Nikon D5000 pictures

Why does it look like a full frame camera (viewfinder size)? I remember at one point I received a rumor that the new built-in flash will be bigger, and will swivel - something like the SB-400. I also see a mic on top of the D5000 label.


nikon-d5000-2  nikon-d5000-3

More updates on the way. I will reveal the source later today or tomorrow - still hoping to see something more.

Update: coming to stores on May 1st, 2009.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow! That Camera is Tiny!

  • Pells

    You really think a built in flash will be the size of the SB-400? come on. One of your posts said it would swivel like the sb-400 which makes a lot of sense, but no one wants a flash that big

    • yes, I mean swivel like the SB-400, not big like the SB-400

      • art17

        Any new fx lens tomorrow (or soon?)?

    • You know what would be more believable. Maybe Nikon is taking a page out of Pentax’s book. The K2000 comes with an auxillery flash. I think Nikon may include something like a smaller SB-400 in the package. Rather than try and engineer a turning built in flash.

  • Mike

    This thing is a.) totally out of proportion or b.) as big as a d700. Doesn’t make sense either way!

    • what

      where is the d700 next to it?

      a) there isn’t.
      b) it isn’t.

      you don’t make sense either way.

      • Mike

        The image might be distorted but the cam looks almost square and if you can take the IR-receiver on the grip an the AF assist lamp as any size indication it is much larger than my d40.

        The same goes for the amount on plastic beneath the bayonet. On the d40 there practically isn’t anything the bayonet seems to be just above the bottom (d60 – At this one there is much more space, just like on the d90, d300 etc. (d90 – I always thought they could make this smaller because they skipped the in-body AF-motor. Judging from the pictures, the cam got a lot bigger and yet they didn’t incorporate the AF-screw hence motor.

        Now every other manufacturer is trying to make the entry-level dslr as tiny as possible – look at Canon, m3/4 and the Samsung NX format. So what’s the point for Nikon to make an entry level cam, that should replace the small d40/d60 but make it as big as the d90? I’m not saying this images are fake I just don’t get the idea… It looks huge!

        • Ennan

          You’re right – the camera is taller. I think that might be to incorporate the swivel mechanism under the screen.

          • Mike

            Good point, didn’t think of the swivel. Still looks awkward, though.

          • I went and normalized the sizes of the D5000(?) shown in the images here along with a D40 and D90 for size comparison. I used the lens mount dimensions as the reference point between all three. The original image is stretched vertically.


            Yeah, the D5000 is almost as large as a D90 if the images are to be believed. Bodes well for a larger viewfinder though.

  • Hor

    wow…so fast u update the pic.
    hope it will have more special feature to compete with others company. 🙂

  • Looks like there’s something different about the prism. Maybe it has a second chip for LiveView or Video autofocusing.

    It also looks like the pop-up flash pops up taller than the standard, which I suppose, hypothetically, helps with red-eye… if it’s not a pro camera. Which brings me to:

    The lack of buttons on the front suggest it’s not a pro camera. If it’s not a pro camera, it must be DX. They ran out of D#0 and since the D#00 are taken by prosumer, and the D# are taken by pro cameras, the only thing left is D#000

  • I think “like SB-400” doesn´t mean the size….more probably “as powerful as the SB-400”

  • Lamergod

    It has chrome shutter and if i’m Not wrong only entry to midrange uses. Chrome shutter

    • rob

      Thats not the shutter, its the mirror reflecting the penta-prism above. Google SLR cross-section if you dont get it

      • I think he means the button…

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who thinks these look like fakes ?

  • Bill

    Bigger photos? please? pretty please?

  • Lamergod

    I’m saying the shutter button the one you click to take pictures

  • afterdarkernikon

    Wow this is really interesting 🙂

    You make me browse your site many times today 😐

  • Q

    Not consistent with shots from Vienna shoot. Not buttons that a D400 would have.

    I’m thinking photoshop.Does admin feel this comes from a credible source?

    A swivel flash certainly would get people’s (and Canon’s) attention. Would be especially useful if more powerful. I’d love a built in flash I could bounce. If the source is credible, I have to give Nikon credit for its ambition and its ability to be a disruptive force in the marketplace.

    • David Chu

      It’s not a D400, the successor to the D300. It’s a D5000, the successor to the D40.

  • Anonymous

    perfect camera for bulimic skinny people

  • Dolor

    Awful photoshop job if I ever saw one.

  • Juan

    Impossible for Nikon to add a button on the grip. Fake.

    • David Chu

      It’s not a button, it’s the IR receiver for a remote release.

  • from original post – geometry not correct

    • rjm

      Thanks, that’s what I thought when I first looked at it but I was too lazy to check…

  • monty11

    As it has a kit 18-55 attached to it, I would assume that it is still an entry level camera. They wouldn’t showcase anything better together with the 18-55.

    The “button” on the grip is where the D40x has its IR sensor.

