Nikon issued D750 service advisory for the reflection/flare issue

Nikon D750 service advisory
Nikon USA issued a service advisory for the reflection/flare issue on the D750 camera. To check if your camera is affected and needs to be repaired, you can enter your serial number on this website (here is the EU link). A black dot inside the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera will indicated if the D750 cameras has already been serviced.

My guess is that this service advisory delayed the new firmware update program that was supposed to be announced yesterday.

Full text of the Nikon D750 service advisory:

To users of the Nikon D750 digital SLR camera

Thank you for choosing Nikon for your photographic needs.

We have received indications from some users that when photographing scenes in which a bright light source, such as the sun or high-intensity lighting, is at a certain position along the top border of the frame, flare with an unnatural shape may sometimes occur in images captured with the D750 digital SLR camera.

For those who have already purchased a D750 and would like to have their camera serviced to correct this issue, Nikon service centers will service cameras as indicated below. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Identifying affected products

To check whether or not your camera is one of those affected by this issue, click Check Your Serial Number below and enter your D750's serial number as instructed. Results for the serial number entered will be displayed. If these results show that your camera is one of those affected, instructions for requesting service will be displayed. If your camera is not one of those affected, rest assured that you may continue using your camera without concern for this issue.

Please note that even if a camera's serial number identifies it as one affected by this issue, a black dot inside the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera, like that shown in the photo below, indicates that the measures to resolve this issue as indicated below have already been applied.


If your camera is affected, as confirmed with serial number check above you will be provided with information on requesting service from your nearest Nikon service center. The service center will inspect and service light-shielding components, and adjust AF sensor position, to resolve the occurrence of unnaturally shaped flare free of charge. This service will not have any effect on autofocus precision, or on the performance of other camera functions.

Please understand that even with these measures, all digital SLR cameras may experience flare when backlit scenes are being captured.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.

Please be assured that Nikon is continuously working and taking measures to further improve the quality of its products. Once again, thank you for choosing Nikon for your photographic needs.

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  • visionaer
  • Fred

    Thank God nikon is fast in responding to this problem.

    • Aldo

      Thank God nikon learned a valuable lesson from the d600

      • Kynikos

        I’m not sure Nikon’s learned terribly much.
        They’re owning up to their mistakes more quickly, which I guess is good, but their QC reminds me of where Sigma was five years ago.

        • Eric Calabros

          So you say there will be A series of f/1.4 Nikkors in near future? Great news

        • dredlew

          This has nothing to do with QC. Familiarize yourself with how mass-production works.

      • Andrew

        That is why Nikon is a 100 year company. You survive by adapting to the marketplace quite rapidly. It is difficult for companies to embark on an aggressive product release schedule without problems. But Nikon needed to learn that customer support and prompt communication is just as important. I like the changes that have taken place in the company, whether it is management or a new commitment to quality control.

        • James Guinan

          For sure! They responded rather quickly to the D750 flare problem. I’ve already sent mine into Nikon for repair. Hope turnaround time isn’t too long.

  • visionaer

    btw: i called the service center, they told me, that they exchange the complete mirror box

    • Eric Calabros

      Their saying they do something doesnt mean they actually do that thing. the combination of the words “exchange” and “complete” makes confidence in customers mind

  • Steven Mackie

    I wonder if it’s anything to do with the big “Made in Thailand” sticker on the base of my camera.

  • peterfly

    Since my from Japan imported D750 (made in Thailand) is affected as well, will the Japanese warranty be enough to apply for a free repair? Bought the camera only last week, I’m based in Ireland.

    • Harald Servat

      You may try the EU site

      However, it seems that the link that helps identifying whether the camera is affectd or not, does not respond ATM.


      • peterfly

        Well Harald, I found the English website version and after I’ve inserted my serial number, this is what I got:

        We are sorry to inform you that your D750 is affected by this issue and we request that you send it for repair. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. You can pre-register to return your camera free of charge by completing the online Service Request Form. If you have any further questions please contact Nikon Customer support.

        Funny enough the Free service Returns Request is not available in Ireland as to be read in the Nikon statement article. I will try to ring the actual Irish Nikon Service Centre.

