New set of rumored Nikon D820 camera specifications

I have a new set of rumored Nikon D820 specifications coming from a new source (meaning I cannot confirm them for now):

  • Announcement rumored for this summer
  • Most likely it will be called D820 (D850 is still a possibility)
  • Nikon is already planning the marketing material for the new camera
  • The sensor will be between 45-46MP (this matches previous reports of a 46MP sensor)
  • The D820 is expected to be better at low and high ISO compared to Canon and better than the D810
  • The D820 could come with a new and improved version of SnapBridge
  • No built-in GPS
  • Tiltable LCD screen just like the D750 and D500
  • The memory card slots will be the same as in the D500: one SD and one XQD

Follow the new Nikon D820 Facebook page for a detailed coverage. The above picture is not the real camera (created by broxibear).

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  • HotDuckZ

    42MP? 8K no-binding?

    • Eric Calabros

      In what codec? With what editing software? For what 8k TV?

    • paige4o4

      That’d be 8k @10fps or something. Good for timelapse.

      Writing continuous 8k @24fps requires a huge amount of processing power and cooling.

  • John Matthews

    Fumbling through the XQD/SD, tilt-screen, and everything else, can we all agree that –

    “The D820 is expected to be better at low and high ISO compared to Canon and better than the D810” = well, duh? The D810 still has an incredible advantage with ISO64, and dynamic range is immense as well (which is what we’ve come to expect from these Sony sensors).

    • John Viscovich

      The sensor in the 10 year old D700 is Nikon Made, Its still a great camera. I hope Nikons Sensor Research & Development Was still operating over the last 10 years.

      • John Matthews

        If they’ve got something competitive, I’ll sure as hell buy it. Seems a safe assumption that they’re still rolling on the Sony train though until we hear otherwise.

  • John Viscovich

    with Sony already talking about 150mp in 2018 that have 300mb raw files each pic, I think Nikon will do way better than these Rumour specs.

    • Eric Calabros

      How better? Releasing a 178MP cam?

      • John Viscovich

        I was thinking 60mp , If this is gonna be Nikons Mega Pixel flagship for 4 years. Canon are talking about a 100mp for 2018 also. But hearing everyones comments on here, Everyone wants a still camera/Video cam , gps with reversing cam etc. Technically wont be cheap.

        • Thom Hogan

          I bet differently. My bet is on a D5x pixel flagship.

          • Allen_Wentz

            A D5x would put me in an expensive quandary, because I really, really like the single-digit Nikon bodies and it is time to upgrade my FX from the D3.

            The quandary of course is justifying the kind of expenditure a D5x is likely to cost. A D8xx is a cheaper solution.

            The good news is that despite all the woe is Nikon chatter we still see superb pro-level bodies coming out.

            • For me, I use the D810 for landscape and events. In the case of landscape, I might be walking miles with the camera on a tripod. Events have me carrying it for many hours with no tripod. Either way, as much as I love the D4’s body, I do not want a super heavy body for landscape and events, so I would prefer to see the D8xx series remain the megapixel king.

          • John Viscovich

            Yea you are probably right Thom, you can’t have 1 body to do it all. D5X would be popular, I’m Nikon Through and Through, I’m not changing brands. Good guys wear black.

          • Sixmoons

            That would be cool:-)

          • RC Jenkins

            What’s the difference between a D5x & D8xx?

            I always think of the D8xx line as an extension of the D3x, but without the built-in grip. I think this is why we never saw a D4x. If we did, I would have expected it to essentially be a D8xx + integrated grip.

            Do you think Nikon would offer both a D5x & D8xx concurrently?

            • Thom Hogan

              I’ve written this many, many times: I do not want to pick up a second camera with a different feel and control set. It slows you down due to cognitive dissonance.

              But moreover, there’s the issue of accessories. If I’m going to spend the money on getting my D5 up to speed (extra batteries, WT-6, plates, etc.), I don’t want to have to duplicate that with my second body. I don’t want different chargers and different batteries in my bag. I don’t want to look different places in the viewfinder for information.

              Moreover, the D5 is built on a higher standard than the D810, and can withstand more abuse.

    • paige4o4

      Canon and Sony have been touting huge megapixel sensors for decades. I’ll believe it when I see it. Right now ~50mp is the high end, and I don’t see that changing by a factor 3x in the next 12 months.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Sony talk is cheap. At the level of a D8xx performance will be what matters.

      Going to 100+ MP has consequences, and IMO Nikon should let Sony take the +/- of those consequences. Folks paying US$3k+ for a body will read the reviews and commentary from folks like Thom Hogan before actually buying such a product.

      Canon or Nikon might make 100+ MP work but I do not see Sony getting it right in 2018.

