Nikon D700 no longer available at Best Buy

Update: Nikon D700 is listed as backordered on

Best Buy discontinued the Nikon D300 approximately 3 months before the D300s was announced. Two weeks ago I received a tip that Best Buy has discontinued the Nikon D700. Today a NikonCafe member (registration required) confirmed that. He was told by the Best Buy manager that the "Nikon D700 was no longer available as the SKU number had been deleted and there were none available".

Could be a sign of things to come.

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  • Tim Catchall

    Come on, seriously, don’t believe this for a second. It’s only a year old.

    • This is what I thought when I got the tip, but now we have two independent sources. I will try to get a screenshot of the inventory system.

      • Shite

        Man I just bought one, now what. I wish I were not a victim of consumerism.

        • NikoDoby

          Your D700 will be useless once the upgrade is announced Shite. You should express-mail it to me and I will make sure it’s final weeks are spent to good use. Don’t worry I will give it a good home and I will be forever grateful for your warm generosity and goodwill towards a fellow photographer :^)

          • Jon Paul

            My thoughts exactly, Doby.

        • Anonymous

          So? The D700 will still be an excellent camera. And as far as I can tell, the introduction of the D300S didn’t have an impact on the price of the D300, at least here in Germany.

        • Trey

          I use to work for best buy. The camera is not deleted. Some of the higher volume best buy stores will still carry the Nikon D700 but the smaller volume stores will no longer carry the d700 or the 5d mark II

          • Anonymous

            There are 2 separate designations in the Best Buy inventory system. One is “Deleted” which means the item is no longer going to be carried in the system, and the other is “Not Carried by Location” which means that a particular store is no longer carrying that item. Deleted is system/company wide AFAIK.

        • regular

          Many many Canon 5D were sold for 3-4 years. Yet 5D are very expensive on eBay.

          So what about the D700 if it is only sold for 1 year? It will be a pure piece of collection!

  • Jack

    I certainly hope Nikon releases a smaller camera with the 25MP D3X sensor soon and not an updated D700.

  • Johannes

    So what will follow? A D700x with the D3x’ sensor for about 4000 Euros (ouch!), or a D700s with additional video and a few minor tweaks?

    • That’s the big question – D700x or D700s. I am sure we will know soon ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I think that if it was for a much more expensive D700x, the D700 wouldn’t be discontinued + it would make sense to make the same upgrade (video/frame rate ?) they just did for their DX camera, so i’ll bet on the “s” one, not the “x” ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Anonymous

          This makes sense. The a D700x wouldn’t be a replacement for the D700. The D700S seems to be it, if there’s any beef to this story.

  • NikoDoby

    Maybe BestBuy will just stop selling the D700 since it caters to a different crowd. The D300S might be the highest model they choose to sell from now on. So this might not mean anything……Nah… the timing is so inline with what has happened before so yeah the D700 replacement is coming!!!! START SAVING UP NOW

    • They may not necessarily discontinue the D700 right away. Just look at the D40 – it stayed long after the D40x and the D60 were announced.

      • Poop

        The Rockwell Effect?

  • Ronan

    I say its BS, Best Buy are closing down a lot of stores with their economical crisis (no sh*t they s*ck!).

    If it IS true, then expect a D700s, NOT D700x. The D700x will NOT replace the D700. How do i know that? D3x did not replace the D3. Same body but for two very different purpose.

    I call bs, D700 is barely 1 year old. If they do replace it, its with an updated version like D700s, which would be important. 5d Mark ii is FF + Video.

    • Ronan

      Oh but that doesn’t mean we can’t expect a D700x in the future. It would be the smart marketing approach.

    • Bubba Satori

      That’s not true. Best Buy isn’t closing down a lot of stores. It’s actually opening new stores this year. One of which is in Tucaloosa, Alabama. Roll Tide. Hope you’re better at photography than you are at business news.

      • Ronan

        3 stores just closed here. And the one’s i use to go when i was a kid are already closed.

        110 Best Buy Music/Video stores have already closed in 08, and some in 09.

        A good number of employees, including 250 HQ employees have been laid off in the past year.

        Best Buy 1.2 billion dollar budget has been cut in half.

        Before insulting people, you should go do your research. Oh and yes i live quite fine thanks to my two photography studios.

