What to expect next from Nikon

With the latest rebates and refurbished deals, it seems that Nikon is trying to clear their D810 and D750 inventory right before the summer when I expect the next big announcement to be. After the previously rumored D7500 camera is already officially announced, here is an updated list of what to expect next from Nikon:

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  • tomskyphoto

    While the US are without doubt a significant market for Nikon I’m a bit skeptical to deduce an impending inventory clearance based on rebates and discounts in that particular market alone. Outside of the US we’ve seen nothing similar so far but rather price increases or at least stagnant prices.

    Both the Nikon D810 and D750 – being called out as “due for immediate replacement” repeatedly – are available on stock from multiple retailers in Germany as the biggest European market at their long standing street retail prices of around 2750 and 1750 € (incl. 19% VAT). And these are no grey imports but original Nikon merchandise for the German/European market.

    No discounts, stock shortages or clearance sales in sight anywhere around here. Personally I think that the US rebates and discounts might be much more owed to the vastly different sales practices in that market than anything else. Interpreting them as a sign of soon to expected successor products might be a bit far fetched right now especially as there don’t seem to be any substantial rumors about new Nikon FX cameras at the moment.

  • DafOwen

    Would love a Baby 5D (Currently have a D800 + cover concerts)
    – Better low light + focusing than D800/10
    – Better body / cards than D750
    – Don’t need 46Mpx
    – FX

  • Gosh1

    the D820 is most eagerly awaited!
    A Nikon Df2 will be received most gratefully by committed Nikonians and also photographers moving to the Nikon system to use classic lenses.
    A lighter 400mm Telephoto is the BIG gap in the Nikkor line. A 400mm f4E PF VR would work very well for wildlife and action, especially with the D500. This is especially if its optics are optimized to work with the TCE14 and TCE17.
    If the weight of this 400mm Nikkor can be kept under 1.5 kg all for the better. Such a hand-holdable telephoto will fix the glaring gap left by the yet-to-be-replaced 400 f5.6 AIS IFED. Upgrading of the excellent current version of the 300 f2.8G VR2 can wait until we have a modern hand-holdable 400mm Nikkor.

  • Allen_Wentz

    Nikon needs to make cameras that beat Sony, not adapters to facilitate Sony.

  • Ray Justice

    Peter, any news on replacement of the steller Nikon 200 2.0. I wonder if this could be announced along the D820 for the 100 year anniversary. Looking at picking up one but a newer version which sheds a pound would be welcomed. Any thoughts…

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