Another Nikon event in the Netherlands on August 24th

Selected NPS members in the Netherlands received an invitation for another Nikon event that will take place on August 24th. Here is the full text:

You are invited to the following event:


The event will be held at the following time, date and location:

Thursday 24 August 2017 from 19:30 to 22:00 (CEST)

West Kanaaldijk 7
3542 DA Utrecht
The Netherlands

We hereby invite you for an exclusive meet & greet. You really do not want to miss this mystery guest!
We have to be a bit mysterious about our guest, but everything will soon become clear ...

Unlock your future with the power of light and sign up soon.

Who: Exclusive to NPS members, photo journalists and a select number of Nikon members
When: August 24, 2017
Where: De Fabrique, Westkanaaldijk 7, Utrecht.
Time: 19.30

For this event we have a limited number of places available. Click on the green sign-in button, enter your name and email, and you will receive your free e-ticket by mail. There is a limited number of entrance tickets, and full = full, so do not wait too long. It is not possible to bring introductions.

- The invitation is by name and not transferable.

Here is the list of all upcoming Nikon events:

  • Update: Nikon event in London on August 17th (thanks Broxibear!):

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  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    non in US huh? I’m next door to Nikon here in Melville, I should go ask them…

    • sickheadache

      Report Back.

    • Kyle

      Funny. I was supposed to be in Melville next week for work, but my boss wanted to go, so now I’m stuck here. I had also planned to stop by Nikon and see if I could get a tour or anything. lol

      • ZoetMB

        I doubt you could have gotten a tour. After all, it’s just sales offices, the repair facility and a warehouse.

    • Brent Rawlings

      Or Canada or Japan

    • Dr. Richard Head

      I am too!

  • JXVo

    Could the mystery guest be the D850?
    Or maybe something even more mysterious?

    • Roger S

      The D850 would be the most logical mystery guest, “unlocking the power of light.” On the other hand, who knows? Something more mysterious? Could be one of the dancing cameras from the Oz video!

      • I was thinking the same – they got to show the D850 at some of those events even if it is not officially announced.

        • I would think the announcement would happen prior to the event…

      • ZoetMB

        You never know with Nikon because their marketing is off kilter so much of the time, but maybe “unlocking the power of light” is about a new flash, perhaps because older flashes may not work with the D850 (no knowledge, just a guess). Unless the D850 is so amazing in low light, it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before and you can shoot at ISO 200,000 with little noise.

        As for Nikon’s marketing, I took this in a large Best Buy yesterday, located on 23rd street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan. With marketing like this, is it any wonder Nikon is having problems? (The Canon cabinet was full)

        • Alexander Gray

          Likely a broken lock waiting to be replaced. That’s a Best Buy issue not a Nikon issue.

          • ZoetMB

            No. Modern companies manage their own inventory and display. That’s especially true at Best Buy which leases showroom space back to the big manufacturers. That’s how Joly saved the company.

            • Alexander Gray

              Dude. I’m the Nikon expert at a Best Buy. You’re wrong. Plain and simple. I’ve worked at Best Buy for 15 years. Best Buy sets up the display and dictates what goes in it.

            • Can you please check BestBuy’s computer inventory system for the Nikon D850 for a price and potential release date? Thanks.

            • Alexander Gray

              You don’t keep a job for 15 years by answering yes to a question like that. On a public forum no less. Lol. Besides, we’re NOTORIOUSLY late getting new Nikon product in the system. They say it’ll be different this time but I figure that just means we’ll be 2 days late instead of 2 weeks.


            • You can always contact me private:


              I have received many similar tips from Best Buy in the past. I know that there was a conference call between Nikon and BestBuy last week. The D850 should be in your system soon, if it is not already.

            • Alexander Gray

              The closest thing we got to breaking news on that call was that the person who guessed a billion FPS was the nearest to being right.

              You’ll have your info well before it’s available to line level Best Buy associates. Guarantee.

            • ok, thanks!

          • a sad view…

          • Laud Farter

            The case is displaying Nikon’s Mirrorless and DL cameras. So slim and ethereal they simply disappear.

          • Alexander Gray

            This is a different issue. This is being worked on too. Not all stores have a camera experts and I’m personally leading an effort to change the way stores that don’t have camera experts operate. Nobody should have to see that.

      • Sanosuke Yap

        The mystery guest is the 90year old Japanese master who is responsible for hand painting the 100th Anniversary logo on the D5/D500! Lol!

