Some news from Poland and Korea

NPS Poland has a special offer/price for Nikon D3 (for members only). The interesting part: the offer is valid until October 7th, 2009. Is Nikon trying to clear its D3 stock (remember this post)?

I also received a report that Nikon dealers in Poland cannot order the AF 85/1.4D lens (currently in stock in the US). Nikon Poland doesn't have any information on the availability of the lens. I know this rumor is getting old, but I am just reporting on the information I received.

And an update from Korea: Nikon Imaging Korea released a "Nikon D700 + GITZO monopod" promotion: free GITZO monopods for the first 700 people who purchase D700 and register their serial number.


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  • eval nx2.4

    D3 is getting too old

    • Jeff

      But its still the best….

      Seriously, what do they need. video, self cleaning sensor. Is there anything else they can do with it?
      Yeah these minor updates need to happen so the camera can stay competitive, but really, nothing has eclipsed the D3. I say just make it an s model with those changes and not bother investing massive capital in unnecessary redesigns.

      • Ronan

        Agreed, a ‘s’ version would just be to bring it to the new standard.

        D3 is still the best professional ‘fast’ camera.

        • PHB

          I think we are pretty well certain to see an s version of all the Nikon Pro cameras except for the D3x which probably has the faster DSP already.

          The D700 and D300 will share as much as possible of the back end processing train. So a D700s is a no-brainer, make it a bit faster and a bit smarter. The video is just software, it comes for free now that the engineers have developed the code.

          D3s is a little bit more complex. It depends on how many pro end bodies Nikon thinks it can sell and how many the assembly line can make. If the D700s is as fast as the current D3, would there be a demand for an even faster D3s? If they can get the 24MP sensor made in quantity and hit ISO 3200 at the original D3 price point, what market would there be for a D3s?

          I think that the D3s probably arrives and stays in the catalog for years as the ultimate 12MP camera selling alongside a D4 that eventually replaces the D3x.

          But there is one other trick that is fairly simple engineering wise that would be a major revolution for studio photographers: put WiFi and bluetooth on the body. WiFi lets you instantly capture your photos on the computer. I know that they have the klunky accessory, built in is a game changer. That is what would make Canon photographers dump their lenses and go Nikon in droves.

          Bluetooth is a might-as well. If you have bluetooth you can use your cellphone GPS for geotagging.

          That said, I am much more interested in the possibility of an AFS 85mm f/1.4 It has to happen sometime. Every AF lens will be replaced by AFS in the next few years.

          • zeeGerman

            I agree, WiFi and Bluetooth would be really nice, but I doubt that they will make that happen anytime soon. There is this WiFi adapter people can use, plus, not all WiFi frequencies are allowed in all countries, this means that you have to skip the ones in question, or make different bodies for different regions – neither seems plausible to me.
            About Bluetooth, I had that thought as well, but the same here, they have a GPS device one can use, plus people would start to ask for a remote trigger software for their cell phone, which will compromise sales of their own hardware trigger, and the wireless Pro ones are quite expensive.
            I rather think that we’ll see build in GPS fairly soon. I just have doubts that Nikon will be the on that introduce this standard. That would have been nice for the “S” update, but as the D300S doesn’t feature it, I think we won’t see it before the D400/D4 or even D400S/D4S.

          • Wifi doesn’t -need- to be built in to be improved. Canon’s current wifi module for their bodies is tiny and doesn’t block grip, and doesn’t take a dangly cable. Besides, built in means not upgradable, and less secure.

            Built in? Maybe. Room for improvement? DEFINITELY!

          • zeeGerman

            Sure is the current WiFi module not the end of wireless innovation, but the discussion was about improvements that could be included within a body update, as far as I understood, to make it more attractive.

  • Perhaps the D3 and D700 will be updated at the same time?

    • Jim

      If the D3 and D700 were updated at the same time, I would DEFINITELY buy one of them. I’m torn between them now, and waiting for the replacement. With the leapfrog releases, it’s too easy to put off the decision as another upgrade might be around the corner. If they release both, I would pick and BUY. Until then, I am trying to make the most of my D200.