  • Anonymous

    I believe Nikon will have both d700s and d700x just like d3 and d3x. The reason is that the 12MP sensor is not old yet and Nikon is in the habit of using the same sensor for years look at d300, d90 and d5000. Additionally with d300s at 2k, d700’s current price will hurt d300s so it is a must to get a d700s out and raise the street price again to 3k and than introduce d700x at 4k+.

    • KT

      Although your reasoning make sense, I doubt that Nikon will have 2 cameras in their portfolio with the name D700, with only S and X to tell you which is which. They need some distinctions in the names, maybe one will be D700s and the other D800. Besides, with a new name like D800, they will feel justified in jacking the starting price up to $ 4-5K.

      • Anonymous

        Right, Nikon would never have two cameras with similar names. The D40 and D40x, D3 and D3x, D2, D2H, all absolutely nothing like the D700s D700x.

        • NikoDoby

          Don’t forget the D2HS or the D2XS so maybe it’ll be the iD700XS-HDpj and we will all be happy ๐Ÿ™‚
          The pj is for the built in projector not photojounalism

          • Anonymous

            I thought it means permanently j****ing off…

  • Pat

    I think both D700s (D3 sensor plus video) and D700x (D3X sensor plus video) are coming, most likely, one at 2999 and another at 3999.

    • WoutK89

      if the D700x is really whats coming, there will be no video, that would indeed make a huge price increase possible since they add a feature to the sensor the D3x didn’t have

      • Hakejo

        ignoring the gorilla in the room are we?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe Nikon would supercede the D700 so soon with a D700s, I would think a D700X would be of higher priority to keep them in the MP game. One 24MP model is not enough for the camera line-up, they need another to effectively compete with Canon’s 5D Mk II.

    • Anonymous

      I forgot to mention too, wouldn’t it make more sense to release a D3s at this stage then a D700s? The D3 is in need of a refresh before the D700, I can’t imagine Nikon would neglect the D3, I’d expect more a D3s and a D700X.

      What about all the previous rumours to expect a D700X released in the 4th quarter of this year from the likes of Thom Hogan and others? I just think Nikon would be squandering an opportunity by not releasing a D700X this year, delaying it another year would be just be playing too much into Canon’s hands.

    • steve

      RE: “I donโ€™t believe Nikon would supercede the D700 so soon with a D700s”

      While I generally agree, they may have some compelling technology to add to the camera that they think will increase sales.

    • Anonymous

      The D40x was announced about half a year after the D40. and frankly, there isn’t that much “new” in the D300S. While the video and dual cardslot are certainly interesting, they’re not innovative.
      If there’s a D700S in its way, it will be pretty much the same update, mainly for the reason to push the streetprice back up a bit. I don’t believe that the “S” actually costs significantly more in production, but it has more features, therefor a higher price.

  • MentalRaymond

    I think it would be a really bad idea to loose the d700, even if a d700s/x is on the way.
    With the market expanding for FF cameras under the $2k mark with the likes on the Sony 850 on the horizon, it would be silly not to compete. If the updated d700 came out, they should take a big chunk of the d700 price tag and let it compete against the inferior entry FF cameras from Sony and Cannon.

    I for one carnt wait for the new d700! Ive already bougth my Nikon FF glass, got the 14-24mm, 50mm 1.4g and pre-ordered the new 70-200mm VRII. Dont want to drop the money on a d700 with the update on the horizon!

    • Anonymous

      FX will be a lot but cheap. Regarding Nikons activity on the DX lens market, I have very strong doubts that they plan on competing at the lower end of the FX spectrum.
      As much as I’d love to see a cheap FX body out there, I fear it won’t happen anytime soon

      • Stephen Foster

        Beg to differ, one of the advantages of DX is that lens can be more compact due to the 1.x factor. Once you go up to FX you have extra bulk and weight.

        I find that DX and FX can co-exist quite well knowing that higher Resolution, High ISO/Low Noise and Ultra Wide Angle capabilities will come with FX whilst better portability and 1.5X zoom effect for long shots goes with DX

        I always leave my D60 in the car boot so that whenever an opportunity presents itself I have a camera available. However, I always use my D3 when shooting in low light situations or want to use Ultra wide angles. Further, when I travel I tend to prefer to take the D90 with an 18-200 as it weighs heaps less than any FX kit would and I get the equivalent of 27 to 300mm ish…

        Not in a hurry for any new Nikon kit right now unless they can get a 25MP under 3K (not going to happen soon). Besides, 12MP is more than enough for what I need 99.5% of the time.

