Important: Nikon expands the previous D750 shutter problem recall, newer cameras could also be impacted

Nikon D750 shutter unit

Nikon issued another service advisory for the D750 shutter issue expanding the number of impacted cameras (now cameras produced from July to September 2014 and from July 2015 to September 2016 could also have a faulty shutter). I simply cannot believe we are still discussing this issue in 2017 and Nikon was producing faulty cameras as of September last year.

You can check if your D750 serial number is impacted: EU link | US link.

Here is the full text of the service advisory:


In July 2015 and with an additional notice in February 2016, we announced that the shutter in some Nikon D750 digital SLR cameras manufactured between October 2014 and June 2015 does not function normally, sometimes resulting in shading of a portion of images. Since that time, further examination of the issue has found that the same issue may also occur with D750 cameras manufactured from July to September 2014 and from July 2015 to September 2016.

Therefore, any D750 manufactured from July 2014 to September 2016 is eligible for inspection and repair of its shutter. Please follow the instructions in the “Identifying affected products” section below to check if your camera is affected.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Please direct inquiries regarding this issue to your nearest Nikon service center.

Via Nikon HK

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  • Carlos Ferrari

    What about the constant freezes / lockups when photographing. It happens randomly but the camera freezes and won’t turn off. I need to take the battery out…

  • animalsbybarry

    It is so frustrating looking forward to the next exciting new Nikon camera, but being almost certain you will have to choose between buying it right away and getting a defective camera, or waiting till all the competition releases newer cameras and buying a year old Nikon after the problems are fixed

  • makes sense to me, I have one of two D750’s with Nikon for the past few weeks, has had two repairs already. Shutter and Main PCB. Still persists with shutter lockup ERR and buttons not responding intermittently in video live view (can’t press record). The second camera has been great until recently also the shutter lock ERR. I shoot video with them both, to their credit the service has been swift and painless, I personally think the product just can’t handle heavy/high pressure usage. Always seems to go in key moments!

  • TheInfinityPoint

    My D750 was affected from the “first” service advisory (ie before this one). My symptoms are when I first turn on my camera and take a shot, sometimes (~10-20% of the time) I would get an “Err” on the camera and the mirror would still be up. The photo itself would also be very over exposed if I was at a fast shutter speed (1/4000). If I take a second shot right after the exposure would be correct. So far the camera would work fine after it first “warms up.” I’ve decided to not send it into Nikon yet because (1) I don’t trust Nikon with fixing my stuff, they typically either half fix it OR fix everything but mess something else up. And (2) since the issue isn’t too bad (yet) I can try and get more use out of this shutter before getting a free replacement.

  • June angelus

    I miss the D700, the best camera Nikon ever made.

    • Ben

      Still using one and it just keeps going and going.

  • free new shutter for my D750? sure – thanks, Nikon. 🙂

    • MB

      Who says they will replace the entire shutter? Maybe it is just a paint job 🙂 Seriously, the problem here is a tiny reflection that can be observed in some rare cases … so it may be just be a touch of paint needed to fix that …

      • pretty sure when my friend’s D750 was serviced during the initial recall the shutter mechanism was replaced.

        • MB

          The important thing is that Nikon is doing everything to fix the problem and that should count for something IMHO …

          • I’m not complaining. Sent the body in today (since Nikon killed service center in Richmond, BC it will reach the one in Ontario on Thursday). I’ll report back once it’s ‘fixed’…. in ~3 weeks I hope. 😉

      • just to confirm (I forgot to do it) – my D750 got a brand new shutter.

  • RC Jenkins

    I’m not sure if that’s a passive aggressive attempt at an insult? Or perhaps you haven’t noticed my posts where I’m assuring people that this issue itself is not a major problem, and the turnaround time for me (when I got my D750 shutter replaced) was quick–like about 2 weeks end-to-end. But the direction & corporate cultural indications it implies is troubling.

    Nikon is a business, not a person. Who needs self-esteem? Nikon should be self-guessing themselves. They’ve made mistakes that they need to correct. If they don’t, they will suffer (as they’ve already been suffering). If they suffer, we suffer (with less capable equipment & options).

