Nikon D5600 camera to be announced next (soon)

A few days ago I mentioned in the comments section that the Nikon D5600 camera is coming soon. I now received some more information and the new D5600 could be announced very soon - maybe as early as next week. The main differences from the current D5500 model (pictured above) will be SnapBridge and improved dynamic range (same as the D7200). I do not expect the D5600 to have 4k video.

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  • Glen

    That would explain the deep discounts they had earlier in the year. Picked up a D5500 kit for my wife for $500 during the Target fire sale since I never could get her to figure out back button AF when borrowing my D600. Makes a great video camera too with the swivel screen.

    • Max

      Now she can learn back-button af with the d5500

      • Glen

        She won’t, she is very anti learning anything technical about cameras.

        • Eric Calabros

          Don’t say it loud.. Sexism cops are everywhere.

          • TheInfinityPoint

            Don’t forget the sexism gestapo lol.

          • lazlo toth

            Not sexism. Just some guy talking about something his wife won’t do. If he had said something like “Women don’t like to learn technical things,” that would be sexism.

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      Same thought here, albeit in the refurbished world. That was an amazing price for new though! Also seeing big drops on the D7200, at least on the gray market, so a D7300 is probably around the corner, too.

  • Hehe if it would be a fuji x camere the owners of d5500 would get a firmware upgrade. I think that the time for swiching to sony or fuji is getting closer every day.

    • rich

      come again, improve dynamic range must be a hardware sensor upgrade. Snapbridge use bluetooth not the wifi only on older models, so it is not a firmware update. Fuji use the same sensor for years on different cameras. Their camera release is more like a firmware beta like the snapbridge software and you have to wait for firmware.

    • Mike

      Sony and Fuji release cameras with incomplete firmware and somehow look like industry heros when they add what should have been there from the start. Must be nice to know the camera you have today isn’t as good as it will be a month from now.

    • Emanuél Sánchez

      absolutely right. Nikon is holding back technology. What I think about Nikon is. The hardware is very good, but the programmers are lazy lazy lazy. And I am (was) a huge Nikon fanboy.

    • akkual

      You can’t add snapbridge as firmware update to d5500, because it doesn’t have the required hardware (BT LE).

  • sickheadache

    This only Applies to DX Queens…We need some FX King updates…lol

    • Well, the queen can travel anywhere as she likes. The king is limited.
      P.S. The Dx D500 gives same results as my D800.

      • Gerard Roulssen

        Your D500 gives you the same results as your D800? Then hold on to it, because it’s the only sample that can do that …

        • I have 800e and I compared the D500 files to it. And I shot it myself for a whole day.

          • Proto

            Thanks! I feel better with your feedback.

            Better to switch to D900 – for most bang for the buck (assuming D900 has good specs given the time Nikon is taking to create it)

            • For ultimate quality Fx (newer ones) are definitely better. And current Fx is always going to be better than Dx. No arguments there. Even I am planning for D900 when it arrives.

      • Spy Black

        My J4 images look the same as my D600 images on Facebook too…

      • sickheadache

        The same? You must handle the D800 poorly. Love these statements…giggles Sunday…

        • Or the 500 spectacularly? Have you even checked the D500 out?

          • sickheadache

            Progress…no regress…FX here…zero desire to return back to the land oz…lol. Medium Next.

            • Yes. With medium format, less problems to recover from. Pity that your medium format camera wouldn’t go and click the pictures itself.

            • sickheadache

              Ur weak from the get go…move on Ken Rockwell.

      • sickheadache

        I hear The Toof Fairy is still alive.

      • sickheadache
        • 99 percent of my work is at high ISO. D500 is companion to D5. A sports and BF camera where high ISO performance is important. So it matters. And you think DXO is gospel?

          • sickheadache

            No spin allowed.

            • Fair enough. What I meant was ” Dxo numbers are not based on high ISO performance as has been discussed many times here. ( Personally I don’t care about numbers. I go only by what I see myself in working conditions – shooting and post processing. And what I saw was what I stated.

  • Manuel Ferreira

    I’ll buy one , if it comes with 4K video and a crop mode 1.3, like D7200 !

    • no 4k video, I just updated my post

      • NikonFanboy

        looking forward to know any information with regards to D810 replacement? something little bit of sign or info would be encouraging…;)) nfb

        • T.I.M

          What’s wrong with your D810 ?

          • Lukasz

            the number 810 is wrong, anything higher will be OK (for some time at least…)

            • T.I.M

              The D800 was made in Japan, the D810 in Thailand, the D820 may be made in my kitchen…

            • Proto

              Will you gift me your 200mm/f2 during thanksgiving?