        • Arj2014

          Hi peterfly, did they accept to take in if it was imported?

          • CERO

            Seems the recall is worldwide, not just certain countries. So it doesn’t matter if its grey or not.

            • Arj2014

              Thanks CERO..hope your statement is true and get my camera is fixed..I bout it just 4 days back without knowing about this flare issue as an imported model ..Trying to send it to service center now

            • CERO

              Dont take my word as fact. I am not Nikon employee. And unless a Nikon employee tells you outright that the camera will not be serviced. Keep hope on it.

            • Arj2014

              I called them in the evening and they agreed to take mine in as this was world wide Service Advisory :)..You gave me idea to give it a try and worked ..Thanks CERO!!

            • CERO

              you owe me a donut! 😉

            • James Guinan

              I think you’re right on this one. Nikon just want’s to fix the problem. All I was required to do was enter in body’s serial number to see if it needed fix, and that’s it. No other questions asked. I imagine that the only serial numbers “rejected” would be either invalid serial numbers or ones that Nikon KNOWS don’t have the problem, ones that have already been checked and verified by Nikon as good.

            • James Guinan

              Caveat: I live in the US, so as far as other countries where the D750 was purchased… Hope they accept it, no matter what country it was purchased from.

          • peterfly

            They did. First they were hesitant due to the fact the camera has a non-EU origin, but once I mentioned that Nikon has officially made a statement about the internal reflection issue today and my D750’s serial number qualified for the “free of charge” repair (have it even printed), they said just to ship it to them and they’ll ship to UK. They had 2 conditions to be fulfilled before sending it in: the body in the box with Japanese warranty and the serial number from this website in printed form:


            It says The service unavailable now. Guess, I was lucky to have it printed earlier today:}. Should be back, once too many people stop worrying about theirs D750’s:].

            Since I could reproduce the issue in Live-mode, I know it’s real and want to get it fixed. Still, I want to call in to the repair centre in person, for a peace of mind:). I mean this is 1500euro DSLR we’re talking ’bout!

  • Troto

    New firmware upgrade for many bodies should be independent of this physical issue for D750, right?

    Some of those firmware upgrades were juicy! : )

    • Stanky Eggo

      I would think that firmware were handled by a
      different department but I’m ok that they’re late. I rather them get it right than to rush and miss the details.

    • When I sent my D600 in for service, it came back with the newer firmware (and all settings were reset to factory default. It took me a while to figure out why my back button focusing wasn’t working).

  • c4156804

    inb4 people painting tripod sockets with sharpies

  • Harald Servat

    The european site (set in Spanish language, you can change it clicking at top-left flag icon)

  • CERO

    So, they finally found the serials affected (and the production line that produced all the affected models?)
    Thats a big leap in resolving everything!

    • Blrfl

      Once you have enough data about what bodies were affected, it’s not difficult to nail it down. Manufacturers keep a surprising amount of data about what parts went into what units. Can’t speak for cameras, but most of the auto makers could tell you the serial number of the wrench used to bolt the door hinges to the car and how much torque was applied.

  • The way things have been going lately, I’m surprised Nikon hasn’t offered the flare fix as an advanced feature with a fee attached.

  • peterfly

    Rang the Irish Nikon service centre and once I’ve mentioned my camera is D750 affected by the internal reflection issue officially confirmed at the European nikon d750 serial number website, I was told it should be no problem to avail of the free repair. Camera will be sent to UK and should take up to 15 working days to get it fixed.

    Seems like a good news, will call in there later this week.

  • Richard Kane

    Leica has the RED Dot, now Nikon has the BLACK DOT. D810, D750. How disappointing Nikon, again (from an extensive current Nikon photographer).

    • AlphaTed

      You want a RED Dot instead?

  • jstevez

    All the fuss about this issue is due to how horrible Nikon managed the D600 fiasco. Note that almost every site or publication still have the “Highly Recommended” words at the end of the D750 review.

    • Piotr Kosewski

      Possibly because this is a great camera.

      As Francis Bacon has said:
      “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.”

