Nikon announcement by the end of June

A quick update on my previous post: without mentioning the exact countries, I received several tips that NDA press invitations have been already sent out for an event scheduled for next week. The official announcements are usually few days after those closed doors press events.

In another country, Nikon reps are already scheduling in-store demos for a new camera.

Everything so far points to a major product announcement, most likely the rumored D800s camera (and not Coolpix cameras). The D9300 is also a remote possibility, but I have not heard any rumors on that model since April.

I still have no exact date, but I am guessing the official announcement will be in the second half of June - just like I reported it last month.

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  • Cosmin

    let’s hope it’s not d400 :))

    • reignoffire

      let’s hope it’s d400 :))

      • Ren Cockwell

        let’s hope it’s not D800s :))

        • Santiago Villamil

          Let’s hope it’s J5 xD

          • vastseawy

            Let’s hope it’s not D7200 :))

            • 6 megapickles

              Let’s hope it’s a D50x :))

      • george

        Let’s hope it’s D400 and D810 :))

        • JP

          I wanna see D410 already bugfixed!

      • Global

        Or better yet, a Df-400! 🙂

        My vision: Fuji X-T1 looks and controls, D800 level build, D610 level ISO, D700 level performance, 16-18 mp (to keep ISO high), Sony level 4k video, and some form of focus peaking.

        (I would want Nikon to convert this into a future mirrorless line with an F-mount adapter later on & get competitive on the mirrorless front. Though a DSLR is fine for now, similar to Df, but in DX format, as trial balloon for style.)

        • Jerry O’Neal

          Why do people want camera bodies to be mirrorless so much? Eat yer beans and spinach
          and stop whining about the size and weight of stuff!
          I’ve had an oportinity to shoot a Nikkor 24-70 2.8 at an event and, althought I’ll admit it’s was heavier what I expected, it didn’t made me miss shots nor was a problem at all….

          • photoroto

            I want a focus-peaking full frame because I have been using a GH4 for a few days, and the ability to exactly drape the available depth of field over the scene any way I want in about a second has changed me forever. D800Mirrorless, Yeah baby! And don’t get me started about touch screens, ooh! But as a compromise, I’ll be glad to take an optical viewfinder with a microprism array.

            • Liveview works on a D800 today. Unless you don’t have one.

          • It’s the phones and the P&S cams. Spoiled it.

            They can’t get any lighter smaller with mirrors without a whole redesign with counter weights…stuff that costs, when mirrorless is just plain cheaper to build.

            We may have seen the most advanced mirrored cameras that will ever be mass produced.

            • Phozo-Jack

              Of course NOT: The mass consumes convinience food and convinience cameras as that matches their needs. If there were lots of button instead of just one plus ever increasing automatic funktions, smartphone would have never arrived where they are. And why should this convinience consumer fraction put weight, bulk and the necassity of distinct knowledge on their shoulders if an advanced smartphone satisfy 90% of their needs and they have one anyway?
              Advanced photography is all about controll. But to execute controll, one need knowledge plus manual possibilities to intervene.
              These philosophies are so contrary that they’ll never really fit together.
              As we can observe in this thread, some customers are very busy to reduce the top products like the D800 for some questionable very personal benefits which certainly would not improve the product altogether. Astonishingly they omit features that would (e.g. a high resolution LCD screens with Gorilla glass protection and the possibility to buy and insert split field viewfinder screens etc.)
              And Nikon doesn#t have a clear futureconcept e.g still assuming that they could get their share from the mirrorless market with more and more Nikon 1 iterations. And second they are guided by fear: strictly avoiding to implement anything in even the high end products, which potentially could cut into another product. Where by (as we can see on the ongoing D400 discussion), their products are so distinct, that one can hardly imagine that someone who actually needs a D4 would buy the D800 just for the sake of one feature.

            • You may be onto something. I think an 8fps or better crop mode on a D800 would quell most of the noise about any D400.

          • Bokeh Monk

            So true my friend, actually the 24-70 on my D700&MB-D10 w/ AA’s feels SO PERFECTLY BALANCED you will soon forget the weight entirely the more you use it! As for mirrorless, ask almost any retailer and they will tell you THEY DON’T SELL anywhere close to all the hype.

        • istreetshooter

          For sports I like the DSLR, but for travel and situations when one needs a more quiet approach I prefer the mirrorless. It seems some people are clinging to the DLSR to appear overly macho.

          • boulderghost

            Nah, Its about the lenses. Most SLR shooters and pro shooters still have SLRs and along with the bodies, they have substantial lens collections. Enough at least to make a system switch costly. And for what? lighter weight, smaller size? At the expense of what? Low light performance, familiar controls on a standard body.

            It obvious why the manufacturers are pushing mirrorless, unlike p&s its a segment that is catching on to some, mainly women, and light and fast travelers. When a 5lb. Body/lens is your primary kit for an all day wedding, some people my opt to start with or migrate to a lighter system. I work off a tripod and I’m 215lbs so an slr works for me even when backpacking. M2cents.

