Nikon D400 book post mortem

Remember the Nikon D400 book story from Germany by the author Michael Gradias? It was covered multiples times here on NikonRumors (post 1, post 2 and post 3). Well, this rumor was almost true (except the actual book name). The book is now available for pre-order on Amazon Germany under the name Nikon D300s with the same  ISBN# 9783827244826 and from the same author:


If you need a Nikon D300s book in English, those are your options:


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  • dude


    • WoutK89

      I dont think you have read right…

      • Bral

        They are still trying to tell you CAPS LOCK is on. They even wrote a book on it now.


        • f/2.8

          LMAO. It’d better be printed in all caps.

  • low

    d400 is the sub 2000 FF camera, ohhhhhhhh!!

    • Geoff

      I know the supposed Nikon Road Map isn’t a for sure thing. If it is to be believed though, I think that the D400 could be full frame.

      There are a lot of full frame FX lenses being released prior to it’s release. a wide somewhat affordable zoom 14-28mm f/3.5-4.5G ED, a seemingly somewhat affordable midrange zoom 24-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR and a tele-zoom 120-450mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR II . The 450mm of reach would hopefully help to satisfy everyone that is currently shooting the 300mm zoom on Dx bodies.

      Also, in the roadmap, there is no mention of a D800. I know it’s not a for sure thing. Perhaps not even likely, but it adds up when looked at from the angle of the lenses being released according to the road map.

      • Tabitha Green

        It would make no sense to make the D400 full-frame.

      • Ronan

        Are you serious or just trolling?

        The D100 serie is DX. D400 will be DX, i can bet you $1000.

        Why? Because DX and FX each have a share of the market. Both have up’s and down’s, and both have their specialized glass (some is even pro).

        To say that the D400 will be DX is just stupid and shows a total lack of marketing knowledge.

        D400 will be DX, D800 and D4 will be FF.

        • Anonymous

          Tabitha and Roland, aren’t you two the same ones who said it would be stupid for Nikon to go FF with the D3 because the D1, D1H, D1X, D2H, D2X, D2HS, D2XS had all always been DX too?

          • Derek

            The D400 can’t be FF because the D700 is the FF version of the D300… Make a D400 FF is the same as making a D800…

          • Ronan

            You must be another idiot. My name is Ronan and i never said the D3 should be DX.

            I fully encourage DX AND FF camera’s.

            FF was a NEEDED upgrade for the D3 since most new pro camera’s are now FF.

            It doesn’t mean pro’s MUST have FF camera’s, but it sure is nice.

          • Geoff

            Ronan and the others that seem to have misread the tone of my post…
            I also don’t think that the D400 will be FF. I think it is much more likely (almost certainly) that it will be DX. My point was that “IF” one considers the lenses being released, that it “COULD” be. The reason I brought it up is because a lot of the FF lenses the road map suggests are to be released are ‘affordable’ lenses. Pros and wealthy amateurs who buy FF cameras dont need a 14-28 3.5-4.5 They would just get the 14-24 2.8. Same goes for the tele lenses.
            In my original post, I wasnt saying that I think the D400 WILL be FF, I was just making an observation about the lenses and suggesting a possibility.

            Why all the hostility and calling people idiots and telling someone to get a life? It’s pretty ironic.. think about it.

      • dave

        The supposed roadmap was a hoax, aside from the names of the D300s and D3000 (which my five year old could have predicted at the time the roadmap was released) they got nothing right, not even the specs of the D3000. That alone should tell you the author of the roadmap had NO idea what Nikon was doing.

        Yeah… Nikon is going to announce a sub $2k FX body just months after releasing a $1800 Dx camera? Step 1 load gun, Step 2 point at foot, step 3, pull trigger.

        The release of the D300s means the D400 is at least a year away.

    • AS

      Nikon D400 will be released next year in Q2 and will be an APS–C, not FF, so stop dreaming!!!

      That next high end APS-C will be a major one, and it will trash Canon 7D relay bed, but you will pay a premium price for that, so get a life and enjoy our current camera.

      • low

        nikon will be changing the naming convention – you heard it here first!

