What to expect next from Nikon?

Nikon Rumors
This is an updated list on what could be coming from Nikon in the next few months:

Nikon DSLR cameras

Nikon 1 

  • I am still not sure what is the future of the current Nikon mirrorless system. No rumors so far about a new Nikon 1 products, but several lens patents designed for cameras with 1" sensor were filed in the past few months.

Large sensor Nikon mirrorless camera

  • The rumors so far are suggesting that a new Nikon mirrorless camera with a "larger sensor" will be introduced at Photokina in September.


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  • catinhat

    Just wondering how many folks are still left out there who honestly think that yet another new camera or lens would make a difference for their photography. Methinks Nikon should be concerned that the majority of them are posters here, and we’ve had all of 334 posts so far.

    • I think it’s not about that, but the psychological effect of ‘making my photography better’ is still there.

      To that still missing a few genres. One example is that they really don’t have a small, large sensor street shooter. They tried with the Coolpix A to be a competitor to the Ricoh GR, but it was poorly executed. Likewise supporting the retro trend with the Df, which fell just short of greatness with focus and handling issues. Street Photography is a huge trend that they really have failed to fully capitalize on. The Nikon 1 system is really great, but the small sensor leave the top end of that market lacking. I personally have switched (expensively) to Leica for my street needs.

      Now with the D810, D750 and D500 and D5, I think they’ve got most bases covered but standard DSLR shooters who are looking for a pro body with high resolution are still left wanting.

      So they still have gaps (Canon too) that are being filled with surprisingly good offerings from Sony, Fuji, Ricoh and Leica.

    • Clearly you are not pushing the envelope in a new direction that could indeed benefit from a particular new focal range or aperture speed. But honestly, that’s OK. I do both traditional landscape photography and astro-landscape photography, and you know what, for traditional landscapes I actually enjoy old AI-S and Series-E primes. They’re insanely sharp, and have gorgeous sunstars too for cityscapes. For traditional landscapes, aside from the witchcraft that is the 14-24, I could be happy with an entire lens bag that doesn’t have anything younger than 10-20 years old in it. Heck even the 14-24 is almost ten years old now.

      However, when I want to shoot nightscapes, I am always excited to see lens makers develop new wide-and-fast lenses that were never before thought possible. The faster-than-2.8 primes and zooms are all very exciting. I’m about to review Tokina’s new 14-20 f/2 on the Nikon D500, that could be an absolutely wicked combo for DX shooters, heck it could even give full-frame a run for its money.

      So like I said, it just depends on how you’re pushing the envelope. And most people really aren’t. In fact most folks probably haven’t ever even made a print bigger than an 8×10 in the last 5 years, and their obsession with CA and bokeh is borderline laughable. But hey, being geeky is fun. We all have our hobbies. Pixel-peeping is a fine hobby to have, as long as you don’t get obnoxious about it. As I may have just done. 😉

  • PhilippeC

    I am waiting for a top-notch 24-105 f/4 … as the equivalent Canon “L” model ! Today’s Nikon 24-120 is unfortunatelly not at the required quality level …

    • TO-DOUG

      There are many ways to measure “quality level”, but here’s one: look at DxO Mark’s comparison of Nikon AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 24-120mm f/4G ED vs Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM. It rates them as basically equal, with a slight edge to the Nikon (25 vs 24).

    • The Nikon 24-120 f/4 VR is a winner, you should try it out in a controlled environment.

      Combine that with the equally stellar 24-85, and I don’t think you’ll ever see Nikon do a 24-105 f/4 VR. The best you can hope for is a new 24-120 f/4 that is even better, with PF too maybe?

      • PhilippeC

        Well I own the 24-85, which is probably one of the best quality/price ratio for a Nikon FF zoom: I bought it as the 24-120 was hardly better for double the price (!)
        The problem with those 2 lenses is that:
        1) They are quite soft on edges when used wide open below f/5.6:
        – The 24-85 sucks at 24 to 35 mm.
        – The 24-120 sucks at 50 to 85 mm.
        2) Both have huge distorsion at each zoom end i.e. 24 mm and 85/120 mm.
        Designing a zoom is always a compromise, but here this is clearly not good enough to have this zoom being the default lens on your DSLR (I am using a D810).

        • Indeed, you’ve just pointed out what is difficult about pretty much every long range zoom ever made. Their purpose in life is to be shot at f/8-11, and often at only 2-3 particular focal lengths or zones. They are also meant to be used with a lens correction profile.

          If you want truly insane sharpness at all apertures and focal lengths, get a bag of primes or a couple f/2.8 zooms.