      • AS

        It is not logical to upgrade them at the same time, first they must take more money from you, and only after will give the lighter version; it was always like this with Nikon. and don’t expect a D700x, because won’t come very soon, I think it will be Q3 or Q4 next yer.

        • WoutK89

          I think D700x will not be sufficient enough, by that time it will be an D800 with enough improvement over a never to be released D700x. That’s my take on this if you say Q3 or Q4 next year…

          • doody

            D700x not sufficient? By what definition? A D700 alone will be sufficient for a couple more years.

          • WoutK89

            I said, by that time not sufficient, if they wait that long, and a D4/D400 might be announced, I dont think they will leave the D700 name and add just an x to it

  • Ronan

    That D700 + monopod thing is stupid. It should have been D300s + monopod… mainly because the ISO isn’t as good as the D700 + it has video so it can use the more stable survace.

    • J. Williams

      You don’t get the point of having kind of promotin do you?

    • steve

      You know that the point of the article is pointing out that they are trying to clear out the D700 and D3 by trying to sweeten the deal by adding value through accompanying products?

      They are doing this supposedly to clear out inventory so they can sell the D700 and D3 replacements.

      • Ronan

        It’s still stupid. No real point giving out a monopod for a camera like the D700.

        It’s as stupid as the guy giving out free guns to who ever buys his cars.

        • WoutK89

          I dont get the comparison you made, or is it something american?

          • zeeGerman

            I think he is convinced that cars and guns are as little related to each other as the D700 to a monpod.

          • Anthony

            >cars and guns are as little related to each other as the
            > D700 to a monpod.
            You’ve never lived in Texas, have you?


          • Ronan

            Anthony wins, he got it πŸ˜‰

        • zeeGerman

          Why doesn’t it make sense for the D700?
          – The noise advantage is 2 stops, at best. If you don’t want to shot wide open, this advantage is pretty fast gone.
          – A monopod is also a very good helper when you want to do panning shots.
          – If you use a D700 and a heavy lens like the 200mm f/2 or something even heavier, the support of a monopod is essential, if you take more than just a couple of images.

          • Ronan

            You’ll want a real good monopod and not that entry level monopod. I spent over $200 for my monopod to go with my 200-400mm f4.

            That monopod is a sad excuse. I never needed a monopod with a good fast lens, even after sunset.

            They would have been better off including a nice 50mm 1.8 or even better, one of those new CF.

          • zeeGerman

            As far as I’m concerned the Gitzo is a good one, mine is basically the same, but made from aluminum. The advertised monopod runs for $ 240, if money is your measurement.

            Including a 50 f/1.8 with a D700??? I consider that as “stupid”.

            I even know people that use a monopod on their midformat camera almost permanently, to minimize the risk of camera shake. But obviously their not as professional you…

  • zzddrr

    I think a D3s will be a disaster for Nikon. The added value proposition to it compared to the old D3 is marginal. Make the story worst it is quite possible that it can even backfire. There are quite few events where you can not take video. It just need one moron and all D3s or even Nikon pro bodies will be banned from certain events.

    D700s would make perfect sense for videographers. But I think again it is much more like the case of D300s which we already know is not a best seller.

    Nikon needs to bring out new tech. In my mind the they with the above releases they would just make the situation worse and do a favor for Canon and Sony.

    • Ronan

      You forget the D3 has a nice niche for pro’s. Those guys won’t have a problem dishing out $$ for a D3s.

      D3, D3s, D3x isn’t target at the amateur or semi-pro photographer.

      • zzddrr

        There is always a market for the D3 (even for the D1). The bad news is that the size of that market is getting smaller and smaller as others are leaving that niche.

        • Ronan

          D3 has one market, full time professionals thats it.

          Part time pro have the d700 and semi pro the d300s.

          Their will always be a home for those high end pro’s, thats why most are sold out and hard to get.