        • Jon Paul

          Do you mean higher resolution for DX? It’s more difficult to make an FX sensor with higher physical resolution because you need to be able to get the information from a larger number of pixels (twice as many as for a DX chip with the same physical resolution as an FX chip–e.g. the D300 and D3x). The number of megapixels is related to resolution, but it’s not resolution.

  • MentalRaymond

    On a side note, i think a d700s as apposed to an x update doesnt make sense. IF they basicaly followed what they did with the d300s, and add an extra card slot and upped the frame rate without grip, wouldn’t that bridge the MAIN gap between the D700 and pro D3??

    A d700x on the other hand is a completly different beast to the d700/d3. A d700x, just like the d3x would be a pro landscape and product camera, where as the d3/d700 is geared towards sports/action and low light with its extended ISO options. If the d700x came in at $4000, it would still not compete with the d3, so it would sit snugly betwen the d700 and d3.

    • Anonymous

      There are quite a couple differences, the D3 shoots FX 9 fps and DX 11fps, it has a mic to record a comment to a pic, very useful, seriously, some more minor things, ut that always depends on your point of view. But the biggest difference is the shutter, which is supposed to take twice as many pictures.

  • Gary

    There may be a D700x, but it seems there almost has to be a D700s as well, at least if the D700x is going to sell for far more, as rumored.

    Nikon’s not going to discontinue a $2300 model to replace it with a model over $3000 or over $4000.

    I think Nikon realizes they need to have video on their D700 replacement to compete against Canon; let’s face it, the 5dmkii has far outstripped the D700 in sales.

  • MentalRaymond

    I find the fact that some people consider the 5dmkii a better camera quite funny. I think some noobs might just see the MP count and HD video and jump on it.
    Whats makes a good CAMERA? Autofocus, autofocus speed, ISO, build quality would be my top four. All of which the Nikon blows cannon away. I love that certain people think 21MPs is so great, even though the autofocus system on the 5dmkii is so outdated that a 1/3rd the images are blurred and out of focus. Id rather have a 12mp image pin sharp with no noise at ISO 6400 then a blurred, noisey ISO 3200 image at 21mp.

    • Agreed

      Agreed, and the 5d II built quality is like a Rebel on steroids.

      • Anonymous

        I agree that d700 is a far better camera because AF matters and having OOF shots using primes is a big pain. Even though I shoot Canon, I cannot understand the sudden rush for 21MP and HD video or for that matter 24MP and HD video :). I would like to get HD video but how many of us can even get anything meaningful out of it. We see some great videos and start drooling without even understanding that we cannot replicate those amazing videos let alone come up with new ones.

        • T140Rider

          At last, someone with some common sense.
          My 5DII using friends just drool over the AF capabilities and the build quality of my D700.
          Yes, they got lured in with the Video features but so far none of them really use it in anger. One has just sold his 5DII and bought a 1DSII on ebay. His comment was ‘Back to using a real camera again’.

    • FINALLY someone is talking about image quality. The last thing I want is a camera that will take 20+ megapixles. They take longer to process and require more memory cards and hard drives. Not to mention that image noise is much higher.

      Heck, even Canon has begun to realize this. Why do you think they dropped the MP count on their latest compact camera?

      Personally I love the D700 as it is, but if we must have an upgrade let’s pray it’s a D700s.

    • Jon Paul

      I would add user interface, where I think Nikon has Canon beat.

  • ET

    I have my eyes on the d700 for a while. Don’t really need the replacement coming up. If you guys are in my position, would you wait for the price drop after the replacements come out. OR would you get one now at ~23xx USD (including nikon $300 instant rebate + bing cashback)

    • Anonymous

      I say get it now! So far the introduction of the D300S didn’t have an impact on the price of the D300. Here in Germany it is available for around 1200 Euro for more than half a year now. The D300S is listed at around 1550 Euro, and this won’t change, as long as there’s D300 stock left.
      If the D700 update will be the same that we saw with the D300S, the price of the D700S will be as well a bit above the D700.

