Nikon D3s rumors difficult to track on the web

There are many references to Nikon D3s on the web and they may just mean the plural of D3 - for example go toΒ thisΒ Hasselblad USA page and look at the bottom of the first paragraph:


What is it, a D3s or multiple D3 cameras?

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  • Artem

    I had similar trouble googling “D700s”.

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting for my D10xs with 100 megapixels, no rush….

    • Matstar

      At the rate the D?’s are going – I would expect the D10 to be greater than 1 Gigapixel (1000 MP) in about 20 years time. Hows that for a rumor NR Admin!

      • Alex

        But I NEED 50 ExaPixels! Nothing less!

        • WoutK89

          Thats only in the video mode πŸ˜‰ We can make pictures of the outer rims of our solar system by them, so E.T. be prepared

        • regular

          PMA organisation and DPreview gives you a chance to express your feeling on the MPixel race, here :

  • Ronan

    I’ll be 100% honest.

    Nikon needs an updated D3.

    BUT, i would be VERY surprise if it comes as soon as october. I would be more toward Christmas time or right after New Year.

    • sohnjwan

      Really? pretty weird… one of the photographers for Miss Italia 2009 was using a good olΒ΄ Nikon D3 for every photoshoot he did and well he did fine, if a fashion photographer in Italy shooting for Miss Italia can manage to do it with a D3, then your claim of “MOAR MOAR!!” certainly lacks any serious foundation.

  • NikoDoby

    That’s exactly why I HATE the “S” nomenclature and I always use capital “S” to differentiate from plural “s”.

    Nikon likes the fact it makes it hard to track D3S rumors πŸ™‚

    • NikoDoby

      The Steve McCurry page on Hassey’s webpage has been there for over a year.

    • I think they did that on purpose πŸ™‚

      • WoutK89

        It is in their contracts, make it a hard time on that NR Admin, use always D3s, D700s, D300s (that was before) πŸ™‚

  • mikeymike

    yea that sucks. i think nikon’s naming scheme is terrible. Oh well I still love them. I agree with the above statement that the d3 needs to be updated like last week…. It doesnt even have active sensor cleaning… Flagship camera no sensor cleaning?! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ it’s showing it’s age.

    • Ronan

      I’ll take Nikon names over the Canon Mkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bs.

      • Mike

        I actually prefer the Canon nomenclature. It’s online with cars. VW Golf mk I, II, III etc. I think it makes more sense to say “2nd generation of the 5D with ‘5D MKII’ ” than it does to have to explain say te D50 lineage; te D50 begat the D40, begat the D60, begat the D5000. What then after the D9000? D 50,000? Denoting ‘Marks’ is a more sophisticated naming system. I use Nikon and love Nikon, but a newbie can make better sense of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50D vs D50, 40, 40x, 60, 5000 seems like an afterthought naming system.

    • NikoDoby

      At least Nikon doesn’t name their cameras like canon does or we’d be waiting for rumors of a D1mkIV or a Dx1mkIV or a Dx2SmkII or a D1HmkIII or a Dh2SmkII or how about a Nikon D100mkIV?! πŸ™‚

    • Bwyan

      …never understood why we need to get “in the depth” of the house anyways. Could there not be a lens just behind the mount stopping shit from entering in the first place?? One more layer of glass..ok..but seriously? I know there’s a cleaner- company selling a sheet of plastic for that purpose, but why this is not done from the producers of the cameras I’d never been able to figure out…but maybe its just me being stupid?

      • Roger

        Because they’ve found out something….it’s mostly NOT external dust on the sensors.

        it’s expected debris from the shutter and components inside the camera. Canon mentioned it with the new shutter blades for the MkIII.

    • WoutK89

      Personally, I think that the sensor cleaning is nice to have, but I think pro’s know how to handle this themselves. And also any mechanical or electrical part extra will be another part able to break down…

      • Bwyan

        you don’t have to be a pro to handle sensor cleaning, it’s just as easy as cleaning your front lens element, with different tools of course. My claim is that a lens element just behind the mount on the camera should eliminate the need for the filter (which is more likely to break down than a lens element…)?

        • WoutK89

          I think if it was that easy, they would have done so already, otherwise, see if you can get a patent on it while you still can!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, no sensor cleaning sure does suck!