          • zzddrr

            But did you just read what I said?

            That market the (D3) is getting smaller.

            And by the way, how did you come to this conclusion of yours “D3 has one market, full time professionals thats it”?

            Let me help you, the problem Nikon has is that there are other alternatives that can serve quite few very well. Now when you look at Nikon’s current lineup, you will find that they are hammered from both directions. Canon is from the top and Sony from the bottom. Also, newcommers are hammering the bread and butter of the business with 4/3 (Pana and Oly). On the semi-pro side yes the D700 stands well but lower MP, Video, and price. And here is the bad news, they are agressive! And what did Nikon do? Released a mediocre D300s promoting it with the Star Wars kids…:-)

            Give me a break, take a look at the sales performance of the D300s. According to quite few, it does not have the same buzz as the original D300 and/or 7D, A850 (I know this one is FF but I just wanted to make a point).

            Now ask yourself why? It is because it did not meet the market expectations and Nikon knows that. My guess is that probably they will get rid of the 4yr cycle and bring out the D4. If not then they can see what Sony and Canon will come out short after. In reality it is already happening.

  • John

    If Nikon do a D3s with video it would be nice if they could have a silent shooting mode like the 5D MKII does when in liveview mode. The crack of the shutter when shooting a wedding means you have to hold back on the number of shots you take, a silent mode would mean you could take more photographs during a wedding without “becoming the wedding”.
    But would prefere Nikon to work on the lenses, an updated 28mm f/1.4 or 35mm f/1.4 would be great. Also I’m sure a lot of people would like some high quality updates of the 18-35mm, 24-120mm and 80-400mm.

  • 芽依

    i would love to get d3 for the price of d700 , one day for the price of d40 , remember d1x ? some folks bought it $3666 back in the days .

  • hero


    • WoutK89

      Yes, your caps lock is on…

      • Bral

        LOL, good one! πŸ™‚

        • hero

          GREAT ONE.


          • WoutK89

            Yep, Nikon has seen the light and will abandon FX again and make the D4 DX, with today’s technology we are able to do 3 fps like you said, but I guess barely…

          • Ronan

            Durrrr Durrrr DUUURRRRR.

            This is why 10 years old shouldn’t be allowed on the internet.

          • It’s more likely a 26 year old with an odd sense of humor.

          • WoutK89

            Talking to me? πŸ˜€

  • John Dosy-Doe

    A nice feature to have included in the pro cameras: built in pocketwizard transmitters. *le sigh*

    • WoutK89

      This could be an interesting take on it, a camera able to take a pocketwizard like it takes a battery, so a real expansion slot, and not hotshoe accessory

    • Ever heard of “Nikon CLS”?

      • Ennan

        I love the CLS – I really do, but it does have limitations – the biggest two being range and that you need to have a direct line of sight between the flashes or the sensor wont pick up the pulse.

        Radio triggering would solve that problem.

        • zeeGerman

          The only problem is that if you have different limitations in different countries. This is why there are different pocket wizards for different regions. If Nikon would want to put the trigger into the body, they would need different bodies for different regions, this makes logistics difficult, at best.

          • PLUG IN

            That’s why it should be an empty chamber — slot in your own pocket wizard. Nikon could make its own variable wavelength version (not that it would be desirable — why does Nikon suck so often).

            What I don’t understand is why do we always have to have things as hotshoe accessories! Its really revolting. You think the camera industry would have a couple universal “expansion” ports to just attach things to the left side of the camera (facing its back). You dont need to imagine what it would be. Just something to attach things. But i swear, the amount of velcro that needs to be used just to make things stay together without blocking your hotshoe is ridiculous. The hotshoe should not get blocked just because we want to use one attachment.

          • John Dosy-Doe

            They can always go the route Sekonic took.

            You can buy an optional transmitter module chip that you can install yourself. The cost of it $50. It makes the product very appealing and one of the reasons many photographers end up purchasing Sekonic.

