Small batch of Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR lenses sold in Japan are being recalled

nikon-af-s-nikkor-24-70mm-f2-8e-ed-vr-lens-recall1 nikon-af-s-nikkor-24-70mm-f2-8e-ed-vr-lens-recall2 nikon-af-s-nikkor-24-70mm-f2-8e-ed-vr-lens-recall3
Nikon Japan issued a statement that some Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR lenses sold in Japan from September to October 29, 2016 are having "a problem with the appearance" and will be replaced with new ones. From the Google translation I am not really sure what exactly is the issue - does anyone have a better translation?

This time, in our products Nikkor lens "AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f / 2.8E ED VR", that there was a problem with the appearance in the part of the products sold in Japan from September to October 29, 2016 There we found.

With regard to the products that fall into the following product numbers will be replaced with a new one.
Sorry to put you to inconvenience to customers.

Product No.
2000574, 2000575, 2000576, 2000577, 2000578, 2000579, 2000580, 2000581, 2000583 2000584, 2000585, 2000586, 2000587, 2000588, 2000589, 2000590, 2000591, 2000592 2000593, 2000594, 2000595, 2000596, 2000597, 2000598, 2000599, 2000600, 2000601 2000602, 2000603, 2000604, 2000605, 2000606, 2000607, 2000608, 2004099, 2004100 2004101, 2004102, 2004223, 2004224, 2004225, 2004226, 2004227, 2004228, 2004229 2004230, 2004231, 2004232, 2004233, 2004234, 2004235, 2004236 , 2004237, 2004238 2004271, 2004272, 2004273, 2004274, 2004275, 2004276, 2004277, 2004278, 2004279 2004280, 2004281, 2004282, 2004283, 2004284, 2004285, 2004286, 2004311, 2004312 2004313, 2004314, 2004315, 2004316, 2004317, 2004318, 2004319, 2004320, 2004321 2004322, 2004323, 2004324, 2004325, 2004326, 2004327, 2004328, 2004329, 2004330 2004331, 2004332, 2004333, 2004334

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  • Eledeuh

    The translation is more or less accurate as far as meaning is concerned.


    > Some of the [lenses] sold between September the 29th through October in Japan have been found to have external appearance flaws.

    • ok, thanks – so just a cosmetic issues, nothing to do with the performance of the lens

      • Eledeuh

        At least that’s what we can gather from their announcement.

      • Spy Black

        Has there been an image available of this supposed cosmetic damage? While I can see this being an issue, especially in Japan, one can’t help but feel something else is up.

        • since this is only for Japan, I doubt we will hear any details from users unless someone is on the Japanese forums

          • Captain Megaton

            I just had a quick check and can’t find anything other reposts of the announcement itself. Sounds like it was a manufacturing flaw on the finish or similar that was detected in house, probably the 100 people who bought the affected lenses (if indeed they were already sold and not just on store shelves still) aren’t even aware of it…

    • Eledeuh

      Not really “external”, more “external appearance”, which was in the GT version. I suppose it’s worth mentioning :

      外観 = outside condition, appearance

    • Captain Megaton

      Where “some” is literally less than 100 affected.

  • Nimloth

    If you wished to obscure the numbers 25594, a black rectangle would have been more efficient…

    • manattan

      How do you know they did not photoshop in those blurred numbers to purposely trick you… LOL

  • Eric Calabros

    Imagine sending your good copy lens just for some external appearance things and they give you a bad copy 🙂

    • Proto

      yup, hell no….

  • Proto

    Will they replace 24 70 with the new 70 200?

    Like a nice black friday aspect…

  • sickheadache

    Oh My Nikon, The Curse of Gojira continues. D600, 58mm, DL, Nikon 1, Key Mission, Nikon Software, D400, Nikon Df 1 and 2. What next D820 with only 36mp? Canon here I ….wait Canon still make shitty sensors. I love Nikon.

    • Nemmondom Meg

      Nikon 1 is perfect for what it is designed for. J2 i didnt like, v2 j5 are good. Nikon d600. I have, and have no problem with it. Nikon told me regardless anything, if i experience the oil issue, send in they repair it. Nikon df1 told to be a fantastic retro camera with ecrlent noise performance. Are you sure you know what was designed for what? Usually ppl talk shit about hammer when they wsnt to use it instead of a saw.

    • T.I.M

      what was wrong with the 58mm f/1.4 ???

      • ninpou_kobanashi

        It’s not sharp. “As designed”.

        • T.I.M

          I have one, it is very sharp (much sharper compared to the 50mm f/1.4G wide open).
          You may need to do an AF fine tune.

