s see.

    • Anonymous

      i use a 15 years old nikon 20-35mm f/2.8D AF and its razor sharp and i only paid $600 USD for it used. you’re missing out here.

    • PHB

      If you want something compact and light you are going to have to go for a DX body. The FX wide lenses are going to be strictly high end pro models. The f/2.8 zooms, the fast primes.

      Why would Nikon make a second lightweight lens for the high end FX models before it has a first ultra wide for the DX series that has the lightweight bodies? If you want a light camera you want to start with a crop frame so that your 80-400 becomes a 120-600.

      Nikon has brought out most of the FX lenses that make sense already. The only one that needs a refresh is the 70-200 and that is only because it is such a key lens. You might see another fast prime or two but I would expect DX lenses to be the priority this year.

      On the DX side, the lack of an ultrawide is conspicuous. The launch of the 35mm DX lens strongly suggests that either there is another lens to launch with the D400 or there will be no D400 this year. I suggest that the first is more likely. The 14-24 was launched with the D3 so if the 10-24 is genuine I would expect it to launch with the D400 – (not the D5000 unless it is also amazingly cheap!)

      The other missing lens is the 80-400 AFS which is the lens I want most. Although it is a FX format lens it makes a lot more sense on a DX body.

  • duh

    I think Nikon Germany is having some issues with it’s website …either that or we’re getting a ton of stuff tomorrow!

    D3 – on the detail page – the picture is there, but there’s no text and when you click on it – you get a German – “Page Not Found” page. Plus, it’s not on the front page anymore either…. Only D3x and D700

    D300 – Not on front page, on next page – it shows the picture, but no text for the D300 body, but picture and text for the kits. Click on it and you get the whole shebang!

    My bet is that someone new is doing the java / webpages for Nikon or their QA person is on a holiday or new too and they don’t know what they heck they’re doing…

    But it would kick Canon if Nikon did happen to release a D4, D400 and D5000 all on the same day….

  • Calvin

    I hope a new 17-35 II is true… but if nikon just renew the name or minor change without making feasible change like zoom range to 16-35 or wider zoom range, it will be a shame as being nikon. Canon is currently offering 16-35… nikon should keep up. The 14-24, i my opinion, is a stay home lens…

    I welcome an updated version of 70-200… hope it will happen soon.

    I will grade D300/D400 as pro together with D3/D3x. They are used in different application… subframe used for long range and travel light. D3/D3x is for tonality but heavy and short range/bigger aperture to achieve the same zoom range with teleconverter or equivalent.

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