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The current Nikon lens only rebates are set to expire on July 29th

The current Nikon “lens only” rebates are set to expire on July 29th (check all listings at B&H and Adorama – some offers include free accessories):

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Nikon D5 100th anniversary edition camera delayed till August

Nikon Japan issued a notice today that the Nikon D5 100th-anniversary edition camera was delayed. The reason given was “as it takes time to final adjust the product“. The new shipping date is early August 2017. The price of the D5 10o years edition is $7999.95 (Adorama |B&H). The rest of the Nikon 100th anniversary products are […]

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Breaking: first Nikon D850 press photos leaked

I believe the above two pictures are real press photos of the upcoming full frame Nikon D850 DSLR camera. You can clearly see the same shape of the camera pentaprism shown in the official teaser. I also started receiving more D850 specifications – I will post them online soon. Like the Nikon D850 Facebook page for additional coverage.

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This appears to be the first “partial” picture of the new Nikon D850 DSLR camera

In one of the European marketing banners, Nikon actually had a D850 teaser with a picture of a camera pentaprism not seen on any other Nikon full frame DSLR models:       I think it is safe to assume that this is the first picture of the Nikon D850 – here is a better view […]

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Continue discussing the Nikon D850 here

The original D850 post got too many comments and it is getting difficult to navigate. Continue to discuss the Nikon D850 here. I was told that selected dealers already had presentations on the details of the D850 and we should start receiving information soon. Stay tuned. Currently, B&H lists the Nikon D850 with only two […]

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Nikon releases firmware updates for KeyMission 80, D600, D610 and D750 cameras

Nikon released new firmware updates for the KeyMission 80 ($276.95), D600 (discontinued), D610 ($1,496.95) and D750 ($1,796.95) cameras:

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Nikon announces the development of D850 DSLR camera

Just as I suspected – Nikon announced the development of the rumored D850 DSLR camera. This explains why there were no leaks. The previously reported Nikon D850 announcement date was 100% accurate and so was the camera name. Here is the teaser video I promised you earlier: And here is the official press release:

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Nikon is 100 years old today

In many parts of the world it’s already July 25th – the day Nikon turns 100 years old. Nikon issued a press release with a message from the President of the company Kazuo Ushida: For the past 100 years, consumer demand has called for convenient products that enhance daily life, and Nikon answered with its manufacturing skill and […]

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