  • Robert Krasser

    After being 20 years crazy about nikon cameras, could not wait for the next model, always hoping Nikon will finally develop a good model for photojournalists I am now angry, frustrated and tired of waiting. I might not swich to Canon, Sony or Leica maybe I will shoot with the Lumix LX 15 or the Iphone

    all I ever wantet was a gps, iptc, and gsm on board to carry a havie camera schould at least have some benefits beside the speed.
    I lost/broke already 4 gp1 on my d800 and on the d4 it makes the camera terrible huge. so for me it is unbelivable stupid how nikon is acting. gps, gsm, wifi all fits to a iphone! so whats the prob???
    actually 36mpx and 46mpx is super but 16mpx of d4 is also fine, since the d90 all the nikon image quality is billiant

    • Brubabs

      Yep, sounds like the LX-15 is the camera for you. So get one —what’s the prob???

      • Robert Krasser

        I do have a lx15, and exactly this is the issue that i more often take it because the advantages of the d4 are getting smaller…
        If i carry a huge camera I dont want to have compromises!

        • Hans J

          Rob 100% agree with you, not including basic features like GPS would be a missed opportunity

          • Robert Krasser

            I simply do not understand why it is a problem to put all those essential things like wifi, gsm-sim, gps, iptc to the camera. As a photojournalist I dont want a 2nd 3rd or 4th device to caption the image and send it to somewhere.

            I can do this with my Iphone but not with a 4000€ professional tool

            • Hans J

              Exactly my train of thought.

  • decisivemoment

    With each hike in resolution I become more and more interested in ability to do great JPEGs. The D500 is a hopeful sign in this regard. Nikon’s in-camera JPEG hasn’t been great over the history of DSLRs, but the D500 definitely represented an improvement, and a really good JPEG would be a better and quicker way of choosing your resolution than the risible small-raw efforts of Nikon and Canon thus far. A small-raw that reduces file size rather than simply reducing file quality? Well, we can hope but I’m not holding my breath. Maybe a 12-bit version of JPEG? Why not?

    • Allen_Wentz

      I have always thought Nikon JPEGs were pretty good [comparing against 35mm film scans]. Back in the D2x days I was often forced to JPEG because the camera buffer choked on NEFs very quickly. And a lot of those JPEGs made it into four-color magazine ads and/or hard copy prints in the 8×10-13×19 range. I could see some limitations but the world did not seem to notice at all.

      JPEG captures, however, had to be really well shot from a technical standpoint, primarily careful lighting and use of base ISO. The D2x is still a good camera today at base ISO with good lighting.

      • Hans J

        I don’t think I’ve ever shot 1 jpeg in my entire 11 career years as a photographer

    • RC Jenkins

      I think Nikon JPEG’s are good–and the Picture controls are all extremely customizable–even down to custom tone curves. We can start with ‘flat’ and fit an incredible amount of DR into an 8-bit JPEG today (which coincidentally also naturally reduces some effects of noise without a loss in higher contrast detail).

      The RAW files are also customizable and do significantly reduce file size. We’ve got both bitrate & raw compression ratios that most other manufacturers don’t offer.

      To reduce file size without significantly reducing file quality, we’ve got ‘lossless compressed RAW’, and for 12-bit, we’ve got “12-bit lossless-compressed RAW”, which is significantly smaller than 14-bit uncompressed.

      There’s always a trade-off between file-size & recorded detail. A lossless-compressed image of an evenly lit white wall will be significantly smaller than a landscape image with a lot of tree branches and leaves.

  • Chris Davis

    Really hoping they up the Autofocus to all Cross type sensors, or at least higher than 15

    • Bob Thane

      The D5/D500 has 99/153 cross type focus points, with 35/55 being selectable. So that’s my best guess and what we’ll see – not quite 100% cross type, but a big step up from 15.

      • Chris Davis

        Yer that would be a great update, never appreciated it until a recent job, and noticed the d810 really struggled on the non cross type. Fingers crossed, i think only 1 of the Cannons has all Cross type, so not really a common feature yet.

  • MB

    This would probably be the definitive and last DSLR from Nikon in this class so it should be perfect … and why not D900? Not like there will be any successors…

    • Allen_Wentz

      Personally I expect Nikon to survive and I expect successors, just a different, evolved, product mix moving forward. As a follow-on to the D810 (even if it picks up D500 ergonomics like I wish for) it probably makes most sense for the rumored body we are discussing here to stick with D8xx numbering. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

      However I have opined before that Nikon needs to be restructuring the DSLR lines to accommodate crashing DSLR sales while also fitting in with whatever Nikon’s product response to mirrorless turns out to be. Evolving numbering schemes should be part of that product restructuring, and we have no clue as to Nikon’s overall product plans.

      • Hans J

        I agree they should restart the naming structure, Its to confusing now.
        Add a global shutter, ISO 20 and GPS please

      • MB

        I am not saying Nikon will not survive (maybe they will surprise us 🙂 ) … I just expect DSLR won’t, and with expected 3 years refresh cycle for D8xx line I doubt Nikon or anybody else will be interested in the next model … successors will be mirrorless …

        • Allen_Wentz

          I think DSLR top end will survive, no problem. The camera makers will need to also be producing mirrorless or similar, however, to keep gross revenue up.