          Bad news: The Canon 24-105 is not at all impressive in some of the respects you’ve mentioned. Maybe try the Sigma 24-105 f/4 OS?

          I wouldn’t call either of them a “default” lens, more like a travel lens that makes a perfect compromise and still delivers the goods for certain shooting situations.

          But like I said, the best you can hope for is an improved version of the 24-120, or maybe the 24-85. Maybe they’ll make it an E lens too, like the Nikon 16-80 2.8-4.0 DX.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Hoping for a FF mirrorless that works well with existing glass

    • nwcs

      Ultimately same here. I went down the Fuji route and liked it but came back to Nikon because it performs better. Still I like having the option. A well thought out (but affordable) FX mirrorless using F lenses would give us the option to pick the body that suits our needs easily. And if they made it modular so you could have the same body and swap out viewfinders…

      • DouglasGottlieb

        I love the Fuji aesthetic and controls but had already invested deeply in another small ILC before they delivered most of the great glass and ironed out the “quirks.” So for me, M43 to APSC isn’t enough of a jump and while 1″ is getting better and better, I want the benefits of a bigger leap up (high ISO, better DR, faster focus tracking, easy shallow DoF).

        If Fuji does an affordable MF digital 690, I’m all in.

        But guessing Canikon will get into mirrorless eventually and bring the lens lineups and service along for the win.

    • Michiel953

      Flange distance, (existing) lens design, diameter of F-mount, anyone interested?

      P.s.: just look at that Sigma monstrosity.

      • nwcs

        Actually I think the sigma looks pretty cool. I’ll be curious to see it in real life. I won’t buy one but I like their idea.

      • Pentax has one of the longest flange distances of any, and they’ve also done a native mount mirrorless camera already. It’s not very successful, but then again it’s a Pentax. If they sell enough of anything to stay afloat, that’s a win.

        Personally I hope they do both DX and FX mirrorless, and do it “right” the first time:

        The dream of “lighter and smaller” is a savings most dramatically influenced by sensor size and lens aperture, NOT flange distance. With this in mind, Nikon should just use gigantic 3000+ mAh batteries right off the bat. That’d be a huge blow to Sony.

        A Sony A7R II already weighs almost as much as a D750, and I’d gladly “lug around” something that weighs as much as a D750 if it was mirrorless and had battery life 2-3x better than an A7R II.

        This would have to be a new battery type, of course, something in between the existing D750 / D810 battery and D5 / D4 batteries.

        Like they’ve done with the D5xxx and Df, they could also come out with a lighter, smaller lineup that skimps on battery size (and other things? No EVF?) in order to deliver the maximum weight / space savings possible, for one or both sensor sizes.

        Let’s face it, the high-end mirrorless lenses aren’t any lighter than the high-end lenses for DSLRs, Sony proves this more and more with each new flagship fast-aperture lens they announce for the FE mount. Therefore, the best course of action is two-fold. A lineup of high-end high-speed glass, and a lineup of slower-but-still-sharp glass. I say, bring back the dinky little primes like the Nikon 20mm f/4, 24 f/2.8, 35 f/2 D, 45 Pancake, …and heck the 85 1.8 G is already light and small enough! Throw in a couple DX-mirrorless primes on the wide end like a 16 f/2.8, or even go manual focus like the Rokinon 12mm f/2, and you’ve got a done deal.

        Pair that setup with a couple f/4 zooms for both FX and DX, and you’ve got a killer mirrorless lineup that delivers both cutting-edge stuff, and the promise of lighter and smaller.

        • El Aura

          Pentax APS-C “not very successful” as in the project was essentially abandoned (only one body released, more than four years without updates, only a single lens released making use of the lack of a mirror).

  • CERO

    I always wonder, will there be a D810 replacement soon too?

    • You have to ask yourself, how momentous of an occasion was the D800? When the D700 came out, it was mind-boggling, so it took forever to update. The D800 / D810 lineup was a similarly giant leap forward, in fact the D810 sensor still stands atop many charts for all kinds of different reasons.

      I honestly believe that we’re more likely to see a hybrid of the D5 sensor in a D500 body, like the situation in 2007: D3 + D300 = D700. It would essentially be a high-speed, low-megapixel D810, with the various mechanical improvements that the D500 brought to the table but in FX form-factor of course.

      (Personally for example I’m a HUGE fan of the rotated battery and resulting grip re-shaping on the D750, I’m absolutely flabbergasted as to why they didn’t do this sooner. Though it may have had something to do with the shrunken AF point spread.

      Or it could have been the articulated LCD, while we’re on the subject, a feature that I’m also rather in love with, but one that I can understand omitting if it means flagship performance and greater AF point spread…)

      Either way, as far as 2016 is concerned, I’d say that the likelihood of the D6xx D7xx and D8xx lineups getting updated is zero. Maybe a D900 will be our D5+ D500 lovechild?

