New Nikon products availability in Canada (Nikon D300s, lenses, p&s cameras)

This is the product availability for the latest Nikon products in Canada (this sheet was sent to retailers by Nikon Canada; prices in Canadian Dollars) - it is also good to know the dealer cost on those lenses:


Nikon pre-order options.

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  • Max

    The D300 is at 1630 CAD at Lozeau right now, the D700 at 3070.

    I’m not sure 400 dollars are worth the difference between the D300 and D300s.

    • jbl

      I’m also from quebec (well, I figured you were as you are referring to lozeau)…

      and like you said. the price of the D300s is to high compared to D300 and D700. Also, there are going to be some D300 on the used market still in very good condition for about 1200-1300-1400$ without taxes.. you save about 1000$

      Anyway 2070$ for a DX camera is too much when Canon and Sony are coming with their cheap FX bodies.

      The D300s should be the same price as the D300 once it replaces it.

      Now I wonder how much the D700x is going to be damn.

      Also, that 70-200 is simply too expensive.

      • jbl

        we ca always hope that these prices are those shown on the website. Which are always higher

        • STJ

          Never come to Europe to buy gear then – we have the the same prices, but in Euros right now πŸ™
          I will probably go shopping next time I’m in the US – and bring a lens for a friend etc…. I don’t like these “country-custom” prices..

          • PC

            Companies always use the bilingualism in Canada as an excuse to raise prices (because translating things to French is hard?) but that ignores Spanish in the US as well… it’s mostly BS and “what the market will bear” arguments, especially on cars.

            Europe does indeed get monstrously screwed though on pricing. But you have VAT! It adds value!

          • Max

            We have to add 13% taxes, though it’s still cheaper here than in Europe.

          • AZ

            We have 22% tax – great VAT πŸ™

          • STJ

            In Europe you will find sales tax from 7.6% (e.g. Switzerland) to 25% (e.g. Denmark). It makes dual-purpose of going for holidays in the US… translation cost is BS – I feel like an idiot when I (sometimes) have to buy my camera gear in Europe.

    • Ed

      The price shown is MSRP. The MSRP for the D300 is $1799.95 CAD, so the increase in MSRP is about $270 CAD. Initially, they may sell for full MSRP, but I doubt that that will last long.

  • NikoDoby

    Ouch, eh

  • jon

    where’s the d700(s)(x)?

    • STJ

      In our dreams… But not for long I hope πŸ™‚
      Personally I hope for an upgrade of the D700 somewhat similar to the D300S upgrade – that is an 700s with 8fps, SD and CF, silent (please!) shutter and this time full HD video with 24, 25 and 30fps and >5min limit…. But let us see – Nikon has done magic before – so at least some will be happy πŸ™‚

      • jbl


  • Dweeb

    Excellent Catch on this one. I’ve been playing the violin for their tears and razor thin margins for years. I’m sure there’s also more dealer incentives afforded them as well. I’ll have to rub it in at my local stealer, er, dealer. Remember to add Canada’s version of the VAT as well. Wonder what invoice CA for.

    • Larry

      Dealers will get the margin initially on stuff, but in 6 months.. the price gouging contest will begin and a dealer will be lucky to make $150-$200 on a $2500 lens.

      They do work on razor thin margins.

      As for dealer incentives, any sell through rebates are passed onto the customer. They’re usually designed for the dealer to make extra, but some store will pass on the savings and everyone else is forced to match.

      There are plenty of times Visa will make more money on a sale than I will because I’m matching a crazy Best Buy price.

