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Important: Nikon expands the previous D750 shutter problem recall, newer cameras could also be impacted

Nikon issued another service advisory for the D750 shutter issue expanding the number of impacted cameras (now cameras produced from July to September 2014 and from July 2015 to September 2016 could also have a faulty shutter). I simply cannot believe we are still discussing this issue in 2017 and Nikon was producing faulty cameras […]

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Updated technical service advisory for the Nikon D750 released

This just in – Nikon released a third service advisory on the D750 shading issue. Now cameras produced between December 2014 and June 2015 are also being recalled (the previous timeframe for impacted models was October – November, 2014):

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New Nikon D750 service advisory: possible image shading from shutter

Today Nikon issued a new service advisory for the Nikon D750 camera involving possible image shading from shutter. You can check if your camera’s serial number is affected here (updated: here is the link the US page). Additional information:

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Nikon D750 back in stock

After the “silent recall” for the reflection/flare issue, the Nikon D750 is back in stock again at B&H (body only and lens kit available, both with some freebies). The new shipments should already have the fix applied to the camera. Uopdate: Adorama and Amazon already also update their in stock status.

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Nikon issued D750 service advisory for the reflection/flare issue

Nikon USA issued a service advisory for the reflection/flare issue on the D750 camera. To check if your camera is affected and needs to be repaired, you can enter your serial number on this website (here is the EU link). A black dot inside the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera will indicated if the D750 […]

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Nikon D750 is being silently recalled

Nikon USA is quietly pulling D750 inventory out from retailers and will be replacing it with new cameras that do not have the reflection/flare issue. Currently Amazon doesn’t list the D750 at all on their website, Adorama is out of stock, while B&H is listing the camera as back-ordered. The new batch of D750 DSLRs is expected […]

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Nikon to start fixing the D750 reflection/flare issue at the end of January

Nikon issued another statement on the Nikon D750 reflection/flare issue: they will inspect and service all affected cameras for free starting the end of January, 2015. The fix will contain light-shielding components and AF sensor position adjustments. Additional details will be announced at a later date. Here is the full text of the announcement (EU link):

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Nikon is currently investigating the D750 reflection/flare issue

Today Nikon issued an official statement on the Nikon D750 reflection/flare issue I reported over a month ago: We have received indications from some users that when photographing scenes in which a bright light source, such as the sun or high-intensity lighting, is at a certain position along the top border of the frame, flare with […]

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