Top 10 NikonRumors posts for April 2016

Nikon D500 camera review Nikon-D500-DSLR-cameraNikon-Rumors-Zoltar
Scotland 10 Trinidad Carnival 20 Nikon D500 shipping in Europe
Nikon-D750-ERR-shutter-issue-3 Nikon-D500-camera-boxes snowy-owl-taking-off
These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for April, 2016:

  1. First Nikon D500 reviews and sample photos
  2. Nikon D500 updates (part 2)
  3. What to expect next from Nikon
  4. The Nikon D800 in The Highlands (Scotland)
  5. Trinidad Carnival: Shooting with the Nikon D7100 (could be NSFW)
  6. Nikon D500 updates
  7. New Nikon D750 ERR shutter issue reported online
  8. Nikon D500 camera now shipping in the US
  9. Solving AF problems: 8 common autofocus problems and their solutions
  10. Europe with the Nikon D7100
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  • silmasan

    Has one of these “top 10” posts ever entered the next “top 10” post? Is that even allowed? Just curious.

    • Patrick O’Connor

      I can’t imagine that happening. If you had something to say about one of the top 10 posts, you’d just post it there.

      • silmasan

        Yes, that’s what I meant, though it doesn’t seem like there’s much chance even if we campaign hard to make it happen. : (

        • Patrick O’Connor

          It would be funny, however unlikely.

    • Yes, some of the posts popularity “jumps over” to other months, but I publish the results only based on the stats for that particular month.

      • silmasan

        Not quite what I meant, but that’s something much more relevant than what I was thinking about. : )

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