Nikon announces the development of D850 DSLR camera

Just as I suspected - Nikon announced the development of the rumored D850 DSLR camera. This explains why there were no leaks. The previously reported Nikon D850 announcement date was 100% accurate and so was the camera name. Here is the teaser video I promised you earlier:

And here is the official press release:

Development of Digital SLR Camera Nikon D850

July 25, 2017

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the development of the next-generation full-frame, high-resolution, high-speed digital SLR cameras with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Nikon D850.

The D850 will be a formidable tool for creators who will not compromise on exceptional image quality and versatility, including aspiring and professional photographers, as well as hobbyists, who shoot landscapes, commercial sports, fashion and weddings, and multimedia content creators.

The D850 is the successor to the D810, which was highly praised by its users for offering extremely sharp and clear rendering, with rich tone characteristics. This powerful new FX-format digital SLR camera is engineered with a range of new technologies, features and performance enhancements that are a direct result of feedback from users over the years – who demand the very best from their camera equipment. The D850 will exceed the expectations of the vast range of photographers that seek the high resolution and high-speed capabilities that only a Nikon of this caliber complemented by NIKKOR lenses can offer.

*Information regarding the release of this product will be announced at a later date.

Like the Nikon D850 Facebook page for additional coverage.

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  • It’s like on the 4th of July when you buy a really great firework, light the fuse, and it just fizzles out and sits there.

  • Juergen Dechert

    Wow – an announcement of a future development … sounds like a very solid promise to show an untouchable prototype at next Photokina in autumn 2018 …. remembers me to the DL disaster earlier this year …. not what I expected from a 100 anniversary … very disappointing from a global camera leader …

    • Antonio

      Are you forecasting a new earthquake and tsunami affecting the plant where the D850 will be made?

      • Juergen Dechert

        Not really a desaster by mother nature… maybe a suicide try in the upper mgmt of their development department …

        • Antonio

          So you should keep in mind that mother nature did play a role in the DL affair – if the decision to call it off was the right one is a different story.

          • Juergen Dechert

            I think the DL cancellation was a business decision because the competitors already flushed the market in this segment …. although I deeply regret this decision because I was looking for a replacement of my P7700 and I don’t want to switch to Sony or Canon ….
            But back to the D850 … this announcement is a huge disappointment …. a replacement of the D810 (which I own and love) in a planning phase …. unbelievable.
            If they would come up with an announcement to develop a real FX mirrorless with hi ISO and F mount and X-Mas shipdate, I would not feel so badly concerned ….

            • Antonio

              If the camera is “in a planning phase” how did them record the video with it?

            • Juergen Dechert

              Are you sure that this was filmed ? This is a timelapse and the frames could be taken with the Astro version of the D810 … or a very early prototype …. D810 equipped with the Sony 46 MP sensor …

            • Antonio

              I can’t “be sure” and is up to you accept Nikon statement or not, the same way as imagining that Nikon could call D850 to a “D810 equipped with the Sony 46 MP sensor” or a “very early prototype” of a camera you say to be “in a planning phase”…it seems to be a quite elaborated theory…being it just a long time lapse or also including small parts of video.

            • Juergen Dechert

              Well … it could be true or not … I will wait and see …at least we have seen only a very lean marketing info … no photo, no specs. no sample pictures, no exif data, nothing really exciting … still very disappointing …

  • New Yoko

    If you do the math, D850 will be 0.47% update to D810, so few bump up in megapixels and spec. It won’t be major update like D800/D800e from 5 years ago.

    • Antonio

      Are you computing that percentage using linear operations or the 3rd derivative?
      How big would be the percentage you find would fill your needs?

      • New Yoko

        I’m just using the model numbers increments and searching/browsing in Japan, just simple observation, I don’t need new Nikon camera.