    • fanboy fagz

      Sb900 overheating d750 light leak+ shutter 24-70 zoom stiffness d800 left focus area

      • T.I.M

        SB900 overheating is true, that’s why you need 2 of them !

    • @sickheadache:disqus you forgot about the recall on the D750 not too long ago

      • sickheadache

        Oh thanks..I am glad that no one took what I wrote serious…oh wait…someone defended….Nikon…

  • Bart

    Hi, I have a new 24-70mm/F2.8E and it has no serial number plate. So, nowhere on the lens you can find a serial number…. Found out when I needed it for the insurance. You can call this a cosmetic issue as you like, but it is going to give some issues sometimes.

    • MacManX

      There is no plate. The s/n is engraved in the plastic as depicted above.

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      Er that might be a problem, for you to check your SN to see if your lens has a problem (^_^)

    • NicP

      Send it in they will replace that part (outer/barrel ring) with a serial number and you are good to go )

    • I missed the serial number even after several times of looking.
      Just looked again under bright light and found it. It’s not easy to see.

  • GeorgeofSacto
  • ZoetMB

    How many times has Nikon not admitted to quite serious problems? There is no way they’re doing a public recall and replacing with new lenses over a cosmetic issue.

    There’s something else going on here.

    And in much more important news, another earthquake and tsunami in the region today. Hope everyone is okay. According to reports, Tsunami was only 3′, so there shouldn’t be any major injuries or damage.

    • Eledeuh

      > There is no way they’re doing a public recall and replacing with new lenses over a cosmetic issue.

      I would say that Nikon or not, it’s not at all surprising in Japan.

      I know many people on here are from the U.S. and other countries, and I can’t say how Nikon handles customer service there, but I can tell you that their service has been absolutely top-notch every single encounter I had in Japan. That’s expected of them from their Japanese customers, and I suppose they have the means to better control that aspect since they’re based in Japan themselves.

      I suppose a few customers came to them complaining, and they deemed it reasonable to investigate the issue since it’s a high-grade and expensive lens.

      • NicP

        Seems like the firmware updates for the D4, they never mentioned or admitted freezing issues on their flagship, but eventually they did fix it with some updates.

        Nikon is based in Japan but they are globally present, for the moment, looks like they dont realize that.

      • ZoetMB

        If that’s accurate, that’s actually even more troubling – that they’re willing to provide quality customer service in Japan, but not necessarily elsewhere.

        • Eledeuh

          > that they’re willing

          Who says they’re “not willing” to provide it elsewhere ? That wouldn’t be the first company to have trouble maintaining the same level of customer service everywhere.

          Take Apple for instance, I often hear lots of compliments from people in the U.S. while in France and Japan I’ve only ever had average to outright terrible service.

          • ZoetMB

            They’re not willing because they don’t. They’ve closed down service centers and my experience is that they push hard not to honor warranties. They always try to say things like, “it’s not covered – it took a “hit”” when there’s absolutely no evidence of that. But if you fight them, they usually relent.

            At the PhotoPlus expo, Sony, Canon and Sigma have repair services set up. Nikon never does. NPS members probably get better service, but non everyone meets the qualifications even if they buy as much as a pro.

            As to whether Apple has good or bad customer service throughout the world is completely irrelevant, but I have always had amazing customer service from Apple in the U.S., although as Apple has become bigger, they make fewer exceptions to policies.

            • Eledeuh

              > As to whether Apple has good or bad customer service throughout the world is completely irrelevant,

              My point is that service in Japan from Nikon (and Fujifilm, as a matter of fact) was stellar even for regular customers. They take the time to consider your case and try to help within the limits of what’s reasonable for them. I’ve even been offered free servicing of out-of-warranty cameras at times.
              I hear the service is far from being as good in *other* countries, and I’m just making a comparison with Apple since you appear to be from the U.S., and which observes a similar pattern : usually pretty good CS in the home country, pretty bad CS outside of the home country.

              It may just be harder to manage high quality out-of-country customer services, especially for more moderate to large user-bases and demanding needs such as camera & lens servicing (requiring technical proficiency as well as being somewhat of a good salesperson).

              Closing centers may just be them admitting they can’t meet the expectations with their own means. It would be better to see them step up and handle it properly, but if they can’t do that right now it may make more sense to retreat.

            • Thom Hogan

              As I’ve noted before, the way Nikon sets up subsidiaries and manages them comes into play. Subsidiaries are separate companies whose Japanese-executive-on-loan are monitored by sales/cost/profit metrics. They is no incentive that I know of to improve customer relations involved in the assessment of what to do with those execs when they rotate back into upper management in Japan. It’s all about bottom line dollars and cents.