          • MB

            Yea … well … maybe one more iteration … just for us old timers 🙂 … but then again why not making this one as perfect as possible like it is really the last one 🙂

    • Michiel953


    • T.I.M

      I’ve been watching you for 3 days (it’s a long movie) I don’t like the part withe the monkeys, boring.
      I’m almost done, when he disconnect HALL

  • Peter

    Could that be the 2,25x D500 Sensor? With Sony being so restrictive lately regarding sensor technology and Nikon trying to cut costs, that might be a logical move. I am still waiting for global shutter with flash sync up to 1/8000th of a second.

    • Bob Thane

      If it is 46MP, I’d definitely say it’s a scaled up D500 sensor. Would certainly make sense financially, but I’m not convinced Nikon’ll go that route. We’ll see soon enough I suppose.

      • Nikos Delhanidis

        The D7200 choices could indicate an extended D500 sensor approach for the D810 successor. Especially if Nikon considers / sells the D500 sensor DR and ISO performance to be competitive enough as used on a pro product recently launched (in terms of pro market time frame). If they plan though to make D8XX have better DR and ISO performance than D810 (even marginally ?) then probably would be a different story sensor i guess

        • Hans J

          I want Iso 25

          • Peter

            Me too…

        • Bob Thane

          That’s a good point, I didn’t consider the D7500. Very interesting.

  • Saffron Blaze

    No GPS? Dang!

    • Hans J

      Lets hope that changes!

    • dylanear

      That would add $20 to the cost of manufacture and eliminate a $250 add on profit item that you can awkwardly hang onto your camera?! Wouldn’t want to do that!!

      • Saffron Blaze

        Indeed. While I understand their logic, I think it is flawed. Forced upselling ($20) on every camera they make likely is more profitable than the sales they are making with that $250 unit.

        • dylanear

          It’s infuriating actually. The WiFi situation is even worse, much worse. Built in lousy Snapbridge or a giant awkward add on monstrosity that costs $950??!!! Nikon should be SO ashamed. WiFi and GPS are now requirements for most people buying a camera. They need to see that having robust professional level WiFi and GPS in all their serious cameras by default is needed for their survival, not features to be added on in awkward and insultingly expensive ways to try to force more profits. It does NOT give them more profit, just more lost sales.

          • Saffron Blaze

            Now that I think of it, if forced to choose, I would prefer WiFi over GPS in my next camera.

  • Precisely. Ever since I got a D4 I’ve wanted two XQD slots in all my cameras. It is simply a better card in all ways. On a body like the D8xx, I just don’t see hanging on to SD card slots.

  • Michiel953

    I’d like a D810 with the D5/D500 AF, obviously, but the hike in Mp count doesn’t appeal to me at all. Not a lot wrong with 36.

    • dylanear

      No reason other than marketing to go beyond 36mp unless Nikon has a whole line of new lenses that are dramatically sharper than even their best lenses now. Only a few lenses, at ideal aperture, under ideal conditions and used with ideal technique exceed 30mp resolution.

      I’d much rather have a more sensitive 36mp sensor and faster FPS (like 8 or 10fps) than a 46mp sensor at 6fps.

  • animalsbybarry
  • I’ll definitely buy this. Sensor, AF, tilt screen, mpx all better, it seems. It will be a great body.

    But the more I ponder Nikon’s blinders, the more I’m gravitating to also getting the A9r. Despite 5 pro bodies, I don’t qualify for NPS. Poor live view, weak manual focus support, mpx leadership gone, no ibis, no gps, shutter noise, no pancakes: there is too much to gain from a Sony now, if Nikon does not respond.

    And with a Sony, I can use all my dust gathering Canon lenses, and my Nikon mount MF Voigtlander and Otus lenses. So Sony will take the place of the D5 I decided to pass on, after buying D3s, D4, D4s. They just don’t have enough advantages for a general purpose shooter any more, as they once did.

    Nikon is holding me back in some ways that Sony seems to be addressing.

    • Antonio

      The Holy Graal seems to exist after all!!
      Just take it and don’t leave anyone to hold you back anymore. 🙂 🙂

    • Hans J

      Go any other company but Sony. Fuji or even Canon. I would never buy a Sony. They are poorly made.

    • Fly Moon

      I wouldn’t call myself a general-purpose shooter if I had D3s, D4, D4s bodies!

      • Well, I don’t shoot sports, or wildlife, or weddings, or or anything professional at all.

        I primarily shoot street, which uses the same equipment that any walk around photographer would use, but with an emphasis of making artistic photos. So, I don’t define myself by my equipment, but by what I shoot, which could effectively be done by any. camera in existence. However, I like the edge that the best cameras can give, when it is useful. It used to be that only the best pro dslr’s gave excellent AF and low light performance. But that is not true any more. So they are no longer so useful to me.

        • Fly Moon

          Fair enough!

  • mike

    I doubt Sony will sell Nikon a better sensor than they currently have in their flagship resolution cam, the A7r2. My bet is 42mp for the D820 unless Nikon has found a non-Sony sensor to buy.

    • Antonio

      I recall that some years ago it was said that Sony was manufacturing sensors and Nikon had the privilege to use them some months before Sony itself and when Nikon releases top models it is not uncommon to witness discussions about the origin of sensors.