    I would be content in having to *settle* for a top notch FF dSLR with no sensor cleaning. Better than my D80 anyday.

  • Dweeb

    Look, the S designation is just a ploy to prolong the production and marketing of a Nikon camera for about 6 months. Look for a new D400 DX in Spring. Not necessarily PMA since Nikon like pissing off their NA customers.

    Video is a pretty lame advance. Were is built in GPS in a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR CAMERA?

    The 150 buck Apple Nano has more advances than a new D3 will have. I bet I can make phone calls from the nano before Nikon puts the most rudimenatry advance in a camera due or Photokina a year from now.

    D700 – 12MP, 95% finder, junk for the fanboys.

    Go back to sleep Nikon.

    • NikoDoby

      Hey what about the rumor of a Nikon with a built-in TV?! nano’s can’t do that can they πŸ™‚

    • Ronan

      ***edited by Admin – let’s be nice here :)***

      Comparing an iPhone to a DSLR… that made my week.

      Hey my microwave can heat up food, but my shoes cant! Go back to sleep Nike!

      • Dweeb


        My nano can do more that 5 Nikon lense caps.

        I’ll have to do more research but can expensive Nikon lense caps do video?

        The usual internet peanut crowd. Please Sir Nikon, may I have another? Maybe a 14 MP D200 for 3000 dollars?

        • Dweeb

          That’s why Nikon can suck thousands of dollars out of each of you in their world wide their market.

          A very minor product improvement that you can hang 20 year old lenses on and call it progress.

          They’re laughing at you people and stealing your money. I bet you walk around with “Nikon are the greatest” Tee Shirts. ROTFLOL LOL

          Don’t ask me, ask P.T. Barnham. He was talking about you you know.

          • NikoDoby

            Wow, what a Dweeb πŸ™‚ Calling YOURSELF that, now that’s ROTFLOL LOL.

          • Ronan

            How is Nikon stealing my money? Thanks to their great system i rack in just over 100 grand a year and i’m not even near 30.

            If anything, i’m greateful to Nikon for their great, easy to use, no hassle system that simply WORKS.

    • mikeymike

      Do you realize how much cheaper it is to buy a dslr with video capability than it is to buy a “full frame” cinema camera to allow people to achieve narrow depths of field with the larger sensor? Video is one of the BEST things ever for dslr’s to have. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s worthless… I bet you didnt understand the 24fps in progressive either….. WHY NOT 30 oh god nikon is so lame…. blah blah blah…. 24fps is preferred to give a cinematic look. 30 looks highly amateur because most consumer camcorders record in 30fps and you can plainly see the difference when there is ‘handicam footage’ in movies. 30 vs 24.

  • Gary

    How awful of Nikon to not make it easier to google up rumors about their new releases πŸ™‚

    Actually, at this point the rumors for a new D3s this year are still pretty thin…it would be nice but I wouldn’t get my hopes up based on what’s out there now.

    • correct, the D3s rumors are very thin – only from “third-party” sites that may be just looking to attract traffic and have no previous rumors track record, no word from my sources yet

  • NikorRyan

    It’s the plural of D3.

  • MentalRaymond

    Thats why the d700x/800 is a little easier to search for ; )

  • Dave

    All the actual rumors about D3s I found lead back to this site. Somehow I don’t see skins as being an integral part of the D3s announcement, so for me, I have to believe the rumor that led to the D3s article last week was more speculation than anything based on actual fact. The 4500GBP price tag for a D3s seems preposterous just to add video and up the fps.

  • agit prop

    The D700HD – haha

  • Incognito

    I can’t wait for my d300s and d700s to upload directly to facebook or YouTube. That would be an awesome feature!

    • sam

      you can get an eye-fi sd card…

  • agit prop

    I dont give a crap about the bodies – I want to see lenses, bloody lenses!

    1) Fast wide prime (24 or 35 f/1.4)
    2) Replacement for the 24-120VR
    3)Fast short tele (new 85 or 105 DC)

  • Tim

    Steve McCurry, the “:Afghan Girl” photographer goes on assignment to some pretty treacherous corners of the globe. He would pack more than one D3 for sure.

    Surprised no one brought up Google and the ‘s’ syndrome with the D300s rumors, as there was lot of speculation around that too… and some pretty reliable sounding rumours, unlike the D3s… which we’re bound to see before the D4.

