Nikon also denies rumors about purchasing Samsung’s camera division

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Nikon EU confirmed with "confidence" that the rumors about Nikon purchasing Samsung NX are not true (what I have been saying for almost a week now). Samsung had a similar response last week.

I have never heard Nikon commenting on a rumor before. Ever. Here is a quote from the Spanish website Quesabesde (Google translation):

"Nikon confirms that the rumors are not true." Such confidence is the answer given by the European division of the company when asked their representatives Quesabesde about the veracity of the information that speak of buying the Samsung NX system. A rumor that takes days hovering over the area and it has all the ingredients to become one of the most intense soap operas remainder of 2015 and early 2016.

"Soap opera" is actually a pretty good description...


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  • MonkeySpanner

    OK, so then this is really happening. I didn’t believe it until both companies started doing the official denials.

    • Nikon has never officially denied a rumor before, they must be pissed.

      • manhattanboy

        Or the rumors struck a little too close to the truth. This reminds me of the tech companies “doubling down” on things.

        • I have reported many big rumors in the past, never heard an official response from Nikon 🙂

          • KC

            I don’t for a minute think that Nikon is acquiring Samsung’s camera business (there is nothing there to buy). I do believe they are in sensor talks, i.e., Nikon sources all their sensors from Samsung and/or Nikon may be acquiring the IP of a fully (or nearly fully) developed FF mirrorless camera…

            • I agree, sensor talk is plausible.

            • Eric Calabros

              and they are shocked that sensor talk escalated to whole business talk in their customers view. They just kissed each other, and Internet made it as going-to-have-sex story, so they are like: oh no no no no, we didn’t mean that! 🙂

            • Nakayamahanzaemon

              Remember, Asia is all about face. Even if sensor talk is going on, this mess would have squashed all of it. We’ll see.

            • KC

              None the less should be interesting to see what unfolds over the next few months…

            • El Aura

              There is Tizen which includes a modern approach to communication and software in general that Nikon has almost zero chance of ever creating itself. Exhibit 1: Capture NX

          • Johann

            I follow closely nr and I love it. These reaction suggests indeed some ‘big’ think are going on between both company, like a take over that would have a major impact on share price.
            News disclose here have not that kind of impact. The deal might even includean exit close should the share price move out of some bounds (up or down or both). If Nikon never commented before on rumor, why would they suddenly choose to do the opposite?

            • Johann

              In case i was not clear… My bet would actually be for a takeover from Samsung. Nikon would simply become their optical division.

            • because I don’t think I have heard a more ridiculous rumor… both companies are publicly traded and they will not take the chance to publicly deny something that is true and will be officially announced in 3 weeks

  • Wade Marks

    Notice the denials from both companies are about buying the NX system. No denial about working together.

    I agree with what MonkeySpanner wrote: if this were some totally absurd rumor then no reason to even comment. But there must be some element of truth.

    • The initial report was “100% sure” from a “trusted source” that Nikon bought Samsung NX tech. Two days later, when everyone said this is BS, the story changed to “maybe they are just working on a sensor together” which is plausible, but lets not forget how all this started.

      • animalsbybarry

        Your theory was that this rumor was totally made up in order to promote the launch of his new site.
        Evidence is beginning to support your theory.

        • it’s called clickbait…

          • animalsbybarry

            The rumor does appear to be over
            But the fat lady is not scheduled to sing until CES in January.

      • Fly Moon

        I like the potential idea that Samsung and Nikon working on a sensor technology

      • El Aura

        But it was always called buy NX ‘tech’, not buying the division, buy assets from that division.

  • TinusVerdino

    What are they denying? Not really clear to me. Rumors aren’t true? Which ones? Not buying the camera division? That has been dismantled, so nothing to buy.

    • animalsbybarry

      The factory has been closed but not dismantelled and is ready to resume operation if wanted.
      The employes have been transferred to the cellphone division and have not been laid off.
      Samsung has not burned thier bridges and this factory can be re-opened if necessary in a reletively short time.

  • Roger Botting

    If all parties are denying the rumour then it must be true?
    More likely, Nikon is looking at Samsung’s camera division to see if there is anything worth buying.

  • MonkeySpanner

    If someone (Nikon) doesn’t buy the nx1 they are crazy. This camera is sick. Put it in a sweet Nikon sealed body with great ergos and call it the nx400. Sold. I think the reason the nx1 didn’t sell well is because people dropping huge money on camera systems are reluctant to invest heavily in system equipment from such a minor player.

    • manhattanboy

      There is some truth to the last sentence; but remember that even Canon’s EosM line and the Nikon 1 systems have the same problem to some extent. As many others have said before, if Nikon could keep the F mount with any mirrorless, then there would be much less hesitation to buy.