    • Markdphotoguy

      Keep in mind too that little caption at the bottom about prices subject to change without notice. With new product like this what will often happen is that Nikon canada will set up an estimated dealer net so that companies can add product SKU’s to their sales systems and begin taking orders. What will often (far too often in my opinion) happen is that once the product gets to canada the cost will wind up being higher (only once in the last 8 years have I’ve seen it lower) and the dealers net goes up, but to keep sales flowing the dealer keeps the item at MSRP or lower eroding the margin. There was quite a fiasco when Canon did that to their customers who had pre ordered 5D mkII. I had allot of pissed off customers when Canon bumped the price when the cameras hit Canada. The Initial dealer net Canon had given everyone was bellow their actual cost to get the cameras into the country and Canon was forced to bump the prices and dealers were caught with too substantial a price increase to absorb and had to bump the cost of the pre ordered cameras. Be sure to read Thom Hogans’ synopsis of the retail market in the US that he wrote on July 21st 2009. Yes Canada and the US are different markets, canada being much smaller which is the big reason why we pay more, but it does give an accurate description of what goes on.

    • Dweeb

      Here’s a few more stats. Vi$tek listed the lense at $2979.00 when it was introduced in 2001. I paid $1950 for mine several years later and still had to order it and wait after years in production. Vi$tek currently list the new version at $2799, more than MSRP.

      I also see the D700 quoted at $2350 USD compared to the invariable Canadian set price of $3300 CAN. This is the only body that has not been reduced since introduction, and nearing end of life at that price is why I refuse to buy it. With 10% exchange today Nikon also price $199 USD accessories at $279 CAN. That’s a helluva service charge for Canadians. Plus a VAT style GST tax Americans don’t pay. are faced with a dollar that has fluctuated from 72 cents to $1.12 over this time. And the additional Yen crash. They also determined prices based on US competition so a significant amount of camera sales do not bleed over the border. Nikon also try to retain Canadian business with a 5 year lense warranty and 2 year camera warranty, both of which I have used and is a significant factor in my Canadian purchases. I met someone who has a full kit that crosses the border for anything over 500 bucks including maintenance.

      Nikon also lacks CPS style pricing and rebate schemes. They have also undercut real dealer’s margins by adding lower cameras to the Best Buy/Future Slop chains.

      Anyway points above are well taken along with Hogan’s US article. I’m sure this will be a great lense and corrects a few deficiencies the old one is known for even though it seems to be priced in the D3X mode at this time. I have zero issues with my older one on a D300 so won’t be opening my wallet for a 3000 buck lense.

  • Ronan

    $2679 CAD for the 70-200, ouch! I paid $2033 CAD 6 month ago for my second 70-200!

  • zzddrr

    Just a comment on the price of D300s. It is exactly 15% higher than the D300.

    Now, look at other factors such as a higher rate of inflation in North America which can be expected since Fed increased the money supply and you may find that by the end of next year that extra 15% was short.

    Of course, these MSRPs are just a joke when you consider that Sony and Canon may come out something that is a better offering.

    What actually makes me wonder is that Nikon lately comes out with pretty mediocre products. There is not really one product that does not have a better or equivalent substitute from their competition. I think Nikon right now enjoys that many of us have high switching costs due to the expensive glasses we had purchased. So, the most logically for them is to jack up the prices further on the glasses. Great job! Instead of coming up with new technologies that enables you to create better quality at lower costs.

    • STJ

      I think it’s funny when I hear this. When I (for fun) read the canon-rumors website I read the invers stories: “why can’t Canon make a pro body like Nikon” “I need a pro – AF system, not this s..t” and “If Canon could finally match Nikon in low light – I dont need 83645megapixels!” to name a few…. πŸ™‚ It is probably slightly more expensive for Nikon to make wether sealed pro bodies with 51AF points and >5fps cameras than to make plastic hobby-pixel-monsters (ok, that was maybe not fair ;-). However, normally it is the sensor surface and not the number of pixels that costs and I like the way Nikon uses their surface so far…

      • TOR8472

        I laugh also. I can see why some people think that Canon or Sony are ahead of Nikon because they are offering CHEAPER higher spec’d bodies in a few areas, but when it comes to better overall products that fit my needs best, I am very happy to be in the Nikon camp. D300 and D700 are still unmatched IMO. Anyone who thinks the 50D, 5DMkII or A900 is better than the D300 or D700 has different needs than me, and that is why we have multiple manufacturers to chose from. Go buy what you need.