  • iBhackNu

    First thing I did when I got my D300s about a month ago was change the file naming scheme. What did I pick?

    D3S of course.

    Now I have several thousand photos all starting with those 3 characters. Some are on the web and have undoubtedly made their way into the google search engine database.

    I’m so sorry to mess this up. That’s seriously what I picked though. I should have had more foresight. Any tips on a new file name scheme when I hit pic #10000 and the numbers roll back to 0001???

  • Tim

    Incidentally Thom Hogan’s lates post writes about the D3s as though it’s a done deal, with a D700s perhaps to follow… “In the meantime, we get these “s” releases (D300s, D3s, probably a D700s) .” Seems to be the Nikon spit and polish half way (2 years) through its product cycle.

    • WoutK89

      But never gets called by Nikon, so how would he know if its the truth? πŸ˜‰

    • actually forget my comment – as I said before I will not discuss TH here unless he has some important info/rumor that I think should be posted on this site

      • Anonymous

        Can you back up that allegation (you better should!), or is this just another stab at him? And you’re not quoting all your sources either – because you don’t want to put the people giving you inside information at risk. You’re not the only one to get that kind of information.

        For what it’s worth, in his latest article, he writes that Sendai at the moment produces the D700, D3X and D3s models. I don’t think the “s” there is a plural, and neither is it a mistake…


    If there is a Nikon D3X why would they make Nikon D3S??????????

    faster D3x + s = D3SX or D3XS

    It would jump to D4 but that should come out next year.

    Next update is D700x but if they will not put Sony 24.5 MP chip, than it will be just a speed up and next year summer there will come all new D4, D800, D400


    D3X with this

    Nikon D3X
    Extreme-resolution, 24.5-megapixel, FX-format (35.9 x 24.0 mm) CMOS sensor
    Large 5.94Β΅m pixels capture astonishing detail
    Nikon EXPEED image-processing technologies for reduced noise and incredible image fidelity
    138 MB Processed NEF (RAW) 12- or 14-bit image files
    Rugged magnesium-alloy construction and protection from dust, moisture and electromagnetic interference

    Now you tell me how would the D3S looked like. It will not happen.

    Kodak has 30 MP, sony MAX 24.5 talking next year will be prototype 2 chips, that should give 28.2 MP so any S is just an advertisement trick.

    • Ronan

      D3s would be an updated D3s, to bring it to today’s standard and probably a bit above.

      Faster FPS.
      Better Buffer.
      Updated Firmware.
      Probably D-Video.

      D3x has NOTHING to do with a D3, they just happen to share the same body thats it.

      • “““LOL

        Well Ronan I would be surprised that would happen. Look what Sony has. There is not a speed bump. Nikon now needs to get 24.5MP on D700.

        Look at the names, D3s, x’s ..etc getting kind of crowded and it is very difficult to understand. Anyway I stick to the leaked info. Soon D700x will be out. D4 in 2010.

        • WoutK89

          any leaked info, that Admin didnt know of?

          • Where? What? Who?

          • Gordon

            That’s the source of the original leaked road-map I believe.

          • dave

            Oh please, the Grafika author has already admitted it was a joke among friends… nothing more than a wish list. While they did get the names of the D300s and D3000 correct (any dufus could have by the time the Grafika note was written) they got a lot of the stats wrong, missing by a mile on some of them, particularly on the D3000. Go ahead and compare the actual features of the D3000 to the listed features in the Grafika leak. WAY off. 12MP – wrong, 7 point AF-wrong, 2.7in LCD-wrong, “Movie – not known” How could a Nikon roadmap document not know if a camera will have a movie mode with product announce only 2 months away? They didn’t even get the right lens for the July/August announce. And they completely missed it on lenses, too.

  • Jack

    I actually predicted earlier this year that Nikon probably won’t release that much this year that people here would drool over. I figured the economic climate would make Nikon very reserved in product releases. They did release some things, but mostly entry-level stuff and stuff I sure don’t care about except the 70-200.

  • NikoDoby

    So what’s the plural of D3S or D300S for that matter?! D3S’s?! And what about plural possessive? D3Ss’ ?!