    • Michiel953

      To describe the advent of the D800/E on the market in 2012 as a ‘major update’ is so wide off the mark… It was the introduction of the first high res digital camera, something thought unfeasible and unpractical until then; a major, major achievement, creating a whole nee market segment. That the D810
      is, after five years, still class leading is very significant.

      Another giant jump in Mp’s is not to be expected, incremental improvement there, but major steps in other areas.

      • New Yoko

        What about Nikon D3x had 24mp and was around before D800

        • paige4o4

          That was only a small bump over the Canon 1DsIII, which I think was 21-23MP

    • Ahah yes but that’s actually 4.7% 😉 so it might be a better upgrade than you thought!

      • New Yoko

        Thank you, I hope you’re right. I’ll corrected it.

  • T.I.M

    That remind me 15 years ago when they announced the first electric cars.
    It will be great one day, we just don’t know what year!

    • ToastyFlake

      If you go by the D4s and D5 were announced as “under development”, It should be about a month and a half before the release.

    • Antonio

      Is the island so big that you consider 600 Km of autonomy as being still too little to make an electric car usable?

      Or, maybe the problem is you don’t have a way to recharge when you go to the other end… 🙂

    • drororomon

      15 years ago? Depending on who you ask, the first electric cars were invented between 1832 and 1839 by different people.

      • A. F.O.

        the first car to drive at 100 km/h was an electric car, back in the 19th century’s 1899…La Jamais Contente was the name the pilot gave to it (many said he was refering to his own wife ah ah ah…but no; the name was about himself (Camille Jenatzy).

      • T.I.M

        I’m talking about mass produced electric car, and you knew it.

  • Raksasa

    This is confusing… the title says “[D850]..future development announcement” but in the video it was shot with the D850? I would have expected the first situation to mean “just started development” in which case it would be a good year or two before the product gets to market in which case.

    • I think you’re being too literal. They announced that they have been developing and they released some very very nice footage of what they have so far. Previously, all development of this camera was never officially announced. Now it is official. When it will be released is pure speculation. No one knows but Nikon, and even they don’t know what the market will release during the dev cycle. So it could be launched early or late from their plans based on market forces.

    • CERO

      These demo images are usually shot with prototype cameras. Imagine a D850 with the D810 button layout but with the new test sensor.

      Things like that.

      They will probably change things. Both hardware wise and software wise.

  • B. Murray

    Do we have any realistic idea how long until this is available for purchase, or is it just too vague to tell? I’ve seen some hope in the comments that it will be available by end of this year. I’ve been waiting for this to upgrade to full frame (from ye olde D300 with many miles on it…). Waiting since last November. Long wait. But, still, I have high hopes for the D850. Ugh.

  • Visions

    Well, that was kind of a let down. I was expecting something more… more palpable, so to speak. I was expecting something about their mirrorless system, even a little teaser like this one it’d have been great.

    About the D850, i really want to see the new camera, but i’m not excited about it. Not because it wont be an amazing camera, because it will, but because i don’t need one. But still i would’ve loved to see the new stuff…

    I guess we need to wait a little longer.(Not too long i hope)

  • whisky

    the announcement has all the feel of an old Macworld. the one where Spock ran about hawking a product (was it Fullwrite Professional?) long before it’s release — thus pioneering the term “vaporware”. 🙂

  • Joe Russo

    From the video, it kiiiiinda looks like they got rid of the pop-up flash on top… Can anyone else tell?

    • Hans J

      Lets hope!!

  • sickheadache

    Oh My Lanta…You Guys are creating more and more Outlandish Theories and Rumors out there. Scary. Pull back. Whoa Pony. lol

  • Mellon Collie

    what kind of a dickhead announcement was that?

    • sickheadache

      From the Dickhead Department over at Nikon. Room 222.

  • Very clever, now people will just save money, not buy another camera and wait…for Nikon to do a drip drip of info on the new camera.