      And the problem in D750 is a result of a too short curtain that should block light reflected from AF chip. So this is in fact a proportion issue. 🙂

  • saywhatuwill

    Nikon better be careful. Those dots are easy to counterfeit.

    • pinkdotsnikon


  • nwcs

    I think in the end Nikon has done a good job with this. While I definitely question the severity of the issue and the panicked absurdity of some, Nikon has come up with a relatively quick solution that can give most people peace of mind.

    • Kynikos

      The time for peace of mind will be when Nikon can string together a few FX body releases that don’t have serious bugs.

      • mikeswitz

        Actually, peace of mind will come when you switch too a “man’s” camera.

        • Michiel953

          Yes. Kynikos’s best camera is a cannon.

        • Espen4u

          Do’nt start that again, please

        • NikCanon

          keep on trolling trolling trolling….

      • Andrew

        How unrealistic, previous success is no indication nor assurance of future success 😉

        nwcs is correct, peace of mind in this instance is for those who have invested in the D750 and those who plan to buy it in the future.

        For me, peace of mind is knowing that Nikon has become more responsive. Besides that, you can get peace of mind by waiting a few weeks before buying a newly released product to be certain that it has no issues. In my case, peace of mind also means that I do not buy gray market products.

        So this issue of peace of mind is quite complex, it means different things to different people 😉

        • Kynikos

          How can anyone have any confidence in the first production run of a Nikon FX body?

          Let the early adopters suffer the bugs. Get the body six months later when there’s a much higher chance it’ll be bug-free.

          • Andrew

            We have confidence in Nikon FX bodies because they are well built and Nikon is now putting more effort into quality control. Canon and others have had major problems with their new cameras. Anyway, from the reports, it seems as if a few cameras are affected. In fact, many photographers cannot replicate the problem. Anyway, practically no new product from any manufacturer is bug-free and that is why companies release firmware updates.

            Nikon is such a major camera manufacturer that they can push out over 50,000 of these cameras per month and which are then tested in the field immediately. So within about about 3 week, camera labs and users will report any bugs.

            So I have no problem buying a new Nikon camera within 3 weeks of release and I get 30 days to return or exchange it if there is a problem. But though I do not buy gray market products, I would recommend that those buyers wait a little longer.

      • dredlew

        Once you figure out how to mass-produce a complex product like a DSLR, let Nikon know. They sure would like some advice on manufacturing cameras.

  • Santa dp

    do all D750s have this problem? haven’t noticed it on mine. put the serial number and Nikon offered a shopping label! so…….

    • nwcs

      No, not all of them do.

      • pinkdotsnikon

        How can you tell?
        If Nikon says it is affected then it sure is affected, even if somebody can’t reproduce the flare issue it is still affected or maybe Nikon is making up affected serial numbers lol
        Or are you perhaps advising users to act against Nikon’s own recommendation; Nikon states: “please follow instructions to send your camera in for repair / adjustment”.

        Anyway I just tried my number and the web-site didn’t load…maybe because so many suckers are currently checking their serials… lol I think I will return mine because it is still within the return period. I will return it and take a D810 instead. The D810 is better in every way, mind you I don’t care about the flare issue I will just take the better camera…

        • RxGus

          Enjoy your $1000 upcharge. If that is what you wanted from a camera in the first place, why didn’t you just get one the first time?

          • pinkdotsnikon

            Are you my friend? if not, I don’t think it is any of your business what cameras I want to try before I buy them, I can test them all if I want to. Or maybe you are just a smart ass who can’t afford the better D810…

            • RxGus

              You said it yourself “the D810 is better in every way, mind you I don’t care about the flare issue”.

              If you don’t care about the flare issue, and if you don’t really want the d750, why didn’t you get the 810 in the first place? It seems like you are unhappy with the 750 no matter what- so why make a big deal about it?

