Nikon 2016 Black Friday deals leaked online


Update: the deals mentioned in this post are now live.

This is Nikon's flyer with their deals for the upcoming 2016 Black Friday (November 25). Most of the savings are already available now, but there are some good deals that will be exclusive for Black Friday, for example: free battery grips with the Nikon D500 and D810 in addition to the recent $200 and $500 instant rebatesΒ (see screenshot above).

There will be also some new lens-only rebates (currently there is only one Nikon lens rebate):

Here are the rest of theΒ Nikon 2016 Black Friday deals:


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  • nwcs

    These look OK but they aren’t very impressive for those older models. It’s amazing how much old inventory they must be carrying.

    • rich

      I think camera tech is getting to computer tech where you don’t really need to upgrade every few years. The d750 which I own since release really satisfy all my photography needs. Maybe faster shutter and better video features, which I don’t really use but nice to have. I know people that like to see spec upgrade, but I am saving my money for lenses.

      • nwcs

        That’s definitely been true for a while but these deals should be enticing to those who do want to upgrade at least.

      • That is very true.
        When I bought my D600, I saw the dynamic range had finally reached that of negative colour film, the resolution roughly matches film, and the banding issues of older DSLRs were gone, and the higher ISOs blew away film completely.
        I haven’t really felt any need to upgrade, it just works good enough for what I need. (Although the D750 is really tempting, and being able to record decent video instead of moire filled video would be nice…)

        • masterac

          i own the d600 like you, havent seen good improvement on the d750, i am waiting for the new model.
          instead i bought the d500…and holy…..t

          that thing is amazing, and thats what i call an upgrade, 10 fps, 8000 of a sec and of course the 1.6 million iso, even if the sensor is DX and get noise faster, i dont mind pushing iso up to 25 000 and still get acceptable pic.

          also white balance is so much better to tweak,
          i cant wait for the 750 upgrade, i am hoping to have up to 500 000 iso on it, backlight button, water resistant, and moving screen.

          the fact is if i could find a f1.4 lens for my d500, i dont think i would take out my d600 anymore.

        • RC

          I shoot with a D600 and a D810, and the D810 has better white balance and AF (speed and accuracy). It’s also much quieter. While these cameras are great, they can always improve AF and speed. I look forward to their next models.

  • Nikos Chazaridis

    After all the layoffs on many countries and all the old stock they carry, these look ridiculous.

  • SteveWithAnS

    The D810 and D500 deals are the only options that actually strike me as deals. The D810 tempts me as I bought the D500 and battery grip when it first came out. I would have loved to pay the current price, but I don’t regret the past 7 months I’ve spent using it. The lens deals are not that impressive at all. I wish they would offer the 85mm F/1.8g for $400 again…

    • Yes, those two are really good deals, especially the D500 since it was released just few months ago.

      • SteveWithAnS

        I’d buy the D810, but I think I need to spend $500 on a 4gb graphics card so I can edit the 4K video clips from my D500 more easily, and I also need to blow $1500 on a 4K tv so I can actually view my clips in their true 4K splendor.

        The D500 has been a dream for street photography so far. I shoot street most often because I work in downtown Chicago and can shoot that on a daily basis. The 200-500mm has been collecting dust…

        • 4K capture isn’t for 4K playback, it’s for digital motion reduction, cropping, chroma keying, noise reduction, and all kinds of additional flexibility in post for a 1080p playback.

          Hold off on that 4K TV til the tech has matured a bit more, you know it’s going to get better and cheaper over time.

          • SteveWithAnS

            I’m no Hollywood movie producer, but the 4K footage looks a hell of a lot better than what I used to shoot in 1080p. I agree that the ability to crop is nice though, but I’d rather just frame my shot up properly to begin with.


          • That’s already happened. Decent 4k sets are pretty reasonable today. GPUs are pretty much up to speed. Most CPUs and gfx software are still a little behind. (LR isn’t four times faster with 12mp files than it is with 50mp files in my experience, and video render steps that aren’t GFX accelerated appear to take more than 4x longer at 4k than 2k).