    I’ve noticed the opposite of your observation. It appears that a number of people are indoctrinated in a cult-like love of Nikon, caring more for it’s feelings than its success and ignoring some very real lessons it should be learning and positive changes it should be making. Andrew, have you noticed the same thing?

    • Andrew

      Yes I have noticed it, and I am some what biased towards Nikon, but for good reasons 😉 I love mathematics and as an engineer, I give attention to detail. When I notice an unusual trend after a few years being on this blog, I am able to see the type of things the average person may not notice.

      I called Nikon out on issues like dropping the DL series which I said was a poor management decision though I must admit I was not privy to their reasons why. I also called them out for the release of the D7500 which is an excellent camera but felt that they should have had two versions, one that had practically all of the features of the D500 that they can stuff into the smaller form factor of the D7500 but at a higher price. And I noted that is how automobiles are sold with different package options.

      Years ago when Nikon was not releasing information about the issues with the D800, I called their management team insular and mercurial, though they have markedly changed their ways for the better. When the D750 had a 4,000 shutter speed, I called them out on it. And so I do not believe that Nikon needs to be pampered. I believe that reasonable criticism is acceptable and must always be valued. But a wise man is also aware of fake praise that is often used as a tactic to mask one’s devious motives.

      I do not believe in hypocrisy as it damages a person’s character and makes them dishonorable. And I would not engage in any deceptive practice as that would be unconscionable. Companies that plant experienced professionals to damage their competitor’s image and product, will, in the long run, damage their culture. And those same employees will to a higher bidder turn against them.

  • Abhinav

    I’m Recalled- Nikon D750

    • johann jensson

      Me too. Damn it, i hate that feeling. At least it’s summer and i’m doing mostly post-processing ATM. 🙁

      • MB

        Who recalled you? And is there a free repair service so they can fix you?

        • johann jensson

          I always fix myself. But thanks for caring. 🙂

  • Just_a_passer_by

    Once again in a separate post for everybody to read.
    This here is NOT the “reflection flare issue”, so not the same issue as other cameras have too, there is a widespread misunderstanding here (and so was the previous recall too).
    This issue here is something entirely different. It is that very rarely you get images with only upper part exposed right and with lower part exhibiting much much more noise, like iso 1e6, with sharp border between the two parts. I had it and I know. Happened extremely rare.

    It is not a reflection flare, flare is a different issue completely.

  • Stevie Jay Elmm

    Nikon isn’t the same company that put out the F, F3 and D700 and D300. They are a plastic cheap off shore company now selling Made In China lenses for over 2k living off a name from the past with a loyal following to blind and numb to wake up. Canon rebels….rebels are Made In Japan. The Canon T6S Rebel is Made In Japan and the Nikon D810 is not. Let that sink in.

    • John Albino

      Perhaps you are too young to know or remember, but the F3 had several teething problems shortly after birth. It was NOT some flawless immaculate conception as you perhaps imagine.

      I had two F3’s, both with MD4 motor drives, bought about two years apart. The first, bought the very first month of availability in 1980, had several problems related to accurate exposure measuring, which resulted in Nikon ultimately replacing the camera with a refurbished body.

      Before that however, initial F3’s had a weak metal back release latch, which bent and eventually broke in some early production models (including mine). In addition, early MD4 motor drives had a weak spring holding in the battery compartment door closed (also including mine); it was common to see some pros using a piece of gaffer tape to hold the battery compartment in place.

      Nikon quite competently fixed both of these problems with re-engineered parts, often in minutes at events such as the 1981 Super Bowl where they had an NPS presence.

      These problems were fixed in later production runs; my second F3 and MD4 had no such problems.

      During the long production run of the original F camera, Nikon made many small changes to production parts along the way, improving the camera in many ways.

      So, no, Nikon didn’t make “perfect” cameras from the start. Improvements always were made during production runs.

      • Stevie Jay Elmm

        No I know about the F3 issues back then and having it. It’s been so long I do forget but I would say the build quality and feel was much better back then compared how bad it has gotten. I still feel some of the best camera companies are the ones no longer around for the sheer care or quality they put into the cameras. I think Nikon’s best F was/will always be the original. The Fm3a is quite a great camera as well

        • John Albino

          Yeah, but that’s kind of like saying a Thunderbird or a Corvette from the 1950s was a great car., Great to look at, maybe, but I sure wouldn’t want to have one as my daily driver today! Not on the roads around me with today’s drivers texting and changing lanes repetitively seemingly at abandon — at high speed, too!

