Nikon D300s price drop

In the US the Nikon D300s now sells forย $1,619.86 @Amazon; $1,599.95 @B&H and Adorama (add to cart to see final price).


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    Now it’s selling for the price I got my D300!


    • NikoDoby

      I’ve taught you well young alpha ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nubz

    poop!! I just bought one two weeks ago. Oh well, I love the camera!!

  • Jon

    Nice. Will be pulling the trigger on one of these in the next few months. I think the D70 is finally starting to bit the dust (cough, cough).

    • GlobalGuy

      You should probably pull the trigger now. Its very unlikely the price will go down further. This is probably only going to be tied to holiday sales in the US.

      It may stay the same price. But all indications point to a problem with the Dollar-Yen, in that, like the D700, it may actually go up in price. (I bought my D700 a year ago for LESS than it costs now!)

      So think carefully…..

      • another anonymous

        i would really enjoy that if i had the money in that time ๐Ÿ˜‰ but didn’t ;(

  • Adam

    woo hoo, thank god I waited. But since I’m in Malaysia now, lets hope Nikon Malaysia follows the drop. And btw, I do hope Nikon will release some sort of firmware update adding full manual video control (eventhough, I must admit that I don’t really care bout video) to up the sales of the D300s ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Adam

      woo hoo, I checked one of the Malaysia photography online store and it seems the D300s has now dropped price! (Used to be RM 5.9k, now its RM5.5k) a little change but now it’s same price as the new US rates ๐Ÿ™‚

      Lets hope Nikon Malaysia will feel generous and drop the price again by the holiday season ๐Ÿ˜€

      Btw, have Nikon ever drop the price by holiday season?

      • Hey Adam, mind telling where you asked for the price that gives you RM5.5k ? I am searching for it as wellโ€ฆ before that was RM5.7kโ€ฆ

        • Adam

          well on it states the price now is RM5.5k, so usually the camera shop sell around or a lil cheaper then ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Tony

    I see the D90 has dropped at Amazon as well. How can that be with a weakening dollar?

    • low

      its not. its because these cameras are no longer able to take good photos with new cameras on the horizon. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Tony

        Wellll, lucky me. Glad I’m willing to settle for second best then.

  • Patrick

    Hmmm… I’m so close to upgrading from a D50. I wonder if this price reduction is a sign of other products in the pipeline that are ready to be released?

  • Anonymous

    what was the price before the drop at these places?

    • nubz


  • ryan

    got mine a few weeks ago, have the d300 and d300s… amazing cameras.. i love the video it is fantastic

  • Just a Thought

    If a new model were to arrive (after Sony’s a750 release)) one would need to reduce inventory of old model.

  • Hey Adam, mind telling where you asked for the price that gives you RM5.5k ? I am searching for it as well… before that was RM5.7k…

  • Sanford

    Now DSLR market look like video game console market …

    make less profit on console(DSLR body), but make more profit on game (lens) on the other hand.

  • Pet

    Nikon knows that D300s is not as superb as it should be. Recent reviews showed it in magazines. Canon is winning all the way.

    I will get the next year version.

    D400 or D800

    Sony rules the market right now.

    • I am actually just looking for a D300 thats all. But since its extinct and I need a new body (currently using D70s) for december job. D300s is within my range of affordability… Other than that, D90 is the second choice…

      What do you guys suggest?

      • getanalogue

        get a D 90, it has the same pic quality as D 300s in a lighter and smaller package. D 90 is making stunning pictures – everything else has to be done by yourself. You can get a D90 at a bargain price here in Germany, actually.

    • Adam

      Get the D300s if budget allows, it’s not as bad as what magazine says, from what I see, the D300s video function is not as bad as what people think it is, just that it doesn’t have the full manual video over the Canons so need to compensate when recording, and of course the image quality is better then D300 and top notch ๐Ÿ˜€ Also the SD + CF card is just awesome, can’t wait to get my D300s soon.

      Sorry Pet, they wont be a D400 till about 2 more years, the D300s comes ~2 years after the D300, so it is likely we will only hear about D400 sometime in 2011-2012.

      • PHB

        Interim refresh products typically come 2/3rd the way through a product life. Three years after the launch of the D3/D300 is about when we should expect the D4/D400. The D300s really does not affect that at all, its just applying the latest technology to the 12MP body.

        But just as the D3x did not replace the D3, I suspect that the D4/D400 will supplement rather than replace the D3/D300s. 12MP is an ideal resolution for many, many tasks. 24MP is better for some tasks.

        Even if you wait for the D400, you can be sure that it will be replaced three years later. The DX format is good for at least 80MP which is probably enough.So there are another 6 years to go before you can stop worrying about a better model coming out.

        While I like the idea of having video as a feature, I would much rther buy a dedicated Video body that takes F-mount lenses and goes for Nikon money rather than Red mondy.

  • evan

    I am calling for a price adjustment. I just got mine a week ago.

  • Ed

    Competition is good. Now that Canon finally has something to compete with the D300s, we will see some price drops.

    I only wish it were happening to lenses as well.

  • I just got mine for RM5300 ๐Ÿ™‚
    AWESOME! Such a HUGE jump from my D70s. 51 points is FUN too!
    hehehe many more to explore.

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