            • istreetshooter

              In my case, some of my lenses were beat to crap from years of news work. So as I moved on to personal work, I’ve migrated to mirrorless. I don’t think it is for everyone, though. If I was back shooting sports on a daily basis, I’d go with a DSLR.

          • Bokeh Monk

            I can see your point but I still can do ‘street photography’ with a DSLR and a 24-70 f2.8 and can shoot without even being noticed. The other day I was speaking with a young woman on a bus and was showing her how I could photograph the people around us without them even noticing me, she was amazed that people were so unaware!

            • istreetshooter

              I’m a believer in using what’s right for the person. But I do think some–not all–aren’t opening themselves up to the alternatives. If the DSLR works better for you, fantastic.

  • Pretty exciting!

  • koenshaku

    God.. I may have to cancel my vacation to pick this up if it is the D800S ^__^

    • Global

      You’re probably safe to go on vacation… it wouldnt necessarily be available to buy on the same day as its being announced.

      Also, its worth considering that this will just be a small update — worth it if you need a D800 right now. But if you didn’t need a D800 urgently (for instance, if you have a D7100 or D700 or D610 thats going strong), then it could be better to wait for a D900 which will probably get announced or rumored by the end of 2015, next year or to just buy a used D800 until then (as people will sell D800es right as a D800S is released and you might get a bargain). Are the “S” features critical for you? That’s the question to ask.

      The difference between a D900 and D800 will be much greater than a D800 and a D800S, so for those for whom the features are not critical, it could be better to wait.

      • Bokeh Monk

        Accurate analyst of the situation – I purchased my D700 about a year before the D800 was expected to be released & of course ‘thought’ of getting a D800E but decided to wait until an updated version was released – In other words, I spent my money on top end Nikkor glass!

    • Rauck

      God again… don’t buy this thing until the ‘beta testers’ report.

    • regular

      pointless consumerism.

  • BigJim

    Another 18-xxx zoom?


      I am eager for Nikon to release their pocket lens 18-1000mm 6.5

    • FredBear

      No 17-xxx zoom!

      • Brent

        No, 8-1000mm f/2.8!

        • FredBear

          Let’s try and keep this sensible and round off at the same time 😉
          1 – 1,000 and F1.0 just rolls off the tongue and would be great for the marketing department.
          But wait there’s more!
          Each lens comes with dedicated lens mount (1)!
          (Small print: (1) Care and feeding of the elephant supplied is owner’s responsibility)

  • Ian Lee

    63.9mm 1.4 :p


    If it is the mild upgrade of D800 made in Thailand…I am gonna pass. I like my D800 made in Sendai, Japan. IT sounds better to the ear.

    • AM I Am

      does it actually take pictures?

      • Ren Cockwell

        No, but it look nice and sound nice.

      • Global

        Why would his ear take pictures? j/k. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Steven has really been trolling Nikon on this forum lately (lightly with reasonable comments intermixed). His comment was meant to be tongue-in-cheek humorous.

        • capt. obvious

          duh… and you haven’t notice anything about AM I Am? 😉

    • Image guy

      How about
      – D800s with all the wonderful updates
      +- D9300 APS-C 24MP high performance aka D800(s) body and D4s AF
      + Either a D800(?) with same sensor as d610 and D4s AF / 7fps(OR) a FF Mirrorless with 7 fps, D4s AF and d610 Sensor
      For the third camera, might make sense for Nikon to provide a FF to put a foot in mirrorless world. Would surely suit the manual focus guys, being on sensor focusing etc. And Nikon has had experimental results with the V1 series, surely?

  • Spy Black

    Do you ever sleep? 🙂

    • Never 🙂 I will be traveling in the next 2 days, so don’t expect any new posts till Saturday.

      • Mockys2k

        2 days???? What are we supposed to do for 2 days? 😀

        • AM I Am

          whine as usual.

        • If I find Internet connection, it might be sooner 🙂

          • FredBear

            Where would you go where there’s no internet?
            ( p.s. I want to go there for a holiday – assuming no mobile coverage too 😉 )

        • broxibear

          If you’re any good at reading technical lens data from a patent you could have a look at this and tell us if it’s the new Nikkor 24-70mm VR II ?

          • I will check it once I get in front of a computer.

          • D600 Owner

            Looks to be too telephoto for a 24-70. Then again I am not an expert. wonder if it is a new telephoto zoom (70-300 ish)?

          • KnightPhoto

            Is that normal zoom lens lingo in the patent, about the “distance between lens group 1 increasing, lens group 2 decreasing, lens group 3 distance varying” etc. etc. or is this some kind of new zoom lens quality breakthrough? E.g. further on they talk a lot about aberrations, CA, etc.

            • broxibear

              Hi KnightPhoto,
              Yeah patent text is a bit crazy, this one is actually pretty simple compared to most. Peter (admin) has been reaing patents for a while so I’ll leave it to him and others to figure out, lol.

          • Benjamin

            It looks to be an 18-300mm lens. With special regards to a lot of floating elements to counteract abberations. On page 79 it denotes a zoom ratio of 15.696 with a wideangle of 18.53mm and a telephoto end of 290.99mm. Also the current 18-300mm lens cross section looks very similar to this one, although not identical.

