More spy shots (Nikon D5000)

Click on image for high-res version.

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  • PHB

    Doesn’t seem to come with a strap…

    It would be much more logical for the budget camera range to have the 000 designation. But to start at 5000… what are they going to do when they run out?

    • Tom

      Maybe it comes with a scarf to tie round your waist and some leather for your wrist ? And a free Indiana-Jones-wannabee gift pack with the olive/camo coloured camera….can’t wait.

      • Placido

        My guess : in Romania, you have cheap cinema studio sets.
        The TV ad for this camera is being shot there, and this guy is the main character.
        But if the ad is shot now, I dont expect it to be on TV in 2 weeks. I would guess it will be more like June.
        ,,,, which leads to …. 14 April = D400! Houray !

        • Anonymous

          logic fail

    • rollakid

      The next one will be D5001, the naming will outlast most of us here lol!

    • Lupe

      Definitely a new body shape. This smells like Nikon-planted photos though – a bit of hype before the launch… who on earth dresses like that, posing around with a camera!

      Still, it looks great. Fingers crossed.

      • Anonymous

        I have a feeling it is Nikon planted. All the shots of the camera front on have the silver model number blacked out, whereas in the photo with the guy’s left index finger over where the model number should be, you can clearly make out that it is in fact there.

  • Lx

    Awesome! Looks real to me..

  • David

    omg cant wait :O

  • Dan

    The “spy” went from above the “subject” to waist level of the “subject” ?

    • Nikkorian

      I agree. And so many random shots of this guy from different angles, with the photographer not yet having realized that the camera the guy’s holding would be interesting – strange. Also it’s supposedly a commercial shooting. In this case the setting as a whole would have been more interesting rather than only the model.

      Seems to me that Nikon marketing has posted this pic.

      • Zenndott

        Exactly my thoughts–a rather dedicated interest for someone who did not know what they had until they got home. The reticulation of the screen would be possible if it is attached on the botton-end of the body, but this looks rather stages. Not to say that the camera is a fake per se, but this is not as innocent an first claimed.

      • Jeff

        Did you look at the image quality? Terrible. Maybe frame grabs from film, but not marketing stills, definitely not.

        • Nikkorian

          rumor marketing of course

    • hubba

      and how awfully convenient that his finger, in the close shot, is stretched waaayyyy over the model badge! oh well, exif says this was shot in 2004 – who says they don’t have the next 5 years’ cameras sitting on the rack already πŸ™‚

  • Wolfgang.klatt@emi-f

    Looks like a D60 or?

    • Nikkorian

      Well, yes “like” a D60, cause it has that swivel screen!

    • HDZ

      Look like D40X in dial mode. love it!!

  • Loose & Obtuse

    Is that guy a Pirate?

    • Anonymous

      A pirate who got lost on an adventure movie set and couldn’t escape from make-up without fake stubble……common problem…..

    • Pablov


  • it’s nikon’s controllable leaks

  • JohnS

    what lens is on there, i wonder what the kit will include…not saying that i am sold on these shots being real or am really excited for a swivel screen. long live d40.

    • STRB

      Looks like a 18-55IS

      • STRB

        I mean, a 18-55 VR II

        • Placido

          AF-s 3.5-5.6 G VR

        • Pablov

          A-HA !!! you are an infiltrated Canonian !!!!!!!!

          (Just kidding, I use both)

  • Trevor

    This looks real alright.
    This is a Nikon “controllable” leak. Especially, when you consider that the shots was taken above, and then there is a side view… hmm. one person could not be at the at the same place in one time.

  • Trevor

    BTW, if you look carefully, the model badge is distinctly covered, or positin in such a way it cant be seen… so I beleve this is another clue to a controlled leak.

  • Joe

    that guy has HUUUUUGE feet

    • Anton

      OMG, the guy’s feet are really ENORMOUS =))

  • Pells

    That guy looks ridiculous. I feel like the swivel screen is just another moving part to break. I am not sure it adds a whole lot of functionality I care about. They better not put it on the high-models.

