Nikon D5 100th anniversary edition camera delayed till August

Nikon Japan issued a notice today that the Nikon D5 100th-anniversary edition camera was delayed. The reason given was "as it takes time to final adjust the product". The new shipping date is early August 2017. The price of the D5 10o years edition is $7999.95 (Adorama |B&H).

The rest of the Nikon 100th anniversary products are also still not available (see the full list here).

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  • CR

    NOBODY CARES about this. Give me the D850 specs and pronto!!

    • TwoStrayCats

      Per B&H: Herculean.

    • Abyssal

      Let them play their little teasing game l bet we know everything whithin two days

      • Allan

        Don’t bet the mortgage.

    • grotteaux


    • MellowPhotog

      – OVF/EVF viewfinder, focus peaking, zebras
      – 49mp sensor scaled up from the D500 sensor:
      – slightly less DR than D810 but much better high ISO performance.
      – EVF will be a gimmick because Nikon’s on-sensor AF still blows compared to the comp. So buy a Fuji or a Walkman for LV AF
      – 7fps in FX, probably faster in DX. Electronic shutter

  • Ricky Mackie

    Must be terribly difficult to repaint all those D5’s

    • Abhinav

      Pink D90 ….kai.. YouTube video reminder..its easy :p

      • Neopulse

        They made once a joke video about sending in your camera to paint them in magenta. I admit, the D4s looked cool in the style they did.

    • IronHeadSlim

      There is all of the taking apart, then parts getting mixed together during painting and real PITA putting it all back together ’cause the paint is still wet so have to be touched up.

    • TwoStrayCats

      They are repainting in Japan. It has to be perfect.

  • Photobug

    Too bad about the delay, but lets do it RFT (Right First Time).

    • Reggie

      Get what right the first time? It’s not a new camera.

  • nek4life

    They are adding the new hybrid viewfinder.

    • lmao

      • decentrist

        your apology will still be accepted later

  • Jim Coarse

    Time to stop the World.

  • Abhinav

    I wonder what made them delay release of Nikon D850

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      Overheating due to adding EVF and running with the mirror up.

      Lol (^_^) JK!

    • we will never know

      • BVS

        The funny thing is, there’s some guy sitting in a room somewhere in Japan who knows the answers to all the questions we have, and all the questions we don’t even know to ask yet…

        • You’re assuming there’s a single clear cause. Maybe it’s because a butterfly flapped its wings.

          • Art

            Maybe it is because a dinosaur hunter stepped off the path and on a butterfly.

            • I almost can remember where it is from. But cannot…..

        • GeoffB

          I’d love it if that was true. I suspect that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing at Nikon ATM.

    • ToastyFlake

      How has it been delayed when they haven’t even announced a release date?

      • Abhinav

        Yesterdays, announcement was vague..At Least thats what I felt .They couldn’t capitalize the 100th birthday the way they should have imo .

    • Mr_Miyagi

      “it takes time to final adjust the product”: the generic explanation for the delay of the anniversary D5 may also apply to the D850. Maybe they discovered a problem with the pre-production models they handed out to select photogs to test in action.

      • ZoetMB

        No, no, no. There’s a big difference between a new paint job and logo and designing and producing a new model. It’s actually quite frightening that Nikon is apparently having problems even with the repainted case of the D5, an existing camera. If they can’t get that done in time, how can they produce a new camera?

        As I’ve written before, I think most of Nikon’s management needs to be fired. They are clearly incompetent in almost every regard.

  • So not only do they gouge their loyal customers for their 100th birthday, they make them wait for it too, lol.

    • Shutterbug

      What? Nobody is making people buy these… Nobody is getting gouged who doesn’t want to be gouged. It’s a collector’s item, plain and simple. Obviously the price will be higher and volume will be very small.

  • silmasan

    You sure the reason is not “higher demand than expected”?

  • Jean Nadeau

    Isn’t this the same specs has the D5, just different paint and a few badges… This should not be overly complicated unless the molds where delayed for some unforseen reason.

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      Changing production lines and materials is not a trivial process, I’d gather.

