Nikon is 100 years old today

In many parts of the world it's already July 25th - the day Nikon turns 100 years old.

Nikon issued a press release with a message from the President of the company Kazuo Ushida:

For the past 100 years, consumer demand has called for convenient products that enhance daily life, and Nikon answered with its manufacturing skill and knowledge. However, society and consumer needs are rapidly changing today. We would like to effectively respond to these needs with the world's highest-class opto-electronics, precision technologies and solutions.

The difference from our past strategies is that we will offer not only products, but also ideas and solutions as well. Nikon will be reborn as a solution company providing superior technologies and ideas, holding “light” as our core competency.

Since the company was established in 1917, Nikon has cultivated its status as a pioneer of optical technologies in Japan and overseas. Guided by our corporate philosophy of “Trustworthiness and Creativity,” we provide a wide range of technologies, products and services globally by harnessing our advanced technologies, the core of which encompasses opto-electronics and precision technologies. We are proud to celebrate our 100th anniversary on July 25th 2017, and have adopted a new vision for the future in this anniversary year.

Nikon also published their new vision:

Unlock the future with the power of light.
Unleashing the limitless possibilities of light.
Striving to brighten the human experience.
Focused, with purpose, on a better future for all.

Nikon will hold two fan meetings in Tokyo (August 26th) and Osaka (September 2nd).

That is all for now - no word on any new products or upcoming announcements. We are all still waiting for Nikon to "unlock the future" and to "unleash their limitless possibilities".

UPDATE: Nikon just announced the future development of the D850 DSLR camera.

Here are a few videos to celebrate 100 years of Nikon:

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  • Bob Thane

    Happy Birthday Nikon!

    • Wilson

      Guys lets do our best not to crash this site when it’s released! Although me hitting refresh x100 probably doesn’t help

  • Photobug

    Love that 1st video. Good stuff.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Happy 100 Nikon and may you forever stay young!

  • T.I.M

    Briefly: The new matrix is ​​52 mp, 25 mp, both bsi CMOS dual pixel. ISO 50-25600 and 100-204800, 8 and 16 frames per second and 12 frames in the dromedary mode for the d850, processors are 50% more powerful and 2 times more energy-efficient than the old ones. Finally, 4k 60 with a global shutter and an extended dd and an SD memory card u3 250 MB per second. Autofocus hybrid covers 80% of the frame, 400 crosspoints, of which 180 work on f8. The new ultra hdr mode takes a picture with a huge dd in highlights, but the speed is reduced to 4 frames per second. For d5, a high-capacity battery is available twice as much compared to the old, for the d850 this only works with a battery grip.

    25-70 f1.7 fl vr 1.6x has a built-in teleconverter 1.6x, electronic diaphragm 12 petals, two video modes, the design is not retractable, similar to 70-200, filter diameter 110 mm, weight 1950 grams

    • I have no idea what you are talking about. Just sounds like rambling specs like you are talking in your sleep.

    • ManFromGlad

      Sounds great. Source?

      • his own imagination…

        • T.I.M

          give me a break

          • I gave you a break already – you are still not banned from posting here.

            • T.I.M

              Why did you delete the original Russian source I posted, it could be true, NR readers have the right to look at it.
              That does not seems fair.
              This is still Nikon RUMORS, right ?

            • Aldo

              Russian lives matter…

            • T.I.M

              I guess it’s ok to see Russian girls on NR but not Russians D850 rumors…

            • Aldo

              for the 100th time TIM.. (since 100 is a popular number today) Ads are user based…

            • T.I.M

              Sure, so why I am seeing these pics only on NR, does not make much sense to me.

            • Aldo

              cuz you spent the whole day here maybe?

            • Nyarlathotep

              NO idea, but I have never seen ads for “Russian girls”, or any “girls” for that matter, on this site.

            • Nyarlathotep

              Well, we all now know what T.I.M looks at in his spare time.

            • I have no reason to believe a random post on a random Russian forum unless you have some information that this is worth posting here. Judging from your previous comments, I don’t think that’s the case. You are just confusing other readers.

            • Aldo

              TIM has reached a new ‘low point’ colluding with the Russians…

            • I know, he did…

            • T.I.M

              I searched for “D850” news in the last hour and these specifications show up.
              Again I don’t know if they are true or not but it worth to take a look at it, unless you can show us now the REAL D850 specifications ?