            • T.I.M

              No, but you could get the new 105mm f/1.4 and add a TC-20EIII on it !

            • m35g35

              Not exactly true. My D800E has a stamp saying made in Japan. Maybe at some point Nikon shifted production to Thailand.

            • T.I.M

              Yes, the D800/D800E were made in Japan.
              Only the D810 are made in Thailand.

            • Marc W.

              Then get the D7200. It’s a bigger number. 😉

          • NikonFanboy

            Nothing Wrong..I have d800e it’s brilliant…still enjoying it…just being greedy that’s all…;) can’t wait to see how they can replace the legendary camera and what’s is at stake? 😉

        • sorry, have not heard anything and I do not like to make up rumors

          • NikonFanboy

            Ok thanks

          • NikonFanboy

            Looks like it’s going to be quite up until release date..same as D500? For Feb release at least by now you should have heard something atleast; don’t you think admin?

          • Proto

            LOL. “I do not like to make up rumors”…. i know you did not mean it that way

        • julian_n

          It may be that if the D820 follows current trends it will be a D810 with SnapBridge!

      • Manuel Ferreira

        I d’nt understand why no 4K video in this segment. Coolpix’s B700 and A900 got it ! I stay with the Coolpix B700 then…

        • Manuel Ferreira

          As I already got a D7200…

  • AYWY

    I think many people will pick up a D5600 if only they included an AF fine-tune function. It will be the biggest upgrade feature over the D5500…

    D5500 is such a very light, portable and competent camera with some very useful articulated touch-screen features that even the “pro” bodies don’t have. Someone in product planning just has to cripple it somehow…

    • Eric Calabros

      AF fine tune in D3xxx/D5xxx series is just wasting time because AF system accuracy tolerance is more than letyour tuning show its benefits. I tried with some non-official solutions and it didn’t get better. sometimes even worse.

      • Jim Huang

        But D5200 and newer series has the same or very similar AF system from D7000 and its the same from D600 series. I’m not system they are fantastic, but shouldn’t it be good enough? Or are you saying it is more of a software thing? For example, I do notice the tolerance has increased a lot when I switch to manual focus mode.

        Also, I have AF finetuned my brother’s D5300 + Sigma 17-70mm C through the USB dock and I do find even though it isn’t perfect, but it has gone a lot better.

        Anyways, interested to know what your ” non-official solutions” are.

        • Eric Calabros

          Maybe some people have better experiences, but I haven’t seen any positive effect yet, especially with fast primes. Module might be same as one used in more expensive models but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has same tolerance. Actually, cost-cutting wise, it shouldn’t.
          by non-official I mean some old-school-user-interface softwares you only find in backroom of service centers.

          • Jim Huang

            I’m just thinking its not that the AF sensor physically moves back or forward when you do AF finetune. It’s really just a software thing. For me, just flipping put it in there.

            Now I think about it, I never quite understand why you may need different adjustments for different zoom range and distance. I understand why you may need it with different aperture dues to spherical aberration, but if the distance between AF module and imaging are correctly set or compensated, then why does other two factors come from?

            * I assume when you said tolerance, you meant how picky the camera thinks whether the subject is in focus, but not manufacturer or construction tolerance.

            • Eric Calabros

              After module being made and assembled, of course all things we can do is just software tweaks. (Actually if you could change something physically, you would screw so many things that probably leads to unrepairable situation).
              By tolerance I mean the precision they determine as acceptable. If AF says “the focus element should move between +5 and +7”, my tuning makes no difference if says “add +0.4 to any movement”, because the adjust number is already in acceptable error area most of the times. At least its my perception about the issue.
              in theory a D5500 should be more precise than say D810. Its equivalent of 54mp fullframe. with a sharp lens it can see errors that invisible for D810. But most people use slow zoom lenses on these bodies, so DOF hide the shortcomings.

      • AYWY

        My experience is different though. I had to key in a +7 for an 85 f/1.8G. After that accuracy is so obviously better!

        Experiences vary as the current AF solution for mirror systems isn’t as precise as say… mirrorless.

        Some lenses appear to require different values for different distances, so the simplistic AF tune solution in the DSLR is not sufficient in such cases. E.g. I have never been able to tune a Tamron 90 VC macro to satisfaction. The newest model is supported by their Tap-In console for comprehensive AF adjustments, so that may be better.