  • br0xibear

    There seems to be a lot of annoyed/pissed off/angry/dissapointed people posting here…that’s up to you, you are entitled to your own view…but there is something you can do.
    Nikon around the world have their “contact us” sections, here for example are the links for UK and USA (Google for your own area)

    Contact Nikon, be polite and ask them, Something along the lines of…

    “Hi, I’m a Nikon user and have been waiting for a D810 update for some time. You recently announced a D850 is in development but gave no details about specicification or release date. This has an important bearing on whether I keep using Nikon cameras or move to another manufacturer. Can you provide any further information about the D850 ? Thank you for your time.”

    Let me underline that sending this to Nikon will not speed up the D850 release, BUT, if enough people who read/post at nikonrumors send it, it might mean Nikon will release more details earlier to address concerns.
    And if it does nothing ?…hey, at least you tried.

    • A. F.O.

      Right on target, as always.

    • Ric of The LBC

      Indeed. Seagull syndrome at it’s finest

      Fly in, make a lot of noise, shit on everything, then leave.

  • Testing324

    Are there any predictions as to what this camera will cost? Close to the same as the current D810?

    • I’ve been saying $3800. But I generally have no idea what I’m talking about.

  • Ric of The LBC

    This is going to be an awesome camera. It will capture the great photos you tell it to.

  • KickeuPe

    Well that was very anti-climatic…
    All that wait just to announce that they are going to announce the new camera at a later date.

  • bobgrant

    This is a smart move by Nikon. Dodge does the same thing with cars like the Hellcat and Demon and it’s very effective. The D850 is a “completed” project and is simply going through final stages of tests. Teasing it will keep potential buyers from “leaking” into another camp in the short term. The D800 and D810 work great for me, but I will happily upgrade and I’m not a 12 year old who can’t wait a bit longer. Nikon, Canon and Sony are producing AMAZING cameras. They’re ALL great and any skilled shooter can get fantastic results. There’s nothing to be upset over. The D850 will likely be another great tool. Period.

  • br0xibear

    There seems to be a lot of annoyed/pissed off/angry/dissapointed people
    posting here…that’s up to you, you are entitled to your own view…but
    there is something you can do.
    Nikon around the world have their
    “contact us” sections, here for example are the links for UK and USA
    (Google for your own area)

    Contact Nikon, be polite and ask them, Something along the lines of…

    I’m a Nikon user and have been waiting for a D810 update for some time.
    You recently announced a D850 is in development but gave no details
    about specicification or release date. This has an important bearing on
    whether I keep using Nikon cameras or move to another manufacturer. Can
    you provide any further information about the D850 ? Thank you for your

    Let me underline that sending this to Nikon will not speed
    up the D850 release, BUT, if enough people who read/post at nikonrumors
    send it, it might mean Nikon will release more details earlier to
    address concerns.
    And if it does nothing ?…hey, at least you tried.

    • Ric of The LBC

      Indeed. Seagull syndrome at it’s finest

      Fly in, make a lot of noise, shit on everything, then leave.

    • Ric of The LBC

      or below, depending on how you sort. 🙂

  • Richard Hart

    The announcement really didn’t say anything at all apart from it is good at lowlight and can do timelapse in 8k – which could be raw compiled into a video. I would say they will make an announcement/release early 2018

    • It showed very very good low light video capability which the D810 isn’t really good at. That’s huge for such a large sensor. Also, I’m guessing that the new function is that it can assemble the time lapse in camera at 8k, which says something about the capabilities of the camera right off the bat.

  • Adam Brown

    Question is….. Why “pre-announce”…
    They certainly have been developing this camera for years. So other than the name of the camera, there was no information.
    By announcing they are now developing it — it suggests it isn’t ready for a full announcement. So don’t expect it in the next few weeks…..

    Sure, maybe it will be ready by September/October, and this was a way to wet the appetite…
    Or… maybe this is still 3-6 months away, and Nikon made this pre-announcement to stall for time and calm the waters a little bit. They sensed the Nikon-faithful are impatient. They have nothing big ready to go. The faithful are expecting more than the D7500. So this was just their official way of staying, “calm down…. be patient.. we promise a big camera is coming eventually.”

