Rumors: Nikon D800/D800E replacement coming in June *UPDATED*

Nikon will announce a new full frame DSLR camera this summer (I call it D800s, but the name could be different). As previously reported, the new camera will be based on the D800E (without AA filter) and will contain few small updates (similar to the D4->D4s refresh). Here is an updated list of specifications:

  • 36MP sensor
  • No AA filter (just like the D800E, this time Nikon will only introduce one model without the AA filter)
  • Improved software to suppress moiré
  • Expeed 4 imaging processor (they may call it Expeed 4a)
  • Higher resolution LCD screen
  • sRAW
  • 4k video is unlikely
  • Same AF improvements like in the D4s
  • Improved low light capabilities: one stop better ISO performance
  • 4 centre autofocus points
  • Built-in GPS
  • No Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 5 fps (6fps with the MB-D12)
  • The new camera will be lighter (compared to the D800/D800E)
  • The price is expected to be higher than the D800E ($3,296.95)
  • The official announcement is expected for June (most likely at the end of June)
  • Update: the camera will be made in Thailand

Since I received matching information from multiple sources, I am now rating this rumor with 80% probability (it was 50% before).

Expect to start seeing more price drops on the D800 and more "refurbished" cameras listed on eBay. The D800 and D800E will be discontinued after the new camera is announced.

Update - I just received few more details:

Note: the picture in this post is just for illustration purposes and it is not an official Nikon teaser.

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  • For those debating 6fps vs 5fps vs 4fps…
    I am not a wildlife photographer, I admit that, but as someone aptly put it, this isn’t exactly a game-changer. I’m sure someone who makes a living taking bird pics each day, every day, would welcome anything that improves the situation (whether a faster frame rate does improve the situation or not, that’s an other story; faster frame rate also means technique has to be flawless, and AF error latitude decreases – and btw, someone fretting over fps should probably pick a D4 anyway). Bottom line in all this is: We must realize, as photographers (generally speaking; from amateurs to professionals; from portrait pros to war journalists) that the jumps in technology are getting shorter and shorter. Each new update is less of a breakthrough and more of a tweaking of previous numbers.

  • Gizzo

    Additionally i cannot understand why they not introducing the d7200 (d7100 first) and the d800(e) successor later with more/major improvements….

    Nikon why not be innovative….standing out of the competition…even it is not common for so called “pro” dslrs…with features like

    -fully swivel/articulating lcd screen ( like d5300/ Sony a99 ff pro dslr)
    – integrated wifi (less stuff to backpack, you wanna more money? just make the dslr 100-150 dollars more expensive…)
    – put in useful u1 and u2 modes (as in d7XXX /d6XX)
    – real quite shutter mode (d610 still loud could be easily less noisy)
    – crop modes of the d7100
    – less shutter lag
    – larger viewfinder magnification
    – long time exposure 60 seconds like omd em1
    – panorama stiching mode
    – better video functions/resolutions/bit frames (internal 4 k would be a dream)

    so many things which could easily been improved and make the d800 a nearly perfect camera….

    dont tell me panorama, wifi , u1/u2 modes, fully swivel display is not for pros or they dont use this/need this….

    it would be so useful in al ot of situatuions (not lying on the ground for shoots, architecture, nature landscape shots etc., quick change of settings e.g. one video, one for stills, less stuff to carry Wt /wu 5 fuccing adapter…)..

    But i know all of this is not coming….nikon doesnt have to be innovative anymore too big (money, power) to fail….

    why do more when it is enough to do less???

    • AG

      Less shutter la compared to the D600? The D600’s lag is .59 of a second, the D800’s 8s .2.

    • Without innovation.. Nikon will fail… just a matter of when. Take a look at Blackberry.

      • RIM was started in 1984, Nikon in 1917 – I think they have a slightly better chance at longevity 🙂

        • One word: Kodak. Started well, and for the longest time was better than anyone else, but failed to see the writing on the wall.

          • Yeah, and you really see Nikon failing?

            • Yes, I do if they don’t change practices. Even Canon, which is doing better than Nikon, is laying people off.

            • Sandy Bartlett

              Nikon is 1 of two camera makers making a profit. And the other one isn’t Sony, Oly, Pentax or Fuji.

      • neversink

        They have been innovating. But you need to have patience. Not all innovation happens overnight.

    • neversink

      I’m happy shooting with what I have. If Nikon adds all these bells and whistles you talk about, great… If they don’t, I will still keep on shooting… Enjoy what you have…

  • riskinhos

    No Built-in Wi-Fi.
    yes because that would cost like ´+0.1%


    • nc_mike

      They’d probably have to implement 802.11ac or the next spec to handle the massive D800 file sizes. They probably figure it would preform slow using 802.11n and as a result, give it a black eye in people’s eyes. I certainly think its way overdue and they ought to base it on the ac spec.