            • pinkdotsnikon

              lol it seems you’re stuck on that topic now…did it ever occur to you that maybe I wanted to test the D750 before I make my final decision…for a smart person like yourself it should be possible to figure that out…or maybe your are affected by the flare issue and now you are trying to justify in your own mind to keep the D750 no matter what. Why didn’t you yourself get the D810 in the first place is the question you must ask yourself 😉

            • Harry56NYC

              Yeah i think so too….it is so difficult for some people to admit the truth… in a fantasy Nikon “fanboyism” world

            • mikeswitz

              Don’t bother, its rt-photography. Same bad english. same stupid reasoning. A troll is… a troll… is a troll.

            • NikCanon

              trolling trolling trolling

            • Harry56NYC

              Don’t bother, it’s mikeswitz….a famous “know it all” troll on the internet

            • Blrfl

              People with large-format digitals would sneer and say that all you can afford is an 810.

          • NikCanon

            enjoy your own downcharge… you will get the flare as an extra free bonus lol

            • Harry56NYC

              well said….lol

        • nwcs

          I am going by my D750 and the reports of others. Only Nikon knows for sure but I suspect they are basically calling all the earlier shipments affected regardless of if they are. It may be that they can’t tell for sure until they came up with the production fix (which may already be out there) and know those serial numbers. But even if only one D750 doesn’t have the issue then logically not all D750s do.

          • pinkdotsnikon

            yeah I agree

          • Andrew

            I think Nikon needs to mark the packaging with a special code so as to identify the component list on a particular camera. So if a part is made by multiply suppliers they can recall only the packages that are affected.

            • Blrfl

              They have that. It’s called a “serial number,” and any manufacturer worth its salt has data that ties those to the batches of parts used to build the product.

              Anyone claiming to know whether or not Nikon knows which bodies are affected by this is either guessing or actually does know and isn’t authorized to discuss it. In the case of certain trolls who shall remain nameless, I’m leaning toward the former.

    • Kartken

      I could not replicate this issue with mine D750 but my number is effected. Luckily Nikon Service Center is just few miles away.
      Nikon did a good job this time and thanks admin to keep us posted.

    • pinkdotsnikon

      Nikon does not know if your camera is affected or not. They just want to play it safe and service all cameras from the earlier batches. It is the only way for Nikon to clean their ass from this mess. Better safe than sorry…so I guess all D750s from the first batch(es) will be affected according to Nikon’s website enquiry

  • jvm156

    I haven’t noticed this problem myself, not sure if i even would but i put my serial in and it popped up with shipping labels… any idea how long this process takes? My girlfriend sent hers to a place once and it took half the summer

    • Eric Calabros

      So dont let her send your camera to any place

  • Michael ‘Munkeh’ Scott

    Although the American website (the only one that loads the Serial checker) states my serial number is affected, I can’t for the life of me replicate the issue, which is good because I ordered it from Panamoz and when you go through the return RMA on the Nikon website it states you can return it under warranty but only: “Repaired under warranty if supported with valid documentation & meeting warranty conditions” Which probably means they will only repair European bought DSLR’s in Europe, unless I am mistaken? Will third party Nikon service centres in the UK repair this under warranty? Panamoz deals with AJ Johnstones in Scotland for all Nikon repairs.

    • pinkdotsnikon

      I just tried my number and the web-site didn’t load…maybe because so many suckers are currently checking their serials… lol
      I think I will return mine because it is still within the return period. I will return it and take a D810 instead. The D810 is better in every way, mind you I don’t care about the flare issue I will just take the better camera…

  • pinkdotsnikon

    When the D750 comes back from the repairing can we call it “refurbished” and will it still be the “camera of the year” or is it the “flare of the year”?

    • Michiel953

      You should write a novel. It’ll be a runaway hit.

      • NikCanon

        He can write a comedy about you instead hahaha. I know it can be hard for a D750 fanboy like yourself to face the fact that your D750 is affected.

        • Michiel953

          How am I a D750 owner? I own a D800E. Stepped flare free.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    The identification of affected cameras is useless at the moment since as of now, all cameras are affected. New models without the fault are to come next week the earliest.

    • pinkdotsnikon

      lol yeah you are right. Maybe now the Nikon D750 fanboy suckers who denied that their own was affected will finally shut up. Yes all of them are affected…

      • Mike M

        Just like all the D600’s had bad shutters… except they didn’t all have bad shutters.