      So, all this and what is known about patent and patent wars should probably be enough to make us a bit cautious about the way these things work and don’t take for granted that a company like Nikon will only buy ready made sensors from company A or B or that Sony will only sell Nikon sensors they used before or will use in their own models.

    • Bruno

      It doesn’t work like that… Nikon designs the sensors
      And ships the blueprints to Sony to manufacture
      So yes Nikon can very well have a better sensor

  • David Knoll

    I’d like to know the anticipated FPS. 5 or 6 FPS isn’t quite fast enough to shoot my kids sports. No GPS?!? Yes, I’m aware pro shooters in studio know where they are but if you travel, you want GPS tagging. You know, like in the iPhone you want me to put down to buy your 3500 camera so your company can once again be profitable. BTW, I’ve done quite a bit of looking around and if it’s 10 FPS and has GPS I’m going Nikon, so please, please have both.

    • dylanear

      I’ll eat my shoe if it’s 10fps and 40+ MP. I’m hoping for 8fps and even that’s probably pretty unrealistic. I’m betting it’ll be 6fps. D800 was 4fps, D810 was 5fps, I suspect this will be 7fps at best.

      • Hans J

        Thats why they should make 3 cameras all wrapped in the D500 Body but with FX sensors.

        1. 20mp D5 sensor Fast!
        2. 32mp All rounder.
        3. 56mp Pure detail.

        All with the same specs and body. Get rid of junk cameras like the D610 and D750

        AND if you think 56 is over kill check out Canon they have both a 120mp sensor and 250MP!!! YES 250mp sensor. In the works.

        And if you’re asking WHY?!?! oh WHY? Look at this video and skip to 0:42 seconds

      • David K

        8fps? I guess the question is who is the cameras intended audience because of its “only” studio, landscape and wedding this seems like a small step forward. I was hoping it would be a leap like the new Sony a9 (20 FPS 24mp). Even the Canon d5 seems better at 50mp and it’s already out . These stats look like the idea was to get slightly ahead of the 5d mk4 which it appears to do. I am hoping that nikon tries to make their tent bigger and scoop up people who’ve decided to buy a real camera again and don’t have so much glass that they’re stuck. Nikon fell behind Sony, who makes their sensors anyway, and also declared it has financial issues. I’ve no doubt the company will continue to exist. If it has aspirations of reclaiming greatness this camera needs to be great. When us enthusiasts think about 3500 for a body and 2500 for glass (70-200 2.8) we’d like to see it excel at a lot of stuff even if it’s not perfect. 36 mp (i’m not shooting add campaigns and I’ll compose my shot better if it’s not moving), 10 FPS quietly plz because I’m not good enough to actually compose my shots, GPS so I can find them in the morass of all of my shots, 64-24k iso; but legit because high noise sales iso numbers like 1.20m iso stress Mfr credibility, anti flicker (i shoot swimming inside with crappy lights, not in a studio) good enough weather proofing that I can use it if its raining, dual xqd because after I drop 6k in cash I’m ok to buy two xqd cards. I’m also ok to buy two batteries because I know all the stuff I want is a battery hog. I don’t need a flash because the high iso should handle it. Snapbridge needs to be at least a 4 star review. If you have an ad that incourages me to not use my iPhone but rather your 6k camera the software needs to be min 4 stars. Again, if you are selling me a premium product I get to have premium expectations.

      • Michiel953

        40+Mp and 10fps? You’re an engineer, right?

        Dream on.

    • Allen_Wentz

      D500 and D5 are the cameras for your kids’ sports.

      I agree with your GPS commentary.

  • Max


    • Hans J


  • Andrew

    It shows you the versatility of the Nikon D800 when a professional can comfortably shoot it at ISO 6400 with an unheard of resolution of 36 MP.

    One can only imagine what the D820 will give us coming on the heels of the feature packed D500. Not recognizing that Nikon would not sacrifice high ISO performance for high pixel count shows in some folks a lack of fundamental understanding of Nikon’s underlying philosophy. But we are all in the process of learning so I can understand. I appreciate you sharing your experiences with the D800 and D700 in low light, and how at a basic level these are amazing tools 😉

  • i just want a 10-bit pro res on the camera and im sold. with ibs

    • dylanear

      I wouldn’t hold my breath for IBS. I’ve grown to love the IBS in my Olympuses, it is fantastic to have. But I think they’d have to make the shutter considerably bigger to give the room for the sensor shifting without shading the edges of the image. Doable, but not trivial. Someday I hope Nikon will jump onto this feature!

      • i dont mind having a bigger camera just to have it. im samoan. so my hands cant really handle smaller camera grips.

        • dylanear

          I don’t think it’d mean a bigger camera, but they couldn’t just reuse a shutter from another Nikon, they’d have to make a new one that’s maybe 10% bigger. I think there’s some other complications using IBS on a SLR, but it can be done. It won’t steady your viewfinder though. 🙁

          • RC Jenkins

            Pentax does.

            IBIS would be nice to have, but I don’t think we’ll see it happen on the D820 either.