          Same with the Nikon F — I’ve got a mid-run F with both plain prism and FTN metering prism, but I’ll admit to being “spoiled” enough with today’s cameras not to want going back to the F as my daily shooter….

          • Stevie Jay Elmm

            Great points. Where I live in NYC the roads are a complete joke.

          • PhilK

            The F was certainly iconic but the manual meter indexing and need to remove the back to load film would have driven me bananas..

            On the other hand, the F2 – now that was a thing of amazing, functional beauty;)

        • PhilK

          The F3 was def a very nice camera (mine was stolen off my neck by a gang of thugs while shooting a street riot – along with the MD4 and my 35/1.4..), but not without its few issues, eg the infernally microscopic display illumination button and silly flash arrangement that required covering up the rewind/back-release knob.

          It was also slightly more spendy than a D750, equivalent to about ~$2500 in 2017 dollars, with motor drive but no film. 😉

      • tomskyphoto

        Yup, one of my two F3s quit very prematurely with a totally jammed film advance. Didn’t use the MD-4 for most of the time as it was just was my small, lightweight street and architecture camera with the 20/2.8 and 24/2.8 AiS.

        When I delivered it to my local (same city back then!) Nikon service center – fortunately still under warranty – they dryly commented: “Don’t you know F3s weren’t designed for manual film advance?” They fixed the problem free of charge but from then I was always very gentle on the advance lever of my F3s.

        • PhilK

          I always loved the film advance of the F3, and read an article at one time that went into detail about all the design work that went into optimizing that film advance lever to be as smooth as it was.

          Bottom line: I think lots of people imagine lots of thoughts going through the minds of product designers that are just figments of their own personal imaginations. 😀

          • tomskyphoto

            The service center guy told me that they were constantly fixing F3s with dead manual film advance. They also had all spares for that particular repair on stock, so I got my camera back after only three days. They were definitely prepared for and expecting such repairs on a regular basis.

            If it’s true what you say then they probably just over-engineered the whole thing. My lesser and older and sometimes much more beaten up Nikon film bodies never had any problems with film transport.

      • PhilK

        Thank you for reminding people of how they often romanticize old things by remembering the good and forgetting the not so good. Especially if they were not there at the time of the originals, or were not heavily involved with the thing they are so fond of romanticizing. (Like people who romanticize things like “1950s housewives”… a time when a lot of them were so depressed they got addicted to that new drug Valium.. 😀 )

  • Mike Hanson
  • Nemmondom Meg

    It is called integration test. If the shutter was not tested properly at first, still it had to be tested when it was built into the camera. So Nikon is responsible. With law they might sue their supplier, but still it is Nikon QA failure (and the supplier’s as well)

  • Don

    The link to check your serial number is Nikon EU and won’t work for US customers (or presumably other countries).

    • I updated my post with the US link.

  • Adam Fo

    Sounds like another payout or contribution from Copal to a camera manufacturer.
    I’ve got mechanical Copal leaf shutters on my 30 year old large format lenses. Indestructible Jewels of mechanical perfection.

  • Don

    Here is the US link:

  • Originaru

    That’s why i never bought any nikon camera anymore. Such a shame.

  • Allan

    If Nikon does not do well with their new products, will we be singing a “fado” song about them? 🙂

  • Steve

    I’m sick of Nikon’s quality control issues.

    That is all.

