This is the real deal (Nikon D5000)

A reader sent me the following link from a local Dubrovnik website (Google translation):

"During the last three days in the historical center in several different locations recorded the advertising spot for the new camera manufacturer Nikon known. The main protagonist is a young man shooting in Vienna and model who always wears Versace shows, while the director shooting came from far Hong Kong. Recording in Dubrovnik organized a production house Embassy films. "




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  • low

    okay so…do we have a winner against canons t1i?

  • STRB

    That explains the so carefully dressed photographer 😀

    • Pablov


  • Anonymous

    don’t say “this is a real deal” when you’re so unsure. you said the same about 10-24mm 3.5-5.6 and turned out it’s just a photoshop job. sure, we can expect a new camera but “D5000” sounds ridiculous so just wait until nikon announce it.

    • Willis

      LOL I don’t think they photoshopped the camera man.

    • abouna

      I agree; D5000 is a very bad name. Might as well call it the Cherry2000.

      • Anonymous

        Wasn’t that a Datsun/Nissan? :L

    • SteMa

      When did the 10-24 turned out be a photoshop job? :S

    • Sure anon! Who said the 10-24 was a ps job?

      • Anonymous

        i contacted nikon and asked about the 10-24mm, they laughed.

    • Yeah, what? The last 10-24 wasn’t a PS job.

      The first one? Oh hell yeah. The 10-18/f4 or whatever was bad ps-ing of a 14-24. But the last 10-24 wasn’t photoshopped. Legit? Time will tell. But it was NOT photoshopped. Don’t know where you got that…

    • Henry Nikon Fan

      And what is the name of this site, oh yes Nikon Rumors!

    • Manuel

      To me, the camera seems to be real, after all. But the name sounds unlikely. There’s just not enough space on the left hand side of the camera for 5 chars/digits…

  • shivas

    this is real people, HELLO?!!

    I guess to compete against the Xsi Titanium platinum edition?!

    I’m disappointed about the D400. . .but am being patient. . .

    • low

      just get the d700…its higher than a ‘d400’ nomenclature so it must be better right? 😉

  • Misora

    Waiting for the D400 too… I will pre-order the second I see it. Already have the cash put aside, as well.

  • pete

    the way that screen seems to flip out suggests its more of a sony style flip screen rather than the far superior olympus system.

    • Mikael Willberg

      I also hoped for two axis movement, but after some pondering I’m not sure how effictively it could be used with even moderately heavy lenses. But in high tripod use it would great to angle the LCD downwards.

      To me it looks like a slide-out and tilts upwards only. The screen seems to be aligned with camera in NEARLY every photo, BUT in this one the camera seems to be tilted to the left and LCD is tilted to the right !

      There’s still some hope for two-axis freedom, please please please…

      Oh, and Ii would be nice if the user could manually mirror the image on the screen if the AI gets confused. I have had that annoying thing in some situations with two-axis 180 degree LCD.

  • Obscula

    I don’t see anything that is real deal worthy. Sorry. Maybe next time.

  • Ken D

    The D40 isn’t broken. Why replace it?

    • Eli

      Because it’s old, and first-time DSLR buyers look at the numbers. I love my little D40 but it’s quite a bit behind the new Canon 500D in terms of raw numbers–MP, movie mode, FPS, AF, etc. I am a testament to the fact that it’s only later into the hobby that one becomes concerned with IQ; I bought my D40 blindly (luckily!) over the Olympus E-420 without knowing anything about the fact that the Nikon system was far bigger, but now I’m just waiting for the right body and lenses to come along.

      • PHB

        One reason is that the D40/D60 are old. But another is that consumers are increasingly expecting HD video even on DSLRs. That would be the reason for the fold out screen I would think.

        Given that it is a low end camera we are not likely to see a new lens launched along with it, or at any rate nothing that is not a kit lens. But as Ken Rockwell will point out at length, light is good.

        The 10-24 lens is a very logical choice for Nikon. It makes the DX line a complete, lightweight alternative to the FX range. But Nikon does not launch a $900+ lens with a $500 camera. So I would expect that lens to come out with the D400 whenever it arrives.

        If Nikon would also refresh the 80-400 it would make the DX range a very powerful option in its own right (to the great annoyance of certain FX-ers). Three lenses (10-24, 18-200, 80-400) would give you complete coverage equivalent to 15-600 mm full frame with a lot of overlap.

        The 80-400 is a full frame FX lens of course, but it is also a variable aperture design that fits rather well with Nikon’s other high end VA lenses.

  • pete

    by that logic why replace the d200, d2x or the d50.

    • Ken D

      They weren’t as good as the D40.

      • Marc

        One thing… No focus motor. *Puke*

        • Anonymous

          someone is too lazy to focus the lens manually.

        • pete

          neither does any canon dslr, including the 1D series.

          • Jeff

            so? All EOS lenses are internal AF motor, which is what Nikon is using now.

  • Vlad

    I dont understand why did they have to bring someone from Hong Kong to shoot this?
    Nikon must have lost their mind! Lets get some of those full frame lenses instead of this dreck!

    • Ken D

      Have you counted the full frame lenses already available? How many do you need?

      • Nau

        a lot more

        we not even half way there yet : )

  • Dweeb

    Well that explains the Versace Gypsy Pirate look. I guess I paid for it.

  • Anonymous

    I think t1i came out to face D90, and now this D5000 will face Xsi… isn’t it more logical?
    at least I expect a price tag similar to that of Xsi for this new dslr!

    • Eli

      I’m guessing that a T1 will come out to complement the T1i, like how the XS came out after the XSi. It’ll probably have the same movie mode, but 12MP CMOS and less focus points or something.

  • Well this far more plausible now, it will be interesting to see the stats come out for it, but from initial size a feel of whole thing (pictures posted of the shoot etc) this looks like its going to be targeted towards consumers.

  • Placido

    EXIF : Original Date/Time = 2009:04:04 12:09:46

  • antiq

    Hurray, I’m in the market for a light entry level dslr.. although I hoped they’d have caught that bastard who took my 450d by now :,(

    If it has better or at least comparable high iso capabilities than canon 500d (and I dare say it will, if they put the d90 sensor in), I’ll go for it. Don’t need no 10fps machineguns, bracketing nor video, and the swivel screen is very useful when shooting overhead while standing in a crowd at a concert.

  • oh…. no…. it,s perfect

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