    • SteveWithAnS

      I think Auto FP High Speed Sync is more important than AF fine tune. Being able to use a flash with any shutter speed is way better than being limited to 1/200th of a second if subjects are moving… Because of this, I could never buy a D5xx series camera again. I have the D5200, but adding the D500 to my collection was a huge improvement.

    • David Peterson

      Many people (me!) would pick up the D5600 is only it had 4K video….

      It would be the biggest upgrade feature over the D5500! (and over my D5200 I still have and use)

      • Eric Calabros

        You have to wait for their large sensor mirrorless, probably releasing in 2017. But without lenses I don’t know what would be its advantage over A6xxx.

        • Nimloth

          I think this is a serious problem for Nikon, though… The consumers don’t wait. How to explain the average D5x00-user that these (relatively) expensive cameras don’t have the photo/video features you get in a low price phone? Why can’t these more sophisticated cameras work as smoothly as a phone in LiveView mode? And so on.

  • Gerard Roulssen

    It will probably also “sport” the removal of the sensor cleaning filter, half the built-in flash power to gain better CIPA numbers for battery capacity and not a single change (except for a new name badge) on the body exterior – all like seen on the D3300/D3400 transition. Wanna bet?

  • Shutterbug

    Yeah, remember the D3400?
    Added Snapbridge (which nobody asked for) but decreased flashpower and killed Mic-in.
    Good Job.

    • CERO

      and with higher price..

    • Jaroslav Charvát

      Are you suggesting that Nikon is going the Apple way, where previous models are higher user value than the most recent ones? 🙂

      • Nimloth

        Eh. I hope not. Now I’m seeing diehard Mac-evangelists salivating at MS’s Surface PCs. Go figure. Sigh.

      • Fly Moon

        I don’t think it’s the same. I have the D500.
        Snapbridge sucks. I only use it for GPS tagging.

        On the other hand, Apple added a superior port system which others will follow in 1-3 years.

    • Nimloth

      Especially the sensor cleaning. Don’t want “average Joe” fiddling inside the camera with Q-tips. :-/

  • T.I.M

    The D7200 is spectacular, great ISO, large dynamic range.
    If I don’y need the D800’s 36MP then I use the D7200 24MP
    Imagine a 54MP D900 with a D7200 sensor in FX size (FX surface is x2.25 the DX surface).

    • T.I.M
    • Dima135

      I waiting something like that. Or with D500 sensor type with slyghty higher ISO specific

    • Eric Calabros

      you never miss an opportunity to mention 900. I love it.

      • Nimloth

        Well, we can’t complain about the lack of a new D300s any more. Need something else. I mean, what’s the point of a rumor site if we can’t complain about lacking cameras and dream about something better over the horizon? 😉

        • C_QQ_C

          amen ! 🙂

  • Chanokchon Chaibang

    C’mon. Mirrorless plss i like nikon color tone
    Or new FX dslr

  • ZoetMB

    The D5300 started out with an $800 list price (body only) and $900 with the 18-55VR. Street price is now $597 and $697.

    The D5500 started out with a $900 list price (body only) and $1000 with the 18-55VR. Street price is now $700 and $750.

    Is the D5600 going to be $1000 list (body only) and $1100 with the 18-55VR? You can get a D7200 for $997 body only. So I think once again, Nikon’s pricing doesn’t make sense if that’s going to be the case. And I think the main reason Nikon comes out with these new models with only mildly incremental improvements is so dealers can say “it’s a new model” and to get a price increase. Or will Nikon solve the problem by releasing a D7300 with a $1300 list (body only)?

    • Captain Megaton

      Truthfully, the priority here is clearly to roll out Snapbridge as soon as possible to the consumer models – even if there are no other features to go along with the model update.

      But yes, Nikon will “solve the problem” and introduce the D7300 at $1300 (or $1500) they just need a little more clear water before dropping that model (Jan 2017?) in order to add a few more things outside of Snapbridge to justify the price hike. (The enthusiast market won’t be swayed by Snapbridge, but will happily line up to pay for a “brand new sensor” or 1-2 more fps.)

    • David

      I feel like Nikon’s pretty much ALWAYS had that overlap, even with used cameras. A D3000+lens was about the same price as a D5000 body, which was similarish (maybe +50) over a D3100. When the D5100 came out, it was (with lens) about the same as a D7000 body.

  • Tieu Ngao

    I think for both DX and FX cameras Nikon should have only 3 levels: consumer, enthusiast, and pro. For example (current models): with DX they’re D5600, D7200, and D500. With FX: D750, D810, and D5.

    The same 3 levels for campacts: 1″ sensor like DL series, APS-C sensor like Coolpix A, and full-frame sensor for a new product.