            4k playback, however, is here. And great. Content…not so much yet. Unless you’re into video games.

            (EDIT: I just said “video games”. Wow. Did I just expose my Colecovision?)

      • Cheeks4dayz

        I just bought the D500 at crutchfield should i return it so I can get this deal? Or does anybody know if they’d honor it if I called them on black friday

        • Not sure, if they have a 30 days price guarantee, you should be fine. Call them and ask them.

          • Cheeks4dayz

            Thanks Will do! I’m loyal to them because they have a very effortless 60 day price gurantee. I’ll post back with what I find πŸ™‚

            • RC

              So what’d they say?

      • masterac

        the d500 naked is around 1900 franc chf in swiss, so around 1771 euro, when in france official saler get it for 2200 euro.

    • Vlad Pasculescu

      @stevewithans:disqus I have a Nikon 85mm f/1.8 that I purchased brand new and have been trying to sell. I’ve been looking to upgrade so the lens is all yours if you’re interested. It’s in “like new” condition and has all of the caps, packaging, and papers.

  • dkap57

    Curious how the D5 is a Black Friday “deal” at $6499.95

    • Yes, that’s stupid.

    • nwcs

      No one said it’s a good deal…

  • AYWY

    It does look like they will rely on discounts and deals on older bodies to carry them through the holiday season.

    • Thom Hogan

      Everyone seems to be missing the D3400 two-lens kit at US$500. That’s not an older body, and it’s a significant discount to launch. As my reviews noted, it’s also a darned good entry camera, though with a couple of hiccups.

      • MonkeySpanner

        The add for the d3400 says it includes a DX af-p 70-300 (?). Is this a known DX lens?

        • Thom Hogan

          Yes, see my review of the VR version, posted a week or so ago.

          • MonkeySpanner

            OK, wow – where have I been? Too bad my d5500 can’t take advantage of the new faster LV AF system. That is the one big complaint I have had about Nikon DSLRs – LV really sucks to use.

            • KnightPhoto

              Your D5500 is fully compatible
              “Fully compatible models: D5500, D5300*, D3400, D3300*, D500 and later models”… ones with a star need to apply a firmware update

            • MonkeySpanner

              I read Thom’s review of the d3400, in it he put the new 70-300 af-p lens on the d500 and got the same old crappy LV focus speeds. I was guessing that my d5500 would probably be in the same boat.

            • KnightPhoto

              I think D5500 is in the same (good) boat as the D3400 per Thom “If you need a low-cost, light, competent DX telephoto zoom and have one of the most recent low-end DX bodies (D3400, D5500), the 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 AF-P VR just became the lens to buy. ”

              FWIW I tried the 70-300 AF-P AF on my D500 and seemed decent on my D500 (better than I recall my AF-S lenses performing in LiveView). My demoing wasn’t rigorous enough to notice how that compared to the D5500 I also tried but it was a darn-sight better than a Fuji XT-2 and 100-400 I tried at the same show.

          • MonkeySpanner

            OK, I see it now. Guess I was in a coma. Now where are the AF-P primes? Some nice small afp primes on a d3400 size body would be really cool.

            • DX primes have been missing for a long time.

            • MonkeySpanner

              Yeah, I know. If we have a DX mirrorless coming – maybe that will get us more DX primes.

            • Pat Mann

              An entire line of very capable cameras with nothing but slow zooms or large and expensive overdesigned FX lenses for those who want to shoot wide, and a whole army of mirrorless vendors nibbling at their heels with great fast primes for their cameras. The latest mirrorless bodies are quickly narrowing the gap with the Nikon DX bodies. Don’t they see this happening? Where are their lenses? Where are their enthusiast mirrorless bodies?

  • Just when I want to purchase two D5’s, there will be no BF deals. Bummer.

