What is this camera?

I received this link to a dpreview thread about the new Nikon camera that leaked few days ago. On page six at the bottom you will find this picture:

My first impression was that the viewfinder is too big for an entry level Nikon DSLR but then I tried to find exactly what camera this could be. Note that the display swivels to the south (exactly like the camera on the spy shot), not to the east like this Olympus. I checked also this Sony but the swivel mechanism is different. The Nikon P90 looks different too. The camera looks too big to be a point and shoot. Another interesting fact is that the name of the dpreview poster sounds Eastern European (the spy shots from few days ago came from Dubrovnik).

Can someone identify this camera, maybe I am just missing the obvious?

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  • connor

    I’m gonna say that the D5000 coming out on the fourteenth is a definate.

    • Joe R

      I vote fake.

      1) Liveview image doesn’t seem to be the same as what’s in front of the camera. The Liveview has somethings green on the right of the window.

      2) The strap doesn’t seem to be hanging straight down. Non-linear gravity?

      3) Fill light on the inside of the hand that didn’t hit the camera? Fancy trickery.

      4) The ghosting on the hand- on the top of the wrist where the background window frame intersects it- looks unnatural.

      5) The hot shoe plug. Don’t most of the plastic caps that cover the hot shoe sit flush with it, not stick up as in the photo.

      • warprints

        Joe – it may be a fake, but I think your reasoning is off. I don’t agree with any of your 5 issues.

  • rad

    I think if you look at the info on the top and bottom of the display, it looks like the D90 does in live view, unlike the other DSLRS

  • Gentoo

    What was the name? That might help me guess if it’s a Croatian name or not.

    • the name is Djordje Jevtovic

      • Vlad

        That’s definitively a ex-Yugoslav name.

  • Anonymous

    i vote fake because it is a poor photoshop job, see for yourselves (brighten to 100%), http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/2091/oinkoinkgrok.jpg

    • I vote for you..

      ….I vote for your lack of knowlege about how to tell a fake. Enlighten me with your analysis here…is it the squares? welcome to jpeg compression…yup this image is a jpeg so take any similar jpeg and do the same thing and you’ll get the same results. Just like people use saturation bumps to see the compression artifacts…

      congratulations…you just proved the world is round.

  • low

    dx lives!

  • D300

    i vote fake because it is a poor photoshop job, see for yourselves (brighten to 100%), http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/2091/oinkoinkgrok.jpg
    Yeah~ great! the finger cross the camera haha~ and this camera size are too small, The only thing I know are the port cover are very identical to D300/D700

    • nope

      lol another guy who doesn’t know jpeg compression…err for all of you expert detectives, here is a little help


      now do you see why you get missing fingers and square blocks when you mess around with stuff you don’t understand?

    • Perhaps you’re thinking too hard. Maybe it is a fake, but that thumb problem you’re pointing out looks like a simple matter of the strap being wound over the person’s thumb.

  • leo

    olympus E-3 ???

  • PL

    This could indeed be a Nikon body. You have to be able to read the shadows, so to speak.

    Even the brightened image does not look especially fake to me. I believe I can explain the thumb: it appears that the camera strap is looped over the hand, covering it.

    As far as the strange artifacts: highly-compressed jpeg files fall apart like this even when there is no PS work involved. It looks to me like the person who took the image purposely had the camera in such deep shadows so that there would be no recoverabel detail.

    Also, note the bump on the upper right top of the body. It is in the exact location and is has a similar shape to what could be the mode dial of a D40 or D60 (but obscured by the hand and the strap. The prism and hotshoe outline also appear to be of Nikon or Olympus design.

    I vote real. EIther that or a good composite made from a D60 body.

    • Anonymous

      then can you explain why is this “strap” much wider around the thumb while the strap on the lower left is very thin, hmm?

      • trix

        dude, you are looking at compression artifacts, stop looking for what’s not there. the only thing I’d like to see explained is how people who obviously don’t have a clue about graphics even try to pass judgement on it.

        this pic is real. is it a nikon body or even a dslr? there is no way to tell. there is no detached finger or any other nonsense.