    That way there’s enough gap between levels so that a new model of one level won’t hurt the sales of older models of the upper level. That means more flexibility for engineers to improve the design.

    Each product should have all the best features for its class, and prices should be sensible too. A reasonable launching price has 3 benefits: attract new customers, encourage new upgrades, and minimum price drop down the road.

  • Aldo

    If they follow the pattern used with the d3400… the d5600 will be a stripped down version of the d5500… plus snapbridge

  • Mehr

    I was planning to buy D5500 during Black Friday. In Nikon’s holiday leaks it is priced for $699. Is there a chance that the price drops when they annouce D5600? Also, I am new to Nikon’s world, so what is the advantage of SnapBridge ?

    • The flier is already done and I doubt they will change it.

    • Spy Black

      I doubt the newly introduced camera will be discounted. However D5500s will still be available after the D5600 is officially introduced, I would wait and see if the specs are better or worse.

      Snapbridge was supposed to be a convenient way to transfer images to your phone, but has turned out to be a completely did functional disaster, so don’t even concern yourself with that.

      • Mehr

        Can’t images be transfered to the phone using already existing Wifi connection in D5500?

        • Spy Black

          Sure, just use the Nikon WMU software you can download free from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes store. There’s also another app called DSLR Dashboard for around $3 that gives you full control of all the camera parameters via Wifi or a hardwired USB connection. Just check to make sure the D5500 is included in its camera database.

        • Spy Black

          I just checked and DSLR Dashboard is now $9 (still not bad), but it does include the D5500.

          • Mehr

            Great! Thanks alot!

    • Max


  • Alda Smite

    I agree that it will not have 4K (a manufacturers retarded way to “save” their top line camera sales)… but if not 4K – then I will buy d5300 for few hundred (refurb – with waranty) with same IQ as D5600 (because any IQ or iso improvments in 24mpix DX sensors are fully stopped from 2013) and probably same level of retardness in video department… and nikon can stick that Snapbridge in their…

    • Jim Huang

      Plus D5300 has GPS, which D5500 doesn’t. Of course, we don’t know if Nikon will adds it in or not for D5600. However, based on how they treat the D3400…..well………

      • Eric Calabros

        They “think” SB solved the GPS problem.

        • C_QQ_C

          They should think less and listen better I think.. 🙂

  • Max

    I hope for the built-in flash’s sake that the d5600 doesn’t have “improved battery life”

  • Eno

    So, basically the same thing as D5500 + SnapBridge (which is useless by the way) at at higher price tag…Very smart Nikon…And you still wander why you are loosing customers. 🙁

  • David Peterson

    Fingers and toes crossed that it will have 4K video anyway!!! 😀 😀 Please please Nikon!

    Even Panasonic’s entry level cameras have 4K, and you can bet Sony’s next entry level update will get 4K as well.

    • Eric Calabros

      Yea, disappointing. But maybe sensor is not ready, or its still too expensive for sub $1000 body.

      • David Peterson

        Panasonic has it on sub $1K bodies, has had so for quite a while now! And any week now Sony will do the same as well.

        • Eric Calabros

          Panasonic doesn’t use DX sensor.

          • David Peterson

            Close enough. And Sony does.

            • Eric Calabros

              Sensor size really makes difference. Nikon’s own 1 series was capable of 60fps full res read out two years ago.
              Sony is using state of the art tech for their own A series, but new tech is always expensive. Note that they haven’t solved the heat issue yet, they just let user deal with it more carefully.

            • David Peterson

              Heat issue is due to Sony’s tiny bodies.

              And Sony with the A6500 already has a nearly D5600 ish price camera with 4K, as soon as the A5200 gets released then they’ll have an even cheaper one.

              And the 4/3″ vs APS-C difference isn’t really that crazy big in size.

            • Eric Calabros

              A6500 is $1400. D5xxx is in $800 range.

      • Manuel Ferreira

        The same Nikon included 4K video in Coolpix’s B700 and A900…

  • Sergey Rozhdestvenskiy

    Next – 7200, then D810 and D750. I think at least 2 of that 3 cameras will be updated next year. Maybe even before Feb-Mar.

    • If they release the D5600 now – yes, they have other plans for the CES show in January and the CP+ show in February.

      • Sergey Rozhdestvenskiy

        I hope so. I see they refresh cameras every 2 years now which is good. So both D7200, D810 and D750 were released in 2015.

        • Diogo Correia

          D750 and D810 were released in 2014.