    • Two reason:

      They are not ready yet
      To prevent leaks

      • Adam Brown

        Clearly not ready yet. I don’t know how it prevents leaks… it just confirms the leak about the name, while actually encouraging people to seek out more information.

        • And to no longer go out ad purchase a D810 because a new model is just around the corner. Problem is, Nikon’s corners are really large.

          • That’s the big one. I mean, how many D810s are they going to sell NOW?

  • A-Sign

    Give us IBIS and Pixel-Shift features such as the Pentax K-1 is having as 36 MP camera. It would be one step ahead of Canon and Pentax (in terms of traditional DSLRs) if Nikon could be able to deliver this.

  • Borgar Tessem

    I proper like the hype they try to make whith the teaser video

  • Beso

    The “I told you so” is wearing very thin. About as thin as the Nikon release.

  • Ric of The LBC

    Peter, Thank you.
    You do a great job.

  • TwoStrayCats

    “Future development” almost sounds like they’re not actually working on it yet… but will be… sometime… in the…. future.

    • Antonio

      Meanwhile they got a contract with a magician that allowed the inexistent camera to record the video, as they say… 🙂

    • Fly Moon

      I see your point but I don’t think so. It’s already functioning and the teaser video can be considered a proof!

  • eSchmidt

    Is that all? Just the name of a camera model? And it will be better than the actual model? Plenty of information.

    • Antonio

      If we take into consideration the average comment in this post it will most probably be worse…and a failure…it looks like we’ve got here a true crowd of Prophets of the Apocalypse of Nikon’s Universe, migrating to Sony’s Shangri-la in this brand’s courtesy advanced spaceship… 🙂

  • kaptink

    May be missing something here, but there’s a ton of discussion below about 4k. Now, the D850 is an SLR. This is a design essentially intended for stills photography. Why the fascination with video.? A quick Google shows that it’s possible to buy a very decent 4k, purpose-designed video camera for about the same as a decent Nikkor lens.

    Yes, I kind of understand that many people might want to have stills and video capability in the same unit but surely you’ll always have some sort of compromise id you try to do both well with the same gear? And especially so, it seems to me, if you are trying to get pro video results with a camera that has video almost as an afterthought. And isn’t it better to be able to do one or the other well rather than try to do both? You can only either shoot stills or video at any one time. Why not switch cameras? Besides which if you are shooting an event you can hand one or other camera to a second shooter if you have both.

    But the discussion below goes on and on and on about video capability, whether there’s auto-focus, whether it really is 4K, what 4K really is, 8K, 7,5K, cropping and on and on Anyone would think Nikon had launched a video camera offering. If you want video so badly why don’t you just go and plump for a very nice video camera?

    Perhaps someone can help me to understand.

    • JXVo

      I really don’t want to pay extra for high end video features I’ll never use. I’d get a dedicated video cam for that if I needed one. Between my D800 and D810 neither has ever shot a single second of video . These are Nikon’s premier high-definition stills cameras so I’m guessing their owners collectively prioritise stills and therefore shoot less video than other Nikon DSLR models…yes/no? and thetefore have less need of video features than the others…yes/no?

      Not trying to project my photography needs on all but we each use these amazing cameras for probably only a fraction of their total capability. Its difficult as a single user to visualise all the purposes that others might put them to, and therefore difficult as an individual to judge if a feature is needed (or not) by the user group as a whole.

      • kaptink

        Thanks; yes, agree per my original point about SLRs being designed for stills work and you would think that D8xx owners would be more interested in that aspect, especially with the.high resolution, which I doubt adds much value when shooting video.

        (I’d argue till the cows come home that 20-24MP is more than enough for the vast, vast majority of uses and users and that the constant raising of MP counts on sensors is marketing-led, but that’s another topic.)