    • yes, most likely

    • Andrew

      This is great unless if it is a CoolPix event 😉

    • thundrrd

      Kent Rockwell says,

      Nikon before has announced cameras that never were never made, like the DL series. The D850 might happen, or might just be fluff. Nikon cancelled the DL series this February after a big announcement where they actually had photos and specifications. We have far less than that for the D850. With only 8K video that we can do today, I’ll betcha the D850 still only has 36MP.

      I predict the D850 won’t actually get announced with specifications until the end of 2017, and won’t actually ship until April, 2018.

  • Shipping date for the fancy 100th products ?
    Insert balloon fizzle here…

  • BeakerCasual

    100th Anniversary FAIL… Nikon going full retard. LOL, You wouldn’t celebrate your friend’s BIG Birthday party by saying he is XX years old all year long so will through a “surprise” party 8 months past his birthday. Wow is that ever lame and stupid.

    • sickheadache

      U could go over to Canon…6D Part 2 Awaits You!

      • Andrew

        Be nice, the Canon 6D Mark II does not have 4K Video. It has only on card slot. And Dynamic Range is a mixed issue. Oh, and it is priced at $2,000! Well, the Nikon D7500 at $1,250 is looking very good indeed.

        • On the other hand, 6D is full frame.

          • sickheadache

            Yes..Full Frame of excellent Dynamic Range!

            • Tell that to canon fanboys. They will mistake your sarcasm for seriousness.

          • CERO

            You can get a refurb D810 for that price…

            • I know that. I was just pointing towards his comparing 6D to 7xxx model.

      • Andrew

        The 6D Part 2 Awaits indeed… here is the hands-on proof:

    • Andrew

      100th Anniversary Success… Nikon!

      Nikon having months long celebration for their 100th Anniversary is absolutely appropriate. What about the Olympics, companies promote their sponsorship of the event for months. They put their sponsorship logo on their ads and products. Nikon should release a new anniversary item every month for the next 12 months. I would like to see more T-Shirts, Leather Jackets, Belts, Watches, and a Nikon Df 2 camera that is absolutely unique 😉

      • RC Jenkins

        Companies usually promote their sponsorship for months…

        …before & during the event.

        Not after.

        • Andrew

          You have not added anything to the discourse. The fact that companies advertise their sponsorship for months is the issue… and not your meaningless interjection on whether it is before, during, or after an event.

          • RC Jenkins

            Actually, the concepts of “before,” “during,” and “after” are incredibly important when discussing timing.

            Your Olympics analogy is completely off when these concepts (which are central to the discourse) are included.

            Don’t attempt to use analogies if you don’t know how to use them.

            • Andrew

              Being pedantic is one way of obfuscating good communication. And yet you have still not contributed one ounce of sense to the discussion.

            • RC Jenkins

              lol You think that pointing out the concepts of time that you ignorantly glossed over when it’s central to your argument is being pedantic?

              There’s plenty of sense there. The fact that simple concepts such as “before” and “after” are too complex for you to understand don’t mean they don’t exist.

              Your contributions thus far are:
              1) your opinion
              2) an attempted analogy that doesn’t work (and actually runs counter to your argument)
              3) a repeated claim that concepts of time are irrelevant to a discussion about timing of a celebration

              What value have you added here?

            • Andrew

              You’re too full of yourself…

            • RC Jenkins

              No sensible response, I see.

      • I don’t mind any of what you said. Just release D850 first. It’s so tiresome checking NR every hour on the hour. Imagine a flimsy post like a lowest price and quality non nikon flash-post getting 100+ comments. There must be so many people like me.

        • Andrew

          I do not get your point. There are so many people like so many people, so what? I for one do not compare myself to others nor look for validation from others. I decided to look at the number of posts you have written and it is 1,625. Some may think that you spend all of your time writing posts, but that is none of their business.

          When I spent years in engineering school, I did not care how many people were taking engineering. I performed at the top of my class because I wanted to get a Phd. in electrical engineering, and my performance was the result of the individual effort I placed into my studies. Life is really that simple 😉

          There is more to life than comparing ourselves with others. Teenagers care what others think about them, and I likewise did the same. But as I grew older I realized that I was making assumptions about myself and others that had no basis in reality. So I stopped 😉

          When people do not understand you or agree with your views, some will resort to calling you all types of names, it is a mediocre type of mindset. They will try to ridicule or intimidate you into modifying your behavior to suite their biases or dispositions – by doing such things like speculating how someone spends their free time in order to make some salient point. But that is petty.

          And so again, if you cast a survey as to how many people are like you, the number will be surprisingly large. But be aware that it would be a fallacy to assume that most people are like you. Cheers!