          • Sergey Rozhdestvenskiy

            So it’s better for us! 😉

          • Manuel Ferreira

            D610 was released in 2013. I think they will not drop this segment. Canon is prepared to launch the 6D MkII !

    • Thom Hogan

      You’re close. But I don’t think the D7200 replacement is next.

      • NikonFanboy

        then which one according to you will be replaced in ces or cp+ show? just a wild guess would do..

      • What do you think is coming next Thom?

        • Lukasz

          800/810 is next, no doubt about that

        • Allan


          • That makes sense because Nikon usually starts upgrading from the bottom up – first the cheaper models and then the more high-end models.

        • Thom Hogan

          Without saying more, the only camera I know for sure is moving through late R&D is the D810 replacement. Obviously, there are others.

          Nikon seems to be back on the once-a-month press release program. So the question is when do the DLs actually get re-introduced? December? January? February? I don’t think they’ll announce those with a DSLR at the same time, just as they didn’t do the KeyMission relaunch with a DSLR.

          • Nikon usually likes to announce “cheaper” models first/before high-end models. My uneducated guess is that the D610/D750 will be refreshed first/before the D810.

            • Thom Hogan

              Yes, they do. But they also prefer to announce something big and more exciting early in the year (which is end of their fiscal year).

              Imagine the problems Nikon is going to have if the D610/D750 are more mailed-in, iterative updates like the D3400/D5600 with nothing significantly changed.

              They need to come at 2017 hard if they want to survive. Very hard. New big sensor with new AF D810 replacement is about as hard as they can hit.

              We’ll know tomorrow about just how much trouble Nikon is currently in.

            • Eric Calabros

              They had enough time to make D5600 more appealing for enthusiast segment, a 18mm f/2 AF-P could help too. But they didn’t, and its a bad mistake in a bad time.

            • Thom Hogan

              You’re preaching to the choir.

          • JorPet

            What would be your best guess for timing on the D810 replacement? First half? Second Half? I know that lots of things can impact the release, but you typically have a good feel for how long it takes to move through the pipe.

            • Thom Hogan

              The D5600 announcement should be tomorrow. That’s implies that there could be a December announcement (announce-a-month club). But the only thing I’d think that Nikon would want to drop in that timeframe would be the already announced DLs, if they could.

              We’ll see Jan and Feb announcements, for sure. One of those I would guess to be the D810 replacement.

            • JorPet

              Thanks Thom. I’m hoping to replace my D800 in March, so that timing would be perfect since they should then be shipping by the time I’m ready. Now I’ll have to start camping out on NR again to keep up on any rumors.

            • Are you sure the D5600 will come tomorrow? That means tonight after midnight… together with a new President 🙂

            • Thom Hogan

              Well, in the context of the International date line, what I heard could be construed as Wednesday or Thursday, I guess. ;~)

            • One more question Thom: do you have or have you seen any updated data for market share/global sales for the major camera manufacturers? It seems that people are making up data based on whatever camera they are shooting.

            • Thom Hogan

              Nikon themselves project a 27% share in ILC for the fiscal year. I have them currently at 29.1%. Retail sales figures seem to have them lower than 25% in NA/EU.

              There are multiple problems at the moment. Yes, we can track shipments from Japan (CIPA). But we don’t know if the CIPA numbers are mostly quake-constrained or self-constrained or channel stuffing. Retail numbers in NA/EU show that sales of ILC just tanked this year. More than the CIPA numbers would suggest. Also a lot of returns. The yen appreciation means that no one wants to be too aggressive with sales, as they’ll just go non-profitable. Nikon’s SG&A expenses have been rising, which is not a good sign, either, as it suggests incentives are cutting into GPM.

              But here’s some hard unit stats for the first nine months:

              Canon: 3.895m
              Nikon: 2.2m
              Other: 1.97m

            • Thanks, do you know where Fuji, Sony and Olympus stand in the big picture in terms of market share? Do you mean that they all fall in the “other” category?

            • Thom Hogan

              Yes, that’s what I mean by the Seven Dwarfs (used to be seven, now only five).

              Sony is tricky to figure. The best figures we have unfortunately come from Sony themselves (and not in their financial disclosures where there’d be liability for publishing incorrect numbers ala Canon/Nikon). Best estimate at the moment is 14% for Sony, which would be 1.1m units or so. Which, of course, leaves 870k units for Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, and Pentax combined.

              Basically we have a duopoly (Canikon at 75%) or a triopoly (Canikony at 89%) depending upon how you want to look at it.

            • Eric Calabros

              so basically not significant change YoY other than Nikon losing some of its low end DSLR customers to Canon.