      • T.I.M

        Кратко: Новые матрицы 52 мп, 25 мп, обе bsi CMOS dual pixel. ISO 50-25600 и 100-204800, 8 и 16 кадров в секунду и 12 кадров в кроп режиме у d850, процессоры на 50 % мощнее и в 2 раза энергоэкономичнее старых. Наконец-то 4k 60 с глобальным затвором и расширенным дд и карты памяти SD u3 250 Мб в сек. Автофокус гибридный покрывает 80% кадра, 400 крестообразных точек, из них 180 работают на f8. Новый режим ultra hdr делает снимок с огромным дд в светах, но скорость снижается до 4 кадров в секунду Для д5 доступен аккумулятор повышенной емкости в 2 раза по сравнению со старым, для d850 такой подходит только с батарейной ручкой.

        Позже специально для видео операторов обещают выпустить электронный фокусировочный экран, позволяющий видеть картинку с матрицы в видоискателе, когда будет устранена проблема с задержкой, он будет поставляться отдельно только для d850 и d5x

        25-70 f1.7 fl vr 1.6х имеет встроенный телеконвектор 1.6х, электронную диафрагму 12 лепестков, два видеорежима, конструкция не выдвижная, похож на 70-200, диаметр фильтров 110 мм, масса 1950 грамм

    • Was this officially announced somewhere or are you speculating?

      • T.I.M

        It just came out from a Russian website.

        • gpelpel

          LOL, fake news then!

          • T.I.M

            maybe, maybe not, US president trust news from Russia, so why not us ?

      • No, he is not speculating – he is making stuff up as usual.

        • T.I.M

          Peter, do you want me to post the link ?

          • no, I don’t

            • Nyarlathotep

              Honest to god, proper LOL.T.I.M is so reliably unreliable, even if he had the a legit scoop of the decade, none of us would pay it any attention.

            • Aldo

              I think I’d believe Trump before TIM

            • Nyarlathotep

              Ouch. haha

            • The problem is that many readers don’t know who he is and start asking questions about the nonsense he posts here pretty much on daily basis. I already started deleting his comments.

            • decentrist

              let him post for Nikon Thorazine

    • Proto

      Now, you can put your drink down..

    • T.I.M

      Look like there will be 2 release, the D850 with a 52MP dual pixel sensor.
      A new lens also.
      I don’t know if it’s the real specification, I guess we will know for sure in few hours.

      • Wilson

        TIM I’m not sure if you’re screwing with us but you may be costing me a whole lot of money

        • T.I.M

          I’m just reporting the latest news, less than one hour ago, I have no idea if they are the real D850 specifications.

          • Wilson

            I don’t trust any Nikon rumor that isn’t the word of our boy Peter

            • Nyarlathotep

              Exactly. T.I.M is the reality TV show star of NR. A little bit funny, a tad insane, mostly irreverent, but never a soothsayer.

            • T.I.M

              erase “a tad”

            • Nyarlathotep

              Fair enough, T.I.M. Fair enough

  • Scott M.

    Looking forward to the possibilities at midnight. I have been only Nikon since 1977. 40 years.

    • Well, after this press release the possibilities are diminishing really fast.

      • Scott M.

        Oh c’mon. One more thing…………

      • Proto

        meaning, they cannot survive?

        • No, I mean the possibility for a new camera being announced today.

    • We basically now need a miracle and miracles don’t exists.

      • Scott M.

        That OZ video can’t be IT? Can it? Still 25 mins. to midnight.

        • no, definitely not 🙂

        • gpelpel

          It’s only 12:45pm in Japan.

      • Wilson

        I believe Peter!

      • Scott M.

        D500 is a miracle

      • jmb2560

        I’m still hoping for something unexpected.
        Anyway, as my wife always tells me: Lower your expectations and you won’t be disappointed

        • that’s a good advise 🙂

  • TheMexican

    Happy bday!

  • ToastyFlake

    Today, Nikon customer support announced that they would give me a new d610 in exchange for my old d600, which is nice.

  • Iceman

    Since I bought a Camera, Nikon is always the brand I have used up to now

  • I feel like 100 waiting for something to happen.

  • Wilson

    Okay Nikon, time to blow us away

  • Scott M.

    Peter you know something with your little smiley…

    • I know that Nikon presented the D850 to some retailers, don’t know why they did not announce it. Maybe tomorrow? I don’t know.