            I am not saying this will be a deciding factor on a camera, but, as a photographer, I see more uses to it than video integration. If anything, both Pocketwizard and Radio Popper have shown that you can use TTL via radio frequency. Why doesn’t Nikon try to incorporate that technology in their flash system? Definitely an area that is highly in demand.

    • Anthony

      Why not Elinchrome instead of PW?

  • 2beers

    How long is the korean promotion going to run? I can’t tell from the picture.

    • Global Guy

      I’m not Korean, but it says 2009-09/28 ~ 11/22 (lower middle, left side).

      So the answer would likely be November 22nd.

      Theres another date 12/4 on there (Dec 4th) — should we assume thats a “received by” date?


  • 2beers

    Clicked the link and there it was:
    2009-09-28 ~ 2009-11-22

    D700 succesor in late November ?

    By the way: the Gitzo GM 2541 monopod sells for 220 Euro (incl. taxes) in Germany. Thats quite a discount.

  • Anonymous

    The manager of the Nikon Rumor must be idling on the job despite a tip about talks on a Nikon’s new nano-coated lens coming as AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR, informed by a source apparently close to the matter and posted on a Japanese famous shopper’s site The source seems fairly credible with it’s former predictions having turned all true.

    • No, I got the tip and I am still researching it. You have to understand that I receive several dozens of tips every day – I cannot just post them all blindly. My problem here is that I fail to see the need of such a lens (AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR), unless if Nikon sells is for a low price. f/2.8 would make much more sense, but then again I did not see any logic in the 35mm f1.8 DX lens few months ago…
      Well, maybe I will post it blindly after all and get a discussion going.

      • oh, and one more thing: the poster of this rumor had only seven previous posts on kakaku (link: so I am not sure how this makes him a reliable source with a proven history of predicting Nikon releases, as you have mentioned in your email. I think this one is busted. Please let me know if I am missing something.

        • twoomy

          I can’t attest to the accuracy, but as for the need for f/4’s… definitely! A set of f/4 zoom lenses are what many outdoors/nature/landscape photographers are looking for. f/2.8 lenses are typically the “pro” zooms in the Nikon world for sports/events/lowlight, but they are heavy, bulky, and expensive. A line of f/4 zooms would make a lot of us happy. (A D700x + a set of wide-angle/midrange/telephoto zooms would stop all of the Canon envy that so many Nikon shooters feel.)

          Our buddy Thom is a big proponent of f/4’s. But is this rumor credible or just matching somebody’s wish list. πŸ™‚

          • twoomy

            P.S. If you don’t understand the point in f/4’s, google on Canon’s 24-105mm f/4 IS lens to see its worshippers talk about it. If Nikon was attempting to compete in this niche, I would expect a wide angle (as rumored above), a midrange like the Canon 24-105mm (to replace Nikon’s horrible variable 24-120VR PoS) and maybe even a 70-200mm f/4.

          • Yeah, that’s the problem, it’s blind worship. 24-105/4IS is really not such an impressive lens to shoot with in my experience. I expected it to sing on a 5D mkii…but it was more of a muffled hum. Slightly off key at times. Kinda a downer.

            Well not really, since I enjoy gear that makes me feel better about my gear.

        • Anonymous

          You say you cannot just post them all blindly!
          You would be right, if you ever have eyes telling truth from false.
          As you seem far from reading Japanese, I shall tell you that the source has tipped by now only three times, not seven times as you told.
          The reasons why the source seems definitively credible are as follows:
          (1) The source first predicted straight from the shoulder the release of D700 and SB-900 which, then, no one has mentioned yet. After a month, every his or her word turned to be true.
          (2)Next time the source appeared on the, he or she unveiled AF-S VR Zoom Nikkor ED 70-200mm F2.8G, which many of us are long for but nobody has described to the smallest details. However all the specs he or she unfolded there, including its weight, length,filter size, functions like auto preferred/manual preferred AF and so on , turned to be completely genuine.
          (3)The source is by now a thousand hitter and certainly close to the matter. Nikon is a Japanese firm. The source and I are Japanese too. It would be better to count on Japanese sources when Japanese companies are at stake.
          (4)From any angle and on all accounts, predictions the source has made on the are thus expected to be incomparably far more reliable than any silly rumors.