            • Ok I see, thanks – do you have this data somewhere on your website because I want to do a separate post on it? Thanks!

            • Thom Hogan

              No. Don’t worry about it. People here know my site, I don’t need referral traffic. Indeed, I’ve not really sought out referral traffic in over a decade.

            • Eric Calabros

              Why not a D610+Snapcrap? 🙂

            • Thom Hogan

              We’ll probably get one, but it’s not going to alter Nikon’s health one iota.

              Thom Hogan, writer/photographer
              author, Complete Guides to the Nikon cameras (27 and counting)
              author, 38 books on photography, programming, and computing,,

      • Spy Black

        Considering the advent of the D500, I’d be surprised if there is ever a successor for the D7200.

        • Allan

          I think many D7XXX shooters will not pay for a D500 and will switch brands when it comes time to update. I think there are two different groups buying these two products lines. I’m guessing we will see a D7300.

        • Thom Hogan


          What people fail to understand over and over is price elasticity of demand. Yes, I know it’s a concept that’s generally only taught in MBA programs, but it’s inherent in every aspect of retail/service products. We really need to teach it in high school.

          Simply put, you maximize your business profits by having a well considered spread of options to the potential consumer. US$1800 (the current D500 price) is outside the boundary that most people would pay for a dedicated camera. Even the US$1100 of a D7200 might be a stretch, but it’s more doable.

          Positioning product pricing levels is a voodoo art backed by intense math calculations. Nikon has been a full practitioner for decades now. Where Nikon is failing is on the voodoo art side, which is where you really need a visionary leading your direction through the ever changing tech world. They’re not failing on the intense math calculation side.

          • Spy Black

            Perhaps so, but the next version would have to offer something more than the present version, but less that the D500, yet it will be priced closer to the D500, simply by nature of new product pricing. So it becomes a much more gray line between the two.

            • Thom Hogan

              True, existing inventory and the collapse in overall industry pricing makes the elasticity of demand calculations even more fraught with danger.

              But until I see Nikon change course and do something completely different in product line management, I can’t imaging them not doing a D7200.

          • John Albino

            When I went back to school to get a second degree in business (first was in journalism) they certainly did teach price elasticity on the undergrad basic econ class level. Of course this was 45-odd years ago down in Dallas (where I was at the time), and I’m aware that undergrad college courses are significantly watered down since then… but….

            Actually I learned how to write code when I wrote my first computer program to compute elasticity. I do agree we should be teaching basic economics starting in around the 5th or 6th grade, even though many school systems in the U.S. *claim* they are teaching algebra and calculus… but if kids knew more about econ may a lot of our societal problems would have better solutions from the get-go.

            That includes better understanding of technology and how to evaluate which products — including cameras and lenses — have a good cost-benefit return for us.

          • David

            Don’t worry Thom, I’m teaching elasticities to my IB Economics students here in China, so next step is to make them Nikon fans!

  • Jbay

    ah nikon getting closer to settle as a overpriced soccer mum brand.
    Come on, where are the real deals. In my opinion the Update for the 5500 is ridiculous…

  • Otis Criblecoblis

    Mebbe it’s me but I can’t understand how Nikon should think this upgrade is more important than the D810 successor. Good grief.

  • Bob Thane

    There hasn’t been a meaningful update to the D5x00 line since the D5200, in my opinion. Really hoping Nikon can actually make an upgrade worthwhile this time around – I used to mock Canon for how the t3i, t4i, and t5i were all the same, and now Nikon’s just as bad or worse.

    • EnPassant

      If one mainly consider the 24MP sensor and basic functionality I agree.
      However even if one only think the successor of D5200 is only a D5200+ I think D5300 is the peak in the D5X00 series.

      First, and for me a dealbreaker, the bad thumb grip on the D5200 has been improved. D5300 also got WiFi and GPS and a few other improvements.
      While some may not care or even notice the design of D5200 is ugly, while D5300 looks quite good.

      D5500 may have added a touch screen and improved signal processing, which naturally are welcome improvements, but made a completely new style of body that feels more flimsy although some may prefer the newly shaped grip.
      We also got a sign of what is coming as Nikon not only added functions but removed the GPS from D5300. What will Nikon remove in the D5600 when they add snapbridge?

  • MonkeySpanner

    This is funny – I bought the D5500 2 lens kit (probably for too much – but oh well) – the box lists Snapbridge as one of the features.

    • Eric Calabros

      Please buy a D750 with full sensor 4k

      • MonkeySpanner

        If you buy it for me I will gladly take it.