    • Markdphotoguy

      You must be a Sony shooter. Nikon D300(s) will shoot rings around its Sony and Canon counterparts. The D300s will be like the D300 before it the premiere semi-pro body on the market with no other camera body coming close from anyone on performance for price. I guess if you can only use your SLR as a point and shoot Sony would offer better value and they do take a good image with an unchallenging subject. Good luck with that.

      • zzddrr

        Assumptions. Obviously without reading and thinking a bit you assumed that I am a Sony shooter. I am not. Happy?

        I suggest to tone down your rethoric because if you want serious people to take your views seriously, with this style it is not going to work.

        Now, let’s talk about the content you managed to post.

        (1) You blindly believe that nobody can compete with Nikon. (?) Really? Any factual evidence would be really helpful. Don’t forget the base of the D3 is arguably developed by Sony (and/or worked together with Nikon).

        (2) You guessed that I can use my SLR as a point and shoot. (?) Are you some kind of supernatural individual who can determine from a couple of lines the capabalities of others without knowing them? It is just flatly wrong and don’t get me wrong it is low class and uneducated people do that. (I hope you noticed I did not say that you are uneducated.)

        (3) Hostile tone. Yes, you managed to ofend others by acting like the local streetsmart. Maybe nobody ever pointed out for you that people actually come here to exchange ideas and not to offend others.

        If you havent noticed, my main points were:
        (a) Nikon recently has not delivered what many of us who invested seriously in Nikon glasses expected.
        (b) You cannot really see any major innovatiove new ideas in their products (projector?).
        (c) Others are cathing up such as Sony. Did you know that they last 5 years Sony spent over $600m on imaging chip developments? (The number may not 100% accurate but it is huge compared to anyone in that industry). Now, it does not take a rocketscientist to figure out that at one point they will have kickass products.

        So, Markdphotoguy thank you for your constructing and extremely valuable information.



        • Markdphotoguy

          Shoot with the Canon, I have. Shoot with the Sony, I have. Then shoot with the Nikon, I have as well.
          Sorry to poke fun at you a bit but when someone says that the goods are not there with a D300 level of camera they obviously have either not shot with it or did not use it to its full potential.
          Grab a 300 f/2.8 and go shoot some wildlife or sports with a D300 and its Canon and Sony equivalent, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. If you doubt me and don’t have access to the gear yourself do some research, look at credible thoughtful reviews the preponderance of evidence easily points to the D300 being best in class.
          I talk to lots of people day in day out about different cameras. When I sell a camera I qualify the customer properly as to what they are looking to get out of the camera. If someone is looking for professional level capability at a reasonable price where which body would you suggest they go to?
          AF on Nikon D300 is better than the A900 and better than the Canon 1d MKIII, two far more expensive bodies. 50D and A700 just don’t compete in focus tracking, accuracy in low light and AF point coverage (useful for bird/wildlife photogs).
          Have you ever shot a wedding with a Sony or a Canon. Their flash systems work well but the consistency needs to be improved. My pro customers tend to shoot with manual only settings on their Canons and Sony bodies for that reason alone, many times I’ve had to council customers as to how to get around inconsistent flash metering.
          I disagree with my hostile tone, I consider it more playful. Yes I poked fun at you and I apologize if you took offense that was not my intention, just some playful teasing.
          You are right people come to this site looking to exchange ideas but there should be some basis to those ideas and those ideas should be clear and easy to digest for the layman. Lets go over your points for instance, and I’m not trying to be argumentative , lets discuss.
          a) What are you expecting please clarify, who is “us” please be more specific. I’m quite satisfied with the lens and body developments that Nikon has put forward. Yes there are some gaps in the lens line up but when these gaps get filled by Nikon we wind up with some really good lenses. As for camera bodies I can’t see any gaps for any shooting situations or subject matter.
          Entry level Nikon does need some work but we are not discussing entry level.
          b) Your right you can’t “see” the improvements Nikon makes to their cameras at this level because as an engineering driven company they tend not to fix what isn’t broken. Yes there are some small things to quibble at such as the lack of a mirror lock up in conjunction with the self timer and the menu could be better but so could Sony and Canon’s menu system, particularly their custom settings menus which are slow to access while shooting.
          Nikon’s sensor designs are outstanding (D700/D3) and the Nikon spec modification of the sony sensors (D3x/D60) and processors is also excellent and does yield better results particularly in signal to noise ratio and color rendition in low light. The projector you allude to is on a Coolpix model and not within the scope of the initial conversation. Coolpix cameras are not Nikon cameras, they are made by another company, for Nikon. I wish they would do something better there.
          c) Sony is an innovative company and they are capable of shaking up the market. I’m happy Nikon uses sony to manufacture their sensors to spec. In terms of camera design and feature set Sony needs to wake up a bit. I’m hoping that the next round of cameras gives sony shooters something to cheer about the A700 is long in the tooth and the A900 is priced out of allot of peoples hands. Even when the new Sony cameras hit even assuming they are at par with Nikon image quality wise (lets even say a bit better) it still won’t matter if the camera lets the photog down because it can’t focus fast enough or flash meter consistently. I hope the recent A230, 330 and 380 are not a sign of the ergonomics the new releases will have as many of my customers are put off by the hand grips.

