Nikon D3x available for pre-order

Update: the word on the street is that the D3x will start shipping on December 19th - right on time for the holidays - if you are lucky that is...

For the 182 readers who are planing to buy the new Nikon D3x, here are the pre-order options (first-come, first-served basis):

  • Ritz (I have noticed that they are one of the first to get their hands on new Nikon equipment)
  • Adorama (they usually get it a day or two after Ritz)
  • Amazon (they seems to be the last to get their hands on new stuff)
  • B&H
  • WolfCamera (same as Ritz)
  • CameraWorld (same as Ritz)
  • Calumet (just search for D3x)

If you enjoyed our Nikon D3x coverage, you can support this blog by ordering your D3x from the above links (same price to you). Thanks!

Another poll per readers request:

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  • Guest

    Thanks, had my order in already, number 1 on the list

  • Ben

    OK, not this is a camera with out a doubt an amazing camera, but being there is no real significant differances from the D3 other then the extra 12 MP. does that cost another 3k? Lets say it didn’t, not Nikon could sell this camera for say 5500, or 6000 and still under price, and out perform the Mark III, which in my opinion would bring back a lot of people that switched to canon before.

    what do you think? did it cost that much more to make? could they undermined canons prices and granted not make as much per camera but make more overall sales?

    please tell me where i am off in what i am saying, or if i am right on i know we are all thinking it.

    • Without a doubt, the price is steep compare to Canon 5D Mark II.

      For landscape and studio works, what are other options for this level of quality when paired with 14-24mm or 85mm f/1.4 lens?

  • pete

    this is a very, very simple equation.

    if the d3x produces MF comparable photos with excellent detail and tonal rendition then of course its worth the money. if it doesnt, then its not. end of story.

    i say again…50mb files is SERIOUS information collection. you would expect that tonal values and resolving power of fine details would be superb.

  • lightecho

    imho Nikon will definitely reduce its price to about USD $6000 in less than three months.

  • You did not mention B&H who usually has them before anyone else. One just needs to check their site on a regular basis. I can usually get any new gear 4 to 5 days before the other mentioned places and be shooting with it. That can make a big difference!

    • B&H does not have it listed yet. As soon as they have it, I will update the post.

    • When I got my D3 from Samy’s Camera here in Los Angeles it was because the supply was very low and B&H did not want to sale the gear if they were unsure of when they would get it in stock. Samy’s was happy to take my money whit no guaranty of when the camera was going to be delivered. I was very low on the list. I got Lucky because 2 days later (to my surprise) the camera was delivered to the store. Here is the kicker. I got the lenses from B&H because well let’s just say they were cheeper (cough). Problem was the lenses were on backorder. I was sure that I would get the lenses (I replaced all my canon gear) well before the camera. So here I am with a $5,000.00 camera with no lens. I tell the to the guy that sold me the camera. Then he proceeds to tell me that he has all the lenses that I ordered form B&H and the store was running a promotion where they would pay the tax. So I ended up having to buy a 85mm 1.8, crap.

      The point, just because you can get a pre-order doesn’t mean that you will be on of the first to get delivery. Nikon has a pecking order and if you are not a pro you will be low on the list. I got lucky and I am happy I did not do a pre-order on line.

  • Juergen

    Re. your update about availability:
    Nikon Germany says in their press release at
    (close to the bottom of page 2 out of 6 pages) that the D3X is scheduled to be available from Dec 19th on, so they seem to be very sure about that.

  • I wish I knew whether the poll respondents were giving their views on “what is a reasonable price” OR “how much I would pay”!

    So far the winning price is the lowest one, $5000, and I’ll bet that if the poll had included lower values, one of those would be in the lead. Heck, if I could buy a D3x for $999, I’d be happy to do it! But would that be a reasonable selling price for Nikon, considering that their competitor’s comparable camera (1Ds Mk III) sells for about $6700?

    • Don’t you think it’s the same – I would pay for something only if I find its price to be reasonable. This explains why I don’t drive a Ferrari.

    • Pablov

      I voted $ 5.500 , and maybe $ 6.000
      Even when I’m not really interested on it, I guess it worths that much, but NOT $ 8.000 ….

      • LOU

        there’s less in it then on a D3, a different sensor in the same old overdue body. No more technology, no more features and even less then on a D700. It’s paying a lot just for a larger picture where, in a normal size of A4 you will not see the quality anyway. Or do Pro’s and wedding shooter now issue there shots in 6 foot poster format.
        Buy a Sony A900 and 2 excellent lenses and you’ll have the same with a less performant AF and no live view. But anyway, who needs that …….

