Nikon US rebates set to expire on June 17th

Some of the current Nikon instant savings are set to expire on June 17th:

Nikon lens rebates (B&H | Adorama | Amazon):

Free battery grip offer (B&H | Adorama):

Check also the current European cashback offers:

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  • Дмитрий

    mb nikon dont anonse new camera becouse have lot of old camera

    • Allan


      Nikon releases updated cameras for each model every 1-3 years. D7500 was recently announced and is now being sold.

      (Sony also has many old cameras, but releases new cameras.)

      (I like your name. How do you pronounce it in English? What country are you in?)

  • Allen_Wentz

    My hope is that expiring bargains means new product announcements coming.

    • Wilson

      They will be announced fairly soon, they just won’t be available to ship before summer, I needed a new fx camera so I grabbed a d750 with the grip

      • Spy Black

        I just wish they’d sell the D750 by itself for $1200 🙂

      • Fly Moon

        Same here but I got the D810 instead

  • Mehdi R


    • They promoted those as a Father’s Day promo. I think they will extend them, but you never know.

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        3 more weeks ´til 4/7, so at least the lens promos should get extended (like usual)? The D5500 2 lens kit is not available anywhere anymore, in fact the only DX cameras available through Nikon’s USA site are the D500 and the D5600. Seems like Nikon has finally been able to rein-in their perennial oversupply of old bodies problem (for example, they still actively market all the bodies from the D3200 and on at the newest version of their USA website).

        • Spy Black

          Six more weeks ’till the 100th, cross your fingers something significant happens.

          • so far no indications of anything besides the D810 replacement

            • Eric Calabros

              Its almost 5 months since you said​ you heard D810 is no longer in production, yet no news about D820 announcement date. Its already a delayed replacement, 3 years after D810, while Nikon is known for 4 and 2 years cycles.

            • And a 7 years cycle for the D500 🙂

            • Allan

              It’s a little bizarre that they decided not to release the D500 type camera years before.

            • yes, I am curious why but we will probably never know

            • Calm before the storm?

            • Spy Black

              Yeah, that’s the problem. 🙂

      • Thom Hogan

        I think they will extend some of them, package some new items as July 4th savings.

  • decisivemoment

    That was a bit out of the blue. Why not the end of the quarter? End of the month?

  • TwoStrayCats

    Alright, now: let’s bring on that $200 rebate on the 14-24…

  • sickheadache

    New Cameras and Lenses coming soon..D820 with 72 mp is going to be a big hit!

    • Aldo

      and a nasa tripod needed for a sharp photo

      • sickheadache

        Dont need tripod for sony A7rll 42mp. or canon 50mp…so why a 72mp?..these guys who still hanging onto 12mp.. lol

        • Aldo

          yeah no I had d810 and d800… I know first what the increased pixel density does to photos on the go… now you want 72mp? no thanks.

          • Amir

            Don’t get it wrong.People think they might have better photo captures by increased Mega Pixels!!Even 720 mp may not be sufficient!!

          • Bob Thane

            It does absolutely nothing – it just changes how they look at 100%. If you magnify it to the same level as a 12MP photo, it’ll look identical. Probably a tiny bit better actually. More megapixels simply gives you the option to extract more detail if you’re stabler, but equal stability will yield equal detail.

            • Aldo

              It does. I dont feel like explaining. I often find myself trying to pry open peoples heads so they take relevant proven advice. Do what works for you.

            • Bob Thane

              It really doesn’t. If you took identical photos with a D810 and D3s, with all the same settings, and printed them at the same size, you’d have the exact same amount of blur in both.

              The higher pixel density bodies only require better technique if you’re printing the photos at a larger size, or cropping further. Since most of us look at photos at 100% rather than equivalent magnifications, it’s thus easy to assume that higher megapixel bodies inherently cause more blur, when in fact they just expose blur at a finer level but are no more blurry in practice than any other camera with the same sensor size.

            • Bob Thane

              Well darn, I was hoping to get some relevant proven advice from you. Ah well, maybe next time.

            • Aldo

              If sarcasm made for a good photographer… NR would be full of artists rather than gear junkies.

            • Bob Thane

              Sarcasm? I was serious. If you could show me the proof that a higher pixel density sensor will exhibit more blur at the same final print size, I’d actually appreciate it. It doesn’t align with my tests or the theory, but that’s what they are – tests and theory. You can always dispute that with conflicting tests, and if the results were compelling I’d have to revise my viewpoint.

            • Aldo

              But why should I pry your hand open to give you a hundred dollar bill? You should be motivated to figure this out on your own. It’s almost common knowledge now.

            • Bob Thane

              Common knowledge is that pixel density has absolutely no effect on blur at equivalent display sizes. None at all – I thought we got over that myth with the D800.

            • Aldo

              You got it all figured out.

        • Allen_Wentz

          I hope you are not making fun of my D3. It is not even ten years old yet.

          • sickheadache

            Sssshhhh Allen…Don’t tell no one, but Nikon has produced a better camera since then. Ssshhhh let no other 12mp user know that true fact…keep it our secret.

