Nikon Japan published the release dates for the latest Nikon 1 products and WR-1 wireless remote controller

Today Nikon Japan published the release dates for the latest Nikon 1 products that were announced last month and for the WR-1 wireless remote controller ($549.95) that was announced back in February 2013 with the D7100 camera:

Product Name
Release Date
Nikon 1 V3 Body (Black)
April 17, 2014 (Thursday)
Nikon 1 V3 standard power zoom lens kit (Black)
Nikon 1 V3 Premium Kit (Black)
April 24, 2014 (Thursday)
April 24, 2014 (Thursday)
Released June 2014
Tripod TR-N100

Additional Nikon WR-1 wireless remote controller images:





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  • doge

    I love the price of that stupid wireless remote. Only complete assholes are going to buy that.

    And yes, guy who’s going to respond to me with a reason why he’s buying it, I think you’re an asshole.

    • manhattanboy

      I was going to buy it as a present for you.

      • horace

        ahahahahahahaa!!!…nice burn!

      • nwcs

        Can I have it in cash instead?

      • Aldo

        what did the comment say?

        • mikils

          he was stating that he had no interest whatsoever in the wr-1 because of the somewhat exuberant pricing, and expressing intense dislike of anyone would try and reply how and why the device was worth the price… but in terms that some old school gentleman (or lady) might find a bit on the scorching side

          • Aldo

            thanks for the info

        • nwcs

          Hey said anyone who bought one is a colon terminus.

          • Aldo


          • groucher

            I thought he was referring to donkeys.

        • lord eels

          will never buy this robe

  • Anthony Papagallo

    bless Nikon for continuing with the 1 series, a pile of shit by any other name.

    • groucher

      Thanks for your carefully thought out analysis – a valuable contribution to the debate.

    • Studor13

      You and doge should buy each other a present.

  • veggie

    grrrrrrr!. what happened to d9300!

    • Chimphappyhour

      You mean the camera that’s just a vaporware rumor? Gee, don’t know why it doesn’t show up on this list of concretely announced products.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Would any of these products enhance my chances of becoming an internationaly famous professional lettuce photogrpaher, like a D9300 could?

    • AM I Am

      Nope. You still need the KR workshop at Route 66.

      • Ronan

        And lots of FPS.

        • AM I Am

          And a huge buffer and 9 bracket steps. You know we need to take 80 shots in 10 seconds and wait that one of them captures the peak moment with the right exposure of that lettuce.

          • You wait, the Sony A9R Mk II features composition bracketing, and the A11R spawns a bunch of cameras that fly around on drones offering location and subject bracketing. (The A13 offers photographer bracketing — every time you press the shutter you get 173 images taken by other photographers.)

            But they have a 5s startup time, their battery drains after 10 shots, and they feature three new and incompatible lens mounts.

            • Akido

              lol, good one !

  • whisky

    1 NIKKOR VR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6: released June 2014

    are they serious? nikon can’t even launch this product on time to their target?

    the usual online suspects predicted an April 17th delivery date. kicking it back to June is begging to create another cl*ster f*ck on the magnitude of the D800 launch. B&H, Amazon, Adorama will continue to take orders, fail to give customers a firm date, where they are in line, and then the first shipment arrives just to be distributed equally between online vendors and brick & mortars. customers cancel, get pee’d off, and Nikon has another PR disaster on it’s hands.

    waiting ’till June, or later, also gives customers a reason to delay their V3 purchases until more online reviews are available, and assurances given no oil, or dust specks, or sensor issues are imminent.

    for me, it delays this product until after the critical bird hatching season, and before the autumn migration season. by then, who knows what other more competitive products will become available, pressuring nikon to drop prices.

    don’t get me wrong. while there are definite barriers to adopting the V3, for me at least, there were no real show-stoppers. that is except for Nikon itself. if they can’t launch this product combo on time and on target, they’re missing yet another chance to get traction in Europe and America for their Nikon 1 line — and of course consumers will have more opportunities to consider competitive alternatives. JMO.

    • Adrian Gopal

      FYI.. the 1 V3 is not even launched in Singapore and many other countries.. eventhough all the images ads for the 70-300 are pictured with the 1V3..So these dates may not be useful to other parts of the world.. Though it is rumored the 70-300 will be available in April in Singapore.. though I have yet to get better info.. Anyway.. I have one booked with my regular store.. and when it comes I will know…

  • kotozafy

    This thing is supposed to wireless ? You need to purchase a second one to control it remotely ? Please make my mind clear !

    • Steven Solidarios

      Its infrared. You need to have a line of sight for this to work.

      • Naval Gunfire

        You might want to double check that…

        “The WR-1 Wireless Remote Controller is part of the Nikon Wireless Remote
        Control system, which uses radio frequencies to communicate instead of
        infrared signal which requires direct line of sight”

  • JP

    Nikon failed with design of wireless I/O of DSLRs. Others arn’t doing better. Anyone putting 10cm $500 thing on your smartphone???

  • broxibear

    Talking of the Nikon 1, Nikon Europe posted this video a few hours ago…

    • mikeswitz

      Why would anyone think it’s fun to have your11 year old kid shove a chocolate ice cream cone into your $500 camera?