    • Thom Hogan

      I have to wonder whether Nikon is doing the right thing with the D5. In essence, both Canon and Nikon are trying to preserve a high-end, flagship price point. But I wonder what would really happen if one of them made a big move here and priced the camera at US$4995. I can’t see them losing money on that, but suddenly the other company would look too costly.

      Truly if you want someone to switch brands, you have to do something that triggers that switch, and price is a big potential trigger. The fact that neither makes such a move indicates that they really don’t care about switching.

      • Horshack

        I wouldn’t expect a duopoly to compete with each other on price.

        • Thom Hogan

          Generally, they don’t. However, it’s knockout time. You don’t get many chances at that.

      • I’m really not enticed by the D5 raw files. I’m actually thinking about picking up a D3x for something with a little more resolution. The newer sensors just aren’t very good at reds in the studio. Dunno if it’s a CFA thing or what.

        • Thom Hogan

          Every time I hear this complaint I shudder.

          So let’s make things very, very clear: what you’re complaining about is your raw converter, not the camera.

          Now some converters make getting the conversion you really want more difficult to get. Some add unseen “corrections” (Adobe secretly adds 0.35EV in exposure on your D5 raw files to produce Exposure of “0” ;~). Some converters have color models that don’t balance well against the spectrum balance the camera produces. Some converters have strange assessment of white balance.

          Technically, what we all need is to profile our cameras carefully. That won’t exactly work if you’re haphazard about exposure or light sources. But that’s what the true pros do: develop their own conversion parameters for what they were shooting.

          • Uh…ok, I get how you might be used to hearing this from people who don’t know what do with their files, but I assure you I do.

            And yes, I know that in addition to their own (sometimes not so great) profiles, other things like exposure (and NR and sharpening and almost anything you have a slider for, and some things you don’t) aren’t exactly “equal” between cameras. And yes, I wish they could just nail color balance so it was equal between cameras. (and no, it’s not just the lenses…mostly)

            No, I’m that obsessive who has a profile for every single ISO, for every single body.

            I’m using ACR/LR, and I can tune out most differences there. But once things are normalized, I still see a difference in the red channel. It’s noisier in the newest bodies. Even at base ISO. Especially higher ISOs.

            The D3x is superior here. Especially on dark reds. The D3s is similar, and the D700 is somewhere in between. I’ve tried the different profiles in the “calibration” panel, including adding some third party ones. There are real differences.

            I’m not saying it’s not the software I’m using (ACR). But if it is, it’s not something that can be tuned out. Whether it’s hardware or software is moot if it can’t be fixed in the software I actually use.

            But yes, I’m able to make them mostly obscured–I’ve mixed C & N on a wedding and can erase most differences. Years ago, I put my D2x up against the 1Ds mkii and could make the color differences invisible there too.

            I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about noise. I don’t think I’m imagining it.

            • Thom Hogan

              “Just aren’t very good at reds” is a bit different than “reds are noisier than blue.”

              A dirty little secret that all the camera companies have is that they make small changes to the Bayer filtration (and sometimes the sensor itself has a slightly different basic monorail spectral response).

              One way you can see this is to try to figure out what the balance point for white balance is on a neutral subject (equal RB channels). On Nikon bodies that has ranged from something near 4000K to above 5000K over the years and different models. The D3s/D4s/D5 have had different “stronger” channels than the Sony sensor-based cameras have (e.g. D3x).

              But whether the red channel is “noisier” or not is going to depend upon the lighting you’re shooting under, too.

              So the question is this: what lighting are you shooting under?

  • Lee Burkhardt

    Too bad they can’t do the D750+free grip.

  • rich

    I want lens discounts. 105 or 85mm 1.4.

  • Photobug

    Nice. Thanks for the advance notice Peter.

  • ZoetMB

    In almost every case for those cameras, the “Black Friday” price has existed for at least a few weeks. The exception is the D3400, which is a $50 reduction. In a few cases, they’ve actually raised the price. And the Keymission prices are exactly the announced list prices – they’re not “Black Friday” prices at all. There are some discounts on the lenses although some of them have been at that price already as well.