            • Image guy

              How exciting. 😉

            • broxibear

              You could be right Benjamin, I compared the cross section to the current 24-70mm and to me it looked very similar to that.
              A VR version of the 24-70mm has been talked about and other manufacturers have made them, that’s why I thought it could be that.

          • There are so many calculations in that patent – I could not figure out what lens is it for.

      • Unacceptable.

        Unless you’re going to a launch event 😉

        • orpickaname

          Or maybe he’s going to hunt down an informant… to extract the last bits of information. Call it the “bloody leak” method. You never know what’s going on behind the scene… 😀

      • Michiel953

        Sleep while traveling sounds like a sound option…

        • orpickaname

          Uh… I’m not sure if sleep-traveling would be a good idea. I mean I can barely remember what happened when I was sleepwalking around the house. :p

        • zombie

          I AM …zzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  • Tequila_Gold or Silver?


    just wanna remind you to update the buying guide…the new 35 1.8 fx prime …I AM the King of Vignetting Wide Open….is still missing…..for those who wanna have the king 😉 and support nikon rumors as all nikon users should do….;)


    • I started updating it last night but could not finish. Will do in the next few days.

  • AM I Am

    It will be the new Nikon 1 clothing line for this summer.

    • Already have a few items in Japan as Nikon 1 fashion.

  • rt-photography

    they seem to be in a rush to push these new things out. I never sensed things were done this quick in the past. I guess when your stock is at its lowest in 3 years you must to what you must to make shareholders happy.

  • george

    I heard it’s Hasselblad coming out with a Nikon 1 with a wooden grip designed in France. They’ll call it the Solar S1…

    • I AM maddly searching a mianin

      S Un = sun?

    • mia miu

      …and the previous CEO will be singing O Sole Mio at its launch.

  • Thom Hogan

    My sources say there will be June, July, and August announcements. Which is which I don’t know. But NR has hinted at the three primary products already and one of the lenses.

    • broxibear

      What was that Thom, I didn’t quite hear you ?…a D400 in August and a 135mm f/2 FX in July ?

      • Thom Hogan

        Between now and Photokina, three cameras you might be interested in, two lenses. Nothing will be called a D400 that I know of ;~).

        • reignoffire

          will it be called d9300?

        • MikeonNikon

          Instead of teasing us, please go finish the D7100 guide 🙂


          They surprises please…7300 and 9300 and D800s. OR 2100 and 9300 and D800s.

          • d800_shooter

            I wish for D9300, D810 and D710/D900 😉 tho I know it is not likely to happen…

          • KT

            I doubt it very much they will be releasing both the 9300 and 7300 within a few weeks of each other, they don’t need to compete against themselves. It’ll probably be the D800S, D9300 and either the D2100 (doubt it) or a 1″ sensor compact, and that will be a pretty respectable line-up of camera bodies.

            • KnightPhoto

              Agreed, the D7300 isn’t overdue, D9300 is way overdue, so let it bask in the limelight of sales for a while. Yes a D800S, D4S, D9300 set would be pretty darn respectable.

              Then later the D620 with EXPEED4 and yes they really should put the 51-point AF in there this time around (and in the Df2 too if they ever make one, but that could be a while). Leave the 39-point for the D5300 line only (and maybe in a new FX model below the D620 down the road a couple years). The FX frame is too darn big for the 39-point AF module unless you are a centre-point focuser tog.

            • shawn

              Logically there is a place for a D7100 update as it stands now the D3300/5300 have some advantages namely the Expeed 4 and so 1 more stop of usable iso. I would also say it would have to have wifi and gps too.

              How this could leave space for a 9300 I am not sure as its only big improvements left would be a bigger and faster buffer, and maybe some more buttons or better placement (7100 is good but could be better) and 200g+ weight (so it is more pro)? Any other changes i would think would have to be new features not on other current models.

            • Image Amateur

              Of course there is room for a D9300 (D300 upgrade). At say, USD 1,700, it would logically have 24MP which on an APS-C sensor is more resolution than a D800, it would also have the top (D4s) AF, top build quality, easy access to shooting modes etc.
              No question it would fulfill its own purposes and provide a reasonable priced camera for those of us who shoot either sports or wildlife, and simply cannot afford a D4.
              That said, for some of us it would be more useful than a D4, considering its far great pixel density. For me, that crop ability would be very useful, and my 80-200 2.8 would work well, I cannot afford a 300 2.8. If I shot professionally I probably would buy one, but I don’t, so I am not spending USD 3,000 on such a lens. Further, 80-200 2.8 or 70-200 is more versatile for moving targets at not too far range, and coupled with that 24MP (or more), would be ideal.
              So, D9300 is certainly on my list. I will buy a D800s if it does not come, but I would prefer the D9300.
              And of course, at likely USD 1,000 less than a D800s, it would suit me better money wise too.

    • Nikon likes to announce one product at time lately, so this makes sense.

      • Thom Hogan

        Yes, it appears that they’re continuing this pattern for the near future.