        I suppose, as others have pointed out, it’s handy in many situations where people are trying to earn a living from the photography caper to have both formats available. I have two digital cameras with vid capability but never use it, but then I don’t do any commercial work. Thanks for the reply.

    • XanderV

      It’s for the larger sensor for more depth of field control, better low light, and better dynamic range, and then there is the ability to change lenses which camcorders usually don’t have. You can also have smaller rigs with the form factor. So, I guess you get greater versatility than even pro camcorders for a heck of lot cheaper than a digital cine camera.

      Also, if your stills camera does great video, you don’t have to buy into a second system that doesn’t share lenses and accessories. It seems that people are always talking about their clients requiring both stills and video work, so having a camera that can do both works well for individuals or small teams.

      • Antonio

        You have to revise your opinion about dedicated videocameras being able to change lenses and on the other hand the more and more frequent appearance of specialist and very expensive video lenses to be used with DSLR and mirrorless cameras (take the two recent Fuji zooms), that refer to “T” instead of “F” stops, among other facilities.

        • XanderV

          That all goes into the versatility for using a DSLR/mirrorless for video. If you wanted a monster cinema rig with $20K zeiss cine lenses, it’s doable without shelling out the cost of a BMW for the cine camera, or you can just use a nifty 50 and have a lightweight video package. Again its about the ability to configure a rig to your needs. A camcorder is usually more limited in configurability where as a CINE can be configured to do anything but can be seriously cost prohibitive. And DSLR/mirrorless for video fills that niche.

          • Antonio

            I didn’t question that versatility but there are dedicated cameras that can change lenses without being as big and expensive as you say (take Canon EOS cinema cameras for instance) or video/cine specialist lenses are being offered that don’t fall in the class of the Zeiss you point out.

            • XanderV

              Actually, the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera is $1K and is probably the cheapest interchangeable lens dedicated video camera. This of course proves your point, but that’s a little different than what I was trying to get at (though poorly).

              It’s that a DSLR (or mirroless) can be a versatile video camera on top of being an exceptional stills camera. It’s the niche that they could fill. For example, a Sony A7RII takes exceptional stills and does great 4K (APS-C) video. Basically it’s the one camera for the hybrid photographer-videographer, which is becoming more and more of a requirement these days.

      • kaptink

        Thanks Xander. Yes, I did note that video cameras in the price range have smaller sensors but wasn’t sure how much of a difference that would make in reality; not being a video shooter I don’t know how important DoF is and how often it’s a potential deal-breaker. And yes, of course, not having to invest in a 2nd outfit is of value!

    • There are a ton of reasons to do video on a DSLR rather than on a video camera. I’m not the guy to explain it (I’m a Df shooter), but I have friends who pay their bills doing video. One used a RED for some types of work, but a D750 and D810 for other jobs. He showed me the difference and it’s remarkable. I think it had to do with the way the lenses work and the frame rates.

      • kaptink

        Thanks Pete. Interesting; I did have a quick look for RED and they seem hellish expensive. It’s not clear from your post if you mean that the hellish expensive RED outdid the Nikons (you’d hope that would be the case!) or the other way around.

    • ZoetMB

      For a pro who works with assistants or a crew, yes, they’d have and use a separate video camera. But I work alone and I already have a problem dragging around the equipment I do carry and I don’t want to carry yet another body and lens set. I shoot a lot of music shows and I’m constantly switching between shooting stills and shooting video. Also, if you shoot with a separate video camera, since Nikon has done nothing about getting their lenses used in the cinematography and videography industries which use Canon mount or PL-mount lenses, you’d have to double-up on lens purchases. More to purchase, more to carry.

      If one spends their time shooting birds or sunsets, they might have no need for video. I shoot mostly for websites and today, anyone I shoot for wants both stills and video, but these are very low-budget clients, so I don’t want to invest or carry a separate video camera. Same for personal stuff. We live in a multimedia world and anyone who can’t support both video and stills isn’t going to survive, especially because we have a generation of people who are used to all the capabilities of their smartphones.