    • RxGus

      I don’t think this is accurate. I think only certain bodies made through certain assembly lines had this problem.

      Knowing whether or not my camera is from one of those lines makes a big difference. Not useless at all.

      • pinkdotsnikon

        You can think what you think….you will never know and Nikon will also not tell you. Nikon will at this point in time identify all D750s as affected until the new bathces of D750s are again hitting the stores (because now the stores are empty because Nikon pulled all D750s back in)

        • John

          You don’t know either. Are you a FUD Troll or just pretending to be one?

          • Eric Calabros

            None, he’s just Mad Bro

            • NikCanon

              I don’t think so Eric Cabron hahaha…. you yourself is just another Nikon fanboy who is afraid to admit the truth…hahaha TI is good that we have people here in this site to speak the ugly truth….

            • Eric Calabros

              of course I’m Nikon fan, (plus I’m also Apple fan, if it helps you know me better), and I do criticize Nikon if I see theyre doing something wrong, but I have the ability to distinguish truth from utter nonsense

          • NikCanon

            Don’t start with your crap “John” He just speaks the truth and maybe as a Nikon fanboy it is difficult for you to accept. I guess if you think he is a troll just because he speaks the filthy truth then I guess you are a douchebag 🙂

            • John

              How many different names do you troll with? Same empty rhetoric.

        • fjfjjj

          You don’t know that, either.

          • Martin56Jersey

            Nobody on this website will never know all the details…but we know enough anyway to make our own conclusions about Nikon’s QC

            • dredlew

              Has nothing to do with QC. Familiarize yourself with how mass-production works.

        • Martin56Jersey

          Yeah they pulled all the D750s back from Amazon and the bigger resellers….that is a public fact.

        • guest

          My local store had to send back their inventory couple of weeks ago. Expect a new shipment in first week of February. This is in US.

      • Sebastian Rasch

        I can assure you this is accurate, I work for Nikon. Even customer support said it in the beginning until they changed their policies in this regard. At the moment, each and every D750 is affected.

  • John Doe

    Can’t replicate the issue on my 750 but the website says I’m affected and generated a shipping label. Looks like they’re using the NY facility even though I live in California and have only ever used the Los Angeles facility in the past. I fear I’ll be without camera for weeks and weeks and weeks if I send it in. Ugh! I am torn.

    • mikeswitz

      Just bring it into the LA facility and they will deal with it. I’ve done that in the past and they have been pretty good.

    • Dave M

      Not sure but mine has been in the LA facility since the 8th of this month I had a white band running down the right side of 3 frames all shoot in a row. Only three files out of 3500+ but I use it for Weddings and can’t afford to take the chance. I got it in before the recall and just got an email today that it’s being looked at. Good luck to you

  • zorwick

    So mine is affected and I can replicate the issue, and I have reported this to Nikon 2 months ago. If all of you are sending back the camera now, I’ll wait a few weeks more to send mine. I need the camera back soon, can’t afford to wait weeks because of others :)))

  • theruff

    Swiss doesn’t work?
    -> The service is unavailable. !?

  • pyktures

    How fast is the turn around time of the service?

  • metalblade

    Looks like i am affected as well. Ive never been able to replicate the problem. I am going to send it in but i am honestly a bit worried that since its such a great problem and couldn’t replicate the problem that what if.. by them messing with it comes back… worse or come up with some other problem that would actually affect me?

    • Andrew

      This is a technical issue and that is why companies have service centers. Nikon states the following: “This service will not have any effect on autofocus precision, or on the performance of other camera functions.” I think this statement is clear enough to address your concerns. To me this issue seems minor as it is the result of light reflection that is external and not internal to the electronics of the camera.

      You have to realize that sometimes a person’s fears may make then to start believing that their camera is suddenly behaving differently. The best thing to do in order to alleviate your concerns or uncertainty after the repair is to take a lot of control pictures before and after the repair and to consciously feel the handling of the camera (such as the shutter release button) before you send it in. This will give you a more object point of reference as opposed to your subjective feelings. Hope that helps 😉

      • NikCanon

        Companies should have a working QC and not come out with crap like this…of course they will say that “This service will not have any effect on autofocus precision, or on the performance of other camera functions.” But the filthy truth that they already failed….and can you really trust Nikon that it will not have any affect….?!?!?!?