    This is the stuff that keeps up at night πŸ™‚

    Oh and Admin, your a notoriously bad speller aren’t you πŸ™‚ I know, I know your just in a hurry to put up the title to share the rumors πŸ™‚

    • anon

      I presume you mean “you’re” instead of “your”, seeing as we’re correcting spelling/grammar. πŸ™‚

      • NikoDoby

        Do As I Say, Not As I Do πŸ™‚

  • GearBox

    A salesman from a big German internet-shop tells me yesterday, the D3s released next month. Price around 6.000 Euro.

    • NikoDoby

      He probably read that on this blog ! LOL πŸ™‚

      • WoutK89

        No one will buy a D3s for 6000 euro’s, it is a higher price than the D3x at the moment!

  • FJK

    If you have more than one D3 on a job you can also call it my “D3`s”

    • NikoDoby

      No that’s a single possessive D3. More than one would be D3s

  • poop

    very “dificult” indeed πŸ˜€

    • NikoDoby

      Try some Dulcolax. It will make it easier πŸ™‚

  • CamFan

    It was probably a typo. Notice that “s” is above “x” on the keyboard. You could always ask him I guess.

  • loxami

    Easy to handle. Just don’t spread any rumors as long as they don’t refer to some new technology, such as a different sensor, video mode, higher frame rates and so on. Even if McCurry had the D3s already in use, there would be no rumor here, despite that there _IS_ a D3s. All I care about is specs. There’s no doubt about that there will be a D3 successor / improvement, the only question is what it is capable of.

  • Alex

    If that guy is using an Hasselblad H3DII-39 (39MP) and an Imacom Flextight 848 (8000 DPI scan), there is NO WAY that the D3s will be only 12MP.
    We may get a very BIG surprise next month, I have a feeling that the Canon 21MP will look like a toy compared to the new NIKON sensors.
    Wait and see…………….

    • WoutK89

      Nikon D3xXxs, even more pixels πŸ˜€

      • rhodium

        D3sex – 69 MP!!!

  • As we said in french, calm before the storm.

    • WoutK89

      or is it the storm before the calmth? I think all we will hear is: where is my bla bla (and then grabs his pacifier while waiting for his mommy). People will never be satisfied…

      • Alex

        I have to disagree with you, at the time of 35mm film cameras, I was renewing my gear every 10-15 years, because a lens was a lens and a film was a film. In digital photography, it’s different, if you want to obtain the same “quality” as a 35mm slide, you will need a 50MP sensor.
        Right now I use a D5000, because it give me the same “picture quality” as a D3 for only $600.
        But if Nikon relase an (affordable) good DSLR (with 24MP minimum), I will buy it and keep it for 10 more years. So, Mr Nikon, if you want my $ savings, get back to work !

        • rhodium

          Give me ISO 6400 slide film that can give enough detail to produce 24 MP images and I’ll gladly take it.

          But I do get what you mean. Digital technology changes very quickly, and your brand spanking new D3 suddenly won’t seem quite as cool 2 years down the road.

        • RIiiiiight…lets see a comparison that shows me a 12 mp sensor doesn’t pull more information from the exact same shot with the exact same lens on slide or print negative film. Really.

          Y’all dreamin if you think 35mm film resolved much more than a 10mp dslr.

          I certainly want a dslr with over 24mp. But the argument you need more than 12mp to replace film is asinine.

          But like I say, show me the print/images and I’ll admit I’m wrong.

          • Gordon

            Depends which fim you are talking about. I believe Fuji Velvia ISO50 is rated at about 16MP equivalent, so a 12MP sensor with native ISO200 falls a bit short of that particular slide film.

  • Maddog
    • iBhackNu

      The ‘S’ stands for ‘Speedy’ πŸ™‚

      What? That’s not a D3 update

  • Maddog

    Sorry I’m an idiot, wrong camera, got too excited

  • flounderman

    I say put the s in front of D3.

  • sohnjwan

    It is funny, as I replied to another person, while watching Miss Italy 2009 one of the photographers there used a D3 (not a D3X, a D3) and well he is a pretty famous fashion photographer in Italy and he is shooting for no less than friggin Miss Italy… if an established well known photographer can manage to shoot several fashion photoshoots for a super big event Miss Italy, then how come the rest of you are asking for an update for the D3? Really silly people LOL

  • BEND300
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