          • Tell me about it. It’s rare that I am so excited to be parted with my money.

    • Chris

      Can’t you do your homework before posting?
      It was only a few weeks back (July 25th)

    – The invitation is by name and not transferable.”

    Makes me want to go out and buy a Nikon.

    • Buy A nikon or buy NIKON?

      • Member

        I’m stil saving up to buy Nikon. I already saved up a few dollars, another 6 billions to go.

  • Tony

    I’m surprised that there haven’t been more D850 teaser videos (yet). It seems rather strange to leave the disclosed feature set as just “8k Time Lapse”

    • yes, I agree – I expected to see more

      • Michiel953

        Still time

      • Davo

        Teaser video next week, then a launch on 22nd Aug?

        • Sounds good to me 🙂 I just don’t know.

    • Kob12

      IMHO this is an indication that the firmware is far from complete.
      I guess that in order to make an early impactful teaser, Nikon’s engineers worked feverishly to have that 8K time lapse working first.

      I seriously doubt that we will see general availability before 2018, especially when one considers that historically it took at least 1-2 months from the time when B&H/Adorama listed a camera with full specs to actually stocking it.

  • Allan

    “full = full”

    I like it.

  • Allan

    “mystery guest” = Elvis.

    • manattan

      I was thinking it was a shipping DL camera

  • Proto

    Surprise guest = admin Peter. Rumor meets Reality?

    • Aldo

      He walks in holding hands with TAF…

      • Allan


        • Aldo

          I mean TAP

  • Amir

    I believe this could be newly made Nikon kitchen juicer/Juice extractor that will be able to connect via Wi-Fi/snapbridge,as an accessory, to the Nikon D850!

  • Michiel953

    Well the date, time and address are clear. Gatecrashing has never worried me, so whip out the old tuxedo and sunglasses, there I go!

    • Amir
    • Years ago I was a young sales guy selling photomasks to the semiconductor makers in Silicon Valley. We always took a group of our best customers to the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in January. Frustrated by the annual trek to the Monterey Peninsula from Santa Clara, then parking something like a mile and a half from the event, my manager devised a scheme. We arrived in the shiny company passenger van and just before we got there, he unfurls a paper banner printed by our IT folks and taped it to the inside of the windshield. It read, “TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE”. We drove right up to the barricades at the entrance to the country club. A bevy of valets scurried over and pulled the roadblocks aside allowing us to cruise in with much snorting and laughter. It was a triumphant moment!

      • Michiel953

        So “Nikon Official” sould do it, or should I include an endearing spelling error?

    • Ric of The LBC
  • nwcs

    Maybe the invites are taking the place of more teaser videos?

    • Not unless they don’t intend to sell to non invitees.

  • Femke Puijman

    I also got this invitation in my mailbox, as a Dutch NPS member.
    And i’m going! Nikon has never let me down with the NPS events, so i’m really looking forward to it! 😀

    • please report back and take pictures

      • Femke Puijman

        Yes, Shure 😉

    • Chris

      I’m attending as well. 🙂

  • br0xibear
    • Hmm, both links are dead – can you repost please?

      • br0xibear

        The links are dead…odd.
        Here’s the image that was about the other event, there were just these two…

        • ha, maybe they removed them 🙂

        • thanks, will add to my post

          • br0xibear

            Those links are live again.
            Love the disclaimer if you decide to attend, lol…

            “Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd , the Nikon Club Malaysia Committee, the organisers and agents of this event are NOT responsible for any lost of properties or injuries or life to any participants/members participating in this event. By registrating and signing for the event, you have read the terms and conditions of the event posted on the Nikon Club Malaysia website and you are fully aware and responsible for your own property and your well being during the event. And you shall indemnify the Organizers and the agents for all damages incurred, if any.”

            • Tom

              Maybe they will have a D850 for sale and people might get hurt in the Walmart-like rush to get it. 🙂

            • br0xibear

              Or they might get hurt in the rush to get out once Nikon reveal the high price? Lol

    • Roger S

      The next D850 teaser could be directed at war correspondents, featuring “models shooting at your town!”

      • br0xibear

        Yeah, I think something got lost in translation there…at least I hope so, lol.

    • br0xibear
      • Wow, another one – well, they must have a reason to fly Moose over the ocean 🙂

        • br0xibear

          This is getting weird ?…
          I got that image above from the Nikon UK site, but it no longer links to anything.
          Moose Peterson has it on his twitter page though…

          Join Us in London! we're talking fun and photography! @BHPhotoVideo— Moose Peterson (@MoosePeterson) 9 August 2017

          • Nikon never had so many events 🙂

            • Mehdi R

              They’ll impress industry, like the approach 🙂

            • sickheadache

              It is gonna be Big..D850 and Three Mirrorless Cameras…and the biggest of big announcements.. For the DX Queens…A new VR3 18-55mm.