            Baby steps, though. I’d love to see sensor-shift on the D820–where the sensor moves up to 1 pixel between bracketed shots and then stacks them to a RAW file in-camera. 1 pixel could make up for Bayer filter interpolation, and a fraction could actually increase resolution for still frames (like landscapes). 🙂

            I doubt we’ll see it, but it would be a really cool feature for a camera that’s geared towards IQ!

            Sidenote: In the K1, Pentax also uses the same mechanism as IBIS & pixel-shift to do star tracking on astro shots for up to 5 minutes! Cool stuff!

            • dylanear

              It’s a fantastic technology. Nikon had it’s hand in making VR happen in lenses. Would be very cool to see them add IS on sensor. And of course a hybrid system to work with in lens VR too as Panasonic and Olympus are doing.

              But I haven’t seen any evidence to show Nikon has any interest at all. They don’t even seem to be making VR a priority in many of their new lenses.

        • Fly Moon

          I thought you’re Scooby-Doo 🙂

  • XT

    The problem with anything over somewhere in the neighborhood of 60-70MP is that you’d have to have enormous glass to resolve to that resolution.

    • Hans J

      But thats why I’m saying make the 20mp and 32-36mp cameras for the rest of us, while adding features we all want. GPS, Global Shutter. Iso 10 to 6400. 1/32000 shutter speed. 1″hour exposure without a remote etc. all of which can be done now. Not everyone wants super hi MP cameras but some do.

      • RC Jenkins


        ISO 10? That would probably have some of the worst DR and noise performance at typical ISO’s.

        1/32000 shutter speed? That’s not going to happen on a mechanical shutter, so then it’s up to the sensor. And doing that with the sensor again will reduce the IQ because of the readout speed, just like cameras like the A9 does.

        There are some very real Physics at play here.

        • Hans J

          not true. They can do ISO 10 if they really wanted to. And 1/32000 is easy to do just make the shutter blades closer together when they come down.
          The shutter does not move faster it just opens up less. and it can be done with a Global Shutter anyway, There you have it 2 ways.

  • Plug

    All very exciting but Nikon already make some excellent bodies. I am genuinely more interested in glass. 400 f5.6 PF, a fisheye, 200 f4 micro, the list is potentially long.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    So this will be a FF version of the D500/D7500 sensor? I was hoping for a FF version of the D7200 sensor. Oh well, wonder how it will handle 4K, if at all. Seems kind of weird that Nikon had pushed the high resolution race quite successfully for almost a decade now to then back off and perceivably “yield” the crown to Canon. OTH, comparing the DR curves on of the D7000 sensor against its FF version found in the D800, one can extrapolate and look forward for a nice 1.2 EV increase in DR across the ISO range for the rumored D820 sensor compared to the D500’s, which might be enough to topple the current FF king of DR, the D750, and put this sensor on par with the “small” medium frame sensor in the 645Z/GFX/X1D. Now the picture becomes clearer: Nikon is aiming to bring 645Z/GFX/X1D IQ for 1/2 the price of those “small” medium format cameras, just as the D800 brought when it was launched, supported by a complete lens ecosystem, both OEM and 3rd party, that are priced at a 1/3 of the equivalent medium frame lenses, that are actually brighter AND have shallower DOF and are just as sharp or even sharper than those Nitto and Fujinon optics (forget about Pentax, those lenses date from the film 645 era), all the while being able to shoot at 5fps or maybe even faster. Of course, this plan will only work for as long as Sony takes to bring the next A7RIII/A9R to market…

    • Michiel953

      You have a point! Except for that last line, obviously.

    • RC Jenkins

      It’s certainly possible, but I think this may be jumping to conclusions because there are still a lot of unknowns.

      We don’t know that the tech behind the sensor is identical–on the sensor Physics side, they could use BSI or deeper photodiode wells or better micro-lenses, etc. (Though it is a good guess that it’s at least similar…just not guaranteed).

      For example, the main reason for the D750’s “King of DR” claim is likely the increased photosensitive area, since there is less ‘unsensitive’ sensor area by using fewer pixels on FSI. But to counteract, the D810 uses a lower base ISO (which puts it only marginally behind the D750 at their respective base ISO’s).

      So at minimum, I’d think we’d also see a low base ISO on the D820, which neither the D500 nor the D7500 are based around (since the D500 leans more towards action shooting but also has to account for its smaller DX sensor size).

      A lot of variables at play here, but I’d hope they use a combo of sensor physics & electronics to improve the base DR to exceed that of both the D750 & D810.

      Ideally, this would be: BSI + highly precise & transparent microlenses + deep photodiodes + base ISO 50 (along with the Expeed 5 processing).

      This is probably overly optimistic, but I think we should see something better than just a D500 sensor that’s cut larger, even if its just due to a change in the base ISO.