      • MonkeySpanner

        Yes. Either keep the f mount, or as I prefer, new mount with no mirror imposed constraints and include a very high quality adapter.

      • Well said. One major problem that most people here on the internet (except folks like Thom Hogan) just completely overlook is the current state of global economies. Simply put, major companies like these survive on growth. If they’re not growing, they’re dying. And in a global economy like this, that causes all kinds of long-term problems.

        • neversink

          Not true. If they are not growing does not mean they are dying. They could be stagnant. Or they could be creating great products but their profit isn’t increasing. it does not mean they are not making a profit or are going out of business.

          • “If they are not growing does not mean they are dying.” …don’t tell me, tell that to the CEOs, and macro-economics professors. 🙁

            • neversink

              During the 1970s many companies stagnated, the stock market stagnated, but few went out of business. No growth for a decade proves that businesses don’t die, they just amble along making a respectable profit, running their business, but not growing their stock price. Oh well…. I have little respect for macro-economic professors….. Most of them support Quantitative Easing policies and its current manipulation of the stock market.

            • Again, you and I both know this to be true, but shareholders and CEOs think otherwise.

              In other words, if it weren’t for greed, this whole situation would be a non-issue. But thanks to the notion that the gears of consumerism should be unstoppable and perpetual, (and of course, poor management) …we eventually do see companies shrivel and die.

              As it stands, though, Pentax and a few others will go belly-up long before Canon or Nikon do, and each time that happens it’ll give a small boost to the remaining survivors.

            • neversink

              On this I agree…. Hopefully Nikon won’t shrivel up. And perhaps Pentax and the few others you predict will go belly up will be bought out at low prices by either Nikon, Canon or Sony… but then again it depends on how much debt the purchasing company is willing to accept. If I were a CEO I would only accept an accretive deal, not a debt burdened deal depletive deal.

      • animalsbybarry

        Both Canon and Nikon are still also considered minor players in the mirrorless marked.
        Also consumers do not believe thier current mirrorless lines represent a serious attempt to enter the market, and that a new /differrent seriouse mirrorless camera will come from them in the future.

        • correct, mirrorless sales are basically flat since 2012 (yes, DSLRs are down during the same time)

  • David M. Gyurko

    The hype demonstrates how desperately Nikonians want a good, native mirrorless system.
    I hope Nikon listens to this as well, not only to the rumors…

    • manhattanboy

      Excellent point! Nikon listening to customers, on the other hand, still leaves a lot to be desired.

    • neversink

      I am not a Nikonian. And I am not in the least desperate for new cameras.

      I have no interest in being called a Nikonian. I am photographer and have proudly made my living through the art of photography for more than three decades. Yes,I shoot with Nikon, as well as Mamiya, Leica, Hasselblad, view cameras, and others. Please don’t include me in your elitist club. I even use film at times (albeit not very much anymore.) Nikon’s current products suit me very well. I spend most of my time behind a viewfinder, not whining for new cameras or lenses.

      I am not desperate at all for any new cameras. I happily use what is available and what works for me. If mirrorless can prove itself in the future then I will be happy with mirrorless.

      Enjoy your Nikonians clubhouse.

      • David M. Gyurko

        I have never stated that I am a Nikonian.

        On the other hand, you felt the urgent need to tell us your story – now what does that tell about you as a “neutral outsider”? 😉

        • neversink

          Good point… but I didn’t really tell you my story, just a tiny bit, and that I am not desperate for any new camera or technology….. It was your comment that Nikonians are desperately seeking a mirrorless system that set me off…..

  • whisky

    i do wish the “reporters” asking Nikon and Samsung questions were more competent and would drill down to the issue of licensing, sub-contracting, or buying technology. JMO.

  • sickheadache

    Why would they need their camera shop? lol I don’t get it.

  • This is ok that Nikon didn’t buy Samsung tech. I was hoping their play was to purchase the Samsung IP to jump-start their entry into larger sensor mirrorless cameras. Of course, Nikon is more than capable of developing it themselves. If they choose to get into APS-C or FX mirrorless, their systems will be excellent.

    • MonkeySpanner

      Yes, Nikon makes a very competent, hardware wise, mirrorless system. Problem is, it is a 1″ system and the bodies are not great to handle.. If Nikon made a DX mirrorless with Nikon 1 AF system and frame rates in a d7200 style body, I would smile from ear to ear.

      • Agree. A few years ago, I used their Nikon 1 V1 in Tanzania about one month after it had come out. I was amazed with the AF and the frame rate.

  • Aldo

    Here’s a new rumor: Nikonrumors has become a relevant source of information for big companies.

  • Trond Arild Ydersbond

    Both deny a rumor. Then it is probably close enough to care – and wrong enough to deny. I think this gets more and more interesting.