        I’m not sure it really is doing what they want it to, though. Quick, what were their announcements for February and March? ;~)

        Nikon’s already accused of doing too little, too late. One off announcements aren’t helping change this opinion. They really need to do a mass grouping reset announcement as they did with the D3/D300/lenses in 2007. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re set up to manage that any more.

        • Eric Calabros

          I hope they make your $1k DSLR proposal and name it D6000 sooner than later.. I fear somebody grab the idea and Nikon’s response be too late, as it happend with RX100

    • d800e_shooter

      BTW Thom, do you think we might be getting another FX camera that’s less than 36mp ? 😉

      A lot of folks would be jumping up and down if they see another FX camera with 16/24MP inside a D800 body.

      • T53

        I for one.

      • neversink

        Then 16/24mp would not be a D800 but something else. I love the 36mp on the D800 and I love the 16mp on the D4. They are both different animals but their similarities are that they are versatile and workhorses.

      • Thom Hogan


        • El Aura

          The D5 will have 36 MP or more? Or will there be no D5 as we know it?

          • Thom Hogan

            I would guess that the D5 is nearing completion of definition at the moment. But we won’t see it until summer of 2015 at the earliest. More likely January 2016.

            They’re going to have to do a lot better than they did with the D4 to win any converts, though.

      • Image Amateur

        The possibility for 24MP *D710* should exist. I don’t think, after the current D4 sensor, we will see less than 24MP again.
        In a year or two, technology moves on. We hear about ‘limitations, but technology ALWAYS moves on.
        So, what is not to like when the 24MP gets just as good as 16MP at high ISO’s up to say, 25,600?
        But yes, I expect that a D710 with the D6XX series current sensor would sell very well indeed. And give Nikon a huge upper hand on Canon sales, between that and a D9300.

  • Bokeh Monk

    What does [NR] think about a D800’ish coming out in two versions… with & without video?

    • Global

      Why would you ever not have video in a DSLR? Every camera and cellphone in the world has video, except for Nikon’s crippled Df. The Sony A7 series even has 4K video now, despite being cheaper than a D610 and weighing less than a Df.

      Should Nikon get a black eye with the D800 too?

      • Image guy

        Wedding guys do want the video for better high quality output. I know one looking right now looking, trying to decide between Nikon and Canon, for a reasonable priced FF for video. He says the clients want the quality of output. So, it is not hard to understand why it would be included. The bigger issue is whether to have the 24MP or 36MP re processing capability / runtime for storage and ISO results, surely?

    • Morris

      better a DF like leica monochrome style if u want no video

      • Global

        If the camera has a SPLIT FOCUS screen and is highly specialized for manual and actually is lighter weight than a mirrorless fullframe camera, despite being a DSLR, then that would totally make sense. Otherwise, theres no reason to skip video, which is what the original question was. That being said, such a different camera would not be a D800, as Morris implies. It would be part of a Df system (maybe a Df-400 and a Df-900) or go mirrorless for true low weight and have focus peaking etc and a new round of pancake primes.

        • Michiel953

          Same body shell, 50 grams lighter. Wanna bet?

    • I don’t think this will happen, just one model without AA filter (like the D800e).

      • Steve Griffin

        But the D800E does have a filter it’s just “cancelled” out optically. Will the replacement have NO filter at all? The Sony A7r seems to be sharper than the D800E, possibly for this reason.

        • KnightPhoto

          Personally that’s exactly what I expect, no need for the cancelling AA filter approach. Another reason why the D800S should be a very well rounded camera with a better fps, iso, video, and extra punch for the detail freaks 🙂

          • neversink

            Now your talking Mr. Knight….

    • Me

      So you want Nikon to do an manufacturing and inventory split, with separate product packaging and the marketing for one single button?


  • D800

    Either the D800s or the D400 wish that Nikon will come out with a spotless good sensor as they doesn’t deserve more losses like they did with the D600. My opinion for Nikon is that they will treat oil and dust problem with high importance. Good Luck Nikon !!

    • Steve Griffin


      • Image guy

        Bingo….it is not luck.

  • Chris Thornley

    I hope if its the D800/E successor it will :
    1) Create 16bit NEFs
    2) Drop the Dual compact Flash SDHC slot and replace with a Dual SDHC/SDXC slot.
    3) Be equal or greater in mega pixels as the D800.
    4) Operates faster
    5) Has no AA filter
    6) Has corrected the bugs and colour balance problem.
    7) Built in GPS

    • No One Really

      I like the way you think!!!
      I feel the specs already listed here on NR are what will get but I would love 16bit and trouble free…

    • Keith Homan

      I like everything but the cards you mentioned. By the way the D800 has one of each, not dual CF. I would prefer CF over SD any day of the week, they are faster and more durable. I’ve broken SD cards already and only they get more brittle they get, seems the very ends just snap off. I’ve yet to break a CF card.

    • Lcky

      Full 16 bit +1, Nikon pulls ahead!

    • Neopulse

      If I could choose, it would be XQD cards for me. That would make the writing big files at 6-7 fps that much more comfortable.