  • Zoetmb

    Nikon isn’t trying to tell you anything. A publisher assigned an ISBN to a future book which they thought might be for the D400 and instead was actually for the D300s.

    As I wrote back then, ISBN assignments mean absolutely nothing. (I used to work for with the U.S. ISBN agency.)

    If I register as a publisher, I can assign an ISBN to a book called “How to use the Nikon D5Xs” by Barack Obama. It means absolutely NOTHING!

    • True, but if you remember the publisher said that this was a mistake and now the book is for sale by the same author.

    • LOL @ the “by barack obama”

  • David D. Busch

    As far as Nikon D300s books go, “David Busch’s Nikon D300s Guide to Digital SLR Photography” will be on the shelves before the end of October, well ahead of the others. It’s 525 full-size pages long. Not a rumour — I know the author personally (hehehehe.) We’re keeping it off for another couple weeks. This is FYI only, and can be deleted if it’s a shameless plug.

    — Dave

    • David D. Busch

      Thanks for the plug.

      • NikoDoby

        Can we get signed copies at a discount since your here?:)

      • Well, a free D300s book would be a nice “thank you” for the plug, considering that my D300s just arrived….

        • David D. Busch

          You got it. E-mail me your address.


          • I was joking, but since you are offering 🙂 I will email you…

          • NikoDoby

            Hey! It was my idea !!! 🙂

  • Tornado Tom

    AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR?????

    • NikoDoby

      That’s just some random guy making up his ideal lens in a forum 🙁

    • WoutK89

      Yes, we’ve been over this one in the previous Rumor already, *sigh*

    • Tornado Tom

      Oh. My bad. I was hallucinating or too eager to see those new FX lenses . Erggg Arghhhh I NEED ONE NOW!!!!!

  • getanalogue

    the book seemed to be incorrectly named – a title mistake. that’s why the publisher had to apologize – he anticipated the product name and was wrong.
    I am sure, that Nikon will come up with quantum leap next generation DX and FX bodies next year just before Photokina. Have a look at most recently launched Sony Exmor R series P&S (TX1 and WX1, I believe). Then you can imagine the features of such bodies, and understand Nikon’s patent on special mirror design – 10 shots within a fraction of a second!

    • WoutK89

      Wasnt exmor R only for small size compact camera sensors?

  • Wistily

    So, if i understand well, the author has written a book on a camera which he had not seen, and whithout even knowing if it would ever exist…
    That tell you something about the contents of such books, where 99% is generic, and where they add the last 1% specific to the camera at the last minute, with the title…

  • getanalogue

    in case of D300s you are completely right, just video is added = 1%, he,he.

  • Rumors

    It must frustrate you when you spend all day diggin up information on Nikon, come across certain financial disclosures or comments by the company, think nothing of it, and then BAM your enemy Thom Hogan uses deductive resoning and experience to put together a very compelling timeline / predictions that is/are a lot more substantive than the “Nikon D400 Book Post Mortem.” Thats what frustrates me about this website. Its mostly just nonsense.

    • You are not going to fool me into this meaningless discussion.
      I can easily block you from reading NikonRumors and solve your problem, just let me know.

      • WoutK89

        I never understood the reason why these people ever came here. If you want to do it right, start one for yourself, and see how well you are at it..

    • Sami

      Actually I did read Thom’s comments, twice. What did he want to say? So many words… and i still don’t know what he means… but his books are good. NR site is not perfect either, but is addictive and there is no reason to throw nasty comments in either direction. Just keep in mind – Thom is a writer/author, NR Admin is a blogger – there is a big difference between those two. Just my 1c.

  • markXI

    D300, 300s
    D400, 400s
    D500, 500s
    D600, 600s

    well… D600s will be the end of Nikon calendar?

    btw. Mayan calendar ends next year, so we might not be seeing even D400…

    • WoutK89

      you forgot about D—x and D—xs 😛

    • Little N

      I heard they are going back to “F–” and “N–” naming, so the next pro body will be F7 instead of D4. This certainly does make sense since almost all current lineup are “digital”, being digital becoming just norm.

      • WoutK89

        DF– and DN–? Will they continue using x and s designations?

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