          Anyway, AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR, that the source is foretelling, could be a touchstone for you and this Nikon Rumor site to be openly evaluated if you really know a good thing when you see it.
          Plausibility of your explanation depends on a result to be seen in a month or two.

          • Anon, maybe I misunderstood the whole thing – this user had made only 7 comments in the past, this is why I thought that he is not reliable. Is that person using different names to post on kakaku? Please understand me correctly, I just want to research this before posting. Thanks for your input, I will post this shortly.

      • zeeGerman

        Even though I’d love a lens like that, it doesn’t seem to be very plausible at this point. A 16-35mm f/4 would rather be quality ultra wide lens for those that can’t afford the f/2.8. As there isn’t an affordable FX camera form Nikon yet, I don’t see the need for a more affordable ultra wide. Once we see the a FX body with a price tag of the D300 or lower, we might (hopefully) see a f/4 line.

      • doody

        You really don’t understand the logic in a 35mm 1.8F lens? I mean clearly you can find your way around the internet but you might want to spend more time with a camera. 35mm 1.8 is a 50mm equivelent. People LOVED the new 50mm 1.4 FX, its basically the same lens for DX, but at 1.8.

        F4 makes a lot of sense. This lens is for landscapes, probably has low distortion and would be a great lens to have. I own the 14-24 2.8 and nothing beats it. But for landscapes and hiking its too heavy, so I bring the 18-35 F3.5-5.6. It isn’t as good but it takes filters, is lightwieght and has fixable distortion. This lens would be an update to that. By the way used that 18-35 is still selling for $450.

        • zeeGerman

          At that point in time the 35mm f/1.8 came as a surprise for many. I wouldn’t have bet on a DX prime either, with FX standing at the door.
          While the lens itself makes sense, it came at least half a decade too late.

          And at this point I really want to say thank you to the Admin. I think the quality of the posts has increased, a lot. Great job! I really appreciate it.

          • dude

            DX Primes made way more sense, its just that no one was talking about them cause everyone has full frame up their panties. More people own DX camers which means more consumers to buy the lenses. It was the smart move

      • Anonymous

        Nobody suggested you should post all rumors blindly. A bit of reasoning goes a long way in weeding out the bad ones. But if you don’t see the merit of a f/4 pro line and a small fast normal DX lens that focuses on the entry level bodies, then, well… the task may seem difficult.

      • Global Guy

        If its FX, it could make sense. I’ll exlain it this way — we know that people will pay for 14-24. We know that people will pay for 24-70. We know that people will pay for 70-200.

        In fact we know that they DID pay for these things. Many people have the “trinity” or whatever the heck you want to call these 3 lenses.

        But what people lack is the overlap. The 17-35. They lack a 50-135. Heck, they lack a 100-400, which would be nice.

        If all 3 of those lenses were f/4, they would be amazing to own, and slightly cheaper than the “trinity.”

        I’m not saying that this is whats happening — but I’m saying that people would buy it. They really would.

        • Anonymous

          Your post sounds nice at first, but is not very well thought out. I agree with you on the 16-35/4 – great for landscaping if you don’t need the large aperture of the 14-24/2.8. However, the 50-135 must be f/2.8, as this covers some of the most commonly used portrait focal lengths. An f/4 would be Nikon shooting into their foot. What would make more sense is a 70-200/4 as a lightweight alternative to the 70-200/2.8. As for a 100-400/4 – check the size and price of the 200-400/4, and then tell me whether you really think that converting that 2x zoom to a 4x zoom would render it “slightly cheaper”. πŸ™‚

          • WoutK89

            50-135/2.8 where did I see that before? Oh.. I know.. at Tokina for DX only πŸ˜›

  • WoutK89

    “AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR”

    doesnt sound credible to me, or is this DX? Nikon might make the step to wide-angle VR some day, but I dont think it will be on a lens with f/4 as a first.

