Some Nikon D5000 specs

What I could read from the Google translation (can somebody get us a better translation please?):

  • Bali-angle LCD, 2.7 inch?
  • D movie image editing and enhanced scene mode
  • Silent Mode AF
  • 11-point target tracking AF 
  • ISO3200high sensitivity support

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Update - a better translation by desde-japon (thanks!):

Price will be 84,800 yen with a “points rebate” of 8,480 yen, that you can use to buy other stuff at their store (memories, batteries, lenses, whatever). So final real price will be 76,320 yen. For comparison, they sell the D90 body at 104,800 yen, and the D3x body at 866,800 yen.

●2.7型バリアングル液晶 (2.7″ vari-angle screen)
●Dムービー (D-Movie)
●画像編集機能が強化 (Image edition capability)
●19のシーンモード (19 scene modes)
●静音撮影モード (Quiet shooting mode)
●ターゲット追尾AF (Target following AF)
●11点AF (AF 11 points)
●エアフローコントロールシステム、イメージセンサークリーニングシステム (Airflow control system, Image sensor cleaning system)
●高感度ISO3200対応 (Supports high sensitivity ISO 3200)

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  • Lardinio

    It’s not cheap then. Unless my calculations are incorrect. More like a low cost D90 than a D40 replacement.

    • Pells

      prices are never the exact conversion of the currency rate. I was in London this week and I feel sorry for them. the 70-200 was going for 1800 pounds! Although the D700 looked to be a fair price. I guess that goes with the news that lenses will cost more and bodies will not.

      • Lardinio

        Well I live in the UK, and the av price for a 70-200/2.8 is about £1500. That’s still £400 more than it was some 6 months ago. The price conversion I did was yen/UK£ and it had the D5000 rrp at about £580. I can get a new D90 body for £620!

  • I think it’s vari-angle.
    19 scene modes.
    Improved in-camera editing functions.
    Function for silent shooting.
    Airflow control system.
    Image sensor cleaning system.

  • Mike

    11 AF-points? Same as D90? That doesn’t make business sense. I think they know something is coming they just don’t exactly know what. It’s a little boys wet dream and as good a guess as anyone else’s.

    • funny

      makes perfect sense: it’s a newer model duh!
      11point AF system will just be their new base-line. have you seen the canon 500D? they are aiming this puppy right at it.

      Obviously the D95 or whatever will be improved enough to make it worth the extra investment.

      • Mike

        As far as I remember Canon’s entry level dslrs always had more AF points than Nikon’s so that’s not an indication. On the other hand Nikon never brought an entry level with the same amount of AF points as their step up cams – D80 and D90.

        All three – D40, D40x and D60 – had 3 AF points so putting in the new one 5 or 9 would also be a step up in terms of marketing and still leave enough differentiation space towards the D90. That’s why I think 11 is a no go!

        • Mike

          And one more thing: the D90 came out December 2008, I think. This means it has to put up against the D5000 at least till years end. That is almost a year with two very similar dslrs at two different price points. Same sensor, same mpix count. They will both have video, the cheaper one will even have a swivel LCD.

          There won’t be many people to choose the D90 over the D5000 among the potential buyers and I don’t think that’s what Nikon had in mind – they make better many with the former…

          • Weston

            I got my D90 in Sept 08, not Dec

          • funny

            I’m pretty sure nikon will update the D90. you don’t limit yourself in the competition race because the next camera up won’t look as appealing. this is how technology works. the newer product always make the older ones look less attractive. The D90 will probably retain faster FPS, have the option to be used with non AFS lenses, have the larger screen and offer a few features that will still differentiate it.

            to think nikon would cripple themselves against canon because of the D90 is ridiculous.

          • Willis

            “To think Nikon would cripple themselves against canon because of the D90 is ridiculous?”

            Whose crippled? The Cannon 50D costs a good bit more than the D90, and has slightly better specs. It still can’t hang with A D300 IMO. Cannon is just competing in between Nikon’s price points.

            The better question is which company is better positioned relative to the markets. My instinct tells me Nikon has the more compelling lineup relative to price. at least in the prosumer market.

        • If anything, I think the update to the D90 will get a new AF module – the existing multi-CAM 1000 (which the D5000 or whatever it’ll be called will probably use) has only a single cross-type sensor. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 1000 gets used on the lower-end bodies here on out and something between that and the multi-CAM 3500 gets introduced for the D90 update whenever that comes.

          • funny

            yup. not to mention even in light of this camera and current specs, the D90 remains superior and anybody who can see past the fancy display will realize that. Sure the gap closed but if you want to tap the focus-screw type lens selection, the D90 remains a much smarter investment.