  • sono

    look! the flash top (not hotshoe) is DIFFERENT than on d40/60. im convinced that is not fake.

    well, we need to wait for 14th april.

  • mPower

    Love the digitized date of 01/01/2004! πŸ˜‰

  • Olaf

    whoever took the picture, mustn’t of had the time/date set up right on the camera. The EXIf says that it was taken at 03:16:16. There is no way there could have been strong sunlight at 3 in the morning. So it could have been taken recently?

  • Anton

    no matter what the name will be, it looks pretty beter than tose Rebels by Canon =))

  • low

    these look to be real spy shots purposely sent out by nikon. i mean, despite the guy dressed like a wannabe indian jones, hes dressed too weird and manicured too nice for the closeup shots.

    • ha…yes… “manicured” actor into special photo-session (backstage)…

      BUT build-in flash flip really different than D40/60… look like as D90

  • Eugene

    It will KO A350 + 500D haha

  • Jon

    Very obvious that the photog is a model/actor posing for Nikon TV commercial and print advertisements/brochures. Judging by the “photog’s” wardrobe, the ad company must have hired one of Coldplay’s stylists. Have a feeling these “spy” pix were released by Nikon and or the ad agency.

  • Curt

    Look at the mode selector knob, – its way different than D40, D40x and D60..

    My guess is that its real πŸ™‚ – If they could just leak some similar photos for the D300x or D400 or whatever it is going to be called πŸ™‚


  • Vlad

    What’s with his shoes, looks like size 15+. Is he getting ready for scuba diving?! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    The Mode Dial has different graphics than the D40/40x/60 and it now includes “SCENE”. The Dial also has different “knurling” around its perimiter than the D40/40x/60. The pop-up flash has a different profile. If you look at the seam around the flash it resembles the D300 & D700 not the D40/40x/60.

  • Dweeb

    Even I’d rather see Avril Lavigne hawking Canon Rebels that the Pirate of Romania. Sure he’s not just a Gypsy that robbed a tourist?

  • Chris_M

    The pop-up flash has a different profile, but I guess it’s the same size as the D40/60’s. I wonder what the β€œSCENE” could be. I also hope they added some different aspect ratios, like the Oly 620/30 has. I’d love to shoot in 6:6 with Nikkor AF-D primes.

    • Stylus

      …6:6 is the same as 1:1…

  • Marc E

    How many of you would actually use the LCD in that bright of a sun? Totally looks like a staged photo by Nikon.


    I doubt Nikon would leak a shot taken with a Rollei (check the EXIF).

  • rob

    I would put money on this being shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia. There is a high wall which go around the city from which the photo’s could have been taken.

    Its a very popular advertising town.

    I would put money on it.


  • Actually the exif data makes sense if you look at it. The Rollei it was shot on is a camera from 2004. Cameras usually revert to their manufacture date when their batteries die completely. A camera this old very likely has no functioning internal battery at this point (assuming it ever did) and whoever owns it is probably tired of resetting the damn date/time every time they recharge the battery.

    The rest of the exif data (from my reading) all points to images that are camera original. Everything else is guess work. The person taking the pics may or may not have had a relationship with the subject. But by my calculations, with that camera at it’s longest focal length, the shooter never got closer than 25 feet. Far enough to not be noticed? Depends on if there was a crowd or not.

    We don’t have a real date on these images because the exif data is off. These could be a month old.

  • Lupe

    … also look at the EXIF data.
    Shot with a Rollei (date wrong though).

  • Jason

    “We don’t have a real date on these images because the exif data is off. These could be a month old.”

    If you took shots like these, would you wait a month to post them? πŸ™‚

    • Honestly…maybe.

      The next shots have exif dates of yesterday. Whether or not both sets come from the same person, somebody was less patient and more willing to share than I’d be.

  • Stylus

    The part in front of the prism with the Nikon logo is fugly.

  • jsv_foto

    Interesting. If you count the icons on the mode dial, there are 13. The D60 has 12, ditto for the D40 and D40x. This could well indicate a “movie mode.” I do hope there’s no aperture tab, as using old MF glass with a movie mode would rock.

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