  • sushi like

    this pictures from camera shop website in tokyo japan.

  • sushi like
    • Bill

      from my understanding of google translate it’ll have “D movie editing” and “bari-angle lcd” also silent AF.

      sounds nice. bet/hope it’ll have 1080/30p just to stick it to canon!

  • den

    think its fake. it looks totally unproportioned and the camera name is printed on the surface of the camera which to my knowledge only appears on pro-slr´s. but i may be wrong?!

  • Marvin

    Awesome camera…………………

  • according to the jappanese site linked above it will hav a 2.7″ display that you can turn, an 11 point AF, a ISO setting as high as 3200 and D-movie mode.

  • Lance

    Maybe with the larger (higher popup) flash they’ve also kicked @$$ and put in a huge viewfinder also? Previous comment about AF module for video doesn’t make sense since the mirror is up during video capture.

  • bstrds

    tilting monitor like sony alpha?

  • Anonymous

    I’d believe that these are actual pictures of the D5000. But… all I really have to say is that this is one ugly camera. If I bought it, i’d worry about the display being destroyed.

  • I’d believe that these are actual pictures of the D5000. But… all I really have to say is that this is one ugly camera. If I bought it, i’d worry about the display being destroyed. – Sorry, didn’t put name, or email

  • C

    NR, stay alerted! here is just 1 hour to 14 Apr in Japan! I remember last time the leak begins around 1:00am of the “target date” in Nikon Japan sites!

  • AZ

    If the price will be as on the Japanese site than it’s gonna be expensive camera – 850USD for body, it’s almost like D90.

    • rhlpetrus

      These prices usually don’t mean much, street prices move fast for entry-level cameras after they start selling. You find D90 body-only for under USD900, it was launched at USD999.

  • antiq

    How come nobody mentioned the price yet? According to the japanese site, it will be more expensive (body only) than the d60 double zoom kit. =(

  • shivas

    woah Nelly!!

    Of note, I’m having a difficult time finding D90’s and D300’s on various reputable sites. . .was going to place an order this weekend, but the prices either went up, or stock was out. . .hmmmm. . ..

  • rhlpetrus

    The japanese site probably photoshopped the D60 to get clicks. But likely they know the D5000 is coming, so it’s one more indication of what’s in store for tomorrow. It looks taller than D60 because it’s distorted, circle of mount shows that clearly.

  • Anonymous

    it is 100% sure that a D40 successor will be announced tomorrow. even the (very plausible) specs were already published in a thread in dpreview (days ago, strange that they were not picked up by admin here). surely the big japanese store had a prewarning from nikon (something they do always before important announcements and they photoshopped poorly..

  • thegreatj

    It looks like a photoshopped d50…

    • Hardly. No focus screw, no top LCD, dial is on the wrong side…If you’re gonna fake something, you’re at least gonna’ make it worth your while.

  • What sensor (interested)…

  • Anyone else think that looks a fair bit bigger than the D60?
    If that image was truly aligned, then the lens mount being the guide, I would say that is coming back towards the size of the D50.

  • Weston

    this is so obviously fake. look at the vienna shoot. good laugh.

  • Andrew Koenig

    I don’t know why you think that this camera looks like an FX camera. The mirror is pretty clearly DX-sized to me.

  • Anonymous

    ladies and gentlemen, i vote this one a fake. compare the shape of popup flash when closed…

    from the commercial video shoot, it’s more of smooth curve… lookie here

    in these pictures, it’s pretty pointy without any smooth curves… lookie here

    this one is definitely photoshopped. we know NO entry level DSLR’s since D40 and D60 that already have internal focusing assist (screwdriver sticking out at 8 o’clock on the lens mount) but not so sure about that one but still a PS job.

  • Madias

    ladies and gentlemen, this is one ugly fake. Seriously , did someone really think this is real ?

    • CC

      Yes, apparently Nikon.

  • If you look at the sensor/mirrorinside it, it certainly looks DX. The D700 is huge compared to this.

  • sono

    im so sick of those “it’s fake” whiners.

  • q

    Okay, what’s the deal with this Nikon Rumour site? Does it post rumours from “trusted sources” or “any ‘ole rumour.” Not a valuable site if it doesn’t attempt to separate credible from the crud.

  • Pablov

    Any specs about Movie/Video ?

  • Omg

    “im so sick of those “it’s fake” whiners.” You think this is real ? Even my 6 year old brother uses photoshop better than this guy who did these awesome Nikon D5000 pics

    • CC

      Well, either your brother transcends reality with his photoshop abilities, or he’s crap; and, likewise, so is your eye. These are the real deal.

  • Peter

    what kitlens will it ship with ? that pics are so small i cant make out what,..

    • I think it will ship with the 18-55 – maybe with some improvements (weather sealed, etc.)

  • squig

    nikon fakes their own camera-

  • eatyourwords

    For those users posted the word “fake”, please eat your own words. You guys are really funny people and deserve to be laughed at.

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