Nikon D850 timelapse videos

Nikon Japan published several timelapses taken with the D850, including different versions of the Hercules Rising promo video that was used to announce the D850 back in July (the video was shot by Dutch nature photographer Marsel van Oosten as I already reported):

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  • Christian Züger Andersen

    Wow.. Awesome stuff.. Got to have one of these babies

  • That location looks like a timelapse playground. Very well done and that DR looks crazy good. Can’t wait to do some 8k lapses downsized to 4k or even 1080p with my D850.

  • outkasted

    …Second dammit. Any hoo… did anyone miss that the Sony A7R III has a shutter actuation of 500,000 cycles. While the D850 has a shutter actuation of 200,000.

    • Husselang

      Considering the fact that time lapse sequences on the D850 don’t use any shutter actuations, how many users of the camera do you think will get close to either 200k or 500k shots? 😉

      I will bet you the only people close to reaching that limit are pro’s, who will find other more important reasons to go for either the Nikon or the Sony.

  • Luca Motz

    The perceived sharpness of those videos is sooooo good. I just don’t understand it. Might be because I’m not used to videos being so sharp but when I look at my images on the PC they don’t look that sharp (and I know they are way sharper :P)

  • TheInfinityPoint

    That noise performance (and probably noise reduction in post) is amazing.

  • onthedot

    Wow, no angry old trolls yet… I love it. Yes, such beautiful movies. Very impressive. I wish they gave tech data. Guessing a few 14mm or 14-24mm wide open. Would love to know ISO and shutter speed. It also go me thinking… the rail the camera moves on must sync with the camera, otherwise the camera could be moving along the rail while the shutter is open.

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