      Painting seems like the cheap way out and probably introduces other problems

      • Fabbui

        Paint spry is not working as expected. Paint is not sticking properly and finish is not shiny. So as we speak they are trying a different paint brand… Looks promising

    • yes, same D5 just different finish/color

      • jmb2560

        I suspect they are getting inconsistent shades of gray on different plastic and magnesium materials used for the body (plate, side, top, back, etc.) This is probably due to parts coming from different suppliers. To be really honest, they already have the same problem with the “black” used on their regular production models. If you look very carefully, products made in Japan have a slightly different color than the one made in Thailand.

        • Michiel953

          No change in blacks from D800/E to D810.

  • to be honest, D850 is the bright star on the sky … who cares about overpriced anniversary D5 😉

    • Someone other than you, probably. Nice to have more than one thing happening at a time. Confusing perhaps, but nice.

      • John

        Nice? Nikon can barley do 1 thing at a time, they can’t even paint their anniversary items correctly, shows where Nikon is headed when they can’t even paint their items correctly, which they have have how many years to prepare for

        • RC Jenkins


        • Michiel953

          And some people can’t even type their rants right.

          • John

            Hey Michael how how having a nice cup of shut the fuck up. I’m on an iPhone and don’t give 2 shits about your thoughts on grammar hiccups. I’m sure you are bored in your mother’s basement but seriously get a life, instead of replying me with some attempted snarky comment on grammar how about going outside and taking a walk.

            • Michiel953

              Well, back to the barley John!

  • Chris T

    My miniture f camera is coming UPS tomorrow!

    • Really? Are you located in the US? Where did you order it from? I am still waiting on mine from B&H.

      • rangel28

        Yep, me too. I just contacted B&H and they don’t have a date for shipping. It looks like this item is available from the Nikon site.

        • that means they will get in a day or two

        • I was hoping I can wear my new t-shirt yesterday 🙂

          • Max

            You should post a pic in you new tshirt lol

            • I dont have it yet! They did not even ship it yet. Seriously, how difficult was to get those items ready for the anniversary?

            • rangel28

              I contacted B&H today for another order and asked about the Nikon F replica, and they said they are expecting shipment on or around Aug. 8.

            • Thanks for the update, cannot believe that Nikon could not deliver them on time for their 100th anniversary.

  • T.I.M

    I’m posting a comment here, much more room.

  • TwoStrayCats

    What do they mean, “final adjust the product?” The product has been shipping in its regular clothes for quite a while. All they’re doing is stamping a logo on it and, maybe, gluing on a genuine, ferret-fur covering. What’s to adjust?

    • MB

      Not quite… paint job is not a child play, I kid you not…
      You have to adjust thickness just right to be able to assemble precision equipment like D5 perfectly…:)

    • Sanosuke Yap

      The body covers are all ready, but the logo is being hand-painted by one of their 90 year old Japanese great master with a brush. It takes one whole day to finish painting ONE D5. Due to old age and wet weather (rainy season in Japan). His bones hurts! Thus, the great master cannot paint during those periods and leaves it for another day. When Nikon calls him and asked how many has he done? He replies: Ah…. ONE CAN NEVER RUSH PERFECTION! I need time!….
      Nikon replies : Ah…wise words, Old one! This product means everything to us, its our 100th anniversary product. Every logo needs to be perfect!
      By the way, in case you wonder, why it cost so much more than a regular D5, it’s to pay the great master!

      • LOL. But the scary part is, this may very well be true!

  • SLR

    Nikon is pedaling furiously as they slide backwards down the mountain towards complete irrelevance. A re-badged D5 remains vaporware. The D850 is about as substantial a reality as Steve Job’s NeXt computer. Vapor disguised as fog masquerading as a mist. As a guy who owns a closet full of Nikon gear this is quite dismaying. If they haven’t already reached the event horizon they are close to it and the black hole of obsolescence will swallow them as surely as the horse drawn carriage and the slide rule.

    • Aphidman

      I actually worked on NeXT computer back in the day. Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World-Wide Web on it. Not bad for vapour.

      • SLR

        Yes, he wrote the paper on it and used it as a server. Now let’s have some others chime in about the other big successes of NeXt with some details about the use in their daily work today.

    • Bob Thane

      Just like Canon’s 6DII vaporware. Companies need to stop announcing products before you already own them.

    • decentrist

      get some ssri meds

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      I was gonna say the same thing as Aphidman. They were selling them in my campus books store back in the day.