      If you don’t want video, and the video of the D300S doesn’t seem to be that much better than what we saw in the D90, and you don’t want a dual card slot, which would be much more of a reason to wait than video cranky video, I think it’s time to get your hands on a new camera.

    • Bluecow

      I just bought a D700 last week. I got it from Calumet for $2158 after using Bing’s 8% cashback at Calumet. I couldn’t resist for that price. Even if the D700s comes out, I would have no interest in it because I don’t care about video and $2000 was already more than I really wanted to spend on a camera body anyway. So a new D700 will likely cost $3000 and that’s simply more than I want to spend. Right now, the D700 is a steal for a full frame camera.

      • ET

        Acted too late for me, Bing cashback double promotion was over lastnight.
        Authroized dealers are all back to 25xx after all incentives.

        $2158 new from Calumet is a great deal!

        I will probably wait till the a week before my Oct 16 trip to asia before buying.

        • Jon Paul

          Check, too. They sell it in the 2300 range.

  • Gary

    Raymond, you make great points about the superiority of the D700.

    But what matters to any company are the sales…the profits…the bottom line.

    And video does matter…a ton of people are buying it for that very reason. Indie filmakers are flocking to it. I heard from someone who went to a gathering of film school students, and all they talked about was the 5dii. Look at all the videos online made with the 5dii. It’s becoming its own cottage industry.

    If Canon is selling more 5dii’s than Nikon is selling D700’s…then Nikon has to notice that and react.

    Now put all of those superior features in a D700s, and add video, tweak some performance…basically just upgrade the D700 the way they did the D300 and release at the same price…and voila, you have a more viable competitor. Then people can get past the video and judge on all of those other features.

    • Video?

      Have you ever tried to shoot video with a DSLR??? That’s no real camera. All you can do is crappy stock video footage like the demo stuff you’ve seen of the mk II etc… Nothing like a camcorder replacement…

      • NikoDoby

        Well not yet “Video?” but the Panasonic GH-1 is an example of what’s possible. Give it time and you will see DSLR’s giving camcorder’s a run for the money.

  • Blah

    If D700x is more than 12MP, Nikon is in trouble…putting a D3X will put D700x price so up high and problem with fps.

    • MentalRaymond

      I dont understand what you mean? Problems with FPS? A d700x would most likely be 3fps, then upto 5 fps with the battery (5 would match the top speed of the d3x). Like i mentioned in my eariler post, thats the price you get for shooting at 24mp. A d700x is not meant for fast sport, it fashion/landscape/proctuct camera mainly.

      High price? Not for what it is. Sure the d700 x would be more expensive than the mkII, but its a better camera, you pay for what you get. Some say the d3x is a high price at $8k. Sure, thats prety high, but it doesnt cost more than its Cannon counterpart. And a DSLR medium format camera cost nearly twice that of the d3x. Like i said, you pay for what you get.

      • WoutK89

        And look at the bright side, here in holland the price has already dropped by 2100 euros (8000 to 5900) for the D3x

  • Bryan

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll have the D700’s on closeout for $599 like they did with the D200 stock ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey, I can dream can’t I?

    • Piss off

      That would piss me off big time as I’ve just shelled out the big bucks to buy one last week. Now that’s for bad timing..

  • Peter

    If nikon introduces the 700x at any more than $500 above the 5DII they are NUTS. I would also require of them to make it 5fps without the grip to even consider buying it. And I could just see them going and bumping it down to 4 or something as to not seem too close to the D3X.

    What Nikon really needs to do is get marketing their stuff better. I myself consider canon to be a household camera name and Nikon to be more a name of excellent optics. And as far as making money, you want a household name.

    I consistently recommend canon P&S cameras to all my friends despite using nikon SLRs.
    They REALLY need to get their P&S and low end SLR advertising in order or they’re going to flop. They have to stop trying to sell superior “worth the price” cameras, you can’t get away with that crap these days with everyone having access to any information or opinion needed on the internet.

    They also have to get their cameras out there! I’m not sure why they aren’t… Start paying places like BB and walmart BIG money to display their stuff out front and have sales people push it. At my walmart there are NO nikon cameras. I’m not sure how that’s possible.