            • Proto

              If they price it right, it will fly off the shelf without so many announcement parties. The internet will viral the news to every one.

              Or maybe the deluge of announcement parties mean that Nikon is really proud of this item. Good for all.

  • Peter

    Strange that the different events are so wide spread across countries…
    I would expect it to take place within two or three days…

    • Thom Hogan

      Doesn’t surprise me if the camera isn’t fully in production yet. It would mean that the known existing beta units are traveling the world.

      • that would explain why the events are spread out – the demo camera has to travel from event to event

        • Tadao_Isogai

          And, if so, the first event perhaps takes on greater importance, given the likelihood Nikon will reveal at least some details not yet stated by Nikon.

        • TwoStrayCats

          “Mr. Ushida? I’m sorry… but… UPS lost the camera. Mr. Ushida? Are you there?”

          • sanosuke yap

            Sorry, the D850 got stolen.

        • sickheadache

          One Demo D850…Please no one break it!

  • D700s

    I believe we will see an announcement before these events take place. My feeling is the events will be a hands on after the D850 is officially announced. Could be wrong and the next couple of weeks will tell.

    • Jim

      hey @NikonRumors:disqus what does your crystal ball say on this one? 🙂

      • I have no announcement date yet.

    • Logical. As they cannot put NDA on these guests.

  • NikonFanboy

    looks like announcement is due in 2 weeks time? could be as early as next tuesday?

  • Claes Touber

    De fabrique is a karting and laser game event facility. That could be very intresting, a dark place and karting for speed.
    Perfect test place for a d850.

    • Davo

      Nikon held a launch event for the D4s at a karting centre in Singapore.
      This could well be a D850 hands-on event for NPS members. My bet is full spec release will occur shortly before the first of these events.

      • Yes, this is another good point – we have not seen any Nikon events in the first two weeks of August or in July. There is a good chance we will see the D850 soon.

  • Roger


    • Antonio

      Do you feel better now?!!

      Or did you get confused and entered the wrong site?..

      If that’s the unlikely case be aware of Nikon demons that can be hidding around and make it impossible to you to go away and back to Fuji Shangri-la, condemning you to the eternal use of a DSLR..

  • Even if the announcement was August 15 or more likely August 22 ( Nikon likes Tuesdays for announcements ) the odds of the D850 shipping before Oct 1 is VERY slim IMO. Robust inventories will definitely be needed by Nov. just prior to the holiday sales season.

    • Jim

      I don’t need the camera in my hands, I just want to see it reviewed by the reviewers I trust 🙂

  • These different events are over a wide period. Do we think they are all D850 related including August events?

    • br0xibear

      I don’t think they’re all specific D850 events, but I do think the D850 will be involved in some sort of way.
      So the early August events would be pre announcement, sneak previews for a few. The other events taking place around and after the actual announcement.
      That’s what they’ve done before, and that’s how the videos with pre production cameras appear…they’ll just be under NDA time embargos.
      But someone might make a “mistake” and publish details early, and Peter will post it under “There’s always One”, lol.

  • Steven Choi

    I think 200mm and 300mm will be refreshed in the one these event.

    • nwcs

      300 2.8 maybe but I bet the 200-400 is more likely.

  • verytoxic

    Let me see, they will be reaffirming us that they have not changed their mind on D850 development.

  • Coffee

    Assuming they break the cycle for Tuesday news, the solar eclipse is on the 21th (Monday), and they are talking about the power of light….

    Yeah, easy marketing using the solar eclipse as an example of light and darkness. Either way, sounds like an estimated 2 weeks before they provide the specs for D850 with the release 6-10 weeks after?.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    I see that Nikon is starting to preach again, even if it is only to the choir, which is much better than no preaching at all. The gospel of Nikon has been slipping to the back of people’s mind for so long, people are forgetting about what Nikon IS. Nikon definitively needs to use more guerilla and focused marketing tactics to make their comeback stick, otherwise they might end up in a TCSTV video with the catch-phrase “What is NIKON?” Start converting people Nikon.

    • Roger S

      A very good point, especially as Nikon enters the mirrorless realm and seeks to distinguish itself from its competitors. This effort should be promoted as continuous with Nikon’s past, not as a radical departure from it. The accessible heritage of Nikon lenses would, for example, be a logical part of this.

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