  • MonkeySpanner

    These are painful updates. Cameras will be essentially identical to previous models – just add Snapbridge. I want Snapbridge – but it is hard to justify buying essentially the same body – just to get it.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Hope Nikon doesn’t take away the ultrasonic sensor cleaner to pay for the BT/NFC circuity and/or replace the current flash for a 50% weaker one to bump up CIPA battery life numbers while still keeping an always on SnapBridge connection like they did with the D3400.

    Also, let’s hope that if they do indeed bump up DR to D7200 levels, they do also get to bump the next D7300’s up to D600/D610/D750 levels!

  • MNguy

    I wondered if there would be a D750 replacement. The D750 is still going strong I guess.

  • Iggy

    useless upgrade, they should focus on upgrading the 610,750 and 810 first.

  • nek4life

    Maybe they should release those DLs already instead

    • nek4life

      Are the still arriving in January?

      • MonkeySpanner

        Probably, but I hope not. I suspect the arrival of the DLs means the end of the 1 system. It was a great little system – just always needed a better sensor.

  • jmb2560

    Where’s the beef? Is the supposed to move the needle?

    • Sweet “Where’s the beef?” reference

      • jmb2560

        It’s been a while… 😉

  • Emanuél Sánchez

    You can’t release a camera without 4k in 2016. d5600 must have 4K and a fast and smooth video autofocus and of course aperture control in liveview. They have the technology from the Samsung NX, if Nikon doesn’t announce a good video dslr this year I switch to sony. Sorry Nikon, but I’ve been waiting too long now.

    • Captain Megaton

      I’d love to know how many hours, on average, of video taken on their own cameras the members of the must-have-4k video brigade have watched this year.

      • Emanuél Sánchez

        And you are?…Still in love with your CRT-Monitor? 😉
        I’ll give you an answer: About 4 hours a day.

        • Michiel953

          Get a life

        • Fly Moon

          “About 4 hours a day”

          If that’s true, you need to buy a VIDEO CAMERA.

        • ITN

          So 300TB of new storage needed per year (4K, two backups of everything).

          • Emanuél Sánchez

   unlimited storage only 5$/month

        • Captain Megaton

          If you watch 4h a day, you must also take and edit at least that much.

          So basically you do nothing else but record, edit, and watch 4k video. So I presume it’s your job, or you are a Youtube star or similar. Then, why do you care if a consumer dSLR has 4k or not? Surely a professional would use professional equipment?

          • KnightPhoto

            I handled a D5500 extensively at the Nikon booth at a local photographic show on Sunday. It’s a cool little rig and with the AF-P lenses decently small (that 70-300 AF-P VR has to be handled to be believed how light and small it is). Makes a neat little travel setup nicely competing with the mirrorless competitors. The Nikon Rep walked me thru some cool features such as flipping out the flippy screen and using that to move focus points with my left hand while I looked thru the viewfinder (especially for us left-eyed shooters).

            I would like to get a D5500 as part of a multi-cam video stable, and for that usage yes I too would prefer 4K to match my D500 footage when needed.

            Also handled the new 70-200 (zoom ring feels like it takes a lot of turning but is nice feel albeit slightly awkward) and the KeyMissions actually seemed pretty nice in the hand and make a nice 4K unit (in the 170 and 360 models).

            The 70-300 AF-P functioned on my D500 BTW (but no menu item currently to turn off VR or autofocus). LiveView AF seemed decent (much better than a Fuji XT-2 with 100-400 I also tried at the show).

            Also messed with wireless flash and the burst rate with it was phenomenal, I don’t recall getting that type of full flash repeat rate out of my SB-800/700. Want ’em.

            I recently bought two WR-R10/A10 combos so that one camera shutter depression causes the other camera to trigger simultaneously, so I might as well get the flashes to go with. Looking to sell my CLS stuff, SB-5000 looks superior.

      • While there is always going to be some people demanding the latest spec just for specs sake I’m sure many people actually need 4k for their work. It’s like fast fps, everyone moans at you for spraying and praying but lots of sports and wildlife photogs use that spec to good effect. Also 4k isn’t just about high res, I know people who use the extra space for cropping and editing in post. Plus, Panasonic has had it on their cameras for years and their vid spec smashes cannon and Nikon. So if you love video why shoot Nikon? That has to be a concern for Nikon and they need to address it.

    • Not sure on the connection to Samsung? If you want high quality video gh4s or Sony place to go. I quite like the output from my d7100 but I’m not serious about video. Nikon have been making strides though and their video quality is a lot better. Bang for buck though Panasonic is really good.