      • KnightPhoto

        XQD are great

        • Neopulse

          They are, and faster than traditional CF (also smaller). They write damn quick and Nikon already has it implemented on 2 of their D4 bodies so far. Although I doubt they will implement it on their new D800 series since it has such a following that switching up so soon especially when people had to purchase SD cards as secondary cards to the D800 would piss people off.

          • neversink

            That’s how Nikon should piss people off. By improving their cameras by adding things like an XQD card, not by denying oil and dust issues on D600, or left focus issues (which I never had) on D800. But you are correct. So many people complained about the XQD cards when they first came out. I love them. Unfortunaely Sandisk and Lexar haven’t yet decided to produce them, so we are stuck with one brand, Sony….

            • Robert

              I would also like Nikon to continue to upgrade as new technology evolves, so adding the same slot type(s) to the second line body (the coming D800s) as in the top of the line body (currently D4s) makes sense to me, except that I doubt that Nikon will do it in a model refresh. If it happens (which I hope, I prefer faster and more durable cards) it will likely happen in the next generation when the body designers are more free to design a new body. I assume there are similarities in that regard to the vehicle industry, in which you do not want to have to update all your tooling just because of a model refresh because it is very expensive.

            • Neopulse

              Lexar has produced XQD cards when the D4 launched apart from Sony in 2012. Look it up. Although only used Sony cards, but doubt there is much of a difference.

            • Neopulse

              Also if they decide to produce an XQD card pro body. It would likely be of a new and different line. Maybe the “D9300” idea since it’s new and no one knows what to expect really from it. So the crowd is fresh for it. Remember when Apple made the iPhone, iPad, IPod share that same kind of plug-in and then suddenly switched up the plugin port to another even though tons of people had accessories, music systems, car audio with that plugin port? Well that kind of negative feedback would happen here I have a feeling.

    • FPS

      WTF do you think you need 16bit?
      Can you even see a difference 12/14bit?

      • Chris Thornley

        That not the point about seeing the difference. Its to do with latitude it gives you to manipulate the image especially when not shot in ideal conditions. Also when 12 or 14 bit images is displayed on a 16bit system some quantiaation occurs to map the 12/14bits to 16bit, the data is not padded with zeros that would make it too dark or too light. Also with 16bits you end up with a higher dynamic range and a lower noise floor. Data from a sensor is analogue and when mapped out looks very much like a TV signal with sync. This is sent through an analogue to digital convertor to convert it to digital. A certain percentage of this sampled data will be noise (You can not eliminate noise). Say for arguments sake 75% is image data and 25% noise. If you sample this say at 16bits vs 12bits the 16bits sampled data the 75% is of image data which is usable data is represented by more bits.

    • Aldo

      make it 18 bit… intel needs a little push too =]

      • Chris Thornley

        18 bit or greater would be brilliant but it would mean they have to switch to 32bit CPU / Data processing.
        I suppose it depends if they have a suitable ASIC and core.
        As bit depth increases you also have to look at a the capabilities of the sensor as you will soon hit precision vs accuracy. i.e if you can only detect 64 levels with a sensor say 6 bits of data but are sampling a 8 bits. You have precision but you have lost accuracy.
        Depends on how evolved Nikon or there third parties technology is.

  • Cleon

    I have never hoped for anything more than this…haha. (exaggeration) But I really hope we get a refined/beastly D800S/D810. My bank account is prepped and ready to go.

  • Zoot

    I heard a rumor that it will be a 77mm NC filter with fluorine coating, retailing at $10, with an introductory “buy one get one free” offer. The idea is that you buy a batch of these and put them on the fronts of all of your pro lenses, thereby saving the tens of thousands of dollars you would otherwise need to spend by upgrading to Nikon’s new pro line.

    But I could be wrong.

    • catinhat

      Just smear some toothpaste on your front elements, it has plenty of fluoride.

      • FredBear

        Or use a ‘non-stick’ saucepan. This would even protect most of the lens body too!

    • neversink

      You are wrong!!! It’s not just fluorine coat that Nikon is putting on their newer super-teles, it’s also several internal Fluorite lenses.

  • Steve Griffin

    How long before a 54MP D800X?

    • Image guy

      In a couple years, so that you will sell your D800s and buy the new one at 54MP. 😉 Little bit at a time, is the name of the game. The good news is that for guys who don’t have a lot to splurge, older models of great cameras are filling the shelves and used prices dropping. Imagine the prices of D3’s and D700’s after this release… 😉

  • Aldo

    lets hope it’s doritos with beacon.

    • AM I Am

      beacon or bacon?

      • Aldo

        bacon! beacon the bacon here 😛

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          the beacon bacon beckons

  • tj


  • lorenzo

    Even if the news is for a lighter D800s with many new gadgets and improvements… I will keep my heavier, old D800E MADE IN JAPAN!

    • sam

      A new 20 mm 1.8 or an other wide angle prime lens in 1.8 and a cheap FX camera.

  • This Nikkor Guy

    D800 / E owners, hold on to your mag alloy Japanese bodies 🙂

    • image amateur

      The D300 was made in Thailand and mine is rock solid, never skips a beat. Nothing wrong with Thai…. 😉
      The thing is the QC, wherever made. And remember the ‘left AF point’?