      • Scott M.

        I believe.

      • Paul H.

        It’s only 1:52 in Tokyo right now, so…

  • Aldo

    Happy century of awesomeness Nikon… now where’s the beef???

  • Follow the yellow brick road.

  • novak miler

    It’s a new 360! Lol

  • Paul H.

    Such a tease, Peter!

  • Satoshi Joh

    Congratulations Nikon!

  • geofflivingston

    What a let down. Maybe I will wake up and realize it was just a bad dream.

    • Nyarlathotep

      Eh, they will show more goods soon enough. I suspect this is just the start of a few press releases, some of which will likely have new product.

  • Ushanas Trivedi

    Kudos to Nikon for this amazing feat of 100 years of excellence. Only few can achieve this. Wishing Nikon many more decades of innovation & excellence.

  • felipeignacioortega
  • Julian Gottfried
  • Aldo

    It’s midnite…

  • Julian Gottfried
  • Nikon just posted news about D850 officially on its site! Product details to come at a later date. 🙁

  • Caleb Berg

    Follow these long enough and you get used to, no announcements. It was the same when the D800 came out, lots of false positives and could be’s, that weren’t.

  • DA
    Was this already posted? Looks 7 mins old. Ah – new thread by Peter.

  • ManFromGlad

    WOOT there it is!

  • Chris Cheung

    Just this:

    TOKYO – Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the development of the next-generation full-frame, high-resolution, high-speed digital SLR cameras with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Nikon D850.
    The D850 will be a formidable tool for creators who will not compromise on exceptional image quality and versatility, including aspiring and professional photographers, as well as hobbyists, who shoot landscapes, commercial sports, fashion and weddings, and multimedia content creators.
    The D850 is the successor to the D810, which was highly praised by its users for offering extremely sharp and clear rendering, with rich tone characteristics. This powerful new FX-format digital SLR camera is engineered with a range of new technologies, features and performance enhancements that are a direct result of feedback from users over the years – who demand the very best from their camera equipment. The D850 will exceed the expectations of the vast range of photographers that seek the high resolution and high-speed capabilities that only a Nikon of this caliber complemented by NIKKOR lenses can offer.
    *Information regarding the release of this product will be announced at a later date.

  • ManFromGlad

    Press page says D850 is but nothing there right now.

  • ManFromGlad
  • Caleb Berg

    Look at that smile on Kazuo Ushida’s face. 😀
    It says: “I know everything all you guys want to know. I created it & I only will decide when it is right for you to know.”

  • Chris Weller

    Just announced…or not announced….D850 – Says they’ll have more information later….

  • Licheus

    Wrong picture in the gif animation. The F came in 1959, not 1948. Should be the Nikon One.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    That cameras in Movies clip was nice. Then I saw one I hadn’t watched and did a search for “the Bang Bang Club”…
    Took a while to fnd the right one, the others were.. quite wrong.

  • animalsbybarry
  • Harold1966

    No Df2.

  • TC

    Happy 100th Birthday Nikon, what an achievement!

  • MB

    Happy 100th birthday to Nikon, and 64.5 birthday to Mr. Kazuo Ushida 🙂
    And happy day to all NR readers when we forced Nikon to announce
    D850 before time 🙂
    So will D850 have 100 or 64.5 Mpix 🙂

  • BlackRipleyDog

    Happy 100th Anniversary Nikon.
    I am wearing my Nikon polo shirt to work today.

  • br0xibear

    Another celebration video to add to the collection.
    Happy Birthday Nikon ! (If there’s any chance you could give me a very, very long term loan of a D5 that would be great, thanks, lol)…

    • I added it, thanks!

  • Sushant Sourav

    Happy Birthday have enabled many a dreams come alive and frozen history for future have chronicled earth and beyond like no other..many many happy returns of the day!!!!!

  • BayouBill

    Luv the Oz video.

  • peter w

    Well, happy birthday to Nikon. Quite an achievement in Industry.

    And, a nice thing they do not get carried away by an anniversary, and bring out their serious products when the time is right.

  • rangel28

    Does anyone know when the 100th anniversary items are shipping? I ordered the Nikon F camera replica from B&H.

    • No, not yet – I am also waiting. The D5 special edition was delayed. I will post about it later today.

      • rangel28

        Thanks Peter.

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