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        Of course, lacking any type of official confirmation, we are all guessing specs here (it’s a rumor, after all, and from a new, unreliable source no less), but seeing as Nikon has been all about cost cutting to this date, plus the facts that BSI is not in any of Nikon’s currently used DX and FX sensors and that it has been said that, technically, BSI’s benefits are not best realized on photosites as large as the ones on a 46MP FF sensor, I doubt that Nikon will be paying for the added cost in manufacturing and patent royalties that BSI sensors entail. On that same coin, I was fully expecting Nikon to FX-size the D7200 sensor, as that sensor has slightly better base DR than the D500’s, the tech is older (thus cheaper) and you end up with 54Mp, thus not loosing the high resolution crown to Canon. The big minus is that this Toshiba old timer is s-l-o-w: it already can’t 1080p at full frame reading in DX on the D7200, so it should fare even worst in this regard when upsized to FX. Nikon will most probably put 4K in the D820 one way or the other, so it needs a fast reading sensor that is also as cheap to manufacture as possible.

      • HF

        DR of D810 at base ISO is higher than that of the D750, according to most review and measurement sites. That is my experience, too, having owned both.

  • Sixmoons

    I like your idea for the 3 cameras. It won’t happen but I like it:-)

  • RC Jenkins

    The D750 was the last generation “all rounder.”

    Not the same body, but that’s likely because pros want un-compromised cameras and won’t mind multiple bodies. ie. a pro who shoots everything would have a D5 + D810. These are the ‘extreme performance’ pro cameras.

    A single-camera pro or enthusiast is willing to compromise and can get away with a D750.

    D5 + D810 is a better dual-camera combo. But the D750 is a better single-camera system.

    I like the idea of wrapping them all in the same body, but I think the price-tag it would come with could alienate a lot of potential buyers, particularly the enthusiasts. Canon’s current “all-rounder” 5DIV is currently double the price of the D750.

    • Hans J

      The D750 is junk. Build quality wise. And Picking one up is alien to me right away. Keep the same controls all around.

      • RC Jenkins

        You didn’t address any of the points in my post and are instead simplistically altering the scope of the conversation. The D750 is designed to be the ‘all rounder.’ It has less resolution than the D810 but is faster; and it has more resolution than the D5 but is slower. Better DR & noise performance than both up until about ISO 1250, where the D5 takes it. It has a price tag to match the competitive market.

        A vast majority of D750’s don’t have build quality issues and work well for what they have been designed to do.

        • Hans J

          No compromises. Pro bodies for everyone. Same button layout. Done!!

          • RC Jenkins

            lol, keep telling yourself the D500 & its layout is perfect and is impossible to improve.

            Have fun trying to use your user banks using the Nikon pro-body layout for your versatile “all rounder,” btw. Big improvement in my D750 over my D810 & older pro bodies.

            • Hans J

              The D500 is a great camera but only if it was FX.

            • RC Jenkins

              The D500 is compromised. Why did you buy a compromised camera? I thought you don’t compromise?

              It also has idiotic bank settings. So if you’re an “all round” shooter who frequently changes many things between scenarios (eg. from astro to sports to portraits to intervalometer time-lapses, so you toggle focus point illumination, lcd display, metering mode, exposure comp, auto iso, priority modes, long exposure NR, and RAW mode, etc.), the D750’s user bank & recall settings are far superior to the D500.

            • Hans J

              I use a D810 son.

            • RC Jenkins

              lol, also compromised, son. Same idiotic bank settings.

            • Hans J


  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    the canon 5d MK 4 has built in GPS 2.

  • Senor Magnifico

    No built-in GPS. Big mistake.

  • Originaru

    This camera should be out tomorrow…
    Competitions is not giving time…

  • RC Jenkins

    I didn’t say they can’t do ISO 10. What I said was that creating a less sensitive sensor (ie. ISO 10) would compromise image quality at higher ISO’s today (which is absolutely true). For example, the D750 has better photographic DR at ISO 100 than the D810 does at ISO 64…and the D810 continues to have lower DR across the board at every ISO.

    Because its sensor is designed to be less sensitive to light, requiring more exposure to saturate the sensor.

    You sound like you just want to take a picture of the sun.

    Did you watch that video you sent? At what point did they display your requested 1/32000 mechanical shutter without image quality issues? Your video just proved my point.

    That 9.5-megapixel, $100,000 Phantom Flex that you linked in that video loses dynamic range with use of its global (electronic, not mechanical) shutter. Using its rolling (electronic, not mechanical) shutter improves its dynamic range. Both reduce image quality. Neither was shown at 1/32,000 shutter speed.

    Which is exactly what I said.

    • Hans J

      You obviously have no brain cells. Let me hold your hand on this one… look at the video at 2:50 the shutter curtains moves at the EXACT same speed at all shutter values. all that happens is the shutter blades get closer. So make the shutter curtains travel in an even narrower path and BOOM faster shutter speeds.

      As for the ISO the on the D810 can not even be touched by the D750 till about 800iso so you’ve obviously never used the cameras. Again WRONG.

      And I would only want iso 10 on the last camera with high MP count. 10 to 800 iso only then. OR have a build in NR filter. there are 100 ways this would work.

      Use your Brain dude. 10 years ago people thought 6mp was a lot then 12 was un-Heard of. 20 years ago it was Cell phones. Stop living in the past and welcome to 2017.