  • Dino Kuznik

    Looks sort of D800-ish.

    • image amateur

      Or, angle taken, could be a K-3 sixed APS-C ‘D9300’.. wishful thinking here, I think you guessed… 😉

    • image guy

      Hey, that looks like a D9300 with a new 16-80 f4 VR on it… 😉

  • KnightPhoto

    I don’t get this “smaller” bit about the rumour. As mentioned some guys don’t want a smaller camera and wouldn’t you want the D800S to retain compatibility with the existing MB-D12 grip? (and build the D9300 to MB-D12 spec as well)

    • One More Thought

      Some do want smaller/lighter. It’s that simple. You want something different. That’s OK. Different strokes for different folks. All good.

      However, a company like Nikon cannot make everything for everyone. They have to make market based decisions. Right now the movement is towards smaller/lighter because that is what the majority of the market wants.

      So regardless of what you want, Nikon will go after the bigger market. Right now your point of view is in the minority. That’s Ok, but it also means in this case that Nikon will move in another direction.

      • KnightPhoto

        Personally I’m ambivalent about smaller FX mirrored-cameras vs. keeping the same size as the D800 mostly because my mainstay 24-70/70-200 FX lenses are so huge and heavy. It is a weight and size price I am willing to pay since FX really is great for most of what I do. But having the D9300 share a grip with the D800S will be important I think, so they both need to be the same size. I could live with a smaller and lighter D800S I guess. The next time I’m likely to buy is probably a D900 or I might be a late-adopter D800S if they can’t keep the fps up on a D900.

        I’m big-time into lighter though. Which is one reason I have fun on the side with my Nikon 1 system. My V3 came in yesterday (yup a bit pricy, but I like the giz of it, touch screen is handy, as will be the WiFi, grip with the new 70-300, 20fps, and the video advances). At even $200 less the V3 will become a very decent buy I think. Hopefully that will be by Christmas time.

    • Will Speak

      I don’t understand this. Why can’t Nikon use the same camera body, AF system, accessories and offer a range of sensor options. D800 body with the option of buying it equipped with 36mp FF sensor, 24mp FF sensor with deeper bust rate and an 18 or 24mp DX sensor tuned for best high ISO to replace the hugely competent but now aging D300?
      Surely this would offer a reduction in production costs and provide a range of cameras that would keep everyone happy.

      • image amateur

        Oh…logic…. maybe Nikon has finally got the idea, we will see shortly… we can hope.

      • neversink

        Now why in the world would you even want to use DX on a FF camera, unless there is a DX lens you want to use. Otherwise, there is not one reason to ever use DX mode on FX bodies.

        • ok20500

          Unless you are reach limited. For example, I like to mount my 300 f/2.8 to D800 and put it to DX mode, instead of cropping all those pictures later…

          • neversink

            Mia – The 300 f/2.8 is a gorgeous lens and I rented it several times. I purchased the 500 f/4.0 instead because I had more work that called for this range. However, you will get better IQ if you crop from a full frame image than shoot that lens at Dx, which still won’t get you shabby images.
            What’s amazing about your 300 f2.8 is that it does incredibly well with teleconverters, better than my 500. All of the NIkon TCs are exemplary on the 300 f/2.8 and the TC 1.7 and the TC 2.0iiie are the best. Check it out and see for yourself. I was blown away by the 300 f/2.8, and even more knocked out by the superlative images I captured coupling this lens to the TCs.

            • ok20500

              About the TCs: I know. I also have the 1.7 TC and I’m planning to get the new 1.4 as well …

          • mikeswitz

            For the one millionth time DX does not give your more reach. It gives you a cropped image vis a vis a FF sensor. NOT MAGICALLY MORE REACH!

            • ok20500

              I was refering to the DX crop mode, so I was assuming there would be no confusion. However, I should have been more precise with my wordings. All I was talking about was the effect of cropping a FX frame and how it affects the angle of view. I want to point out, that I did not say that cropping would change the focal length (which is a physical property of the lens). In my opinion, reach is not a precisely defined photographic term anyway …

            • mikeswitz

              Exactly right, although why use a “not precisely defined photographic term” for what you mean? It certainly confused me, but then again I’m easily confused.

        • David Portass

          The Nikkor AF-S 35mm f1.8 DX lens works really well on FF and is cheap, yes there is a touch of vignette in the corners it is subtle and I often add a bit of vignette in LR after anyway on certain types of photos

  • PGi

    Hey guys there won’t be no d800s very soon, it will be called d810 and coming at just a few weeks afer Photokna, not in this June.

    • Guest

      Just guessing?

  • Steve Griffin

    I had no idea Nikon cameras had sex lives.

  • Glad D600 User

    Nobody will give a fuck it’s football world championship…

    • Toby MacGuver


      • 11Eleven


        FIFA not FISA.

        • Toby MacGuver

          Don’t be ignorant… it’s soccer, broham. Football is a real man’s sport that requires thinking.

          • Degsy

            That’s rugby

            • Toby MacGuver

              Ahhh yes! Rugby… America’s second favorite pastime. Still much more hardcore than just running around like a bunch of doofuses (doofii?), kicking a ball towards a goal.