  • PL

    The apparent large size may be a distortion due in part to the wide-angle lens used, and also the fact that the alleged spy camera appears to be tilted. Part of the “extra” height could easily be due to a slight downward tilt. Remember we are looking at a shadow image, thus the contours of the body are not visible and we can’t tell where the rear face of the camera ends and teh bottom plate begins. So it could look out of proportion.

    And as for the original poster, I looked him/her up, and he or she is apparently from Serbia.

  • PL

    As to the strap changing apparent width: again, we are looking at a shadow image. The strap is a flexible item and could easily be bent. We can only see its outline and not the surface details. It is very unlikely that an item as flexible as a strap would ever be in a perfect position in a photo. Of course it’s going to bend. The drastic underexposure creates a “perceptual illusion”, something that any student of psychology is readily familiar with.

  • Anonymous

    ah, it is still a fake, here’s what i discovered… the lines on top of the window on LCD isn’t parallel to the actual lines on top of the windows in the front of the camera, here…


    • funny

      oh man are you for real? you made me laugh so hard. ok, you realize that there are two images here. I’ll take it slow so you can keep up:

      1) image on the camera being held
      2) image of the camera that took the shot.

      now try to keep up here:
      both have different pov’s because they are different angles. got it? see it ain’t hard.

    • JJ

      That would only be true if the LCD and the sensor are in the same plane. Since the LCD articulates,it is very well possible for the lines not to be parallel.

  • PL

    In other words, the data in a photograph that would normally cue us into all 3 dimensions and allow us to create a 3D representation in our mind, has been compressed via the drastic underexposure, and we are left with just barely enough data to visualize two dimensions. We’ve almost entirely lost the “depth” cues (and thus any data that would allow us to draw definite conclusion about 3D shape).

  • Gentoo

    Djordje Jevtovic

    That is definitely a Croatian name.

    • MalejJarda

      This guy is from Belgrade, Serbia

  • PL

    You may be on to something here about the lines of the image and the actual window not “lining up”.

    But even here, we have no idea how many directions the LCD articulates in. If the camera were tilted one way and the LCD in another, it could create a few degrees of rotation or even perspective skewness. Or, it might not even be a live-view feed; it could be a captured image displayed on the LCD, and the camera tilt may have changed slightly. But it does look like a live feed (see the red “AF sensor”?).

  • PL

    The apparent lack of parallel lines between the windows and LCD image could be a perspective issue. (Another perceptual illusion, in this case due to the fact that we are seeing an image of an image, and the two imagers do not occupy the same physical location.

    Imagine the camera that captured the image of the other camera was more to the left and tilted toward the right. You would see more “convergence” of the horitontal span of the window top than would be apparent in the LCD image. Assuming the camera in this picture were placed more to the right than the than the camera that photographed it, you would see a greater degree of perspective convergence in the window top than in the LCD image of it. This is what it appears to be.

    • Andi

      The lack of parallel lines between window and picture on the LCD can easily explained: it is not live view what we see there but a picture in playback mode that was taken maybe a few moments before (in a different angle). There seems to be lots of information on the LCD (like date, ISO, …, i can not read it but there are many white writings) just like in the play/review modus of a camera.

  • PL

    The hotshoe appears extra high, like it has a hotshoe cover on it.

  • STFU

    Cool, looks like a 3″ flip screen to me. Hopefully its the same one as D90 and above!

  • The size of the OVF may appear extra big simply because the body is quite small. i had a look to the dpreview in -depht review of the D60 and the proportion seem relatively similar in fact (side of the camera/side of the OVF emplacement).
    the height ofthe OVF is also roughly equivalent to the lenght of the metal hotshoe that is on top of it, which is also the case on the D60 pictures :


    can simply be the D5000 with that DX 12mpix CMOS from before, not a stranger newer new camera. 🙂

  • Dan

    The new Sony Alpha A400/450/750/800

  • Chevypower

    I say that with the integrated video feature on DSLRs, people want to see the live view mode with the camera above and below their eye level. A swivel screen would allow for this, and would be right in the D5000 market?

  • Fred

    Why flip the screen south? West I get but, south inhibits placing the camera on a surface for steadying the shot. Even just putting the camera down requires two hands (put the screen away or you whack it).