      • riskinhos

        bullshit. other cameras have same size files and wifi works just fine.

        • nc_mike

          How much wireless image transfer have you done? I began with a D300 and then D800. I’ve used 802.11g add ons, 802.11n add ons, and I’ve used wireless USB2.0 (self built). 802.11 g and n are awful by comparision – each taking a LONG time transfer full size JPEGs let alone RAW files. By comparison, WUSB gives me a sustained transfer rate of 300-480Mbps but doesn’t have the distance that WiFi provides. 802.11ac can support a 400-800Mbs sustained rate making image transfer of full size JPEGs and/or RAW workable for production use. Your response ‘wifi’ is non-specific. What sort of data rate do you think is minimally acceptable and for what image types? It seems you can’t tell the difference between wifi and….wifi!

          • riskinhos

            400 is less than 480 sherlock. like I said, there’s other cameras with file sizes just as big with wifi that works just fine. stop your fanboyism. wifi ac is not an issue whatsoever.

            • nc_mike

              Data transfer rate for 36MB files is certainly an issue, and I am not a fanboy of any product. it matters a great deal when you are shooting continuously and have to wait 20, 30, or more seconds for just one JPEG file to transfer let alone a 36MP RAW file. You obviously no knowing about using wireless image transfer for professional use.

            • riskinhos

              again. it’s not an issue. other dslrs have it and there isn’t a single problem whasoever. nikon is just cheap like we can prove it by the failcamera D600. you are just a fanboy trying to defend a brand. but you have no arguments. facts are facts. wifi ac is not an issue.

            • nc_mike

              Typical amateur.

  • Rick Admiraal

    Nice! cant wait to hear when its released

  • Mats

    With faster CPU and a few tweaks I can see this as a much better camera in some aspects with better video and that is faster and also can improve jpegs out of the camera for them (who?) that for some unknown reason do not shoot raw.

    But one F-stop better ISO performance with the same sensor can not possibly be correct! That is a huge step and the current D800E is on par with D4s for high resolution and about 2/3 step behind for low res. web publishing.

    No way this would be correct. Why publish such nonsense?


    waste of money… wake me up when the full frame version of the D5300 sensor is announced in the D5, D900 or whatever they will name it.

  • kai

    Nikon, you are serious about this?? This kind of “upgrade model” is far from enough in today’s highly competitive environment. With these minor improvement, you plan to sell it even higher price than D800E? Without 4K is fine, if you provide a pro-grade codec and DR on 1080p (ie. bmpcc). But again, the weight. If can lower to 600g, that’s ok.

    Just watching both Canon and Nikon losing their market shares day after another. Good luck with you two with less and less innovation in recent 5 years where other companies are booming their innovations.

    • Nikon’s apparent business model now is: take the same camera, put a firmware patch that should already be free, put an -S to the model number and mark it + $500. Like Elvis, Innovation has left the building. =)

  • Remedy

    No. I am saying that Multi-CAM 4800 is not an entry level DX autofocus. Get it?

    • phil

      well it has been established that the AF sucks, it has fewer AF points than the Multi-CAM 3500 on a D7100, and all the AF points are crowded in the center, so this POS is more related to the AF module on entry level cameras like the D5200 than to a *real* AF module on cameras such as the D300s, D700, D800 etc.

      And since “tomas has” mentioned that he does not want the D600 because of it’s crappy AF, there’s absolutely no reason to suggest him to use a Df – since it has the same crappy AF as the D600 has.

  • Unlikely

    “Improved low light capabilities: one stop better ISO performance”
    If it’s like the D4s that translates to another stop at the top of the range that is unseable for any rational purpose (except bragging).

    • Exactly. adding another stop at the iso 2billion range wont do much in the real world.

  • Odea

    The D800 is slow like a fat toad. 11fps will not make much difference when compared to 10fps. But 6pfs will make a huge difference compared to 4fps in critical situations when you are continually shooting a moving subject and try to elicit the best expression out of the subject. With that improvement made, this camera will certainly replace D800/D800E, but it will last for only a short period until the release of D900 in 2015. So, I will skip this camera for a D900. D900 will gain no more pixels, but gain speed that allows you to shoot up to 8fps to genuinely replace EVERY OTHER NIKON CAMERA including D700/D800/D800E/D800s/D4/D4s.

  • Rob

    What is it that suddenly “the old ” model goes from being the best thing since sliced bread to be an inferior camera in a split second . My d3 and D800 WILL serve me right for a long while yet , producing perfectly acceptable results. -Resist the marketing hype

  • Michiel953

    Of course they will. At some moments I still regret selling my D700 to finance my current D800. Still, looking at the list of improvements, some would be of real (but of course, never essential) improtance to me: improved AF, improved high ISO, slightly less weight.

