Nikon Black Friday deals now live: free battery grip with the Nikon D810 and D500

The Black Friday deals I mentioned a few weeks ago are now live: free battery grip with the purchase Nikon D500 and Nikon D810 cameras. Note that the free battery grip comes on top of the latest DSLR price drops.

The Nikon lens only-rebates are also still going on and a new $40 off on the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G lens has been added.

The same deals are also available at Adorama (D750 linkD810 link) and Amazon (D750 link | D810 link).

New Sigma rebates were also introduced today:


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    • Spy Black

      Damn! I was ready to buy one too…

      • TwoStrayCats

        Just wait a bit and he’ll have a 300 f/2.8 for you at $329.00.

    • CERO

      “sold form china”… what did you expect? these fake vendors popup a lot in Amazon lately..

  • sampyth

    10% off on refurbished as well directly from Nikon. Price reflected when you add to cart, no coupons

    • codensnap

      Thank for this info. @Admin, any idea B&H/Adorama/Amazon will similarly drop 10% on refurbished bodies (specifically D7200)? I know that B&H/Adorama/Amazon were already priced just below Nikon’s current 10% discounted prices. Just wondering. Thank you.

  • Lee Burkhardt

    Just got the D810!!!

    • fanboy fagz

      mazal tov! enjoy

  • Matt

    This hitting amazon?

    • It’s already there – check the link in my post.

      • munpip214

        I’m not seeing the deals for the grips either on amazon and adorama. Only B&H link seems to work.

        • I will add the direct links to my post:

        • munpip214

          I called Adorama and it seems that online is only showing the battery grip if you get one of the accessories bundles. I you want the base model (with or without 16-80) with the grip, free battery, and get your reward you have to call.

  • BG

    Do I want a battery grip? No. Rather another $200 off the camera… just sayin’, Nikon.

    • T.I.M

      The battery grip is much more useful that most people think.
      It does improve handling a lot, specially when you shoot portraits.
      I have it on all my DSLR (D800,D7200,F6)
      Just make sure you get the genuine Nikon battery grip, other brands are waste of time (and money).

      • BG

        Yeah. I don’t shoot portraits. I don’t need a battery grip. Anyway, no big deal, just doesn’t make sense to push stuff on people that they don’t want.

        • ZoetMB

          I don’t need a battery grip either, but I don’t shoot stills like I’m shooting movies. Many of today’s photographers use the still cameras like machine guns and shoot several thousand images in a session. If that works for someone, fine, but I don’t want to come home and have to navigate through all those images. But shooting that way gives short battery life and people who do that need the grip. And shooting video can also wear the battery down.

          Some people shoot vertical and prefer the grip for it. I do shoot vertical, but I’m fine without the grip.

          • T.I.M

            Yes, there is “photographers” shooting thousands pictures for a weeding, stay away from them, they count on quantity rather quality.
            I’m from the “old school” when films were so expensive that every picture was “think” before pressing the shutter release.

            • ZoetMB

              Yes. My father was a pro photographer mainly shooting large and medium format. And by large, I don’t just mean 4×5 and 8×10 but also 16×20 and Cirkut panoramic photos, which were 6 to 12″ tall and several feet wide. He always prided himself on shooting efficiency, even on the rare occasions when he shot 35mm.

              And up until relatively recently, I shot even digital the same way. If I were shooting an event, inevitably the number of photos would be divisible by 36, usually no more than 108. (And even though you could sometimes get 37 or 38 shots out of a 35mm roll.)

        • Michael Cary Arellano

          I’ve now sold 3 MB-D12 grips on Craigslist, all sold within 24 hours of being listed. Well-used one for $150, good condition one for $185, new one for $200. You can also sell the SanDisk card/backpack/knockoff battery that come in the free bundle for another $50-60. It’s not that hard to re-sell something you don’t want…

          • Spy Black

            …unless you just want to buy something and roll with it. I know I don’t want to waste my time having to put something up on eBay or wherever and dealing with everything involved with that. Some people don’t mind, but some people just want wherever they want and that’s that.

            • Michael Cary Arellano

              I understand what you mean, everyone values their time differently. I get that. But my point is that it takes wayyy less than an hour to snap a photo, upload to CL, and drive (roundtrip) to sell a grip. For $200. So unless you earn less more $416,000 a year ($200/hr, 40hr/week), the opportunity cost of being paid $200 for an hour’s worth of work….I don’t understand people who have an issue with that. Unless it’s a matter of principle for them?

            • Spy Black

              Some people simply don’t want to be bothered, they just want to buy something and be done with it. I know I don’t. If I want to buy something on sale, it should be on sale, not with a prerequisite that I have to go pawn off some part of the package to get a good deal on something.

      • decentrist

        I’ve got a generic on a D810 body that has stood up to some rigorous use. It was $5.50 on an auction. The factory battery grip is superior, but the price differential can only be overcome by serious rationalizations, or Nikon giveaways.

    • Cesar Sales

      So get it and sell the grip for $300. Voila – $300 off!

  • mark meerdam

    replacement is coming shortly for sure….

    • ZoetMB

      Not necessarily. Sales like this are expected for the holidays and it’s Nikon desperately trying to make both 3rd and 4th quarter numbers. Remember, it’s only five weeks to the end of Nikon’s 3rd quarter (although most dealers have probably already purchased all of their holiday inventory).

      Having said that, June 2017 will make three years since the D810 hit U.S. dealer’s shelves. You won’t see a D500 update (unless it’s a very minor update just to make it seem new and to get Nikon a price increase) before May of 2018.

      • CERO

        I dont think he said replacement for D500l, but for D810.

  • B. Murray

    Such a good deal on the D810. Makes it very hard to wait for the successor. Nikon pricing/marketing/distribution gurus are doing their job well with this one…

  • Abdullah Barakat

    I have the option of buying the D500 from USA with these great deals, or buy it from here (Switzerland) with the same price but without any deal but with 3 years Swiss warranty. which deal should I take?!

  • BayouBill

    Thanks for the heads-up, Peter. I’ve ordered the D500/MB-D17 bundle on Amazon. I hope it focuses better on low-light nighttime outdoor sports than my D750 and D7000 do, and the image quality is acceptable under those conditions, otherwise it’s going back.

    • I am also ready to pull the trigger on that deal… still thinking 🙁

      • BayouBill

        Can be paid for over a 12-month period interest-free with an Amazon Store Card. Pretty painless that way.

    • jefffromvirginia

      I’m about to buy too. I rented the D500 a couple of weeks ago and thought it was great. However, I thought I decided to look at a used 7D Mark II because of the price difference. Now with the D500 being $200 off and a free battery grip, I’m leaning back to the D500.

  • Michael Moats

    How long are these deals good for, especially the D500 with grip?

    • The free battery grip is only for Black Friday (this week) but Nikon may extended it – I m not sure yet.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Anyone seen any Nikon 1 fire sales? I want a J5 and I have a feeling that one will be fire sold some time soon.

  • Eric219

    I bought the 50mm 1.8 for the $176.95. Any tips you can give me for portraits? I heard to shoot in aperture priority mode set at 2.8.

    • keep background further away, shoot f2, focus on eyes, use decent lighting

  • RC

    The grip is not free. It costs hundreds more on Amazon than the body only.

    • You have to select the correct bundle in order to get the free grip.

  • Mrudul Manu

    dude is there a deal, for nikon d5500 in canada?? please let me know 🙂

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