Nikon begins accepting orders for 100th anniversary products

Earlier today Nikon announced the pricing of their 100th-anniversary commemorative products (additional info available here and here):

Nikon D5 100th anniversary edition - $7999.95 (B&H link)

Nikon D500 100th anniversary edition - $2799.95 (B&H link)

NIKKOR 70-200E 100th anniversary edition - $3999.95 (B&H link)

NIKKOR triple f/2.8 zoom lens set 100th anniversary edition - $7999.95 (B&H link)

Nikon 100th anniversary pin collection - $269.95 (B&H link)

Nikon 100th anniversary miniature Nikon F camera - $139.95 (B&H link)

Nikon 100th anniversary premium camera strap - $99.95

Nikon 100th anniversary premium leather bag - $399.95

Nikon 100th anniversary NIPPON KOGAKU T-shirt - $24.95

Nikon posters - pricing varies

Nikon 100th anniversary crystal creation Nikon Model I - $1,499.95

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  • Carlo

    Additional cost for useless paint.

  • meatpants

    Yawn… Wow they are accepting orders for a bunch of junk that already looks ready for the swap meet. The only thing cool is that Grey D5/lenses… but it’s super overpriced, and just a computer. If they had any balls left, there would have been a film offering. I’m hoping for a glimmer of hope come July, but I fear that ship has passed.
    Imagine a digital F3/Film F3 combo for their 100th… that’d be the cat’s pajamas. Instead we get a t-shirt and a glass trinket. Keep walking towards that tar pit, NIkon-O-Saurus.

    • Computer? Film? Really? You think a film camera doesn’t have any electronics like light metering, autofocus? How much interested customers would you get? It is already difficult to find enough customers for a product like the Nikon Df. You sound like the bigger saurus than Nikon.

      • meatpants

        Sorry, but history has shown otherwise:

        All 3 versions of this (starting in year 2000) sold out immediately. And these are much easier to shoot photos with than a crystal paper-weight. they shoot film.

        Nikon Df had it’s problems with bloggers and haters (I, for one, love this camera, it is truly magical), and got tanked online, despite its genius.

        You wouldn’t love to shoot both a film and digital version of this rangefinder (above), or an F3? I sure would. Have a good day, I’ll be heading toward my tar pit…

  • Zeev Kirshenboim

    What a joke! Instead of investing in the future, this Nikon dying company continues to invest in commemorating the past instead of challenging Sony with innovative answers to their Alpha, a7r2 and now the revolutionary a9 products. I. who own (almost) the entire line of FX lenses and D5 and D810 have made my mind.

    • How will you know if they aren’t already working on a comparable product in the background? The D500 caught many by surprise for example. And which issues do you have with your D5 and D810? Aren’t they capable of producing great photos? Other users can’t afford more than a D610 or D750 body + a few FX lenses. Why people aren’t happy while having already everything is a mystery to me.

      • Zeev Kirshenboim

        The D5 and D810 are capable of great photos. No doubt.
        What are the primary advances of Sony?
        Full frame focus coverage.
        20 frames per second.
        Video through the EVF.
        VR built-in the camera
        Max speed of 1/32,000
        Every new Sony lens is better than the equivalent Nikon. Look at DXO Mark for
        24-70mm f2.8
        50mm f1.4
        85mm f1.4
        16-35 f4
        70-200 2.8 (eventhough tge Nikon is excellent)
        Zeiss Batis lenses for Sony with autofocus

        Following and using Nikon for many years, it is obvious that technologywise they fall behind. Currently, they are not bad. The ergonomics are really perfect. But they run into the limit of DSLR technology: number of frames per sec with focus, separate focus system that requires adjustments, mechanical wearing of the jumping mirror mechanism and its induced vibrations that limits the practical resolution that can be achieved and the maximum speed (1/8000).
        Technology wise, the Sony are technology ahead and the two important items for Sony to improve is weather sealing and ergonomics. Importsnt but not insurmountable.

        If Nikon releases a full frame mirrorless with the size similar to D810 and D5 with the dxisting F mount in the coming two years, that will be great.

        • You are comparing apples to oranges. The D810 is a entirely different beast than a Sony A9. Both cameras are for different purposes. The A9 doesn’t have the great sensor of the D810 which delivers greater performance and much more dynamic range at base iso level 64. Great for landscapes, portraits and everything which needs high resolution and very low noise of the 36 megapixel sensor. The A9 is a 24 megapixel sports camera just like the D5 with less dynamic range and more ISO noise. Sorry but DXO mark is not very representative for real life performance. If you like to count points instead of seeing photography results than it is maybe your source. If you claim to have already all Nikkor lenses why don’t you use the D500? It is 10 fps which should be enough for any real sports and action professional photographer and covers AF points through the entire frame plus it is crop format which gives you extra reach at telephoto focal length.

          • Zeev Kirshenboim

            I suggest stopping this dialog as it becomes personal.

  • Shang-Hsien Yang

    What’s the name of the blonde model? (For research purpose)

  • Neopulse

    Sucks the 14-24mm f/2.8 hasn’t been updated yet :-/

  • Angelgreg

    Upwards of $1000.00 more for an anniversary model? Buy the regular model and with the savings, apply it towards a new lens. A “little” greedy, Nikon.
    Nikon needs to improve it’s quality control instead of ripping us off for souvenir models!

  • boulderghost

    This smells like a company lacking any real innovative new products. Nikon better start releasing game changers again because the game is changing under their feet. If 100 years isn’t enough to “motivate” them, then I don’t see much more coming than derivative and reskined products as the compatition makes their “features” and even the DSLR irrelavent. The D850 better show up soon and bring some revolutionary tech not just evolutionary specs. I hope they do, im invested in the outcome.

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