      • CERO


  • luca

    Anybody knows if there is a URL o MAIL where we can send requests to Nikon? I want almost three new DX primes this year:

    23mm DX f/1,8 (or 2,0)
    18mm DX f/1,8 (or 2,0)
    16mm DX f/1,8 (or 2,0)

    come on Nikon wake up. Show us that you believe in a _separate_ DX system.

    • no such place

    • Member

      Preferably priced below $500. Doesn’t need to be extremely high end stuff.

  • Robert Gregory Garfinkle

    I would imagine, in the dust trail of the D500 / D5, we will see a January 2017 announcement of a D810 refresh with some of the features of the D500 / D5 – and of course newer features not seen in a Nikon camera before.

    I must say though, the D500 and the D5 are left in the dust when it comes to IQ compared to the D810, D750, even the auspicious D610 – and to me, if you left all the goodies off of a camera but nailed the IQ every time, that’d do it for me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the concepts of the D500 / D5, which to me, drive one of the most important features – the sustainability of the DSLR; where both of them feature high-FPS like we have not seen before for cameras of their classes. and that’s cool.

    I am not sooo impressed by the ISO latitudes of the D500 / D5, just not. It’s like a stereo system / amp crankin’ it up to 150db – WOW!! NOT!!! Can you say massive distortion at those levels. plus no one listens to audio that loud (i.e. no one uses a camera at 1.6m / 3.2m ) – just give me some outrageous usable range like 50 to 12,800 where there is no difference – NOW YOU ARE TALKIN’

    It would be my hope that the IQ of the upcoming cameras would rival the current, then start adding features from there. I’d be so down with that. And not that there is anything wrong with the D810 etc… none, so I’ll keep it.

    Oh, and they should bring back 1/16000 shutter speed (please Nikon, please) – just more stuff to do with shutter speeds like that 🙂

  • Bloomer

    Personally, I’m waiting to see what replacement there will be for the D610. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea because people have different requirements but I don’t need such a good focusing system – just the quality of an FX sensor.
    On paper, it’s due a replacement but I’m wondering if it will be left out for a while, like the D300 was not replaced for ages.

  • Flodder

    more recalls…..

  • Yeah, the 24-70 f/4 Canon is a killer, because it’s only 24-70 and f/4. It’s not even a 3x zoom though.

    Like I said, if you want 24-1xx, you’re going to have to compromise a little bit. But maybe if we’re lucky they’ll make a 24-85 f/2.8-4.8 G E N (PF?) and it will be as nearly flawless as you’re hoping is possible.

    I just use these lenses at 24mm and their long end, and if I need 50mm I slap on my old 50 1.8 Series-E that is absurdly sharp by f/4-5.6. Or try any of the newer Nikon 1.8 G primes, all are insanely sharp and generally great performers once stopped down 1-2 stops. Now that makes a killer travel combo.

  • NikonFanboy

    Hi Admin

    Any updates on D810 replacement? I hear sony is releasing 70-80mp sensor. Will it be on D5X?

    thanks in advance

    • Nothing yet. I don’t think 70-80MP sensors are coming any time soon.

      • NikonFanboy


  • peter w

    where is D820?
    well, I can wait
    (now that Canon has come up with 50 MP, I fear no D820 camera will be produced).

  • RC

    I want a $2000 FX body to have Nikon’s best AF system. Is that too much to ask? Will this ever happen? I can’t afford to pay $6500 on a body for shooting “family” photos. I wonder if the D500’s AF is as good as the D5’s.

    • Zenettii

      Why do you need the best AF system for family photos? I doubt your kids run that fast that the D810, which has an awesome AF can not handle. Pick one up used. It’s not that Nikon don’t produce what you need.

      • RC

        Shooting anything that moves can benefit from faster AF. I already have a D810. I want their latest AF system. I want something so fast that it takes virtually no time to focus. The ideal camera should get out of the way.

  • Bob Bridges

    I have all three.. a six year old 70-200mm f/2.8, the latest
    200-500mm f/5.6 and the 300mm f/4 Fresnel lens.

    ‘If’ you can cope with a fixed focal length the 300mm Fresnel
    wins hands down. It is small, light and long and has fantastic image
    stabilisation. It’s my first choice and far and away the most practical of the
    bunch for much of what I do…

    It’s ‘a classic’ Nikon prime lens, in my book.

  • With the launch of the D500 and its great specs I would hope they make something in the same idea for the FX formats… Replacement of D750 would be great

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