  • Pablov

    I guess Nikon is trying a non-common move

    I strongly think this camera is NOT Really for MF PROS.
    With Nikon calling it as “MF” I just see an excuse or a marketing move to get attention from some people

    Some reasons:

    – check the interesting post by Chuck:
    I think he is right in many aspects (I just don’t agree about non-calibrated monitors)
    – D3x has NOTHING Modular like many Real MF cameras… (besides the small LCD screen when compared to some MF cameras….)
    – The higher res sensor and the system to handle the data can NOT cost $ 3.000 or $ 3.500 more than the one used in the D3 !!
    – What “MF Professional” would sale his/her extremely expensive MF Modular camera, with expensive lenses, that at the commercial view seems to be higher status than a normal “DSLR” to buy a DSLR-like small “MF” body ?

    Only those MF-Pros who travel or carry heavy equipment or shoot in some specific scenarios would like the Lighter body, with Smaller LCD screen…

    Sure, there are some pros that will buy and use it.
    Sure, it has a 51-AF points, but the amount of MF Pros that really need 51-AF system is insignificant…

    – I guess Nikon is trying to CONVINCE (or confuse..) some customers that do NOT have a MF camera, to buy this camera to become a MF Pro
    And some of them could do it, and maybe get good results/profit from it

    – BUT Buying a USD 8,000 camera WITHOUT checking carefully the real RAW pictures that it produces… is really non-professional, because you are only trusting or believing what Nikon’s marketing department say….. (!!!)

    I like NIkon a Lot, but don’t buy anything expensive without checking it carefully before.
    Of course, if you don’t care about spending money, then is a different story.

    I won’t buy this D3x for many reasons.
    For me it’s JUST a D3 with higher res sensor (I would have prefered 20MP rather than 24MP, thus giving more sensitivity to light, maybe faster frame rate too) at an Extreme cost, WITHOUT many of the new features that some other DSLRs have. (for instance: I really can’t believe some “pro” telling the dust-removal system doesn’t care… I say: Who likes to spend time cleaning a so expensive sensor with the risks it imply? and the time you waste? Cleaning system is better than nothing)

    – I now wonder what or how the D700x or D800 would be, and at how much they will sale.
    I Hope Nikon includes latest features on it, and becomes more real about prices, especially when there is competition already having 20+ MP cameras

    • pete

      again with the dust removal system…unbelievable. what are you 15yo ?

      • Pablov

        seems you pick only what you don’t like or agree with and left the rest aside….

        weird behavior…

    • LOU

      you will have to search for a very long time and find millions of reasons, to invent first for sure, to find out on what those 3000$ to much are based.
      Nikon better fires the fancy guy who made that orthographic fault when he wrote down the price 🙂

  • Pablov

    BTW, the Admin’s efforts to cover all the events and news are really valuable.

    For those who decides to buy this camera, he deserves the readers contribution placing the order via the links

  • Thanks Pablov! It can only get better…

  • Elkwatcher

    Here is another point to consider. There is a bit of salt rub in the wounds for those who have $5000 D2x/s go to $1200 in 2-3 years. For those who are non pros Nikon did a job on us with all the rumors of a great new advanced camera, causing a delay in up grade to D3/D700. At least it takes a while to kill shutters!!!

  • Matt

    “If you enjoyed our Nikon D3x coverage, you can support this blog by ordering your D3x from the above links (same price to you). Thanks!”

    Reminds me of Ken 😉

    • Pablov

      despite you might be kidding, NR blog doesn’t remind me Ken’s at all, nor has anything to do with his way of writing or doing…

      About supporting: everyone need incomes, and I would be happy to help this site if I buy a camera, because I find lot of info here, and a very nice “place” to share comments and opinions 🙂

      • Matt, the only difference is that I put this writing only after an official release, not on my everyday posts. I think so far, this is the 3rd time I am doing it (D700, D90 and now). Not that bad… and do kick me if I start doing this on every post…
        Oh yes, I did not mention that I have a growing family….LOL

        • Pablov

          do you use a D40 too ??? 😛

  • KyotoPop

    $4000. And not a penny more. The reason is that there is NO WAY that that sensor, with all other functions reduced, costs more than $1,000 more than the old D3.

    • LOU

      right there, hope they will sell the D3 that nobody wants any more now for just a 2500 and we know in what direction to go.

  • Anonymous
    • Pablov

      what is the article refering to it ?

