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About those Nikon trademarks: new 8k proxy editing workflow software?

I was told that the new logo, Nikon recently filed a trademark for, is designed for a new/upcoming software solution for proxy editing workflow of 8K video. Maybe the name of the software will be “Plena” which will also be “NX Ready” (just guessing here):

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Apple’s WWDC 2019 event: hints at a new Nikon 8K camera?

This Nikon 8K camera speculation comes from the Apple’s WWDC 2019 event:

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Earth, Wind & Inspire: 8K timelapse video with the Nikon Z7

Earth, Wind & Inspire: 8K timelapse video with the Nikon Z7. 57,300 images captured, 5,675 miles driven, 385 miles hiked, 51 Nikkor lenses used, 1 camera: the Nikon Z7. Equipped with the Nikon Z7 and FTZ lens adapter, NPS staff members Mark Kettenhofen and Chris Ogonek traveled through state and national parks and visited monuments […]

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Nikon D850 timelapse videos

Nikon Japan published several timelapses taken with the D850, including different versions of the Hercules Rising promo video that was used to announce the D850 back in July (the video was shot by Dutch nature photographer Marsel van Oosten as I already reported):

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Nikon announces the development of D850 DSLR camera

Just as I suspected – Nikon announced the development of the rumored D850 DSLR camera. This explains why there were no leaks. The previously reported Nikon D850 announcement date was 100% accurate and so was the camera name. Here is the teaser video I promised you earlier: And here is the official press release:

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Capturing 8k video with the Nikon D800 camera (Quicklapse)

Art Sanchez talks about Capturing 8k real time video with the Nikon D800 camera with a technique called Quicklapse that uses burst mode and custom intervalometer to bypass the 100 photos limit of the camera. My name is Art Sanchez. I am architecture and interior design photographer from Spain. I have recently teamed up with the award-winning director of photography […]

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