        • Derek Konigsberg

          Just remember that the D50 actually had more like 5 AF points, and a built-in motor. So unless that was confusing newbies, I feel like the D40 was actually a step down (albeit a more modern one), and the D60 is just an improved D40.

          • Mike

            The D50 has 3 AF points as far as I remember, I’d one at work.

            As for the AF points count of the D5000 I guess we’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Maybe I’m right maybe you are. Maybe I’m just upset cause the D5000 as it seems isn’t going anywhere near the direction I wanted it to… And maybe it does and it’s just the leaks don’t mention it.

            Tomorrow’s judgement day 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Nah, Mike, the D50 had 5 AF points (and still has). Additionally, the D70 had the same number of AF points as the much more expensive D100. So, to me, it makes complete sense to drop the 3 and 5 AF point systems from the manufacturing process and standardize on the 11 AF point variant.

          • funny

            according to the last post in NR it is all but confirmed. 11point af system confirmed for an entry level body! great job nikon.

            I’m saying, nikon won’t cripple the D5000 because it may canibalize some D90 buyers. Obviously, they much rather them buy a nikon product than a canon product. This is why actually improving the entry level line is a good idea even if it raises the bar for upper models.

  • rad

    Here’s what I think.
    I think the D40 is gone, the D60 will move in its place. This will be in the D60’s spot and then we’ll have the 90, 400, 700, 3x

  • 84,800 yen or $840 , is not decent for that specs 🙁

    • funny

      you can’t convert things like that. nikon may price things different in different markets regardless of how currency exhanges are. this is pretty standard practice. when you see prices in euro converted to USD, you often find europeans pay more if converted to the exchange rate.

      likewise, they may charge less in emerging markets. search google for “gray market” for some enlightment on how companies price products world wide.

      • monty11

        Believe me, they don’t charge less in emerging markets. Here in Estonia we pay more for lenses and cameras than in the UK .. I’d have to pay £2100 for the 70-200 2.8 and £860 for a D90 body … at the same time our average income level is ridiculously low compared to the UK.

        • funny

          google is your friend: search “gray market”. it’s not a myth. Sorry to hear Estonia is getting shafted by nikon, but the fact remains, you can get nikon stuff cheaper if you buy gray.

        • Ghargh

          In Poland the D90 (body) costs about £670 so it’s quite similar to the UK price, but if you consider the income, it’s unfortunately relatively more expensive…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I was expecting something on the $600s. Hope it’s wrong!

  • Anonymous

    i still think it’s a fake because when a new camera gets leaked or introduced, the websites are supposed to include MP count to get people’s attention but this one didn’t… so yeah

  • Frog D5000

    Ugliest camera ever if this is real deal !

  • Pablov

    if my japanese doesn’t lie me, it clearly says:

    – pop-up umbrella for sunny days (also useful for flash)
    – D-Movie: 720p24 (I hope it’s wrong and can give something better)
    – Full Manual Control in D-Movie (HURRA!!!!!!!)
    – Can record video without flippin up the mirror (what’??)
    – G.E.L.S: Gadget Extension Legs System, AKA Auto-Tripod
    – 3D composition assistance (takes 100 photographs all around the subject and automatically creates a 3D model)

    and some other Very weird things….

    (just a bit of humor to relax the waiting time 🙂 )

    • hish

      -Full Manual Control


  • D5000 ?

    “pop-up umbrella for sunny days (also useful for flash)” :DDD

  • I only remember that “Bali” is somewhat like “Awesome”
    (Which Google probably doesn’t)-_-

    The price is kinda okay since it’s still pre-order and Nikon’s prices in Japanese prices are always higher than in ANY other country.

  • The page is real.
    Sofmap is an electronics retail here in Japan. I’ve just found the same D5000 page browsing directly from their homepage.
    Price will be 84,800 yen with a “points rebate” of 8,480 yen, that you can use to buy other stuff at their store (memories, batteries, lenses, whatever). So final real price will be 76,320 yen.
    For comparison, they sell the D90 body at 104,800 yen, and the D3x body at 866,800 yen.

    ●2.7型バリアングル液晶 (2.7″ vari-angle screen)
    ●Dムービー (D-Movie)
    ●画像編集機能が強化 (Image edition capability)
    ●19のシーンモード (19 scene modes)
    ●静音撮影モード (Quiet shooting mode)
    ●ターゲット追尾AF (Target following AF)
    ●11点AF (AF 11 points)
    ●エアフローコントロールシステム、イメージセンサークリーニングシステム (Airflow control system, Image sensor cleaning system)
    ●高感度ISO3200対応 (Supports high sensitivity ISO 3200)

    • funny

      that quiet shooting mode sounds a lot like the canon feature. that’s a good one for them to steal 🙂
      if the manual movie mode sounds great even if it is 720p @ 24fps. As long as they use a better codec. They should at least give you the option for 1080p though and unlike canon, not cripple it to 20fps ha ha .

