Breaking: Nikon D9300 DSLR camera on the horizon

A very significant news for everyone that is waiting for D300s replacement: Nikon is preparing to launch a new D9300 camera. This is all I got for now - just a model name. The body will most likely be DX and will obviously be placed above the D7xxx line (Nikon has probably decided to keep the Dxxx line for full frame cameras and Dxxxx for DX bodies). Why D9300 and not just D9000? I guess to match the version of the D3300 and D5300. This could well be the D400 many readers have been waiting for a long time. This is the first time I have heard something reliable on a high-end DX body.

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  • Steve

    Just another unsubstantiated piece of gossip, rumour and speculation with not a shred of credibility.
    April 2nd, eh?
    Smells like BS to me. Maybe you are fed up with less website traffic and your sponsors are getting worried.
    I could ask where you ‘heard’ this, but we all know you heard it nowhere as it is just a pack of boring, childish lies.

  • Ian

    It will most likely have a serious dirt on the sensor problem that will be vigorously denied by Nikon for 18 months before reluctantly accepting the issue. Nikon Customer Service and Quality Control are terrible nowadays.

  • getoutandshoot

    Isn’t it about time for a smidgen of additional information on this camera for which we’ve been waiting an eternity? Jeeze. You give us “a name,” nothing else. And 3 months later still nothing else.

  • Kalpak Nikumbh

    It is high time for an update to this rumor. Official announcements by
    companies (before Photokina) will start soon – rumors should precede
    them, isn’t it? 😉

  • Kirsty

    I guess the D750 has scuppers this one then?

  • E Jacob Cornelius

    “Nikon has probably decided to keep the Dxxx line for full frame cameras and Dxxxx for DX bodies”

    The D500 is a very recent crop sensor camera.

  • Phillip Jones

    LOL…it never came into existence. the D500 replaced the D300s.

  • Phillip Jones

    so whatever happened to the D9300? it never happend.

    • no, this was the D7500

  • Gracia

    Do people really LITERALLY hold their breath WAITING for specific model replacement? Perhaps I am too practical in just buying one of the current model in the market that has most if not all the features I want.

    If NIKON simply chance the model name to reflect semblance to the said model, would those customers be gullible enough to buy that camera?

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