  • Frank O’brien

    Who knows when Nikon will end to produce shit?. I am really curious to see what a mess they will combine with the “NEW” mirrorless camera, ahaha it will be full of nothing special ahahah, I guess that will be the first and last step of nikonf before fail. They don’t have mind, nose and skills for marketing, since 10 years they are shrinking and shrinking and shrinking. Produce 3 reflex entry level in 3 years is ridicolus and dispendious, furthermore, the Snap bridge sucks. Now D750 again, depsite the amazing the build quality (chasses) and to be the first reflex compact and smaller and lighter than the others, everything around it is a shit and the resnponse of Nikon to recall is NOT a synonymous of seriousness but a DUTY. I doubt they will pass this recall without other money loss. I guess Nikon will not stand long time yet. It deserves as company, they always do as their mind without listening the costumers. They pull out only the top dslr at top qulity, the rest is just a jam of specification, new features added and other good features deleted even if usefeul, Nikon d7500 is another proof of its incapacity, it is all an nothing, D750, bah, it was all and now it is nothing, 3-4 recalls is unacceptable for a 2.200€ camera. Nikon is ridiculous, lens ultraexpansive, on video profile they didnt improve almost nothing… FINALLY we were able to see a preview exposure after years,the AF still sucks neither cose to sony or Canon, they are increasing ISO performance agaist Dynamic range…. al is overpriced and not worth the expense. People is tired of Nikon and I am one of them. now that sony has left the sensor does not have anything special, just more contrasty but less resolutiona nd details (curious to see the so claim D820 to se the performance…. I guess the NIkon D810 will still perform better. They are completely out of mind, market choice senseless, pointless and useless instead to see the quality. By the way Canon is the same but AT LEAST even if the build quality of medium level is plastic they have on their side good vdeo featurs, good image quality which now is basically the same of nkon and in truth, who care anymore cause we all post process our pictures, and it works! canon makes dlsr which are shitty but still works, Niokn make shitty dslr that doesnt’ work. Pentax also is over nikon in term of innovation. INstead produce less fucking cameras with better quality Nikon produce lots of shitty camera of low level.

  • Frank O’brien

    nikon or not doesn’t matter Eric, Nikon pul out a camera on market and they have to be sure it works. stop I don’t care the part are made in thailand, china or russia Egypt or Antarctica, I want a camera that work. Camea division, sensor divison, etc I don’t care when a company assemble a camera it MUST WORKS

  • whitworthlad

    I buy Nikon gear. Nikon are responsible for what is in the box labelled Nikon. They now have a very poor record of checking their equipment for faults and an even poorer record in dealing with issues. Having suffered from the D610 fiasco I am not sympathetic to their difficulties with their suppliers as though they can pass the blame. I now have very little confidence in new products and would not buy any camera until it is well into its sales cycle.

    • Allan

      Welcome to Nikon Rumors.

  • This post clearly shows: Nikon haters gonna hate. Funny thing is: Mostly from people that don’t even have any issue or people that don’t own any Nikon or this particular Nikon model at all.

  • Buduz0r

    I lost my camera cover, should I ship it in a ziplock bag without the cover?

    • L P

      I would tape a piece of cardboard over it or buy a 1$ camera cover from eBay. But that will take a while to arrive. Better wait for the recall if your camera doesn’t have issues as it can take up to a month with shipping times.

  • L P

    I noticed weird white balance errors when shooting a 9 frames bracketed set. Sometimes the fastest shots (darkest) were abnormally blue. could that be an illustration of the issue?
    This is the only problem I found so far with my under warranty replaced D750 (Which is included in the recall).

  • Shane Betts

    Nikon replaced the blown shutter in my, up ’til then, faultless D750. The new shutter dumps oil and crap all over the sensor. Sony, here I come.

  • Captain Insane-O

    My shutter failed on vacation in January this year well out of warranty. My serial number was NOT “affected”. Nikon replaced it for free with a full service and new rubbers.

    Basically they refreshed my camera for free with fast turn around and my only loss was having to switch to my d5500 for the rest of my trip.

    I’m quite happy with that.

  • gr8fan

    Still, when you buy the camera, you buy a Nikon, not a Nidec-Copal…

  • Bill Koplitz

    this is taking a long time to get fixed, i see my camera is waiting for parts

  • Ali Aliev

    The problem with shutters camera company Nikon are chasing constantly. It was with the D 700, D-600, now with the D 750. Can the company Nikon it’s time to change designers? No other company has no such problems. I had shutters on the Nikon D-700 immediately after purchase. Shutter changed now the total number of shutter releases: 51737 again the problems started. Bought the Nikon D 600, it was awful! The matrix was all in the lubricant for the shutter! Didn’t manage to clean. Disappointed and sold it.

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