          Sorry once again for the fun I poked at you, I can be a smart ass sometimes by please believe me when I say that education about photography is of paramount importance to me. The information you were presenting smacked of opinion and was going against what I know to be demonstrably true.

          Take care.

          • zzddrr

            Apologies accepted. πŸ™‚



  • getanalogue

    my d90 rocks in terms of picture quality – one stop away from FF D700’s noise! But I am missing the possibility to use AIS or non-AF lenses without CPU, like Zeiss glass or Hartblei’s. I have 10-24, 16-85 and 70-300, but I cannot shoot really good glass with my d90, need to upgrade to D300/D300s at least. But d90 is superior to D300 in picture quality, and picture quality of D300s is unknown and maybe similar to d90. Waiting desperately for D400.

    • msb29

      I dont want to argue at all but the samples on dpreview for the d300 are looking much better than the ones for D90 in my eyes, thats why I dont want to buy the D90 anymore, major difference. On other sites too, there was a difference.

    • kevin

      trust me, I have both d90 and d300 and the d300 is far better (if you know how to shoot it properly). The details are far superior and the noise much less on the d300!

  • msb29

    Dont get your d300 at Lozeau if you are from Quebec, there are many other stores online where you can get it for less and with free shipping and only 5% of tax if you get it in another province instead of 12,88% in QC…TheCameraStore is in Calgary and very good price at 1599, no shipping fees. But I think its worth it to spend a little more to get the 300s unless you dont need video but the video samples were pretty good to me. Instead of getting a cheaper camera like I used to want, I feel like asking for a 2500$ loan, only 200$ of interest for 12 months and you get to have the best camera in its range instead of being disappointed for the next couple of years with a D90 or D300…

  • Henrik

    The grip on the D300 sucks for me, the last nice grip accordning to me from Nikon was D70s. I hope Nikon will soon release a camera the feels as good as the D70s in my right hand, because I really would like to get an updated camera body NOW! πŸ™‚

    Hope the D700x will get a grip that fits me better….

    • Adam

      wow, but isn’t the D70s grip the same as the D90? I really like the D300 and D700 grip, it is Perfect! Dont want it to change though, the D90 grip is small and not to my liking.

    • I really liked the grip on the D70s too and no it is not the same as the D90 although the D90 is OK. The D300 grip is too thick from front to back for me and I expect many other people.

      • Henrik

        On the D300 the AE-L button gets too for away as well so I have to stetch hard to be able to reach it. But on the D70 the buttons are exctly spot on for my hand. As you say the grip on the D90 is just OK but not nearly as nice as on the D70s.

  • Admin I am not sure that Nikon will appreciate the fact that the price list you posted includes the dealer net aka *cost* price of the new 18-200 and 70-200 zooms. . .

    Here’s another shout-out for Quebec and Montreal!

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