    • bobgrant

      If you know how to use a camera and it still works, the only obsolete element would be YOU.
      Nikon isn’t “sliding” anywhere. I’ve been hearing this nonsense at various time for 30 years.

      • SLR

        And Bob I’m sure your doing a bang up job cranking out palladium prints to your hearts content. I own several film cameras. They will be obsolete when there is no longer film for them. Nikon will become obsolete when they can no longer produce products that can compete in the market place on the basis of image quality, portability etc. I sympathize with your thirty years of suffering fools but Nikon has had numerous major lapses in the past 3 years. They have shipped several defective products and their financials have been hammered forcing management restructuring. Remember I’m a Nikon guy. Hell I’m NPS. I want them to succeed but am worried they are foundering.

        • bobgrant

          Nikon isn’t going anywhere because they continue to lead in overall quality in the marketplace. I also own a ton of Nikon gear, but I also work on jobs with rented gear. Nikon still beats the others in OVERALL execution. While others lead in certain respects, Nikon still builds the worlds best DSLRs. And until mirrorless matures, DSLRs remain the standard for the FX format.

    • outkasted

      your a bringer of great joy

    • Max

      Wow. You should write corporate poetry.

  • Production of the D5 Birthday cakes took priority over the Anniversary Edition Model. At least they got the cakes ready in time. :-)))

    • Lol, good one 🙂

    • TheInfinityPoint

      But…but…there is no cake!

    • RC Jenkins

      “Let them eat cake.”

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      Nah, they were all too busy singing and dancing for that dang video! (^_^)

  • Mac

    Why would I want to pay $7999.95 for a D5?? I just got mine in Switzerland for ~$4400.00 about 2 month ago.

    • MB

      Yeah, but you will actually use it, unlike people buying this special edition:)

    • For the same reason someone has a black Leica M3 on a shelf since 1963 and hasn’t made a single photograph with it.

  • grotteaux

    $140 for a statue of a camera. Come on.

  • Well, this could explain why the D850 has not been fully announced yet. PRODUCTION PROBLEMS.

    On a related, more personal note, I am having problems ordering a replacement part for a lens. I lost the tripod foot to my 70-200, 2.8G VRII. It hasn’t been in stock for a while. Nikon is the only place that sells it and I don’t want a third-party replacement. Upon further inspection, I noticed that most of their replacement products were out of stock. Has anyone else noticed this? Has this been an ongoing problem older than the last couple of months?

    I know that it is a different production line, but it appears to me that perhaps the restructuring of the company has affected production output. I am excited about the D850 and have been patiently waiting to buy an upgraded/second body to accompany my D750, but these production and customer service “problems” are concerning me as a customer in the long term.

  • John

    Nikon going downhill fast. Can’t even getting printing “100 anniversary” on some products right. How does a $6500 D5 go to $7999 for a special logo?

    • Carlo

      That’s what I call the ” f*ck you very much strategy “

    • Antonio

      I suppose that will not make any difference to the average buyer of this kind of stuff as it certainly will not is meant to a regular use – just collector pieces to be exhibited somewhere in the house, to keep asleep wanting to grow value or to show up when there is an interest to impress the other kids in the block.

  • sickheadache

    Well Dear Nikon …I want you to know..I was about to whip out my Black American Express Card..and purchase this over priced, over priced D5. Not now. lol

    • RC Jenkins

      To be fair, it wouldn’t match the card. You need the regular, all-black camera to go with the Centurion. 🙂

      • sickheadache

        mine is heavy metal. heavy.

  • RC Jenkins


  • Does it mean DLayed ? Or just delayed ?

  • Max

    Isn’t it just a different colour?

  • lollo
  • TinusVerdino

    It’s like rain on your wedding day
    It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
    It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take
    Who would’ve thought, it figures

  • YMN

    I don’t see why any one would buy a limited edition digital camera as technology is evolving. In 5 years no one would use it.

  • Ben Thurley

    This whole thing is very bizarre. Why would someone spend thousands extra just to have a slightly different colour and a printed logo? Why would Nikon not have the commemorative product ready in time for the date they are commemorating? Why is it taking so long when the product is virtually the same? It’s supposed to be a celebration but instead is just highlighting all of their current problems.

  • XXTwnz

    Oh I know what the real reason for the delay is. Nikon is still waiting for someone to actually order one before changing the paint color in the spray booth.

    • Milkod2001


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