    • no, it was suppose to be full frame with nano coating

    • zeeGerman

      hmm, if it would be 16-45 or 50mm I’d say it’s the DX users standard lens today, and the ultra wide “tomorrow”, though the VR would make sense.
      I really hope that Nikon gets started on a f/4 line, a 24-120mm f/4 VR would be fantastic…

      • WoutK89

        Exactly, I think that is where Nikon should start looking with F/4, a bigger zoom range lens, for those that sometimes just want 1 lens with them (and please let it have VR too).

        But really, why would Nikon release another expensive piece of glass (VR and Nano, dont get your hopes up for a low price) which is so close to the 14-24 and 24-70, they need to get out some cheaper FX glass as well, as a preparation to the consumer FX body (D90 sized anyone?)

  • Zoetmb

    You guys overreact to everything. One Nikon division, in Poland, with a population about the same as California, does a promotion and you interpret this as an overall worldwide Nikon strategy?

    It’s very simple: they’re not selling enough Nikons at the high end, so they’re offering promotions on them. End of story.

    That doesn’t mean there won’t be a D3s or a D700s, but it doesn’t mean there will be. The D3 has been pretty much out of stock in the U.S. for some time now, so that probably means a D3s is coming, although with Nikon you never know – they could have used that assembly line to produce the D300s and will turn it back over to the D3.

    • it’s the end date of the promotion that is interesting – it matches with the D3s release date rumors from last week. Don’t you think that October 7th (Thursday) is an odd date to end a promotion?
      Of course it could all be a coincidence…

    • WoutK89

      I didnt know Nikon used the same assembly line to produce the D300(s) and the D3. Can anyone confirm?

  • LGo

    Being in the camera business for so long, Nikon has learned to timed the release of its products in such a manner as to sustain the interest of its followers.

    Since Nikon will not be introducing any significant new dSLRs models this year year except for some mild updates (D300s, D700s and D3s), this make it more likely that Nikon will be releasing new lenses this time of the year.

    At the very least, I expect that Nikon will release a new version of the 85mm f/1.4 and the 135mm f/2.

    • eval nx2.4

      i hope Nikon can introduce 85mm f/1.2 instead of f/1.4.

      • WoutK89

        I don’t think they will in the near future, has something to do with the size of the lens mount if I am right. And what is the advantage of 1.2 over 1.4 at that focal length?

        • Soap

          It’s one louder.

        • rhodium

          It sells better. That’s all.

          A certain other brand needs to make them because their cameras cannot perform well in low-light conditions.

  • Alex

    I’m getting tired waiting for the “D700x”, I have the Champagne in the cooler for quite a time. If it does not show up in October/November, I’ll buy a disposable camera.

    • WoutK89

      With a built in projector I hope? πŸ˜€

      • Mikael

        If it doesn’t have a TV-receiver, I’m jumping ship!

  • I agree with the posts above mentioning the f/4 lenses. Compact size is more important than 1 or 2 extra stops. Anyway, landscape photographers usually shoot between f/5.6 to f/11. Why pay and carry loads for something that will rarely be in need. There must be landscape-friendly vesions of the popular zooms, eg 14-24mm f/4, 24-70mm f4 VR! and compact 70-210mm f/3.5-5.6 VR, and a Nikkor allrounder like Tamron 28-300mm VC for difficult hikes or traveling abroad.

    BTW, where is the D700x, c’mon… My patience is running out. Or another Nikonian lost to Canon. Anyone who says D700 is more than anyone needs, must have never shown interest in lansdcapes. Good high-ISO is not a priority feature for me, because it comes at an expense I’d rather prefer ultra-clean and detailed ISO-100 files.

    • ^ Switch to canon then… you’re describing the 5d….=/

      • WoutK89

        I am with you on this one John

        and Landscape Photo, please, continue saying you are going to switch, maybe someday you will believe it yourself and might actually take the jump πŸ˜‰

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