Nikon D3x – are you buying one?

I am just curious how many of our readers are planning to buy the new Nikon D3x. Here is the poll:

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  • stephen z

    In my view, if you have some budget for photo equipment, always take the lenses as priority, as the lenses will not depreciate while at the same period, a certain DSLR that you prefers will drop significantly and will sooner or later come to a price level that you can afford to. For example, I still own my D70 bought in 2004, and have no plan to upgrade it till that desired time arrives. In contrast to chasing the new machines, I have done my best to upgrade my lenses, bought 70-200mm/2.8,24-70mm/2.8,14-24mm/2.8,and 85mm/1.4, for nearly $7000. 3 years later, I will probably see Dx00 version of full frame DSLR with 2.4MB drop to $2k or even less, while my lenses still keep their value. This is the rule of the game. Right?

  • oz

    Over 84% @ 2,000 votes say NO… eeek! Isnt it like 1,000 voices represents 10,000 people?

    I hope nikon gets this pole.

  • Has this camera touched a sensitive nerve, or what??? Obviously Nikon is targeting the D3x at the potential Leica/MF shooter, but the consesus here is that Nikon has clearly mis-calculated,…big-time. On top of the fact that there’s a serious world-wide economic downturn (that ain’t over yet). There’s already the 5D-MKII, and the A900, in the $3000 ballpark, and it’s looking like the Canon is producing some very decent files; it’s just too bad they didn’t improve the rest of the camera while they were at it. But the fact is that the Canon’s going to sell like hotcakes.

    Usually, I enjoy reading Rockwell’s updates for his skewered and entertaining comments, but I have to say that his current summary on the D3x pricing strategy, hits the nail right on the head. I’ll be buying a D700 in the coming months, and won’t regret it in the least.

    It leaves one to wonder, just how Nikon plans to position the upcoming D800? Do they expect to be able to price it out above the D3? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


  • AE

    I shoot daily and this is still an absolutely ridiculous price for a body. Canon is offering a very similar camera for seven thousand less. The Nikon brand changed alot of people over with the D3, but it sure as hell isn’t going keep people by having a body priced so high.

  • I bought the D2X the day it was available (#629) and I have been waiting for the D3X for years but at $7999 it is not an option. I was ready to buy at the $5000 level, but Nikon has totally priced me out of the market this time. I am very disappointed in Nikon on the basis of price alone with the world economy today. They missed the mark. They not only missed the mark they have chapped me off. Take a body that now sells for $4200 (D3)and take a sensor from a camera that sells for $2999 (Sony 900 put them togeather and charge $7999 does not add up. I have been a diehard nikon supporter for over forty years. But they lost my loyality on this one. I needed two upper end point and shoots for my wife and daughter for Christmas this year. I ordered two Canons this morning ( better value, forget the loyality now). Nikon has missed the mark one too many times.

  • JOhn

    Sorry, I am not a rich fool. $8000? Give me a break.

  • Using the d3 since it’s release.. and love it for my weddings ( i shoot two a weekend on avg ) .. but.. I was looking forward to a high mp rig .. the d3 already paid for it’s self in a month.. but business slowed down months ago.. it’ll take me like 12 months to ROI with a D3x at list price.. I’m based in Australia and it’ll hit here at like $12-13k.. I paid $6950 when the D3 came out.. above rrp cos i just had to have it. I worked out yesterdays A900 pricing, with five of their best cz glass would come in at just under $14k. The quality is just under the d3x, and I’m betting the clients wont notice the jump from 12 to 24mp in any case.. so what to do.. go sony and carry twice the weight ( but gain a backup with glass if any of my glass ever packs it in – i’m doubtful though ) – my d3 rig already weighs a ton and hurts my back after a full days shooting or just add a body and get to use my same glass ( if only sony had the 14-24 2.8 it would be a easy choice ! or an adapter to use nikon glass on it ! ) and batteries etc etc and i know the d3 inside out.. geez nikon you made it hard for us to decide!.. I would of happly paid $7k aust for a d700 body with high mp for a second rig though, less weight would of been welcomed. What to do what to do ?!

  • How about just hanging in there a bit for the DX00 version of the Nikon D3x?

    Presumably it will come out some time next year.

  • jes

    Well working as a photojournalist for the past 30-yrs and now stringing for the past 7 I have to buy all my own stuff ,, yuck! I was about to get a couple d700’s when someone told me about the nikon rumors site about 7-wks ago and I thought that since film bodies used to come out every 8-yrs and digees have a reputation of every 1.5-yrs or less and all the rumors floating about I think I’ll wait, but I am really disappointed in the d3x’s specs for what I use it for and at $8K a pop givin todays economic standards of the print media and its new habit of infrequently using stringers and its financial future but mostly MINE, I kinda find it hard to believe that even the wires or let alone SI will buy any of them, well maybe SI nikon shooters for studio stuff but even most of them are now canon-heads and the nikon-clan will possibly wait for a d3h version. It seems to me that nikon x’s are designed for studio heads and the h’s are more for us street shooters. But I’m almost afraid to get a d700 now since it may have a new-cousin waiting right around the new yr ?? to pop its head out to replace it. I could be wrong but the d3x isn’t for me. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it, and it’s worth what your paying for it ,, nothing. But I do need to up-grade from the d2hs and soon!! I’m down from 4 to 2 bodies and they need a rest before I’m down to 1 or worst!!! Looks to me like the d700 is to the d3 of what the 8008 was to the f3hp just before the f4 hit the street. If you can remember that 1 then ,, well ,,, you didn’t buy the dx lenses either did you ,,,, smart move fellow dinosaurs of the film-age!!

  • jes

    Besides if I’m going to drop $8k on something I’ll get some new long glass since my 400/2.8 is starting to grow shrooms between its elements from shooting sports in the rain!!

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