Getting closer to a Nikon announcement

I already reported that I expect new products to be announced in the 2nd or 3rd week of April. We are entering this period next week and there are already rumors floating around that we may see new products being introduced as early as next week (the one date I heard is April 11th but I am still not 100% sure). Nikon is already in their new financial year and I believe they have a lot of catching up to do. Here is a recap on what to expect:

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  • Abhinav

    Mirrorless large sensors …. Interesting

  • Abhinav

    Mirrorless with large sensors …. Interesting

    • Spy Black

      Sounds like camera porn…

    • paige4o4

      If “large sensor” turns out of be DX or smaller I’ll be disappointed. I want an A7 competitor ASAP.

  • “large sensors” as in medium format??

    • I understand that as larger than the Nikon 1. I doubt it will be medium format.

      • David

        Peter do you think there is any hope of that being an FX sensor ala A7R, or are we more likely to see a DX?

        • No idea.

          • Eric Calabros

            Two mirrorless body with same sensor size at the same time is a bit odd. Maybe one of them is V5.

            • Mistral75

              May be not that odd, remember Nex-3 / Nex-5 or Nikon One J1 / V1.

    • Julian

      hopefully Dx or Fx.

    • It will be DX. No one is doing medium format mirrorless. Only a few high end companies are doing medium format digital for special purpose professional work. No one will ever do medium format digital for consumers. It’s not needed.

      • Fuji and Hasselblad are doing medium format mirrorless. The Fuji is actually really nice. Have not seen the Hasselblad.

        • Hmm, I didn’t know that. But after seeing them, the Fuji is 6000+ USD and the Hasselblad is 9000 USD bodies only. Those don’t seem like consumer prices. Nikon has only delved into the spoiled rich person market once with the Df. And the D3X was their only foray into studio focused cameras. So who knows if they will go down this road. It would be a big risk for them and would require a new line of lenses as their current lenses don’t have image circles large enough to cover medium format (mostly). I seriously doubt they have the capital for that kind of R&D investment in the state they are in. It would be a very bold move for their board.

      • paige4o4

        “No one is doing medium format mirrorless.”

        I’d say its a fair bit more popular if you think about. There are actually the more companies doing MF mirrorless than there are doing FF mirrorless.

        Leica, Hasselblad and Fuji for Medium Format.
        Leica and Sony for Full Frame.

  • japangelo

    Hopefully they announce the D7500 on the 11th

    • 11th or the 12th, depending on your location

  • silmasan

    “Adapters”. Getting closer. 🙂

  • Mike

    Nowadays, it could either be a product announcement or a product un-announcement!
    Exciting Times! Go Nikon!

    — Mike

  • zzzxtreme

    2.7x crop factor has its advantages. Maybe give us digital teleconverter feature like in the OMDs, so I can still use my CX lenses for stills and videos. And C-mount lenses too

  • Mistral75

    Nikon D7500 will be announced shortly and available in June.

  • peter w

    I would really hope that D820 will replace my D300 spare camera in august… Serengetti wouldn’t be troublesome for a D300 at all, but, well, I love to look at invisible details.

    • big bawi


  • mok

    they like number 5 so maybe will be D850 and not D820, and D7500.
    Problem with D750 replacement, maybe D750s or D755 🙂

    • So that’s why there is no D750 replacement for now (read: this “5” generation)?

    • maxx

      This night I dreamt that the name could be Nikon D810 Mark II

      • ninpou_kobanashi


  • Eric Calabros

    Shouldn’t we know more details about D7500 by now?

  • Thylmuc

    That certainly doesn’t look like new thinking, after the announcement of recondering the business we saw recently. Compact cameras are dead, DX doesn’t make much sense any more (specifically when intending to make more profit), etc.
    Where is the kind of disruptive thinking that would make buyers interested again? Interchangeable viewfinders would be nice, or interchangeable top parts of the bodies, so that one could switch between a classical operating paradigm (Df) and a more modern one (all others), or a menu structure that could be configurated at a PC, so that one doesn’t have to scroll through endless options that he/she never needs. Just hide them…
    a smartphone/camera hybrid might gain some attraction.
    Even mirrorless nowadays will be just a “me too” without some fresh ideas.

    • John Albino

      “a menu structure that could be configurated at a PC” [sic]

      How many actually used that with a film-era F5, and how many thought it was a big inconvenience to need a computer connection to access detailed shooting info and additional custom settings? (And thus, actually used that computer-connection feature?)

