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Nikon D3x on eBay

Update (12.21.08): the price is now up to USD 7,300 with 36 bids. I did not expect it to go that high. Another day of bidding left. Cameta Camera is currently selling a D3x on eBay. The starting bid was 99 cents. The current price is USD 5,000. I guess they are testing the water […]

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Nikon D3x is out

The news of the day: Nikon D3x is out. So far, no black dots or other nasty surprises. I could not find any interesting reviews or test shots yet (besides another Alpha 900 and DX3 raw file noise comparison). There was a small D3x registration problem on Nikon’s website and that’s about it. A reader […]

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Nikon D3X worldwide release this Friday

As previously reproted, Nikon D3x should be available this Friday, December 19th 2008. Via CrunchGear

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Nikon D3x vs. Sony A900

See for yourself: Nikon D3x vs. Sony A900 (ISO100 to ISO6400 ISO samples accompanied with 100% cropped samples). This should put an end to the “Nikon D3x sensor – made by Sony, designed by Nikon” discussion.

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Nikon D3x sensor – made by Sony, designed by Nikon (part 2)

If anyone still cares – the Nikon D3x chip is made by Sony: “The Nikon D3X’s 24.5-megapixel FX-format (35.9 x 24.0mm) CMOS sensor was developed expressly for the D3X in accordance with Nikon’s stringent engineering requirements and performance standards, with final production executed by Sony. Featuring refined low-noise characteristics, 12 and 14 bit output, Live […]

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Nikon D3x ad = Nikon MX ad?

I was watching this video about the Nikon D3x (btw they mention again the release to be December 19th) and I noticed the screen in the background. Does this Nikon D3x promotional video remind you of something? Remember the Nikon MX leak from two months ago – a Nikon mount emerging from the dark with […]

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