      And while Nikon has always seemed way behind in video, they’ve obviously begun to recognize the importance of it because look at their first promotion for the D850: it’s about video (although it’s implied that it was mostly shot not in video mode, but in 8K time lapse mode).

      • Allan

        Thanks for sharing your insights. There is a lot of “beef” in your analyses. { “Where’s the beef?” In my opinion, this was one of the best TV commercials. 🙂 }

      • kaptink

        That helps to understand. Thanks!

  • A. F.O.
  • Gilboa

    Future development? So when’s the camera going to be released? I thought it was going to be released today!

    • I never said released today, I said announced today. The release will be in fall as I already reported a long time ago.

  • A. F.O.
  • Salty-snack

    Is this a joke? This is the big 100th anniversary surprise?

    This just reinforces my belief that the leadership at Nikon has no clue what they are doing.

    • Antonio

      Like anyone celebrating their birthday they should be expecting the surprise of your gift and not having to be them to offer it to you… 🙂

  • Stuart Crowther

    That moment when my 70-200 E clicks into the D850 mount…..Happy 100th Nikon.

  • Iceman

    I just find it’s irony that a landscape/fashion/ all around camera with strong in DR, low Iso base that has a teaser only disclose spec about 8k time laps video. It is neither nikon leading /strength area nor the spec our users expect the most from d810 successor. It’s nice to have 4k video or 8k time laps , and i thought in this competitive technology era, it is a must have. But we ethusiast user would be happier to have improvement on photo oriented feature like 32/25 base iso, more dr, on sensor auto focus , or shedding more size and weight.
    By increasing more MP and bump the price to get leaking user, dont think so.

    • I agree, in the category of “announcement of a future announcement”, this is still an epic fail!

    • paige4o4

      I think it might be clear and direct jab at Canon. The 6DII 4k blunder being only in timelapse mode, and Nikon blowing that out of the water with 8k. It seems like a smart move, given the current climate.

      But in an absolute sense, yeah it seems weak. 8k timelapse isn’t what this camera is meant for.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Just some food for thought: Nikon last time pre-anounced the D5 and then gave us the D5/D500 combo, now Nikon is pre-anouncing the D850, will they be giving us a D850/D8500 combo this time around?

    • nwcs

      I wouldn’t think so. They haven’t done the big/baby high rez model pairings before. And that would be a LOT of models in inventory. If they’re going to discontinue a few lines (officially) then it might make some sense. Big/baby rez and speed cameras are good ideas.

    • paige4o4

      What would a D8500 be? A +30MP DX camera?

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        Why not? It’s been almost 6 years since Sony introduced the 24 Mp sensor (and 5+ since the D3200) and everyone else uses 24 Mp nowadays, it will be a nice differentiator and would make for a proper D7200 replacement. The lens department is where Nikon will fall short, though, not much available glass to resolve correctly…

  • jmb2560

    So Nikon is telling us that are working on a new product? What a joke!
    And that’s what we get to celebrate the 100 years anniversary? I’m… speechless.

    • I have been reporting for months that the D850 will be the only product announced today.

  • tom

    I’m very interested in d850, but I don’t give a s**t about the 100th anniversary. the past is over, focus on the future.

  • 120_300 OS for nikon

    Relax they are today 100 yrs old so not fast and drinking sak…soon within this millenuim on the market

  • Rick Ram

    This rumor is a joke…i’ll believe it when i see it….I would be very surprised if the 850 is released this year….the message implies that it’s coming in the future not right now and we certainly don’t have any estimated date….I think Nikon is struggling building that processor for the camera now that Sony has dropped them because they’ll need more than the processor they have to get it done moving forward….also with all the movement that Sony is showing and their super fast frames per second camera they may be thinking that the 850 may be a mirror less camera….hard to say but we’ll see soon

    • What rumor? The D850 was officially announced.