            • Degsy


            • MrFoot

              Australian Rules Football is the only real man’s sport.

            • Michiel953

              Rules? What rules?

            • w

              I lived 35 years in Melbourne where the think it is the only game in the universe, a lot like camera fanboys.
              After moving interstate, one sees how little it really is accepted in other parts of Australia. It is essentially a victorian game with a few outliers. Nothing more.

              The world game is Association Football. NONE of the other football codes have made anywhere near such an impact.

              They are, if I may use the term, mere pretenders.

              A bit like m4/3 and CX formats photography.

          • Michiel953

            No it doesn’t.

          • Neopulse

            There is strategy in “American Football” yes of course, with playbooks and such that are taught and formulated with each team. But “Football” has strategy, but just a more of a dynamic kind. It’s more complicated than taking a break between downs and deciding what play to do via the tactician guy who gets paid to observe and choose the best play strategically to later pass on the info to the coach and THEN to the QB that then goes to tell the team.

            Football and also Rugby are more dynamic as I said before. You don’t take breaks every 20 secs between plays to recompose and decide what to do for the next 20 secs (if it lasts that long the next play).
            These guys however do it on the fly on the field while running their asses off nonstop almost. They have something much more difficult than American Football, and that is chemistry between players. You can tell when goals are made when players know each other enough to set up a play that has been practiced or thought through rigorous training with one another.

            American Football and FOOTBALL are different, not one better or whatever.

            • FredBear

              American football and Rugby Football are contradiction in terms.
              Should be called ‘American Handball’ and ‘Rugby Handball’ 😉

            • Neopulse

              Yeah, I guess. You can kick in American Football and Rugby when you punt a ball mainly, a field goal kick or when you do a kickoff. It isn’t the main thing during the game, but you can do so during it in certain times of course. But then again lots of things are contradictory in life and we do it anyways.

            • FredBear

              My comment was ‘tongue in cheek’ 😉
              As you mention, there’s lots of contradictions. The only ones that seem to be ‘true to name/properly differentiated’ off the top of my head are Ice Hockey/Field Hockey, Tennis/Table Tennis, Basketball/Netball and Baseball/Softball where they are variants of a similar game.

            • Neopulse

              Ah…. well then, carry on sir 😛

          • 11Eleven

            If you’re thinking in sports… well you’re not doing it right. 🙂

          • peterw

            People who call it ‘soccer’ don’t stand a chance to win this game…

            even google says ‘football’,
            fussball, fútbol, 足球, ποδόσφαιρο, футбол, fotboll, futbolas, voetbal, fodbold, jalkapallo, fótbolti

            amongst the deviants, some say soccer, but the ones who say ‘calcio’ have far better statistics.

    • Suhrkamp

      Yes and this starts already on june 12th. Obviously this camera is not for football. Still too slow fps, too noisy IQ, too imprecise AF. Like D800/800e always have been. So we better don’t expect significantly higher fps, real improvements on IQ or at least a reliable AF system (like D3/D4) from this. Otherwise we must have seen it in Brazil.

      • Michiel953

        You probably missed the D4s, a sports camera if anything? Oh well…

        • mikeswitz

          And he doesn’t own or hasn’t used a D800.

          • Michiel953

            Yes, the D800/E, for all its shortcomings, is as close to the perfect full frame DSLR as you’re likely to get between now and four years. That’s quite an achievement.

    • Ric

      Go Kings Go!

      “We never say die. Someone described us as a bunch of cockroaches. We don’t go away.” – Alec Martinez #27

  • Gil

    I hope just a good DSLR without ExpeedX just mandatory to give us some gadget functions. A DSLR faster, ergonomic and first with a good value for photography.

  • Me

    I am still waiting for a TRUE update to the D100 and the D1. Irrespective of manufacturing capacity, profitability or market viability, Nikon owes its users this.

  • G_J

    Here is my summation of the “I AM…” statements for the possible product releases:

    D3xxx/D5xxx replacement:

    I AM another product that will sit on store shelves and clog inventory

    D7100 replacement:

    I AM still trying to temp D300 users to buy this camera instead of the D400 that my faithful customers want

    D300 replacement:

    I AM so darn late to the party that I’ve bled a lot of my faithful customers to Fuji, m4/3, Sony, etc

    Any pro DX lens:

    I AM not happening

    To Nikon, in general:

    I AM dying… [because I refuse to give my customers what they want, because quality control matters little compared to cost control, because I don’t listen to my customers’ needs, because I won’t admit to my mistakes until I’m threatened, because I’m too busy looking behind to go forward…]

    • Neopulse

      What Pro DX lenses are you waiting for?

      • G_J

        All of them! Mostly the zooms, though… 16-50mm f/2.8, 50-150mm f/2.8, 16-80mm f/4.

        • Neopulse

          Ok, I mentioned before something above to Pat Mann about how much would you pay for these?