    IMO, they shouldn’t be permitted to advertise a price as a Black Friday discount if they’ve already been selling at that price or a lower price.

    • The only good deals are the free battery grips for the D500 and D810 and the new lens rebates.

      • Eric Calabros

        D3400 with two lenses for only $500! They actually give away the 70-300. Thats why they made a non-VR version. Its made to be gift πŸ™‚

        • Thom Hogan

          And this is exactly the brand trashing type of thing that I keep writing about Nikon doing.

          Great, you hook a new user with the enticing price. They take it out, zoom all the way in, and get…crappy results. They then think less of the brand and next time go elsewhere.

          Cutting costs is not a long-term viable strategy. Nikon has been doing it for quite some time now, and they’re shooting themselves in the upper thigh now.

          • Eric Calabros

            They also make an expectation path they don’t have an affordable answer for. They let entry level user experience the exciting reach of 300mm. When consumers enjoy this range of focal length, they don’t like to go back to 200 or shorter. They soon will realize they need an upgrade jump for longest end of the lens atleast. One stop faster, and VR. Where is Nikon zoom with 300mm f/5.6 VR? FX 70-300? But its too old, and softer than what they already have. 300mm f/4? But its out of their budget.

            • Thom Hogan

              The sad truth is that Nikon mostly abandoned the “upgrade path” folk. The whole 18-xx superzoom thing was a shot at the one-time purchaser who wants convenience. You see it in the Coolpix P900 and DL 24-500mm designs, too.

              The thing that Nikon didn’t fully consider in putting so much effort in that group is that they aren’t loyal repeat purchasers. They’re not loyal because Nikon lowered many of their standards; they’re not repeat purchasers because they don’t need anything else until that one breaks.

              The one reasonable upgrade path that Nikon did have was to take serious DX users and try to push them into FX. Now that this is mostly accomplished, what next?

            • Sawyerspadre

              DX primes? πŸ˜‰

        • Captain Megaton

          Yes, that is exactly why they made a non-VR version.

          On the other hand they do also make a VR version, so if a) you are too stupid to know which you need or b) really don’t need VR – well Nikon has an option for you!

    • Wade Marks

      It’s a promotional flyer showing all of their products. The ones with discounts are so noted.

      This is very common and nothing misleading.

  • Michael Cary Arellano

    The D810 + MB-D12 for $2500 is a smoking deal!! I thought it was a steal at $3300 new considering the DR and IQ. Looks like I’ll be getting a third πŸ™‚ Nothing that camera can’t do!

  • Filipe Caetano

    Should we expect those deals outside US also?

  • Zenettii

    Raised prices as the year went on, then when Xmas comes round they put on a “sale”bringing the gear back down to its original price. Nice one. Funny past is I can still but all of these as separate items for cheaper than these prices because I don’t let myself grey mugged of buy nikon warranty lies that my insurance is better than.

    • Peggiembolduc4

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  • HD10

    If Nikon follows the D700/D300 + MB-D10 route, the MB-D17 for the D500 could be used with the FX version of the D500.

  • Sergey Rozhdestvenskiy

    Current D810 price at B&H is 2,496.95. You don’t have to wait till Black Friday. Only wait if you need a free battery grip. But do you really need it? I don’t. So if you don’t need one too then do you agree with me that above discount for D810 is a joke? I would consider it a discount if price dropped i.e. to 2,299.99 or less. And it will when they announce it’s successor.

    • Michael Cary Arellano

      The grip sells for $347 new, and $200 new/like-new all day long on Craigslist. Buy the combo, sell the grip. You just paid $2,299.99 for a brand new US D810.

      • Sergey Rozhdestvenskiy

        I agreed, but I just don’t wan’t to spend time selling items. Why don’t they just reduce the price? I guess they need to clear stock and at the same time want to get as mush $ as possible. Because 99% don’t need that battery grip anyway. But now you have to buy it first and then do whatever you want including selling it.

  • Daniel V.