      • RC Jenkins

        Lol, yes obviously. BTW, can you point out the 1/32,000 mechanical shutter speed at 2:50?
        Here’s a screenshot:

        Hmm…I see 1/8000, 1/4000, 1/2000, and 1/1000…but no 1/32,000? On a rolling mechanical shutter. Which alters IQ. Can you point out which of those is a 1/32,000 that does not compromise image quality?

        I actually have used both the D750 and the D810 extensively. I never said “the D810 can not even be touched by the D750.” You’re just a sensitive fan boy taking offense to nothing. What I said was that the dynamic range of the D750 is superior to that of the D810 across the board. Which is true. Here’s one proof point:

        “Use your Brain dude (sic)” to read that chart. That’s cool that you want ISO 10 to 800…but nobody else would because pretty much every shot would be a noisy mess. I know a lot of astrophotographers and landscape shooters who push their systems to the limit and would hate this. I’m so glad you’re not designing the sensors here–you obviously don’t know how this stuff works.

        A NR filter is a VERY different concept to a lower base ISO. Just buy an ND filter for your lenses if you want one so bad. Any additional built-in ND filters over the D810 sensor would reduce its image quality.

        Luckily, I have a brain, and I know how this stuff works. I’m not posting videos of 1/8000 rolling shutter speeds claiming they’re 1/32000.

        I am in 2017. And in 2017, we do not have 1/32000 mechanical shutters that don’t compromise IQ; nor do we have sensors that only work from ISO 10 to 800. And this is good for everyone who actually does photography of something other than the sun. You’re living off somewhere in some distant future la-la-land where everything is so bright that you need ISO 10 and 1/32000.

        Stop staring directly into the sun.

        • Hans J

          You are an idiot. I never said it was video of a 1/32000 shutter, I said “make the blades closer together and you “WOULD” get faster shutter speeds.

          • RC Jenkins

            lol, I’m the idiot?

            Your proof that they are able to do a 1/32,000 shutter speed with no loss in image quality on a camera today is ‘in theory, they could move the blades closer together.’ (even though that hasn’t been done and even though it introduces rolling shutter). Show me a camera that does that today and doesn’t compromise image quality.

            Ever hear of rolling shutter? No? Maybe you should watch your own video 5 minutes in:

            Did you learn something about ISO & DR as well? No more pushing for ISO 10?

            • Hans J

              🙂 you’ll never understand.

  • I would love to see a D820 with following additional features:

    – IBIS (just like Pentax K-1)
    – Pixel/Sensor-Shift (because of movable Sensor for IBIS)
    – Astro-Tracer (because of movable Sensor for IBIS)

  • godafoss

    Unless Nikon has answer to DPAF for LV this will be a lame update. IQ wise D810 is still brilliant and moving it to 45MP won’t amount to much. DR will mostly improve at higher ISO which is nice, but they now have worst LV performance of all makes so they better do something fast. Video is terrible with fixed focus wouldn’t barely bother to use 4K video on my 5D4 if it didn’t have DPAF, it’s fantastic.

    • Antonio

      If you look at Nikon1 V3 you’ll realize the company has an answer to DPAF even if it will not build the D810 sucessor accordingly but it doesn’t seem to you as 5D4 user it will be that relevant after all.

      • Azmodan

        Pretty dumb comment, the V3 is a mirrorless camera, it does AF off the sensor plane using PDAF, but it’s nothing at all like DPAF. The D820 cannot in anyway use the V3 AF unless it becomes a mirrorless camera.

        Secondly you have no idea what’s relevant to me or not.

        • Antonio

          If you say so…but in my “dumb opinion” I’d suggest you read my comment again and verify that it was implicit that I don’t believe Nikon will use it in the sucessor of D810 and I would also suggest you have a look at the hybrid viewfinder patented by Nikon back in 2012(3?) that suggests they may have a possible answer for the use of PDAF.
          If they follow that road, move to a mirrorless or both is something we’ve to wait to see, at least IMHO.

  • Umano Teodori

    I am using the d810 since it was out with several photographers I’ve never had an issue. Honestly I dunno what to “ask” for to Nikon except the tiltable screen and a better and lighter small raw.

    To be super demanding I’d like a better rendition of hair and more color depth, when you compare to a ccd back there is still a lot do to on that matter, but none is expecting a ccd color, hair and skin tone quality.
    A softer and more natural rendition in contrast/sharpening could be nice

    I know it’s not going to happen but I’d like to have the borders of the viewfinder darkened when shooting crops like 5:4 like it happens on D3-4-5 series camera.

    Talking about dreams a brighter and bigger viewfinder and bigger af points coverage.

    Really other than this I dunno what to ask, to me d810 is still the best 35 mm camera and I’ve tried them all.

    • Turn af point illumination off and you’ll get a nice shaded crop area instead of an outline.

    • Antonio

      You can have a smaller file via the compression if you trust it will be really lossless but a “smaller raw” is something that doesn’t exist if you fix the wb or discard information as it happens to existing solutions. Either way what you will get is processed data/information and not the raw data from the sensor as it was captured and this is a big contradiction between demanding more Mpx and lighter raw files.