        • Andrew

          Yes I can trust Nikon.

          • Martin56Jersey


          • mikeswitz

            It’s rt-photography, dummy.

          • This is not proof that Nikon’s QC is improving, it’s evidence that Nikon customer service is improving. The problem was identified by users and reviewers not Nikon. That said, it is unrealistic to assume there won’t be problems with technicaly complex problems. Some issues only surface after thousands of units are used in the field. QC is not as simple as many would like to believe.

            • Andrew

              Actually, there is sufficient evidence to argue that quality control is improving. The camera does not appear to have any manufacturing or design problems which is significant for a newly released product. And the component in question was apparently designed to specs by Nikon. But Nikon had two suppliers and one of them dropped the ball. Somewhere along the process, they overlooked that one of those suppliers was to providing the parts as specified. So overall, this is good news.

        • dredlew

          Has nothing to do with QC. Familiarize yourself with how mass-production works.

    • NikCanon

      It has already affected your photography in a negative way….by wasting several weeks with this kind of crap 🙁

  • Neopulse

    Well now at least you get the shipping label immeidately without having to go through hoops trying to email or call customer service.

  • Rafa R

    I just checked my D750 serial number, and it needs service.. Cant help feel very dissapointed with Nikon

    • NikCanon

      maybe you can exchange it for a better one….yeah the QC sucks

    • jstevez

      Get a Canon 1Dx.

  • Corrode

    I don’t get any explicit “your camera is affected”. Just an implied

    “We have received your information. Thanks for your cooperation!

    Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience of this advisory, but we are committed to safety and product quality. We will strive to service your camera as soon as possible.”

    I’m in Canada.

  • Any idea how to check Canadian models..?

    • Kartken -service and support-service advisories

  • HF

    DPreview looked into it, too:
    All the internet frenzy is a bit over the top in this “flare” case, as often is the case.

    • jstevez

      That’s what I’ve saying, is a overblown issue, it can be duplicated with many cameras.

    • Corrode

      I bought two D750s last week and had my first shoot with them this weekend. I thought I wouldn’t be affected by the issue but one series of shots had a clear break in the light above my subject’s head. The light from the sun was behind the subject and I had to compensate by framing my shot high so I could crop it later.

      All that to say, anecdotally, it has been an issue for me only a hundred shots in.

      I’ll post the image later as I’m not at my home computer.

      • HF

        No one denies the issue. However, since lots of people and professionals shot thousands of shots in all kinds of environment without getting the issue (although the camera is potentially affected) shows, that it is not a _major_ issue. Unlucky for you. Would be interesting how often in the next few weeks you get a problem like that.

  • Long John Silver

    Oh, the shame of the black spot!

  • Shaul Boilov

    contacted my local service center, they claim they still don’t have any info from Nikon as to how to fix the problem so it’s best to wit another week until they get the information.

  • peterfly

    I’ve already sent my D750 to Irish branch of Nikon Service Centre, they’ll send it to UK Service Centre this Friday. At the same time I’ve been in touch with the official Nikon customer support whose representative confirmed for me the following:
    “The issue (internal reflection/flare) … is repaired free of charge regardless region where camera was purchased.”


    “Please note that there is limited availability of the parts at the moment, needed for a D750, so I advise you contact with your Nikon service centre and check with them when is the best time to send the camera.”

    Right now, I’m rather uncertain if I’ll see my camera fixe within the 15 working days time frame, as stated the first time.

    Let’s see how responsive the UK Nikon service centre is going to be…

  • Just to chime in a few days late. Nikon USA will provide service to grey market D750’s for the service advisory. I emailed them and they confirmed they would.

  • disqus_X7PWUmUJiz

    Has anyone entered his/her D750 serial number on the Nikon website and been told it wasn’t an affected camera?