    Oh well, as I pondered on a day trip to London today, D800 and 50/1.2 AiS in the messenger bag, maybe that’s not so important after all… LOL!

    I actually find the D800 to “wear” (as in wearing in use) quite lovely, and I love quality stuff that wears well in use, as opposed to buying old well worn stuff.

  • Michiel953

    Don’t forget the D400…

  • Guillaume

    Admin > Do you think we can hope for an improved silent mode? That’s almost the only think I prefer on the 5DIII. Thank you.

    • neversink

      The silent mode is a joke on the D800 and D4. However, I doubt you will see a much improved silent mode on the new D800…..

  • Spy Black

    Unless you need to run Apple-only apps like Aperture or iMovie Pro, there’s just no need for Mac OS on a PC. I work on Macs in the studios I freelance in, and there’s zero advantage to it. Anything you need to get done can be done in either operating system.

    • I agree that you can do just about anything on a PC that you can on a mac. However, you’re speaking in pretty sweeping terms saying that there’s “zero advantage to it”. I’m certainly no apple fanboy, however there have been advantages over the years that I have used OSX. When I started using mac OS back in the 2004-2005 range, I would have said that it was certainly head and shoulders above windows latest and greatest. I had to laugh when everyone complained about vista.

      The advantages have been shrinking. I’m still using Snow Leopard, which is quite a few generations ago, and starting to show its age now. But its stable, and is productive. Which is more than I can say for Mavericks. Apple is rotting out for getting actual work done, and is instead turning into a consumption platform, at least that’s how I see it.

      “Zero advantage?” Shrinking advantage, but not zero. I also prefer it, as I’m used to it now. Its not merely a matter of need.

      • Spy Black

        It comes down to a personal preference I suppose. I’ve been working with Macs since ’89. Operating systems previous to OS-X were total nightmares. OS-X became the first truly functional OS for them, after the first two worst-than-Vista incarnations of it. But working with Macs and PCs as long as I have I really don’t see any advantage to it, as I don’t see an advantage of Windows over it, other than a greater software base. They’re just operating systems.

  • EJPB

    I’m still a happy D800 user, bought mine only a few months ago when prices were already going down in some shops (I was already feeling the next model in this tendency so no surprise and to be honest, the Nikon S updates have always been quite minor. Except maybe for someone that needs this extra speed. sRAW, in my case, why would I ever want a compression that doesn’t deliver the best IQ?). In general, the D800 is still one of the best DSLRs I’ve ever owned, aside of my quirky Fuji X-series I also use when weight and a non obstrusive presence is more of an issue. Still I’m always glad to pick up the D800, much more stable, reliable and the Nikon CLS-system beats any other flash ever made and IQ is just stunning, I would even say, MF-alike.

  • Roberto

    obviously the time to respond to the many requests Nikon to launch a truly equivalent to D700 camera

    • neversink

      Boring and Wrong!!! D700 is old technology. I loved my D700 and Des. Sold the D3s and kept the D700 as backup, but because my D800 and D4 photos are even better than the D700, I rarely pick up my D700 anymore.

  • Postman

    Nikon are sorting out their DSLR naming structure, which is currently a bit up the wall. They dropped the ball first in 2003 when they launched the D2H, which should of just been the D2, then they dropped it again in 2006 updating the D70s with the D80. That should of been the D71 and again, which really then ballsed things up when the D40/D40x replaced the D50. That should of been the D51. The D610 is the first sign of this and I predict this will be called the D810, not a D800s.

    • Postman

      This is also evident in the rumours of several month ago that the D300s line will become the D9000 line. I also believe this to be the case.

  • Marcelo Mascarenhas

    36 mp again? will be the same sensor of Sony A7r?

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    I own both [D700 and D800] and I don’t complain about anything about them, except for when they lock up with “Err” (^_^).

  • SkyMeow

    Looks like I will be buying this D800s. Waiting for D4x is totally hopeless now:-(

  • mack

    will the D800s have a new (better) sensor (one stop better ISo performence)???

    • Yes.

      9th bullet:
      “Improved low light capabilities: one stop better ISO performance”

      • Michiel953

        And for those that keep moaning about this aspect: the improvement is supposed to be noticeable acroos the ISO range.

  • VertexWolf

    Other then sensor size, is there a major difference in the video recording capabilities between a D7100 and D800(E)?

  • And… for a replacement of D700 ?

