Just some crops for comparison

Some crops form the spy shots:

nikond5000-1   nikond5000-2

and for comparison here is a D40 shot from above:


As some readers have noticed, the pop-up flash shape is different and the mode dial button has 13 settings (the D40 has only 12). I think one of the settings reads "SCENE", the rest appear to be identical.

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  • im not sure, the Dial in the crop looks remarkably like that on the P80…

    • the dial on the D80 is on the other side

      • Yeah but he said P80 not D80. I think the suggestion is that it’s a shoop and they’ve lifted the dial from the P80 and pasted it onto a D-series body.

  • her

    the dial settings arent filled in there just outlined on the other

    swivel screen seems gay tho

    who knows maybe its full frame?

    didnt someone say something about entry level full frame camera

    • johnny

      but then why mount a 18-55mm VR DX on it :S

    • Juergen.

      “who knows maybe its full frame?”

      No, definitely not!

      Without getting into the details one can say that a camera with a full frame sensor (FX) costs at least 1000,– US dollars more for the buyer than the otherwise same camera with a crop sensor (DX).

    • What exactly does sexuality have to do with the desirability of a particular camera design? Is it possible for liveview screens to even HAVE sexuality?

  • god no another entry level camera

    • Eli

      What the heck do you want??? There are OTHER PEOPLE out there who can’t afford a $3000 camera and are just starting out. Not to mention, the D40 is definitely getting on–Canon has replaced the XTi twice over since the D40 was introduced. I feel like you are one member signing into a bunch of different names, whining whenever a DX lens or body is introduced. GTFO and don’t come back.

  • Mr_M

    look like another good camera will be release soon…………………………

  • Look at the second crop, lean back and squint and you’ll see it’s got a scene marking on it.

  • To think that Nikon’s gonna whip out a Nikon entry level camera again, this time with video recording..

  • Anonymous

    look on the brighter side…

    a lot of D40, D40X, and D60 users don’t want to waste money on D90 just because it have internal AF engine. if this new nikon prototype have internal AF engine and in the D40 and D60 price range, it will make everyone so happy to have the ability to use older AF-D nikkors (like the good 50mm 1.8D AF, 50mm 1.4D AF (cheaper than AF-S), etc.

    but swivel LCD is completely unnecessary because a lot of D40, D40X, and D60 users are in the teenager years so they won’t have back pains from looking through the viewfinder in awkward positions (old farts would). and, “D5000”? it’s a really bad name, sounds too canonish or pentaxish.

    let the name war begin!

    i would rather name it “nikon DX1” (next entry level DSLR will be DX2, DX3, DX4…). if it enters the full frame world, they can simply change DX to FX like FX5, FX6, FX7… etc.

    what do you think?

    • Nikkorian

      hmm, i use a d40x, am not a teenager and quite happy. the reason i would buy another camera is high-iso-quality, bracketing, aperture preview, user-programmable settings instead of the scene-progams on the dial, more buttons on the body for direct access. the d300 or d700 would be nice, but honestly, far too heavy. the d90 feels nice and lightweigt, it misses some of the buttons and the user programs i think, and for THAT i am not willing to pay 500 euros in excess of my d40x. if the d5000 has bracketing, aperture preview, the d90 sensor, i would buy it for the d60 price. if not, i’ll stay happy with my d40x.

      • Completely agree with Nikkorian .. but doing so wouldn’t make business sense to Nikon.

        So they probably will give bells and whistles… without the real deal. 🙁

      • bonk

        your D40x already has an aperture preview that works better than the button on the camera: the display with image review.

      • mike

        Bracketing is a D90-grade camera feature. Like the focus motor, it wasn’t left out on low end cameras because they lacked the technology. Don’t expect it to suddenly appear there any more than you would expect a return of the in-body focus motor.

        • A D90-grade feature? Then why does the very bottom of Canon’s current lineup (the 1000D) have both bracketing and an AF motor? Are you suggesting that the D90 is a similar quality of product to the 1000D?

          • Soap

            It is clearly being used by Nikon to distinguish the higher-end models. Ever since the D50, the low end has had no bracketing and no B/W status LCD.

    • Anonymous

      Hey I like naming! No confusion.

      Just the other day I was having trouble explaining D300 and D700 is not in the same class (dx/fx) to a friend of mine who don’t know Nikon, this might just help solve the problem.

      After they ran out of names, they could go this route. DX single digit, double digit, triple digit, then FX… etc etc..

      I suppose D300 class camera will become DX# since it’s the highest grade DX format Nikon has. Then D90 and D60 class will have separate digit numbers (Maybe they’ll give the D90 a 3 digit number, who knows, Nikon’s way maybe).

      For FX, would be nice if they separate them into 3 grades as well, those we know for now, and maybe a cheaper solution with no bells and whistles, slower in operation but then good sensor in it.

  • James

    Great let Nikon rake lots of money on entry level cameras and DX so they can have money for R&D on new and better FX lenses.

    NIKON then can release 70-200 2.8vr for the high end customers 🙂

    Btw, I’ll buy one if this is same size and has better picture output than d40 for use when I go on travelling.

    • What is up with the new 70-200 stuff? It’s almost self-parody at this point. Is it that you think you’re being clever by holding off and not buying and by posting ZOMG NEEW 70-200 PLZ you’re trying to advertise your cleverness?