    • Jon Paul

      Before they really push their P&S line they’d better improve it. I also recommend canon P&S and nikon dslr to anyone who asks.

  • jbl

    To me, this is very clear.

    If this is true.
    If a new D700x or D700s is coming and it is true that the D700 is discontinued and that it’s not just at best buy…

    it means we are getting a D700s because there’s no point of having a D700 AND a D700s as much as there’s no point of NOT having the D700 if there’s a D700x because they would both be different cameras.

    We still have the D3 even though the D3x is out.

    It’s clear.

  • Abraham Jr

    2009 might really be surprising year for Nikon users indeed. Though in a “low key” sense of way. Isn’t it Nikon’s 50th anniversary this year? Camera Magazine (in Australia) did an insert supplement on that! Well Nikon might celebrate it where it matters by revamping all their entry-level to top-of-the-line DSLRs! I do hope they come up with a slew of great compact cameras in their Coolpix line as well — a true low noise and even a true low light performer much like the celebratory performances of their DSLR line. Be true to your legacy, Nikon!

    • WoutK89

      Yay, bring back the good old 4 MP cameras ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Anonymous

    So what !!!!!
    The d700 is wayto high end for best buy ant way !!!!!!!
    That’s not a rumor ! that’s a fact !

  • Zoetmb

    D700 is still in-stock at BH, J&R and Adorama.

    I’m surprised Best Buy would sell this in the first place. Even though they sell TVs in this price range, this really isn’t Best Buy’s market. In any case, what happens at any ONE retailer is not evidence of anything.

    • MentalRaymond

      Very true.

  • Woow well im lucky i just bought mine yesterday at best buy, but no doubt that something new is coming and i think it will be the d700x! for sure!

  • Jeff

    D700s with video, no significant still camera improvements, amybe slightly faster without grip.

    anyone want to bet against that?

    (i am not saying there won’t be a D700X, I think there will, I just think that this will exist beside it, like D3 and D3X

  • MentalRaymond

    If they introduce a high FPS without grip and extra card slot, and sell it at the same price as the current d700, couldnt that possibly hurt the d3 sales. I mean, the differences between the d700s and d3 would be pretty short, except you get HD video on the d700s! The d3 is more than twice the price of the d700, so unless they brought a d3s out at the same time, it migth hurt them.

    Nikon are kind of in a tough place. On one hand, they need a competior to the mkii with HD video in the price range, on the other, people want the d3x sensor in a d700 body, which could not produce a camera for less than $4k surely, especialy as anything below half the price of ther d3x would make their original d3x pricing policy a little silly.

  • Gary

    I agree that this best buy info is not definitive and no proof the model is being discontinued.

    I think we’ll either get a d700s or d700x…there’s no way Nikon will want to confuse buyers with both models at once.

    My advice would be for Nikon to add video and dual card slot to the D700…it won’t be hard…they’ve already done it for the D300…and release it at the same price point as the current D700…which now is about $2350.

    At that price it will almost surely attract some business away from the 5dmkii.

    And I do agree that video on dslr’s will only become more popular, as well as better quality.

  • Mike

    with the current canon 7d rumor being aps-c, i am switching over to nikon and HOPING to purchase this new d700s/x in time for xmas

  • Adam

    I think maybe Nikon will release a D700s (adding video + dual cards and maybe slightly improved high ISO). Since the D300s is only announce 3 months after the D300 is listed as discontinued from best buy, It means that the announcement will likely be around November or December, availability Im guessing will be around January while some lucky ppl will get it at the 3-4th week of December.

    D700x I expect will be around D3 price point

  • Anonymous

    Wheres all the D3X’s and D3’s?

    • Anonymous


  • I just picked up a used D700 and a couple of batteries for the reasonable price of $1800. And, now that I’ve had it for a full afternoon I think this may be where I get off the Nikon Acquisition Syndrome train. Along with my D300 anything in addition to the D700 is just icing on the cake. The D700 was the camera I was waiting for. It’s a liberating feeling!

    • D700 is amazing

      True, no matter the update to the D700, the D700 was and still will be for many long years an amazing camera. That is for sure.
      And you are right that there is no need to have an acquisition syndrome when you get the D700, no matter what comes next inevitably.