  • ITisISIS

    WE need accurate out of the camera colour first, before everything else. IF you and I have to spend ages trying to rescue perfectly well exposed raw files with oversaturated reds, oranges, and blues, I’m sorry but that means the camera needs better calibration itself. All our correction for colour should not be happening, and OK the D800 is a good camera, but is it really? Is it. Why do you have to waste days of your life correcting images?
    Overall if you desaturate by 20 on your monitor afterward, it helps, but the reds and oranges and blues are still out. Getting them into line then affects the image overall. Then you have to decide (why should you) if this or another deformation of reality, the result of machine calibration rather than human eyesight, meets our human needs, when frankly any idiot can simply actually get the whole thing right in the first place. At this point in time they are still prefering a robot’s colour vision under artificial lighting conditions indoors, to ours in the big bad world we actually take our pictures in, and this is not good. At the moment the future is orange (see a6000 sony,) before it was red. Now red can look orange, really.
    I’m glad of high frame rates, but never use them. I’m glad, because they force manufacturers to build reliable shutter mechanisms.
    How can we force manufacturers to get colour back to reality NOW?

    • Usually my Raws come out undersaturated and flat.

    • neversink

      That’s very strange. My RAWS come out flatter than my JPEGs, but that’s expected. But neither do my JPEG’s ever come out over saturated. There is something wrong with your D800 or your monitor or both. However, once I tweak a little bit the RAWs shine.

  • camera_is_too_dam_high

    3 G’s—->Kiss my @zz!

  • Chase Chick

    Somebody tell me about the frame rates for this camera’s video recording.

  • rotlec

    I just tried to price up a D800 on Jessops, which is a major UK retailer, and they have discontinued stocking it from today. Do they know something we don’t?
    How do these things usually work when a ‘S’ of ‘010’ is launched? Is there a small window to buy the original camera model at reduced rates as companies clear stock?

  • DafOwen

    Hmm – would happily forgo GPS in favour of WiFi.

    • You use WiFi now? I don’t. But maybe I just haven’t figured out a reason.

      I’ll take GPS gladly. I’m on the mountain or in the woods and want to find my location for Lightroom and Flickr later. It’s a pain! Why should I take out my iPhone for a quick snap, just to find the location again afterwards?

      • DafOwen

        Would like to shoot tethered….. without the wires 😉
        Mostly on Studio shoots – I deal with a lot of amateur models who want to see how it’s coming out so they can adjust their posing accordingly. Bought a long USB3 cable but it’s rather cumbersome.

        • Yeah, that’s true.

          Have you figured out to make it reliable (USB3 tethered) because I haven’t been able to make it through a shoot yet.

          • Neopulse

            Doesn’t it need an external power source in order to be able to tether it to your laptop? Unless it’s a connected to a desktop, I think it won’t work if the cable is too long.

            • Neopulse

              Similar to this, but for USB 3.0

  • Raj

    I feel that that the D800 could be updated to shoot at least 8FPS in crop mode at 15MP.

  • neversink

    So you have confirmed these specs with Nikon, I presume????

  • I will seriously buy this the moment it becomes available ONLY for the sRAW capability.

  • Is the D800s likely to have a crop mode for video?

  • Jacobus DeWet

    I use my D800 for wildlife and birds, often action shots so the better focus and higher frame rate is great. The new D4s focus system for action and low light is fantastic and a great step up on current D800. If that is the improvement then I will sell my D4 and get this new D800s. D4 short on resolution if I shoot in crop mode, this often happens when lens is short for birds and small animals

  • Kokor Hekkus

    If the price is not less than D800E there is no reason to make the change.
    Commercial choice quite incomprehensible, given that the substance changes very little.

  • Jonny

    I sold my D800 to get a D800E but have been holding off buying one as the price is dropping. The latest price on a D800E is USD2500 in Hong Kong now. Price seems very tempting as it is a USD1000 cheaper than when it first came out. I’ll wait to see what the actual specs and price of the D800s before I decide. I would definately get it if it had wifi.

  • Jim Bob

    Any ideas folks if this will support UHS II…. (Read / Write @ 156MB/s

  • Steve Bond

    Dear Nikon,
    As a D800e
    10-24 F35
    14-24 f28
    24-70 f28
    50mm G Owner
    And a previous D7100 owner

    I am writing this to let you & everyone know that a NIKON D800e
    DSLR should be able to withstand a 24 inch or less drop on rocks
    without the MAIN Magnesium Casting breaking! You telling me that my
    camera can not be repaired is beyond me. I have now done the research
    and several people have had no damage to the outside of the camera,yet
    you claim Damage to the main casting??????????

    Yes the camera still works however, customer service and Nikons policy’s are BROKEN! See the photos for yourself: … Does this look like 3296.00 of damage???
    I guess it is time to buy a lens adapter and pledge myself to CANON! Thanks for nothing

  • Fotograf Anders Jorulf

    I’m in Rome/Italy right now and yesterday i saw a man wearing a Nikon D800s round his neck. Has Nikon already release the camera ?

  • Richard Mui

    As a working photographer I do wish they add the XQD format to the D800 replacement…while I love my D800 for it’s high resolution when I need the minute details, loading those huge files to the computer is a real drag on the CF format…despite the fast cards I’m already using. The XQD format is at least 3 times faster in throughput…

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