  • James

    Oh video is nice too! imagine one time I am shooting and client asks “It’s nice to have the short speech added to your slide show. Do you have it recorded?”

    Thats a good plus if it can do short video recording as well.

  • Michael

    I think the swivel lcd screen is because this camera will have video functionality (ie, looking through the viewfinder is not possible). I can definately see the advantage of a swivel lcd for recording movies.

    Not that I will be buying this, if I wanted a movie camera, then I would simply buy a propertly designed HD Hard Drive Camcorder.

  • rhlpetrus

    I can’t believe the comments by people saying no to a new entry-level camera. Where do they think the money for R&D comes from? Heavens? This will sell like hot cakes on a nice cool Sunday morning. Swivel LCD, video, 12MP CMOS sensor from D90/D300 (best APS-C sensor ever), etc. The D40/D40X/D60, a great concept at their time, sold very well, it’s time to move on.

    And then, bring on D400 and D700x, Nikon keep playing the cards very well.

    • peter

      all of em are fanboys shooting with coolpix. do you think any of them vcan afford the equipt they keep DEMANDING nikon make ? lol

    • shivas

      totally agreed – Nikon is making swift smart moves!

      was hoping for a D400, but I guess by Summer that’ll be more realistic. . .it was only a question of time before the D300/D90 sensor made it into something a little more compact. . .

    • Marc W

      I’m indifferent. The more, the better, entry level cameras people get hooked on, the more they will probably stay with Nikon and move up on the model chain. Lots of people have started with the D40/x/60 and moved up to the D300 or D700.

      It’s all Bid-ness!

  • Gentoo

    “NIKON then can release 70-200 2.8vr for the high end customers”

    They have one, works great too! 🙂

    “Lots of people have started with the D40/x/60 and moved up to the D300 or D700.”

    Exactly, this is how I got into Nikon. I got a D40 a while back because of it’s price, cheaper than the Rebels which I was also looking at. Then I wanted to move up and already had Nikon lenses. Now I have a D300 and I am looking forward to more relases from Nikon. They are smart that’s for sure.

  • cyb3r

    Am I the only one who don’t like swivelling displays? 🙁

    • Andi

      Of course not. That camera is obviously not for people who don’t like swieveling displays – but for those who do, like me for instance 🙂

    • If you don’t like it, don’t use it. Most of the existing ones will work just fine if you leave them flat against the camera, and I imagine this new screen will be the same 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Effective pixels 12.3 million
    Image sensor 23.6 x 15.8 mm CMOS sensor
    Total pixels 12.9 million

    Dust-reduction system Image Sensor Cleaning, Airflow Control System, Image Dust Off reference data (optional Capture NX software required)

    Compatible lenses; AF-S and AF-I NIKKOR: All functions supported
    Type G or D AF NIKKOR not equipped with an autofocus motor: All functions supported except autofocus

    Autofocus Nikon Multi-CAM 590 autofocus sensor module with TTL phase detection, 9 focus points

    ISO sensitivity ISO 200 to 3200 in steps of 1/3 EV, can also be set to approx. 0.3, 0.7 or 1 EV (ISO 100 (Recommended Exposure Index) equivalent) below ISO 200, or to approx. 0.3, 0.7 or 1 EV (ISO 6400 equivalent) over ISO 3200, ISO sensitivity auto control available

    Image size (pixels) 1,280 x 720/24 fps, 640 x 424/24 fps, 320 x 216/24 fps
    File format AVI
    Compression format Motion-JPEG, with monaural sound

    rotation Interface

    • Anonymous

      Name: D60x

    • what is this supposed to be?

  • jimmy

    Nikon, please put autofocus and manual exposure control in video mode!

  • Kuri

    Oh god, can’t believe you all missed this….

    It has… a HOT SHOE COVER 🙂
    (Although it will most likely be sold seperately…after all, it’s a Nikon)

    Hey, whether you’re in the market for this one, let’s all just agree it is good to see Nikon continue to innovate and put out new products in these times.
    Go Nikon ^^

    • ene

      > It has… a HOT SHOE COVER 🙂
      > (Although it will most likely be sold seperately…after all, it’s a Nikon)

      My D50 has one too, it it was not sold separately 😀

    • Eli

      That’s funny, because all Niks have hot shoe covers, but I was confused looking at my friend’s Canon 40D–it didn’t have one. Why not? It didn’t come with one. LOL.

      • Anonymous

        Because the new ones are sealed (at least partially) and canon hotshoes work differently, if you have a cover on it completes a circuit and won’t let the pop-up come up

  • Weston

    D60x huh. hopefully it’s official in 1 week. i also hope it ships sometime soon, like May, i’m guessing $599ish? but probably more now that it has 720p video, as it’ll have all the D90 guts minus the motor. Cmon D400 and D700x

  • Jim Green

    It is a hotshoe cover. I found mine from a D40x and stuck it back on. That should last until I use it again.

  • Chris

    On the pop up flash. –
    you see how there is some distance between the hinge and the back wall where the VF starts.

    Well this looks like it might be able to rotate up. There was something about that on this site some time ago. I dont think a small pop up bounce flash will do much good but hell I never thought on camera flashes did much good. =)

    • funny – I had the same thoughts in my mind…

    • MB

      No, unfortunately, it want be able to rotate, no more then D40 flash. They just put different viewfinder and moved it a little higher to make place for bigger screen.

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