  • Jokke

    I would guess that the viewfinder looks large because of a new popup flash design – wasn’t there something along these lines on this very website just a couple of weeks ago?

  • Lardinio

    What’s the point of the flip screeen at the bottom? Not much good if mounted on a tripod eh?! I suppose it saves having to move the buttons on the left, but I still don’t buy it.

    • Andi

      on the picture above the flip screen seems to be mounted on the very bottom of the camera like screwed into the tripod mount. if you fold that screen to the camera body it seems to leave a “bump” on the bottom of the camera, an uneven bottom side.

    • JJ

      The biggest advantage of a flip screen is when working in difficult positions, like having the camera low to the ground or high up above a crowd.

      When it is low to the ground on a small tripod, you’ll view it from the top and the screen is in a 90 degrees angle pointing out. I dont think it will be in the way of the tripod. The same is for high up, but then the LCD is turned 180 gedrees around its axis.
      The position it is in on the image is utterly useless as it is in its normal plane, but 2 inch lower.

      I still say it has it use from time to time.

    • Stephen

      Okay, so I’m 6’5″ and sometimes I just can’t comfortably get low enough. I can crouch and kneel, but my body isn’t going to get any smaller. I like this because I can hold the camera low and compose my shot. I kind of see it as the modern version of the waist level view screen that a lot of medium formats have.

  • Placido

    what a crappy picture! Is it extracted from a mms video? The background window is very clean, yet the rest is a soup of pixels.
    It is a clear that the person who produced this image wanted to make it unusable.

  • afterdarkernikon

    Is this the new marketting game that makes people guess whats the product in the picture? 😉

    One more day to the revelation ….

  • ptooey

    Looks legit to me.
    What’s the deal with the articulating hinge at the bottom anyway? Does Canon/Olympus/Panasonic pay some license or something that allows them to have it on the left side? I’ve been waiting for Nikon to release an SLR with the flip out screen for years– ever since the Coolpix 5000 and 8700/8800 this has been on my wishlist, but for crying out loud, hinge at bottom sux.

  • Macindows

    Aaand Mr. Blurrycam did it again!

    Why on earth did the guy who shot the photo upload this blurred version instead of “maybe” hitting the shutter button again to refocus and use a flash?? Wouldn’t have cost him too much time would it?

    For me this is the very same camera as the one from a few days ago! Just blurry and dark!

  • Andi

    I think the viewfinder looks big because the camera is small.

    See the D60 from behind, it looks very similar:

    except for the swievel-display.

    • Nikkorian

      I’m with you. This IS the D5000 we’ve been seeing before.

  • rob

    I expect that what has happened is that this guy has stolen a D??? from the photo shoot the other day. Thats why he is in a bedroom taking snaps.

    Also I think that picture was taken in Croatia, maybe Dubrovnik. The shades are very common in that part of the world, as are the oversized radiators.

    Maybe a D400 with a reversable screen, so you can turn it over so you cant see the screen. I would like that.

  • Heavok

    If you have a look on the left side of the cam, you can see the typical lash from the cover of the D60’s (D5000’s) micro usb-port. Even the shape on the bottom is typical D60 style.
    Anyways the “big” viewfinder seems to be quite typical if you compare it to this spy shot. Link: https://nikonrumors.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/dbk_0662.jpg. Here the viewfinder appears to be quite odd compared to a D60’s (btw, the seem to have integrated a new eye-piece).

  • spam

    Why would anyone post a picture like that except to start a rumor? If I got to try a new Nikon I’d take a good “product shot” and publish, not a out of focus underexposed shot. Btw, the Panasonic FZ50 has teh LCD hinged like that.

  • Heavok

    Can’t be the Panasonic FZ50. Look at the cover-lash on the left side of the cam. The Panasonic FZ50 hasn’t got one.

  • Anonymous

    Keep it up guys, this was hilarious reading.

  • GR
  • savvo

    I think the ‘obvious’ that you’re missing is: presumably we’re supposed to think this is some top-secret as-yet unreleased camera model? Such a camera is only going to find its way into the hands of people who know something about photography. If such a person wants to leak a photo of this camera they aren’t going to deliberately shoot it in a dark room against a bright window light.

    • Cagra

      or the actor in the commercial..

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