            • Allen_Wentz

              Yeah the D500 experience has me looking to upgrade FX too. Under duress though.

            • IronHeadSlim

              I love my D3 but my new D500 is really sweet!

      • Nasa needs a tripod? even D5-800mm combo floats in space. Just kidding.

  • Amir

    Still expensive!

  • Member

    I hope they extend this offer for another few weeks.

    • I think they will.

      • Thom Hogan

        They didn’t. They reduced most body discounts down to US$100. The lens discounts remain at the moment.

        • It seems that the free battery grip offer is also gone, at least at B&H. I will wait till tomorrow to see if the deals will get updated.

  • Steve

    What about the rip off UK rebates? Screw it; how about I buy grey and save even more.

  • MB

    The largest discount is for the ancient 17-55 … I always wondered why people are buying this overpriced bulky and optically not so stellar lens that looses great deal of value on second hand market and can be bought like new for half the price … and how come Nikon never refreshed it and made it lighter, better and cheaper… not like there isn’t any DX users out there…

    • Andrew

      It is because the 318 people who bought this lens at B&H and are using it apparently know something you do not know. They have rated it 5-stars which means that it delivers.

      Reviews like this means a lot: “From the moment I unboxed this thing of beauty I was in love. I bought it so that I could have the quality I get from my 50 and 35mm primes but with the versatility of a zoom… It’s super fast and the images are amazing.”

      • nwcs

        Likely many of those reviews were with the 6 mp cameras.

        • Andrew

          I got curious and checked the reviews in detail to see how close your guess is to the facts.

          Practically all of the reviews from September 2011 were for the D7000, a 16 MP camera.

          From August 2013 the pendulum swung towards the D7100, a 24 MP camera. The comments are all saying that the lens is sharp or very sharp. Comments like: “D7100’s 24mp sensor really brings out the best in this lens. Great color, contrast, and bokeh. Sharp too!” giving it 5-starts though he added it is “Ancient, heavy and expensive, but great”.

          So this Nikon AF-S DX Zoom, 17-55mm f/2.8G Iens exudes quality!

          • nwcs

            Maybe. I haven’t used it. Even if we characterized all the reviews we have to admit it’s largely anecdotal coupled with a bit of ownership bias. It’s not any more reliable than Amazon reviews.

            • Andrew

              You seem to be indicating great bias in your views as you are reject the data with casts of doubt 😉 First you start with 6 MP and when that fails with actual data of 12 MP to 24 MP cameras, you talk about “anecdotal coupled with a bit of ownership bias” having being presented 318 5-star reviews. If that is the case then every comment we read can be relegated to bias as facts no longer matter!

              These are users who have paid over $1,000 for a lens and I trust their views because it is just plain common sense that such a wide collection of data presents an object assessment of the facts! You cannot use the word personal bias when talking about hundreds of people who spend a large sum of money on a product expecting it to meet a specific set of requirements. One person is personal but 318 people are not personal.

              I am an electrical engineer and have worked on spacecraft subsystems and there is the concept of 2 to 3 voting (Majority Voting System, Majority Voting Device, or Majority Voting Circuit). If two sensors give the same reading and the third gives a different reading, we go with the 2 sensors. It is a form of redundancy in order to get the correct output. But if this is the way you reason about issues by glibly dismissing facts, then I guess we really do not see eye to eye.

              The people spending $1,300 on a lens are not the casual consumers who go out and buy a $300 compact camera or even spend $600 on a D3300. These are people who have already spent over $1,000 on their D7100 camera. Many (if not most!) of these are advanced and professional users with some upgrading from the D300 to the D7100 while awaiting the venerable D500. These classes of users whether at B&H or Amazon may not be classified as the general consumer. But even the general consumer when rating a product will provide accurate data if the sample size is large enough.

  • nwcs

    You spend far too much time analyzing my motives. I made a suggestion and even said “likely” implying that I haven’t exhaustively analyzed it. We know your love affair with Nikon. I simply am saying that user reviews are largely meaningless. It’s a measure of “happy” at the time the person put in a review.

    Do I have personal bias? Of course. Same as you. Same as everyone else. I have yet to make a statement on the quality, or lack thereof, of the 17-55. I haven’t used it. But I wouldn’t draw much of any conclusion from a happiness vote.

    • Andrew

      You are making a sly response that is totally disingenuous and you just cannot hide it. By saying “we know your love affair with Nikon” is an indication that I am talking to a person that is looking past the facts on many fronts.

      My so called love affair with Nikon is due to the misleading information people like you feed out there using words like “suggestions” “likely” and such but typically with the arrow clearly being aimed to undermine everything Nikon is doing.

      If I have a love affair it is for truth, honesty, and integrity with a strong aversion to people whose intent is to mislead others. When you jump into a conversation I am having with someone in which you contribute nothing but try to cast senseless doubt ignoring facts, it proves itself as a total disregard for factual information, that is a problem. All of the information I have provided to you has fallen on deaf ears. You really do not care, do you?

      • nwcs

        No, I really don’t care. You seem to be more personally invested in this than I am.

  • jonebize

    Dear Nikon,

    Make something dope.


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