    • Eric Calabros

      Both side don’t want to be seen as “need someone else to survive” player. Samsung had a strong campaign in Facebook with Ditch your DSLR slogan. Now isn’t it humiliating to make a deal with a DSLR maker? Nikon tried very hard in its push to FX DSLR program, now what does it mean to make a deal with a DX Mirrorless maker? They don’t care about rumors, but this one, was sending a message that they couldn’t be comfortable with

  • br0xibear

    Since this rumour is dead…what’s the latest with Sony buying Nikon ? lol

    • animalsbybarry

      I still think it would be a good idea.
      P.S. Admin does not think it will happen.

  • If Nikon announces that they are indeed buying Samsung some time in the next 6 months, then they essentially raise a big middle finger to the news / rumor industry. Personally I wouldn’t mind such an “F-you”, but I think they (Nikon) probably don’t want the repercussions of such a major reversal, AKA lie. Therefore, I trust this news. Nikon isn’t buying Samsung.

    • MonkeySpanner

      Well, if there is a Nikon -Samsung deal, there are all sorts of arrangements that allow tech sharing that do not constitute a Nikon purchase of the Samsung nx line. Maybe Nikon likes the 28mp Samsung DX bsi sensor and wants it for a future body.

      • That is what I suspect. The BSI technology allows for much faster readout, apparently. If we see a 28 megapixel D400, and 10+ FPS, we’ll know where the sensor is coming from…

    • neversink

      If there is a Nikon – Samsung deal they would be breaking commodity laws by denying something that was true. They would say’ “No comment!!” and leave it for the prognosticators and rumor mongers to continue their speculation.
      No Admin, you are not a monger!!!! Your site shines!!!

  • BTW, who is it that recently spent a huge ton of cash on a new sensor factory? Was it Samsung, or Toshiba, or Sony? (Or Canon?) I think it was Samsung or Toshiba.

  • Albert

    Kind of strange how both companies are going out of their way to quash this rumor. Maybe we should start a new rumor about both companies and Elvis.

  • Wayne Summers

    It would be funny if the rumor is fake but in actuality gives nikon a reason to purchase samsungs camera division and then make a lie true.

  • Bottom line to me is that Nikon needs to keep up and make a better full frame mirrorless than Sony. This is the wave of the future. If they don’t they are out. I think they need to make their own sensors, it is too critical of a component to rely on others. I would like to buy a full frame mirrorless from Nikon that has full frame body ergonomics, maybe a little lighter, that uses full frame Nikon lenses, and is totally silent for event photography. I have been involved in IT for over 30 years (Ok, I am showing my age) and the rate of change in cameras now with mirrorless as part of the mix is as fast as almost anytime I experienced during those IT years.

    • John Picking

      Nikon is NOT going to start iterating mirrorless full frame until the tech is closer to pro DSLR standards, ie. much higher res, no latency EVF & battery life & focus speed. Once that happens, then the DSLR can diminish and the resulting pro mirrorless will be spectacular. Right now there is a critical mass of shooters that do not want to look through a camcorder viewfinder, they just don’t.

      • Agree, and those things will be solved in my estimation. Why not be the leader – Nikon – and make it happen. Regarding resolution, that is one area I don’t see as an issue.

        • neversink

          How do you know Nikon is not working on mirrorless? are you privy to their R&D department?

          • I did not say they are not working on a full frame mirrorless, I said “Nikon needs to keep up and make a better full frame mirroless than Sony.” If they don’t, IMO, they will lose many customers.

  • bgbs

    If I were Nikon, I would not deny this rumor, I would actually listen to the rumor and make it happen. Come on Nikon, this rumor is a friendly message to you to get your act together and do something about your down spiral. You’ve made bad mistakes in the past such as not buying Toshiba sensor devision, or not buying Nik Software. Don’t make the same mistake again.

  • jojo

    I bought one of the original Samsung NX cameras and the “soap opera” reference brought back memories. In over 40 years of using
    cameras that was the only one that actually felt like holding a bar of soap – perhaps not a technical term, but although it was a reasonable size there was just nothing to grip. I have used added grips for other cameras but this was the only one I felt the need to glue a piece of wood to! They did make tremendous progress with the range though.

    They seemed to come to one early conclusion that dogged later models. The first model had provision for an add-on EVF, but it was so poor very few bought it. Their deduction from that was people didn’t want small cameras with built in EVF and so they seemed to persistently ignore the call for such cameras. If the NX500 had come with built in EVF and a good standard lens I would have bought back into the system, and discussions with photographer friends suggest 6 out of 10 would also have done so.

    Samsung had great intentions but didn’t seem to know exactly what their market wanted; I guess the bean counters won out in the end though.

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