Got 3 more (Nikon D5000)

I actually got in touch with the person who took those pictures. The location was Dubrovnik, Croatia where a camera crew was shooting a commercial (possibly for Nikon). The pictures were taken yesterday. I also got 3 new ones (click for high-res):


dbk_0661  dbk_0662

Update: forgot to mention that the camera used in the commercial shoot was an Arriflex 435. The above pics were taken with a D200 by a second person on the same location.

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  • Any pose hides clarity to read D series

  • shivas

    argh, where’s the D400??!!!!

    • Haha. The D300 hasn’t even been out for it’s regular 2 year cycle. Besides, no competing camera comes close to it yet.

      How would a D400 make your photography better?

      • Placido

        Dont be close-minded! 1500eur is not something you give out every day, people simply check on DxoMark and Co and see that the D300 sensor is lagging behind more recent Nikon bodies. So they wait for the D400 release.

        • I’m going to have to agree with jestev. I’m pulling some phenomenal files out of the d300. Enough that I’m not touching anything FF for probably another gen. Even to rent. (Well, if the client requests then whatever, but I’m not wasting MY money on it.)

          24 mp doesn’t blow my mind, and 15 certainly won’t.

          Nikon is smart to concentrate on the low end and bring it into line with the best. They don’t want to take risks. They’re in business.

          What’s a d400 going to do that a d300 won’t? If you want a large sensor video camera/dslr for cheap, get a d90. If you want a versatile video camera, don’t get a dslr.

          I’m getting great 20×30’s with my d300/d90. In fact, don’t take my word for it–buy one from my site and see! Hell, one of the landscapes I still sell at 20×30 was shot on a D70. Exif data is all there.

          I want to see new gear continue to come from Nikon, but only because I’d like to see people put out good work and the latest and greatest will help people with a good eye, but weak technical knowledge do that. I still manually control exposure, because the camera still guesses wrong for what I want 99% of the time. Autofocus points don’t cover the entire screen yet. And yes, I’d love a fold out screen on a pro level camera. In fact, how about a detachable screen? Or a wireless accessory one? These are innovations. Why isn’t there a wireless 4″ screen for the D3x? That’d be worth another $4k.

          Nikon would be smart to wait until xmas for the d400. Or announce it now and take orders and wait until they have enough money in hand to crank them out.

          /rant. I just wanna see some good work. Ok, maybe some new lenses too.


          • You and I are on exactly the same wavelength.

            And about manual exposure — nothing comes close. I’ve heard so many people call me out on it before. I do it because AE/Tv/Av don’t do what I want the majority of the time.

            Micah, you’ve even got some great work to prove this.

            Happy shooting.

  • Mato34

    Nice touch having a swivel display rotating from the bottom, and so the left buttons remain there. I’ve several cams with a swivel display but never liked it too much, but bought a Pana G1 and it’s a pain not having full acces to functions because you’ve no buttons, and I would have changed rotary display for some buttons on the left…

  • low

    yeah these look to be the nail in the coffin photos. good job NR!!

  • will

    Interesting they picked this location to test out the camera.
    It’s the Onofrio Fountain in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
    No double it’s a very beautiful old city with marble floor and city walls for scenic shots.

  • Will

    I wonder why the lens has a gold ring on it. The 18-55 is not a pro lens. Are they planning on releasing a pro series 18-55?

    • anon

      It’s silver, not gold – compare with the text on top of the lens.

  • Anonymous

    Is that Ashton Kutcher btw? Were they filming the commercial for the cam in the shots?


    This time shot with a D200, I was hoping to see D400 in the EXIF. haha.

    • No problem… provide into EXIF with HEX-editor any series, D400 or D777

  • RobJ

    I’m all for articulating displays, but that looks kind of flimsy to me. I’m not sure I like it flipping down like that.

    • Nikkorian

      flipping down means you have to rotate it to look from above, i.e. for macro shots.

      the advantage is that no space to the left or above the display is lost, where important buttons have been positioned so far.

  • It’s a consumer camera so flimsy isn’t usually the biggest concern. In fact I’d be surprised if flimsy-ness weren’t designed in.

    Yeah, shooter for these pics was about 20 feet away, but unless it’s a loud scene the shooter would have been noticeable, because a a d200 makes a lot of mirror flap for a movie set and I think this must’ve been someone involved. This is a little uncanny that shots like this were leaked. Probably intentional.

    New Nikon shot on older Nikon. That’s interesting too.

    Exif says 4/5/09.

  • so, please let me get this straight. the nikon in the shots is not the d60 or the d40(x) but the fabled d5000, right?
    my only concern is that the sensor used will not be the 12mp cmos used on the d300/d90. if they use the 14mp ccd now available on the sony a350, i think i’ll pass on this camera. does anyone know for sure?
    admin, btw, did the guy tell you anything about the nikon?

    • Anonymous

      CMOS 12,3MP is inside. No 14MP CCD.

  • Oh, didn’t look at the ARRI link until now. That’s a MOS camera–most likely no sound was layed down. I take back what a said about a d200 and it wouldn’t have needed to be quiet on set.

    More interesting to me: commercial shot on film. Times aren’t changing so fast after all.

  • Pablov

    why didn’t use a Nikon D3x for the commercial ?

    • Pablov

      oops…… because Nikon doesn’t have any camera (yet) with Full HD recording capability…. 😀

  • rob

    Holy sh1t,

    I cant believe I got it right. I have only been to Dubrovnik once (and never plan on going back. Millions and millions of far rich tourists walking around with camcorders glued to their faces.)

    Anyway, I feel pretty happy about that. Its strange that I recognised it from the floor.

    • You’ve here to relationship?

      • rob

        here is a plan for you….

        1) learn english
        2) go on the internet

        • sorry for my poor english:(
          *Interesting if you participant on this photo-session

        • You don’t have to be an asstard. There are more languages than english, it’s not even the first or second most spoken. Some can speak more than just one, how many languajes can you speak?

  • It’s clearly a D5000, as the top dial is on the camera’s right (see picture 662), and it thus lacks a top LCD, which a D400 would have. Nevertheless, I’ve been expecting a swivel screen sinds 2004, since I had it on my powershot 😛

    • Pete C

      Also lacking the front command dial, integral to prosumer models.

  • Anonymous

    hi, i’m from croatia and i can confirm that this is a real thing, here is link to local dubrovnik news site
    well it does not say much but it’s proof that it’s definitely real thing, that was shooting for tv commercial, model is from vienna, director from hong kong and camera from japan 🙂

    • Pete C

      Good link, thanks.

  • Orlando Blue

    These photos were shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • thank you

    i like his boots

  • Why is the model tag hidden in all the shots? Taped over? But why in a commercial shoot?

    • Because if the model number was obvious then Nikon couldn’t keep up their pretence of these being semi-candid ‘leaked’ shots 😛

  • Henrik

    These shots were shoot rater close even tough the are probably cropped (note the focal lenght 32mm on dbk_0661.jpg)

  • those 3 shots were taken with a D200 by another person on the same location

  • pleasuresaurus

    Rubbish. That’s probably sumthing like a D60X or a similar low end model. Even by looking at the body, you can tell its no D400 whatever. Come on ppl, we’re better than that.

  • JT

    Try reading the entire thread, and/or others around here concerning the same rumored D5000.

    NR is talking about the camera used to take the pictures of the rumored new camera, not the actual camera IN the picture.

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