Nikon D300s updates

Those are the Nikon D300s reports I have been receiving in the past few days:


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  • NikoDoby

    And I will start accepting D300 donations for those who are upgrading to the S model 🙂

    • NikoDoby

      I mean “From” those upgrading to the S model.

      • Anonymous

        ha, I wonder how many actually do the update from the D300 to the D300S. So far I saw quite a few upgrading to the D700, and one who has ordered a D300S a camera store, but he’s updating form a D200.

        So, anyone updating form the D300 to the D300S?

        • In actuality I think I might.

          I have a D700 and a D300 and D200
          But I’ll probably sell the 300 and 200
          and get the 300s (as a backup camera)

          So it’s kinda dumb right?
          But here’s why I’d do it.

          I want a new warranty so I almost always upgrade.
          Cameras start to degrade so much faster than lenses… my $1700 D200 is now worth barely $500 and I never ever use it.

          I shoot enough that I’d hit the shutter click allotment on the D300 pretty soon.
          I also would find it fun to have video. (Fun to throw in on smugmug galleries from time to time and record workshops I do)
          Going through some other improvements on the D300s it looks like a good deal for the essentially $500-600 “Upgrade cost” from my old to this new one.

          So again not for everyone but you asked.
          My camera store called and said I’d have it tomorrow… if so I’ll probably write something up on the blog about it perhaps.

  • Daf

    I’d be interested to hear anything on the new 70-200mm

  • Glyn

    Amazon USA has the D300s at $1,799.95.
    Amazon UK has the D300s at $2,458 at exchange rate 1.638807.
    That is $659 difference!
    I have used Nikons since the 801s but I do not like this.
    I think it might be time bite the bullet and leave Nikon.

    • T140Rider

      Why not take advantage of the low cost flights to NYC (£299 on BA) and buy one in the USA? At the same time, pick up a copy of Photoshop CS4 and you will save lots over the UK rip off prices.

  • Shouldn’t we be having more “it’s only DX, I’ll wait for the D700(s)” comments?

  • Scottinbr

    I am surprised we still have heard nothing about shooting at high ISO with the d300s (compared to the d300). Even the d90 does a better job at ISO noise than the d300.

    • Anonymous

      Who do you expect to hear it from? The camera isn’t even shipping yet.

      • Scottinbr

        Several d300s bodies have been made available for review (as evidenced to the numerous test shots and videos we have seen online). They are out there and have been out there for some time, just not available to the public (yet).

  • Jerry Wade

    When will the DX / FX discussion go away? DX= smaller camera size to lug around…cheaper lens cost…on par performance with just aout any other camera!!! Whats not to like? Can YOU see the difference?

    • Marc W.

      See a difference? Yes! Maybe not IQ between the D700 and D300, but the DOF is a huge difference.

      • Ronan

        FX is more about HIGH ISO performance, big light viewfinder and generally sharper images.

        Is it worth switching from DX to FX?

        If you already have the lenses = heck yes.
        If not = how rich are you? =/

  • A.S.

    I’ve seen the pictures and movie samples from the review site you gave us but they didn’t impress me at all, the quality seems exactly like on the old D300. No way I’m going to spend the premium price for nothing. I might as well consider the K7 – very good deal!

    • Jurno

      Well, I think you’re basing your conclusion on a very sound foundation, a few poorly taken shots and videos. Best not to wait for a proper, extensive review. Make your decision now, while you can still jump to quick conclusions.

      • A.S.

        The samples are ok, the camera to, the only problem is the price, which suks!
        At that price point man may consider a Sony Alpha 850…

        I think Nikon is exagerating with all the camera prices!!!

  • Marc W.

    About ABT:

    I grew up where ABT resides and I have to say they are awesome. Maybe them sending the old 18-200mm was just a mistake. B&H even makes mistakes. Was the 18-200mm mistake taken care of?! That’s the most important part.

    FYI, both the old and new 18-200mm had VR II.

    • Ricster

      Personally, I use TriState Camera. Based out of NY, I’ve had great service and the prices are much lower than B&H, etc. No gray market products here either. Have bought two lenses and they’re all registered without a problem.

  • Marc

    Re: ABT

    I can also vouch for ABT – I would be extremely surprised if they didn’t take care of the customer who reported the problem.
    They are a local institution , we have bought numerous appliances from them and I personally know one of the owners.
    They’ve been around for at least a generation or two and didn’t get to be where they are by mis-treating customers.
    They sell cameras, but are not a dedicated camera/photographic store – most of their floorspace is TV’s and appliances.
    I’d suggest we attribute the issue to an honest mistake until we know better.

    • Anonymous

      Or attribute it to the buyer being clueless since the old 18-200 has VRII exactly like the ‘new’ 18-200.

  • Anonymous
    • Ronan

      Big lol.

    • Wow. Crap camera, and crap lenses from a generally crap-centric camera company. Yeah, I think I’ll sell my real camera and blow my wad on a camera that you have to access the freaking lcd menu on back just to format your dang cf card. That’ll be really cool.

      • Anonymous

        How often do you have to format your card, princess?

        • rciu

          Some people aren’t intelligent enough to learn the shortcuts to format the card using only hardware buttons. I figured it out five minutes after taking my D300 out of the box…

          I won’t even get started arguing about calling Nikon lenses “crap.” I laugh in your general direction.

      • JAK


  • sonnt

    The guy in the D300s video is using a new 70-200 VR2, right?

  • Ronan

    South Africa gets D300s in stock before Canada and the US? What the frack?

  • Best Buy Long Island markets won’t have them until Sept 9th. 79 in transit to the Long Island market.
    I saw this info on the internal screens when a worker was looking for the item today for me in the Baldwin NY store.

  • JAK

    I always wonder, when a new camera comes out “they” refer you to a website to checkout photos taken by the camera. Usually it is some stupid curio or a squirrel or a bland house. Now what are we supposed to see from it? I have no idea.

    Almost all cameras that come out today captures good photos as long as they have good lenses. Lenses are more important than the camera, but I don’t see even the camera manufacturers advertising lenses as much as the cameras. When did you last see a lens advert on TV? Most impoartant are the Photographer, Lense and Camera in that order.

  • msb29

    Best online place for Canadians IMO D300s at 1929$CA instead of 2100$,,,and D300 on sale for only 1475$….Im sure thecamerastore will have a good deal later too and vistek has a a kit for d300s and the new lens for 2999$CA…maybe 2700$ US? so far only got the d3000, they never had the best Nikon cameras here in Canada…you cant even purchase the 3000 and it has reviews already on Bestbuy, I dont get why they let people rate it and give it a bad review.

  • J

    Nikon D300s With AF-S Nikkor 16-85mm 1:3.5-5.6 G ED DX Lens
    4yrs Extended Warranty; Manfroto Neotech Tripod and Mini Ball Head w/ RC2. 1852.00 CDN Taxes Included. May 31, 2010

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