      • Emanuél Sánchez

        I like my d7100, too. The photos are great, and the video output is also fantastic, for fulll-hd and you have mic and headphone jack and dual SD Card Slots. But the workflow for video is terrible. I won’t sell my d7100 and Nikkor lenses, but I want to do video work, too. The thing is, I can’t afford 2 systems. The a6500 is maybe the best cam for a combination of photo and video.

        Nikon bought the Samsung DX branche, didnt they?

        • Michiel953


        • No that was a false rumour. I don’t do a lot lf video if any so its not a big issue for me. Personally i don’t think Nikon will get video right until they have a larger sensor mirroless offering, then hopefully they will work on an Nlog and xlr inputs on a battery grip, and decent codecs!
          Good luck with your next camera. Get what’s right for you. Personally i would go Panasonic or Fuji over Sony just because I have more faith on them, but Sony make some pretty amazing cameras.

        • No, Nikon did not buy Samsung. I am not sure how many times I have to cover this here on the blog. This was a hoax/clickbait made up by another rumor website, just like the rumor that Sony is buying Nikon.

      • VanHoff

        Mark George Allen & Emanuél Sánchez: The video on your D7100 could be even better if you use a proper LOG curve to record, here is the best Log curve for Nikon Dslrs:

        • Looks good iv heard of people using their own profiles and there are a couple of firmware hacks for nikon similar magic lantern. To be honest i don’t do enough video to warrant the effort but thanks for the link. I suppose many pros are under pressure now to do video and stills, benefit of being an amateur who does the occasional paid gig and weddings, I get to stick to what i like.

    • iamlucky13

      I’ll grant that a very small handful of student film makers may be desperate for 4K video at the lowest price they can get it (although I can’t imagine 4K taking precedence over raw output at 1080 so you actually have a decent amount of leeway to edit the footage), but for the D5XXX series?

      The overwhelming majority of the market is casual users who want better vacation photos and shots of little Johnny or Jenny playing sports. When they do record video, they realize the shallower DOF is a liability compared to the tiny sensor on their phone, which accentuates the problems with contrast detect AF, taking steady video on a telephoto lens requires extremely close attention and care, the audio sucks, and numerous other liabilities make it easier just to use their smartphone.

      As a result, they go back to their smartphone, not because it’s 4K, but because it’s easier, and then they either share it on a 4″ screen where 4K doesn’t matter, or they upload it to Facebook or Youtube where it gets viewed heavily compressed at 720 or lower resolution.

  • Leighton

    Nikon is bound and determined to go out of business. Just sad.

    • AYWY

      Not true if we are talking about the D5600. Nikon has stated in their FY report that the D5500 is a best-seller in Japan. It was sized, prized and spec’ed for the price-conscious family who wants something better than an entry-level D3300 that does everything a family needs – pets, children sports day, travel, outings, etc. A follow-up is pretty much guaranteed. It is very likely spec’ed to a price ceiling.

  • Andreas Vesper

    Will the D5600 run into the same Snapbridge disaster as the D500 or will it use the small & pretty Snapbridge limited Bluetooth LE implementation that Nikon showed us with the D3400 that allows only low quality Images with 1620 * 1080 Pixels? Personally, I’d be more than happy if Nikon starts again providing us with real WiFi….

  • Merv S

    If Nikon announces more AF-P lenses at the same time as the D5600, this could a factor in upgrading. Them Hogan had a rather positive review of the new AF-P 55-300 DX lens.

  • Pavel

    I’ve been so disappointed and frustrated with Nikon lately. No new midrange cameras. I was forced to buy a Panasonic for 4k video. Hello, Nikon? Why are you sleeping? If the D5600 does not have 4k it will be a huge letdown.

  • disqus_LSIRGT5iob

    The only cool thing about these specs is that the new model will make it’s predecessors cheaper. I still see no point in replacing my D5200 with one of the newer models of this series.

    I suppose around mid 2017 the D7300 will be announced and this is gonna be interesting again. My guess is it will have a new 24-28 MP sensor and the tilting touch screen of the D500 but still the same Multicam 3500 II AF module.

  • newtonkdl

    no expeed 5 image processing engine. no smoothsilen autofocus or yess?

  • C_QQ_C

    If Snapbridge is the upgrade.. then it is a downgrade . It is hard to find any device that works properly with snapbridge, the newest phones that do not have a qualcom processor do not work properly with snapbridge, the iOS version cannot use the WiFi bridge , so if you realy need the communication part then snapbridge mostly is NOT the answer..

  • Pirate Booty

    same old same old

    no innovation whatsoever

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