      • Pat Mann

        Look at Fujifilm if you want to see a well-thought-out range of lenses for APS-C sensors. Wide fast primes (24mm f/1.4, 16 or 18mm f/2, 12mm f/2.8, 9mm f/2.8 or f/4. A fast portrait prime 60 to 70mm range f/1.4, pro wide (12-24 f/2.8) and short tele (50-135 f/2.8 VR) zooms. The FX zoom ranges were selected because they’re very useful for specific purposes (architecture and interiors, indoor reportage, live performance, etc.) and have proven successful in use. They don’t match those purposes when mounted on DX cameras and result in awkward ranges and too many lens changes, overly bulky lenses for the format and purpose.

        The output from the current generation of 24mp DX sensors is stellar – the format deserves pro lenses.

        • G_J

          This EXACTLY why I sold most of my Nikon gear and converted over to Fuji. I shoot mostly macro, landscapes, mining history, and kids sports (which is definitely more difficult than with my D300, but doable).
          Any, YES, DX definitely deserves pro lenses. Nikon seems to be resolved in not giving us anything, JUST to be stubborn!

        • Neopulse

          Ok, but how much do you plan on paying for these Pro-DX lenses? Use the Nikkor 17-55mm DX ED-IF lens as a reference ($1399).

  • G_J

    I forgot one…

    D800 replacement:

    I AM not needed… but I’m so confused at this point in time that this is all that I could come up with

    • Michiel953

      So right!

    • Pat Mann

      Just because something is perfect doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon. Better Nikon keeps at the forefront than let itself be surpassed by another brand as it seems is happening in APS-C.

      I probably won’t buy at this round – I usually skip a round in software upgrades as well – but anybody just moving into this format or upgrading their camera will have even more incentive to choose Nikon with the incremental improvements an S model will bring.

      • G_J

        I agree with you, Pat, but it just that there are so many holes elsewhere in the Nikon lineup, a D800 replacement just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  • How very exciting… i will not be buying but I will be watching….. 🙂

  • Hopeful Harry

    Based on what Thom Hogan posted today, I predict that it will be a professional APS-C camera. not the D800s.
    Thom says: “D300s Says First Goodbye. NikonUSA has moved the D300s DSLR from the active camera list to the archived camera list. Article on”

    • AlphaTed

      Noticed that too. Cross fingers.

  • Brent

    D7300 and D9300/D400 perhaps? It would be like Nikon to let down the D300 user once again by introducing an unnecessary D800s.

  • Adnan

    A maybe D7200 …

  • Trond Arild Ydersbond

    I guess the most important reason Nikon has not released the D300 successor, is that they have to wait out Canon’s move with D7 Mk II. And right now it seems that things are finally moving at Canon. With an upcoming release, Nikon should probably be able to answer within a couple of months, and I would be astonished if they don’t. Maybe not adequately, but an answer: The 2014 version of the “D400”. (There may have been 2011, 2012, 2013 prototypes.) I feel pretty sure that a D7200 as a more incremental upgrade won’t cut it. Maybe they will even make the new model at Sendai as some kind of quality assertion.

    For the June release, it’s the D800s – plus maybe a couple of lenses, like a 24-70/2.8 II and a 135/1.8.

    This will also fit in well with the forecasts Nikon has made, preserving operating profit with fewer units sold.

    • Toecutter

      Never understood this ‘having to wait out Canon’.Get your version out first and steal the opposition’s thunder.Utter rubbish

      • Trond Arild Ydersbond

        Sure. I think you may safely give up trying to understand that. And it is of course utter incompetence in cameramaking when Nikon chose to cripple the D7100 buffer to avoid stealing too much thunder from the sub-7D Canon models.

    • Neopulse

      Waiting is never a good idea. Getting it out first to pick up on the demography first is always a smart plan. I think they are still working out kinks like video for it, adequate buffer size, will it have an AA filter cancelled out or removed completely, use SD and XQD or CF and XQD, etc.

      And yeah, most likely will come out with a lens also, the 24-70mm would be nice to see although any sharper it would cut people’s hands just by touching the damn thing. Also, I think they are working out stuff in the RAW conversion for multiple softwares and maybe even last minute quality check ups and testing. Chances are in this World Cup there will be prototypes floating about.

  • neonspark

    as much as I’d like a better D800. I think a D700 refresh would be a summer surprise that would shake the competition to the core.

  • Harry Samuel

    Finally a D700s
    My D3s wants a baby brother!
    With cameras being built in Thailand the D5 can go back to the KING of batteries the EN-EL4a and the other cameras can go back to the EN-EL3e. Or I can stick to used camera’s.

  • Sirrah

    Going to the The 2014 Nikon AIPP Event
    here on the Gold Coast Tomorrow. News to follow.

    • Anything?

    • Jensen

      What’s the word?

  • Michele Perillo

    NikonUSA and Canada, according with TH has WRITTEN OFF the D300s DSLR from the active camera list: HAS IT BEGUN?

  • Admin, any word about the FX video mode loosing the 1.1x crop on the D800s? Appreciate your tireless work.

  • nicolaie

    Finally, my D700 replacement has arrived ! If this D800s will have the 18 Mp sRAW option, it will actually be the D700 replacement since filesize/storage was the main factor keeping me away from the D800.

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