      • Spy Black

        Because it’s an $800 camera, which means you’re wealthy enough to not care…

      • broxibear

        Maybe she wanted Mum to buy a Fuji X100s ?
        Anyways, here’s a more interesting video from Kai.
        Nikon D4s vs. Canon 1D X – Which one’s better?…

        • mikeswitz

          Clearly the Canon is better if if you have lots of canon glass and surely Nikon is better if you are prone to nikon lenses. Neither will make make you a world class photographer just by owning them.
          Are you listening, Mr. Eels?

    • Spy Black

      Why is Nikon putting a video up in 720P about a camera that can shoot 1080P? Also, the closing would make many unsuspecting non-photographic types think all three of those cameras are waterproof.

      • Studor13

        Because it already looks great at 720p.

        For families like in the ad. (us included) we watch these types of videos on our home HD TVs via iTunes or Youtube/Vimeo.

        Why would they/we want to shoot it 1080p? The files are already huge at 720p. I don’t mean the final product but a 2 minute clip can be several hours of actual shooting.

        Agree with you about the closing though. That’s a little bit clumsy of Nikon.

        • Spy Black

          Yeah, I’m not so sure about that…

          • Studor13

            Sure I have a full HD TV. But who wants to edit a couple of hundred 1080p files just to show say, their mothers-in-law?

            She ain’t gonna be able to tell the difference between full HD and 720p. In fact, I can’t even tell unless I’ve got my face right next to the display.

            That Nikon video link looks plenty good enough for me on my 24 inch monitor. I’m certain that the family in the video – your “average” family – would also find it good enough at 720p.

            How about you show us how many 1080p videos that your did?

            BTW, my upload speed is 0.8Mb per second. That’s Mb and not MB. You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that even a 5 minute 500MB (that’s 4G Mb) 720p file takes almost forever to upload.

            Not everyone lives in the States or the UK (or wherever) where you get faster upload speed then what we get download (12Mb p/s).

          • mikeswitz

            4k video looks like shit, looks like video, not film. Great for game shows not for motion picture and any bride who sees herself on the 4k you shoot will actually kill you. New is not always better. Right now Kodak vision stock is still the best with HD a relatively close second. 4k really sucks.

            • preston

              Not good for wedding video, but awesome for nature videos! They figured that out a while ago with IMAX film. Giant high-res nature videos can be great 🙂

            • mikeswitz

              Hey Preston,
              I haven’t seen any video shot with 4k projected onto IMAX so you may have point.

      • Good question. They shot a lot of slow-mo, so I wonder if it’s because it only does 1080 60i, not progressive.

    • AlphaTed

      Not just one, but they have two AW1 !

    • Nice video. The 1 AW1 is the only 1 system camera that I’m interested in. It’s actually a “big” sensor for underwater cameras and it shoots raw – unique!

      But Admin, wasn’t the SB-N10 supposed to be launched already?

    • Oizo

      I do not want the camera, but this mom..;) Is it included ?

      • AlphaTed

        Maybe. But you get the Dad too … and the two annoying kids.

  • Photo Pete

    So Nikon charge how much for a hulking great wireless unit that my diminutive Olympus E-M10 has built in to it?

    Go for it Nikon.

  • doge

    I can’t believe my comment was deleted.

    • Chimphappyhour

      You can’t? Odd.

    • Yes, you have to watch your language and not call other readers names.

      • doge

        My comment was absolutely not directed at any specific reader to this page.

        It was an expression of opinion.

        • It was directed to anyone who buys the remote.

  • Zesty

    I want to see the video for the AP1.
    Liquid proof, shock proof.
    The all new Nikon All Porn 1…Unleash your…..

  • Spy Black

    I’m curious. Why is a “remote” hard-wired into the camera? Why is it also the size of a house?

    • FredBear

      If it’s not big you won’t be seen as a professional?

      • AM I Am

        But the picture shows that the camera needs to be in auto.

        • FredBear

          There are other modes?
          Actually I thought this remote was supposed to be used with the V-3 anyway to make a ‘bold statement’.

  • Tair

    More crap from Nikon. Thanks!!

  • Global

    [1.] Wow, its normal price is $600. Can anyone give a (non-sarcastic) explanation of the cost of this item? Its just a remote right?

    [2.] And why does a remote sit on the camera? Do you have to buy a second one (transceiver?)? Is this a $1200 thing??

    Sounds like there are better alternatives…

    • AM I Am

      1- Because this is not a high-volume product, so the total development cost of this thing needs to be prorated among the few units expected to be sold.
      2- Yes and no. You have the option to pair it with either a WR-R10 or a WR-T10, and that’ll make the setup less expensive.

      And no, there are not alternatives that give full remote control of the camera settings

    • whisky

      “…we expect a shift from older products to newer products that have higher profit margins.”
      —Nikon (presumably NOT being sarcastic?)

  • Ralph

    It’s $750 in Australia, I’m guessing my D800e isn’t getting one. What are they thinking?

  • d7k2v2

    So the v3 will be available as body only?

  • Jim

    How long till the v3 is selling for half price- 3 months? At that price it might be worth it. Maybe.

    • preston

      The v2 never went on fire sale like the v1 (famously) did, so I wouldn’t count on the v3 doing it. I think Nikon just way overestimated how many v1’s to make given that they were never considering it to be competitive price wise.

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