              Moreover, Japan dictates the price the subsidiaries pay for the product and I’m pretty sure does not additionally reimburse in any way for warranty repairs except in extreme cases like the official recalls.

              Bottom line is that customer service looks like an expense to those Japanese execs, and they’ll do anything to minimize it in order to look better on rotation back into Japan.

          • NicP

            They cannot support customers as smoothly as in their country for their already purchased goods, but they can support the quality of production of some lately appeared expensive products produced in an other country not famous for quality productions. Some thoughts.

          • Thom Hogan

            Not been my experience with Apple overseas.

            But service is definitely one area that has a tendency to get cut back or given less support by management because it’s not deemed a revenue source, but an expense.

            The problem every company that thinks that way runs into is this: customer service is the first or second most likely place that a customer runs into your organization. What they see in that experience reflects their opinion of the brand downstream.

            I’ve been warning about this for years. Nikon’s customer support wasn’t great to start with and has gone downhill in a lot of different ways. It’s impacting how people feel about Nikon.

          • Carleton Foxx

            Not only that, Apple customer service depends on how you interact with the particular Genius the day you go in. I’ve had amazing service here in the US, but I try to make a point of being deferential to the Genius.

            • Eledeuh

              I suppose it’s worth noting that I typically don’t go to Apple’s CS unless I’ve exhausted all other options, and I’m certainly not the average customer when it comes to my typical problems (hard to fix and usually because of them (manufacturing and/or design issue), that is, if enough people have it, it usually translates into worldwide servicing at some point, otherwise it’s for your wallet).

              I’m a software engineer by trade and have a pretty good knowledge of their whole ecosystem. So when I go to the genius bar, I will have a list of what has been tried so far, what I’ve gathered from official and unofficial sources if relevant, and generally give as full a picture as possible. What I expect in return from their Geniuses, when a $3000 machine fails very early in its lifetime, is to at least have *some* proficiency in how their own system works, and not just run a checklist like a robot.

              At this point it seems they just optimized the CS for iPhone users, in order to facilitate exchanges, and in the process they completely threw away their support for professionals who buy their priciest products.
              It’s made me lose a *heck* of lot of both time and money at this point, and it will require a lot from them to make up for it, not that I think they ever will.

              As a counterpoint for instance, the guys I’ve faced at Nikon CS in Japan don’t act like robots, they take the customer’s input into account and usually give you some contextual information when available.

            • Carleton Foxx

              You’ve nailed it—creative thinking is verboten at the Genius Bar…but by being patient and quiet I have several times received free- or reduced-price repair or replacement. My tongue was a bloody stump from having to bite it for so long though….

              Their customer service people are VERY highly scripted, and are forbidden to even hint that there’s a problem ….the trick is just to nod your head, make encouraging noises, and let them run their insanely long checklists because anything you say or do (or bring in for them to read) just takes them out of their zone and slows down the process.

        • Thom Hogan

          This has been true for decades, and reveals the flaws in Nikon’s “globalness.”

    • fanboy fagz

      Exactly what i say .. For a stupid external appearance? No way. Its an excuse because another qc problem gets spread all over and their rep is pretty shitty with that already

    • CERO

      What if this batch had paint problems?
      Nothing serious.
      Or they forgot to add a protective coat to the plastic.. thus feels too rubbery.
      Perhaps it was a simple production error.

  • fanboy fagz

    External appearance is what they say. Who the hell know if something else is really wrong but if they downplay it to just external appearance its not so bad

    • ZoetMB

      When someone lies to you, you don’t trust them again. The worst thing any company to do is to lose the trust of their customers. That ruins their reputation and the brand forever. So it is potentially bad, if it’s revealed that it’s not cosmetic, which I’m sure will happen. (All IMO, of course).

      • NicP

        Agree. It’s the trust for a brand you invest, not only invest but also believe that is able to give products that meet your requirements, also that heritage that carries makes you feel sad when things go wrong. If that trust brakes the end isn’t far away.
        If flows appear, only thing Nikon should do is to admit it, fix it and then trust will bond again.
        Who wouldn’t prefer strong support even if some products weren’t as good (which isn’t the case for Nikon products).

      • fanboy fagz

        bravo. smells fishy. very dangerous when someone will reveal whats the real reason. they dont give a rats ass that rubbers on everything is falling apart but now they care about a few specific lenses from the production line that have a supposed appearance issue? smelly and not kosher

  • Sandy Bartlett

    93 Lens. For cosmetic reasons. Sky is falling.

  • Carleton Foxx

    This does it. I’m switching back to film. Anyone want to send me a decent-condition Nikkormat and a brick of Tri-X?

    • true

      just buy fuji xt-2

  • true

    I bet canon lenses don’t have this many recalls

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