      “DX doesn’t make much sense any more (specifically when intending to make more profit)”

      Ummm… DX sensors are still a lot cheaper to fab and acquire than FF, and have more than enough performance for a significant number of potential users. Gross profit is derived from the difference between input costs and actual selling price. Even though the DX product price may be lower than the FF product price, the actual total profit might well be much greater because of larger-selling quantities.

      In addition, if MILC fans are correct, and the future belongs to them and not to DSLRs, the production cost of DX MILCs will be far less than the production cost of an FF MILC, even though all mirrorless in general will be much less expensive to produce.

    • Hector Cordero Espaillat

      have you tried ¨MY MENU¨??
      it easy and fast for those menu items you need to access quickly

  • Pablo And-Jennifer Gabetta

    If a D5x is coming, it would be a high megapixel low fps like a D3x; But that is D8XX’s job now which leaves the D750 to be a true D700 replacement… but the D750 is not a pro model (no 1/8000 and small body)
    So I’d be surprised if they make a D5x next instead of a D5s.
    Rumors I read (which are not reliable at all) mention the D820/D850 coming in two flavors, one high megapixels and the other one even higher.
    That would make sense… maybe the higher mpx would be a 4fps shooter while the lower count could be 10fps (making it a true D700 replacement.
    Now, this is just me talking out of my behind, but it would make sense.

    • Antonio

      A true D700 replacement could never be limited to anything less than 1/8000s, enter the Mpx race or have a body layout à la D750, but If we get D820/D850 in two flavors and one of them is bellow 36 Mpx it could be it.

    • mnedes

      It’s not a “pro-model” but a lot of Pros use it … You can set ISO to 50 to effectively get 1/8000 from an exposure standpoint. You can get the battery pack to make a larger body.

  • TinusVerdino

    D7500 because more than incremental improvements like maybe articulated screen.

    • Mistral75

      Articulated LCD screen (tilting, actually) is confirmed.

  • DrNo666

    is d610 a dead product line?


      I think it is,
      I woul’d loved to see a d620-d650
      But hey it already exist in d750

  • I think the announcement will be Monday night US time or Tuesday morning EU time.

  • HKer

    My guess (and wish) is a combo of the best of Nikon 1 / Df / (DLs which never came out but they had the R&D done), all rolled into a body with either 1inch or FF sensor 🙂 High iso and medium ish FPS. With option for using the EL batteries or at least a battery say half the size but at least 700 shots. For working photogs this would be awesome as a third camera to fit alongside their arsenal of the larger FF cameras.

  • Alexander Otto

    D750 successor please. With good software like live time preview and live histogram. Or a body with in camera stabilization maybe? Or a new 16-35? So anxious!

    • Antonio

      Live histogram. Is it so difficult Nikon? Even the mobile phones have it

      • RC Jenkins

        Am I missing something? The D750 does have a live histogram…I’d love an improved live histogram closer-to-RAW rgb histogram whenever the next iteration is out, but I don’t really need it imminently. The existing live histogram works great.

        I didn’t buy this DSLR to shoot in live-view all the time. That’s what mirrorless cameras are for.

    • mnedes

      Also add touch-screen focus select.

  • zombietimeshare

    I can pretty much guarantee Nikon will be announcing a D820/D850 very soon—possibly next week. How? I finally got tired of waiting for them to announce a replacement and purchased a D810, which should arrive Monday. So, D820/D850, any day now.

    • Mistral75

      Not this time :).

      There is no registration of a successor to D810 by any radiocommunications agency.

      • zombietimeshare

        It will be Nikon’s best kept secret. Everything you wanted in a D810 replacement, plus same price point, and shipping in quantity immediately. All because I finally bought a D810. Thank you, you’re welcome.

    • XT

      I am annoyed by the delay also… I really wanted the D810 replacement this spring.

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      (^_^) I feel your pain, but I’m waiting!

    • Michiel953

      Nothing a lot wrong with the 810; the opposite really. Stop moaning and enjoy the camera and it’s output.

  • Chris

    What would df2 be like? I like my df but it has a few regrets.

  • kbb

    “Large sensor” has, in the past, meant ‘larger than a point and shoot’s 3x4mm sensor.’ Nikon 1 is considered by the Nikon marketing department to have a ‘large sensor’. It has also been commonly used…outside of Nikon… to denote sensor sizes up to APSC/DX.

    • that is true, but the hope is bigger than 1″

  • mnedes

    My guess: D750s (D750 replacement) with Exceed 5 AND touchscreen LCD.

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