    How much of this is true? I really want to buy D500 now but if I can get free grip with it I’ll have to wait!

  • Daniel V.

    Also if true will this be a promo applied to authorized dealers as well or to the Nikon store only?

    • Sawyerspadre

      Usually both, but it would be up to the individual dealer to participate, or not.

  • Ric of The LBC

    Df must be selling as expected so there are no discounts. πŸ™‚
    Yes, this is a Df hater troll bait.

    • I love the Df – I hope they don’t kill that line.

  • Daniel V.

    Just confirmed by one of the US dealers I spoke to! $200 off and free grip for D500! Sweet!

    • KnightPhoto

      That is a smokin deal. For those who haven’t partaken yet, both the cam and grip are phenomenal. And the 16-80 is no slouch if purchased for the kit price.

    • Sreejith SD

      Do we get these Nikon D810 Black Friday deals from resellers like B&H,Bestbuy,Adorama or need to order from Nikon only?

  • SmarterEnu

    It is no wonder Nikon and Canon are laying off people – They are selling obsolete camera technology at rip off prices. Consumers see no value anymore in buying these clunkers when they get great looking snaps to share with their cheap cell phones that have wifi, bluetooth,gps tagging.
    They are selling the same as tube radios and think they are competing.
    My last ‘upgrade’ was a D7100 and see no need to change camera bodies for newer models that do not take significantly better quality pictures.

    • SteveWithAnS

      The best photos from cell phones that I see are from hot chicks with big t*ts, but I guess I am not exactly critical with image quality when it comes to those photos. These instagram hotties are sitting completely still and snap hundreds of pictures of themselves and then post it to the w3b at low quality resolutions, so I guess I will never know if their pics are as good as mine or not. I kind of doubt their cell phones can acquire focus as fast as my D500 and accept interchangeable lenses as well as it though. I am also guessing they cannot fill the frame with birds in flight…

  • SmarterEnu

    Finally a post by a photographer. It is NOT the camera that makes great pictures. Otherwise Michaelangelo was not needed and anyone could have used the same paint brushes for the same results.

  • shutteremotion

    For those north of the border, Canada will not get the same free battery grip offer with D810 and D500.

  • Sreejith SD

    Do we get these Nikon D810 Black Friday deals from resellers like B&H,Bestbuy,Adorama or need to order from Nikon ?

    • You can get it from the retailers – I will post the links here on the blog once they become available. Stay tuned.

      • Sreejith SD

        Thanks !

      • Sreejith SD

        Nikon has posted Black Friday sales event and deals in their website but not seeing most of the deals in this adscan

        • That means those are not the final deals πŸ™‚

          Little tricks companies do.

          Can you sent me the link so I can check them out please?

          • Sreejith SD

            I already posted the link earlier and it was pending for admins approval.Its again in Nikons USA website saying Black Friday event

  • Ujjwal Das

    Hi Expert,

    I am looking Nikon D5500 with 18-55 VRII kit along with AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED VR ($99.95) But stil My Cart is showing $149.95 for addl lens. Do you have any idea when the deal time is start???

  • OSCE-NYSE General

    The D810 is old NWCS, but it still smokes the 5D Mark IV in everything but video, because of 4K.. but even at that, the codec is GARBAGE. The 4K in the Mark IV is probably its biggest failing. D810 is still the best overall camera you can get.

  • Mau

    Have these deals been confirmed by Nikon USA or any retailers? I can’t find/see them anywhere other than here on NR.

    • Yes, they will not make the deals official until the rebates are live, that’s the whole point of me posting the leaked flyer. Once the deals are live, I will post the details online.

      • Mau

        Oh I see. Awesome! Looking forward to it! Can’t wait to buy a D500!

        • I think there will be some new deals introduced this weekend, not sure if they will be the Black Friday deals. Stay tuned!

  • T.S. Jarmusz

    The D750 has been $1,799 on Amazon for at least a year. Now they inflate it to $1,999 so you think you get a “deal” by saving $200. What a crock. Thanks but no.

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