      • Umano Teodori

        sometimes there are no problems discarding informations, what I am saying is that now for sraw the loss of information is huge(only 9mpix file) but the file size is still big around 30 mb. I was talking about a 18mpix raw file loseless compressed at 14bit around 25 mb, half the mpix half the size 🙂

        • Antonio

          Yes, as you say sraw shows a huge quantitative loss of data for a so large resulting file and it can hardly be considered as a raw as it has a fixed wb.

          Discarding information (as it happens with all Jpeg files) can still offer satisfactory or very good results but unless there is a way of selecting que amount of data to be collected by the sensor reducing the mlx count through processing brings as a file that it is not a real RAW, no matter how good it can be.

          Thus the reason I said there is a contradiction between asking for more Mpx and lighter files, as to continue talking about RAW the only get is via is with new and more effective lossless compression techniques.

  • rafakoy
  • I have never had an SD card die, but did have 2 CF cards die. Read/write cycles are the same as I always shoot both cards in backup mode (RAW to both). I only use Lexar media for both cards, having had good luck with them in the past. Paying more for good cards does seem to make a difference.

    Several of my friends had SD cards die, but they were using cards with names I can’t even read let alone pronounce. They often go to Amazon, search for SD, sort by price, and buy the cheapest. You get what you pay for.

    Not saying you bought cheap, but that is certainly a factor in card longevity.

  • Michiel953

    1160? Nothing more to add really.

  • Disqus Discuss

    Any idea who will be making the new sensor for this? Sony’s recently stated that they will no longer sell their top sensors to others first. So, is Nikon sourcing this sensor from another company (and, which), or have they started building sensors again?

  • T N Args

    I’m guessing $4000, and probably worth it.

    A 46 MP FF will shoot 1.5 crop at 20 MP (birds, wildlife, long lenses). Nice.

    • Michiel953

      Crop? D500?


      • T N Args

        I never said D500. Are you baffling yourself?

        • Michiel953

          You’re an excellent reader. You never mentioned the D500, I did!

          Now put your thinking cap back on.

          • ToastyFlake


            • Michiel953

              Crop. 500.

            • T N Args

              I see he’s confusing you too. Quite the master.

            • ToastyFlake

              I’ve never felt quite so discombobulated.

          • T N Args

            Haha, I’m not doing ALL your thinking for you. Say what you mean clearly or be a troll.

            • Michiel953

              Always willing to help the needy, in particular those that resort to using the ‘t’ word.

              If you want to shoot birds etc with a 20Mp ‘crop’ sensor, get a D500. Nikon ‘cropped’ the sensor for you, free of charge, and you save some 2k in USD in the process.

              Any further explanation will carry a hefty price tag.

        • Peter

          I think Michiel was talking about D500 as a better performer for wildlife regarding fps and perhaps other things. On the other hand not everybody is willing or able to buy two different high end bodies…

          • Michiel953


          • T N Args

            Exactly my point. Thank you. Looks like everyone got it except Mr Baffled.

    • NotPartisan

      For a nature photographer who shoots mostly landscape, but also occasional wildlife/birds when opportunity arises, the 46mp D820 would serve very well.

      • T N Args

        Exactly my point. Thank you.

  • luca

    no IBIS for D820? Thumb down!

  • Like many here, I really hope this camera will be a revolutionary step and not an evolutionary.

    • Michiel953

      Evolutionary product development usually works best.

      • Typically but not necessarily in the electronic/technology arenas.
        Here’s an example: Nikon put out sb5000, great flash with amazing tech advances inside. But these advances on Nikon, we’re already done by Canon, they are done by other brands at fraction of the cost. To make it worst, sb5000 radio system only works on newer bodies. This this flash ends up being glorified smaller version of the sb910.
        I hope that this D8whatever, isn’t going to be repackaged version if the previous bodies but something that is consistent with Nikon Quality and up-to-date(ish) with technology.

        • Michiel953

          Evolutionary design progress is a lot more than repackaging. Look at the Volkswagen Golf f.i.

  • Henk van Mierlo

    Really, anything above 24 MP is ridiculous. You will only see the difference at F5.6-F11 with test charts. Above F11 diffraction wins from the resolution. I have a D800 but use the D750 for commercial work, because no one will ever see the difference in real life.

    • ToastyFlake

      I very much see the limitations of a 24MP sensor in bird photography, where the images are often heavily cropped.

  • Marion Pipos

    new version of snapbridge with Bluetooth v5
    100 cross colimators 80% coverage of fullframe
    SD cards UHS-III + XQD version 2.0

  • JetLi

    more stupid unfounded rumors and whishes.

  • Murat Sahan

    Basically an upgrade, the resolution is not that much more but I guess the new AF system is welcome so one can shoot in the dark. I personally would love a touch screen.

  • Daniel D

    So – for the users of D810 who invest in Compact Flash memory cards – what is the Nikon’s advice?

  • chandrashekar p

    What about video?

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