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Nikon D400 book post mortem

Remember the Nikon D400 book story from Germany by the author Michael Gradias? It was covered multiples times here on NikonRumors (post 1, post 2 and post 3). Well, this rumor was almost true (except the actual book name). The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon Germany under the name Nikon D300s with the […]

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Nikon DSLR with video – the best thing since sliced bread?

This post contains videos taken with a Nikon DSLR – skip it if you don’t care about this feature. The latest Nikon D3s rumors (D3+video) triggered me to do this controversial post – I just wanted to give some example on how videographers are using the video feature from the latest Nikon DSLR cameras:

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Nikon D300s movie recording issue (not confirmed)

I received this tip anonymously – I have no idea if the described issue is real or not (my D300s is still on order). Please take this with a grain of salt until we get some real reports from the field: D300s movie recording issue Apparently D300s has few issues with movie recording. below is […]

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Nikon D300s in stock @ Calumet, Ritz

Nikon D300s (both body only and the 18-200 kit) are now in stock @ Calumet Ritz just got them in stock as well

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Nikon D300s @ Best Buy today

A birdy told me that my local Best Buy will get the goodies today (Thursday, August 27th). The Nikon D300s and D3000 just came out of the box when I got there – they were still charging the batteries and I did not have a lot of time to change the settings – the videos […]

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Nikon D300s updates

Those are the Nikon D300s reports I have been receiving in the past few days: Nikon D300s digitutor is now online. Amazon will start shipping the D300s body only on August 28th (Friday). No date is given for the body+lens combo. Some Best Buy stores will be getting the Nikon D300s and the D3000 in […]

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New Nikon products availability in Canada (Nikon D300s, lenses, p&s cameras)

This is the product availability for the latest Nikon products in Canada (this sheet was sent to retailers by Nikon Canada; prices in Canadian Dollars) – it is also good to know the dealer cost on those lenses: Nikon pre-order options.

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