  • just give me D700x with 1fps for 3000Eur and we are friends again

  • brad

    Nikon will have to move the D700 towards video as it is a mid range professional grade camera. That is where photography is headed. P&S cameras have only had video since the beginning of time. Since the D300s is already there, I’m expecting the same in the new D700. It will have to be a bit better in its attributes than Canon’s 5d Mark II.

    A little tired of the renaming… Just call it the D700.

  • i wish they release a D700s that is if there is any upgrade!
    I cannot afford to buy a D700x…moreover the D700 would be better off will be adding dual card slot.

    Who cares for video?? maybe its useful but frankly speaking its hard to make videos with DSLRS… and moreover thats not an SLR for.i have used Video cams and from my experience to me still photography is way fun than video.

    This is the link of a video made with canon 5d mark 2..and it was just taken for fun sake under 2 -3 hrs shooting .

    I think Nikon Should focus on building better optics especially like the an upgrade to the 80-400 VR or some great wider or mid range low light zooms.

    As well as they should focus on the P&S, as currently my favorite P&S camera is is G10 or that they can get hold of the lower end consumers.

  • D700x has video

    A few facts to take note of to understand the update to the D700. Why an update? Because of the Canon 5D Mark II !!!
    I always congratulate Canon when they produce a camera that competes with Nikon because I know that Nikon will be forced to surpass itself and give an answer to the new Canon camera.
    Every single Nikon camera (D300, D3, D700, D3X) was a direct response from Nikon to a particular Canon camera. The same is true for the update to the D700 that will be a direct response to the Canon 5D Mark II.
    So, expect at least video on the D700x and probably a higher pixel count. Nikon likes to reuse what they already have, being a smaller company. Therefore, there is a probability that the D700x gets the D3X sensor but it is not fully sure, as they could create a D700s like the D300s is to the D300.

    Second the price of the D700x. It will be in the same market segment price than the Canon 5D Mark II, that is around $3000 and not more, no matter how good it is (even with a D3X sensor in it)!!
    Camera prices are directly linked to their market segment price and it would be suicide to price higher the D700x, no matter how good it is. Nikon knows that.

    When will it come? I do not know for sure but apparently several people guess it is around November 2009.

    Let us wait and see. One thing is sure, Nikon has to give an answer to the Canon 5D Mark II because it is a threat even to the sales of the D700.

    • regular

      I dont agree : the D700x will not be in the same market as 5DmkII.

      If the body of the D700 is preserved, the integrated features (AF, braketing, shutter lag, flash master, weather sealing etc) are much more appealing than the poor 5DmkII. That why I never bought the 5DmkII, despite all my expectations.

      The D700x will be significantly more expensive than a 5DmkII (unfortunately).

    • Ken Elliott

      I see it differently. The D700 is fantastic all-around do-anything camera. The Canon 5D MkII is more of a studio camera. While they are both FF cameras in the same price range, they are as different as can be.

      The video on the 5DmkII did create a buzz. But other than the 21MP sensor, the rest of the camera is a disappointment. Let’s face it – A d700 with the D3x sensor and movie mode would totally wreck demand for the 5DmkII among those without a large investment in Canon lenses.

      Frankly, movie mode is cool to play with and fun, but not really necessary for most of us who would really buy this camera. You really need to have an investment in lots of Nikon FF pro glass, or you won’t get much more than what the D700. So I suspect Nikon knows we will wait for it – and they are right in my case.

      I think Nikon will produce a dedicated HD camcorder, wipe the floor with Canon’s video division.

      • Adam

        yup totally agree with you on everything except the dedicated HD camcorder, don’t see it coming at all, sorry

  • insider

    As far as I know. There are 2 new cameras that are being tested along with the new 70-200mm VRII somewhere in S.E.A region.

  • Ken Elliott

    I suspect Best Buy simply didn’t sell many high-end dSLRs, and might be dropping the line. Or Nikon may be asking for more support staff training, or some other program and Best Buy can’t/won’t do. It is not unusual for manufacturers to do this. You want your pro gear sold via the channel that provides pro support. B&H and others will do this, but big box stores won’t.