      • Rick Ram

        Yes read the announcement…future development…future may not be this year at all…the only thing confirmed is the name will be a d850…they didnt give any specs at all so as of now we dont even know if they even have a prototype…all Nikon did is satisfy everyone who wanted to hear anything…

  • B. Murray

    “Development has begun on the next frontier in full-frame, high-speed digital SLR cameras.” From an email I just got from Nikon. “Has begun.” Would have much preferred “Development is nearly complete…” or even “Development is well underway….” But, it’s something.

  • A-Sign

    Nikon needs to repair it’s reputation after it’s D600 oil shutter, D750 broken shutter / mirror box issues and DL fiasco / Nikon 1 flop. People don’t believe in “announcements” anymore from this company – the DL line-up is the main issue for this. Nikon has damaged itself. Please make a radical change in this company and listen back to your customers again.

    • Michiel953


      At it again A?

  • Sanosuke Yap

    I believe Nikon made a smart move this time by making a pre-announcement. For the following reasons:
    -since this is a camera aim at enthusiast/pro, it means it’s for Nikon loyal users, thus those who thought of switching brands, will wait for August. ( what’s One more month anyway?) When it’s final real announcement.
    – Nikon learnt its lesson of having too many camera models left on the shelves /while new models are announced. Thus, being in cost cutting modes, and maximize profit at same time, they want to
    -get the timing right so that stocks of the D810 are low enough to minimize loss from selling at major discount. ( D810 has stopped production since end last year I heard. )
    – while hardware for D850 are finalized but still ironing out software bugs via firmware. To prevent past blunder of not testing ENOUGH QC.
    -ramping up enough production units so that it’s available for sale soon after final press release.
    – they waited for Canon to say that their( Canon) next model is going to be in 2018. Thus, there is a period for The D850 to be unchallenged sales wise.

    • I agree, good move by Nikon. They should also pre-announce their mirrorless camera.

      • Sanosuke Yap

        My guess is they are afraid of stealing the attention of the D850 sales. Potential Customers will need to choose between the D850 or the mirrorless ( assuming it’s aimed at US$2k-4K range. Most people will only have enough cash to buy either one. And not both at the same time.

    • Bob Thane

      Wait, Canon has nothing else coming until 2018? With the flop of the 6DII you’d think they’d want to unleash something new to take our minds off it.

      • Sanosuke Yap

        I don’t think Canon will be bothered just to release a camera to keep customers’ mind off it’s so call flop 6DII. They have more than twice the market share of Nikon. Thus will take their time to wait for time is right.

  • Where’s the specs?… megapixels?… focus system?… processor?… and I don’t give a rats azs about mirrorless… will NEVER buy into it.

  • VanHoff

    Look at this Peter: It will not have popup flash, also it seems close to the design of the D500:

    • Allan

      Peter has started a new thread. Check the homepage.

    • Yes, saw that – will do another post on it. Still have a few hundred comments to moderate. Thanks!

  • Günter Hofstädter

    just speak for my self, but i really don´t wish a smaller or lighter body! For me a D5 Body would do it better, or at least same like before ( with battery grip) I really hoped to see a announcement today and a date to purchase soon! I sold one of my D810 already in expectation for an update! But what i see here is a ” please just wait” announcement!

  • I didn’t say you weren’t, but you were pointing out clients making the mistake of reaching out to a photographer instead of a videographer, but those careers are one in the same at this point. Some are just more invested than others.

  • Stevie Jay Elmm

    Serious question. What’s a good Nikon camera to pick up to get into the system? I’m finally over Canon and I want to sell off my Fuji mirrorless stuff. I was loyal Nikon film 35mm days but would like to look into digital

    • disqus_ErOzKSxw9P

      D750 is a fantastic, versatile camera And a great way to get into Nikons full frame system, if you want APS-C consider the D500 or D7500

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