      • Pablov


        the “Full Manual Control” for movie was a joke that I wrote, there’s still nothing specified about that. (and neither about the pop-up umbrella 🙂 )

        I certainly doubt that Nikon allows full manual control for movie in an entry level camera. It Would be Great because a DSLR camera MUST allow Manual control as in still mode, but you know…. business people like to do such kind of things….

  • Urgh! Sofmap’s page’s down for maintenance (it’s 2:30am over here, folks!)
    Got a copy of the cache. They’re offering two lens kits:
    D5000 WZK Double Lens Kit – 129,801 yen
    D5000 LK Lens Kit – 99,800 yen
    Sorry, since the page’s down I cannot check which lenses are part of the kits.
    The cache’s here:

  • Marty


    [Coming on May 1st] D5000 Body
    You can enjoy free-angle live-view shooting with vari-angle LCD!

    Price: Yen 84,800 (Sales tax included)
    Points: 8,480 points (10% Refund)

    2.7-inch Vari-angle LCD / D movie / Enhanced image editing /
    19 scene mode / Silent shooting mode / 11 AF points /
    Air-flow control system / Image sensor cleaning system /
    ISO 3200 high-sensitivity available

  • bill

    This is exciting but it doesn’t look FX. And if there is a D-Movie Mode, will there be a mic-jack for external mics and headphone jacks?

  • Pablov

    it seems that Nikon:

    – payed more attention (at last) to the Sensor Cleaning system (sure there are still people who say “what for?”…. but well… maybe they never exchange lenses)
    – implemented a “vari-angle” LCD Screen (if strong enough, so good for many tasks, and if it can be faced to the camera, it’s a very good way to protect it too)
    – And also they included a “quet mode” like Canon.

    – The NEXT step (HOPEFULLY D400 & D700x/D800) is to go further than Canon, and do what Canon DID NOT: Allow FULL MANUAL CONTROL in Movie mode, like every camera offers in Still mode.
    Customers and photographers deserve to be respected too.

    These are not P&S cameras to lock or deliberatedly limit the access to their features.

  • Max

    So, I still haven’t heard either way if Nikon will continue with the marketing debacle of leaving out the screwdriver motor or if they finally said to hell with it and put it back in.

    • It’s never coming back in the lower end models.

      And I also think that the D90 will be the last ‘tweener’ camera to include it.

      • Then Nikon might as well withdraw from the entry-level market. The lenses that are made inaccessible by this stupidity are primarily:

        *Third party lenses
        *Old, cheap primes like the 50mm f1.8

        With the exception of kit lenses, those are the two types of lens that new DSLR buyers are most interested in. Without the AF motor (again, I know that Canons for example don’t have them but all Canon’s lenses AF on all bodies so it’s a moot point) Nikon’s entry-level cameras have a poorer lens selection than Sony’s, which is saying something.

      • Marc W

        I hope this camera has the motor built in because I might want a small body as a backup / carry-around camera.

  • anony

    at today’s JPY/USD exchange rate at 100.01, the listed price before rebate translates to $848 USD. is this just the body or it includes some kind of kit lens?

  • Alec

    my poor d60, 3 to 11 af points T_T

  • Just a wrap up now that Yodobashi Camera (another retailer, similar to Sofmap, but bigger) has published all D5000 prices in Japan:
    * D5000 body only: ¥84,800
    * D5000 with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm F3.5-5.6G VR: ¥99,800
    * D5000 with AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm F3.5-5.6G VR and AF-S DX VR Zoom Nikkor ED 55-200mm F4-5.6G (IF): ¥129,800
    (Prices include sale taxes. There’s a 10% rebate in “store points”)
    Prices are the same as in Sofmap and BicCamera.

    Also, the price for the AF-S DX10-24mmF3.5-4.5G will be ¥99,800.

  • Pawel

    Thank you Nikon for NOT listening your customers and NOT including AF-motor in your new model. I prefer to buy better lenses than better body, so I’m going to buy Canon. I think i’m not the only one. GOODBYE.

  • @ Pawel:
    You could always go with a D90. Not much more expensive than the D5000, and includes more dedicated buttons and a front wheel. And, of course, has a built-in AF motor.
    I believe D5000 is for new users who, most probably, will never buy any extra lens, and for whom a swivel screen is a deal breaker.

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