      • Anonymous


    • yes, what is that about – I think you are trying to tell us something, but we need some clarification. Please?

      • Anonymous

        These are details from official press photographs of the A900 and D3x sensors. I think this clarifies who makes the D3x sensor.

        • Do you have the detailed links?

          • Anonymous

            Have you heard of the Google? You have my tip, take it or leave it.

            • Pablov

              so mysterious, do you work for Nikon ? 🙂

              Thanks for the photographs

  • Amazing looking camera – nearly exactly what I want/need. REALLY disappointing on the price front – I thought it would be similarly priced to the D2X when it was the flagship camera (about US$5,000?/ NZ $9-10K ) this is too big a price jump for me, especially with the collapse of the NZ dollar.

    I need to sell a lot of images to recoup that cost – which is getting harder in today’s economy. I also know that, THE ONE THING, big Ken gets right is the fact that this gear does end up in his ‘digital dumpster’ in 3 years time – it is absolutely worthless in terms of resale. I may just have to get a 5DmkII with a nice wide angle for my landscape work and sell it when the D700x comes out!

  • shutter-happy

    Nikon D3X sucks, in terms of value per dollar. However, it’s still the best nikon for now if money isn’t the object.

  • Daf

    I wonder if Nikon would consider price changes due to Currency changes as Canon Canada have done.

    If basing on the US $8000 price…
    ~4 month ago the £/$ was ~ 1.9 so would mean £4210
    Now the £/$ is only 1.48 so £5400
    Quite a change in only 4 months.

    Considering the 1DsMk3 is currently ~£4300 then that first price would have been pretty good, even with the 5DMk2 at ~ £2000

  • Daf

    Camera hardly ever sell for their full RRP price.
    E.g. in the UK the RRP for the 5DMk2 was £2300. You can order it for £1920, and that’s mainstream places and before it’s even out. That’s ~ 17% off.
    So that would mean for the D3x

    Not too bad.

  • ClevaTreva

    At least two web sites in the UK list the D3x for £5,500 inclusive of tax. For those without calculators, that is equivalent to a pre-tax dollar price of under $7100. My local Nik dealer (when I dropped in this morning) offered nearly 10% off that after a bit of haggling. That’s around $6300! He was expecting stock before XMAS.

    The local economy has taken a real dive and right now bargains are to be had by haggling in your local shop rather than ordering online. I have little doubt that if you pick the right shop, a pre-tax price of about $6000 is or may be possible in the UK (about £800 off list gives £4700 including tax). Don’t forget the 15% UK sales tax, but many shops are registered for the export tax free scheme, for all you visitors should you wish to brave the UK weather!

  • gocrazy

    people what’s the price in europe? spain portugal germany if you know some of them tell us…

  • In Finland the “official” price is 7990 euros at this moment. Deliveries start before Xmas, probably december 19th or 22nd.

  • Daf

    As per calulations with 5Dmk2

    RRP of Nikon D3 = £3,400
    Current Avail = £2,500
    See : (inc history graph)
    That’s a 26% fall ! (although ~ a year)

    That would make the D3x:
    in a year.
    But again – good against the 1DsMk3, not so good against 5DMk2.

  • At $8000 I’d buy two D3 and stitch the images together.

  • ClevaTreva


    Not so good against the 1Ds MkIII in the UK

    Simply Electronics have slashed the price of that to just £4100, and in stock, and free delivery. The D3x would have to be heavily discounted to match that. B&H sell that camera for just under $6700 in the USA, the Simply Electronics price in the UK is equivalent to under $5300 plus tax – $1400 cheaper!

    As I said, resellers and distributors are getting desperate over here.

  • Shutter-happy

    The Nikon D3X sucks – in terms of quality per dollar, that is. If money is no object (certainly not my case), D3X is still the best Nikon digital camera out there…

  • ka

    someone should really tell nikon to convert the d3x samples on their site to SRGB. not everyone has browsers capable of color managment… and before opening the pictures in photoshop, they really were lacking the “exceptional dynamic range, phenomenal total gradation and outstanding color reproduction”.

  • Daf

    Think a lot of us have been a bit quick to jump on this list price + shout loudly.
    If you look at :

    The list price for the 1DsMkiii is still there as $8000.
    I doubt that anybody ever bought one for that amount other than in the 1st week or so of it being out.

  • ED

    Daf is right, it is kinda stupid to be rooting for Nikon and their full frame cameras and booing it for pricing it like the competition does :/ .

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