    • Affected


  • GordonL

    First reports of users are surfacing online in some chat forums. Some users say that they had the D750 repaired and it came back with some new minor issues although the flare issue was gone. Some users say that a new banding in the lower frame is appearing and other users have noticed some minor AF problems that wasn’t there before.
    Even a dumbass would understand that messing with the mirror box and making adjustments/exchanging parts can be very risky and it should be performed in the factory were the camera was originally being put together. Let’s hope this is only a problem for a few users.

    • Blrfl

      That doesn’t seem credible. The service advisory was posted a few days ago and there’s no way anyone would have their bodies to test out unless they were dropping their cameras off in Melville, Nikon was getting them repaired blindingly fast and they were picked up in person.

      Can you provide a link to any of these reports?

      • MarkGH

        I think I saw discussions about it in some D750 groups on Facebook but I did not participate since I will wait before I send my in anyway….if I remember correctly the guys talking were from some Asian country….sorry I don’t have the links maybe the original poster will send them if he checks back at some point…..

      • Affected

        Maybe it is only a rumour….or maybe not 😉

  • BKH

    My camera seems not affected, I have taken approximately 2 thousands pictures so far. I emailed nikon australia regarding the serial number. This is the respond from Nikon australia :

    “Thank you for your enquiry.

    The link below will further assist your enquiry

    If you do not mind me asking are you finding the flare issue actually occurring with your D750?

    I ask this because it is a known fact that all DSLR lens flares are across the board. “Lens flare is created when non-image forming light enters the lens and subsequently hits the camera’s film or digital sensor. This often appears as a characteristic polygonal shape, with sides which depend on the shape of the lens diaphragm. It can lower the overall contrast of a photograph significantly and is often an undesired artifact, however some types of flare may actually enhance the artistic meaning of a photo.”

    I have had a previous call this morning where the gentleman had his serial number check and was flagged for the flare issue however after numerous testing of his own, could not replicate the flare.

    As this is an issue that is only occurring to such a minor amount of D750s in Australia where majority of our users are not finding the issue even when trying to replicate the flare I suggest as you are protected by the service advisory and as there is no end date, it may be best in your case to hold off on the fix unless it does affect your images and become a major concern.

    Please do not get me wrong, if you would like to have this assessed and fixed then of course we are happy to assist you, I am just pointing out if you are not facing this issue why tamper with your camera until it was ever to occur, if it was ever to occur.

    I think many customers are getting confused with rumors on the internet and what has actually been released by Nikon Australia. It is not a recall of all D750 models, we cannot pinpoint a particular batch of serial numbers as the number of issues here in Australia are very minimal. However as mentioned previously we are 100% happy to assist if you would like to move forward with the fix.

    Look forward to hearing from you.”

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Anyway every time I verify my serial number the respond I get is this –
    “We re unable to trace your serial number. Please check if the serial number is correct.”

    Anyone having the same respond ?

    • halfwitenglish


  • Rodrigo Garnier

    How long does Nikon take to inspect, repair and ship back affected cameras?

    • jvm156

      that’s what i want to know. i sent mine in last week and i already regret sending it.

    • Rodrigo Garnier

      I received an email from Nikon support with the following answer: “The usual turn around time once you receive your Service Order is approximately 7-10 buiness days. “

  • Gary D

    I bought the D750 from E-bay for $1599, gray market. I would never send
    it for flare recall servicing as I do not do flare inducing against
    light photography. As previous poster has observed , messing around with
    a brand new DSLR by a rookie technician at a service center is not a
    good idea as they do not have the same experience and quality control as
    the original factory in which it was assembled. I would rather live
    with the non-existent flare issue as it is the same as the bending
    issue with the iPhone 6 Plus. People go out of their way to create

  • ValenzTa

    I won’t send it for service. Mine says it’s affected but i don’t see the flare issue. Plus, if i were to change the camera i would upgrade to the D810 but i hate that it doesn’t have the mode dial (MASP) i know it has all the programs but in a digital way. That’s the reason i’m sticking to the traditional. Anyway. I can sell it in the future and upgrade maybe to a D760! I said in the future.

  • Nikon kept my D750 for a week, plus three days each way with UPS.

  • Santiago Gonzalez


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