    I would not doubt that the next production run of the D700 will have some of the minor upgrades we saw in the D300s, and it does create ‘churn’ in the market as some customers have to have the latest item. So I see a D700s with-or-without video soon. The D300s got updated with hard parts and firmware based on the D90 design work, so that was not a difficult jump. If they have the same thing ready for the 12MP FX sensor, then we will see it. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they don’t have that ready yet. To me, the D700 is a near-perfect camera and there is little to improve upon, other that a few firmware tweaks (mirror-up + self timer combo).

  • shivas

    I suspect that IF Nikon does actually limit D700 supplies prior to the D700x release, that they are reacting to the following market trends:

    1. Video is apparently hot for the wedding and casual photographer; MDk2 sales are soaring ->>UPDATE with D700s that, like D300s, has video, dual card slots, and minor sensor tweaks.
    2. Landscape shooters need a lighter body that doesn’t require a second mortgage->>>UPDATE with D700x that, like D3x, has 25 mpx, minor tweaks on sensor, hopefully dual card slot, and maybe they eliminated the goddamn built in flash so we can have a 100% viewfinder for f’s SAKE!!!

    In either case, as an event and landscape photographer, both are still too far out of my budget, and given how well the D300s seems to suppress noise at 1600, I am leaning towards just waiting for a D400 sensor update next fall, Winter 2011. . .

  • Calvin

    I think Nikon has to step up to the competition. Canon has 21.1 MP 5DMk2. Nikon has to provide an offering that match the same level. Otherwise, most user will move to Canon for almost the same buck. I don’t think that Nikon can afford to allow his user to switch camp. Furthermore, Canon has updated FF lenses. Nikon is catching up. Only 24-70 and 14-24 are actively advertised together with D3, D3x and D700. The rest is not emphasized, although it is compatible. To me, Nikon DX is strong but FF offering needed to step up quickly.

    • Adam

      erm the new 70-200 looks very promising. Actually what I prefer is Nikon to introduce f/4 zooms and updates its freaking FX primes instead of focusing on DX too much.

  • Bluecow

    I guess I personally don’t care if Nikon sells more cameras than Canon. The D700 is a fantastic camera and nothing Canon is offering could make me want to switch. I don’t care if Canon makes more money or sells more units, it doesn’t change the fact that Nikon’s cameras are great. I’ve never like how Canon cameras feel in the hand either.

    • Adam

      haha, and that’s one of the reason why I’m switching over to Nikon ๐Ÿ™‚ I do hope the D300s price will drop due to the just announced A850, cause if the price point is going to be near to the A850, new users might look at it as an alternative

  • Davo

    I think if nikon is updating the D3/D700 sensor with video, it will go into both models as an ‘s’ upgrade. Logically if they hav spent the r&d in implementing video it would be done across the board with bodies using the same sensor.
    I also doubt people who want video (prosumers, indie film makers, pj’s, wedding/events) also need very high resolution (landscape/studio) so the 12 mp sensor is the ideal sensor for video.
    The higher volume, th lower unit price and nikon has traditionally used the same sensor across a number of models to spread the cost. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we saw another video-orientated sensor based on the same 12mp D3/D700 sensor to tie in with the other contrast detect development rumor.
    So my prediction is if D700 is indeed discontinued, we r more likely to see ‘s’ upgrades to the 12mp models. I think a 24mp D700x or watever it’ll be called may not get video until it’s own ‘s’ upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    A D700X with the D3X sensor would slay the opposition, with or without movie mode. Nikon would have to realise this.

    I know alot of people say 24MP is too much but it really depends on your style of photography. I shoot primarily landscapes and currently use a D700 and I really notice the lack of detail in distant objects with the 12MP sensor.

  • ่Šฝไพ

    who cares about best buy anyway ? i snatched a deal on F5 for $250 , i just love craigslist ๐Ÿ˜€

    • shivas

      that’s a damn good price!

      I’m debating on getting a F5 as well. . .now that’s resolution!! matches the D3x at 24mpx. . .

  • Mike

    I have a D300 which I love, but if Nikon comes out with D700s like the D300s… I’ll be all over that like a fat kid on a Smartie. Video is here, nothing we can do about it. Just like Radio and television, video on DSLRs will change how we do things personally and professionally. I love the dual card slots too.

  • Matt

    Only time will tell.

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