Rumors: Nikon D800s camera preliminary specifications

Here is the first set of rumored specifications for the Nikon D800s DSLR camera:

  • No low pass (AA) filter (just like the D800E)
  • Improved software to suppress moiré
  • Expeed 4 imaging processor
  • sRAW
  • Same AF improvements like in the D4s
  • Improved low light capabilities
  • 5 fps (6fps with the MB-D12)
  • Price between D800 and D800E - probably around $3000
  • No firm announcement date yet - my guess is Photokina (September 2014) or CES (January 2015)

It is still too early to mark those rumored D800s specifications with anything above 50% probability. Hopefully I will receive some additional information in the upcoming weeks.

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  • Matt

    Dual CF or dual SD?

    • doge

      Dual XQD’s

      • KnightPhoto

        In reality will probably be 1 XQD and 1 CF. I guess it could be 1 XQD and 1 SD.

        D5/D900 get dual XQDs.

  • bjorn

    don’t expect to have s-RAW since Nikons ASIC is not suitable for parallel processing 36M. I would like to have S-RAW on my D800 for astro-timelapses though.

  • guest

    Why can’t they just make a damn pro body like the D4s with higher resolution… 24 MP would be just fine and it`s perfect to what the best lenses can picture. I use two D3x for some years now, but they have some limitations and I´m waiting for something that is not such an ugly and unwieldy product like the D800 but has more MP than the D4s. Nikon?

    • doge

      A D800 is more unwieldy than a D3X? Surely you don’t know the definition of unwieldy.

      • guest

        Ok, maybe unwieldy is the wrong word. I don´t mean small or handy. But some photographers do prefer a pro body with fixed vertical grip, no pop up flash and more mp than the d4s. That´s all. Thanks for your comment.

        • David Portass

          I didn’t like the vertical grip of the D3, felt like it could slip out of my hand easier with a large lens on compared to my D300s/D7000/D600’s with their add-on grips. Yes it makes the cameras even bigger than a D3 but to me felt more secure in the hand plus reaching the AF point selector was much easier as it was built on to the grip.

    • lord eels

      that’s a D5 plus 40+ crosstypes in the module

      • Manvin

        Since nikon is really pushing to next level on mirrorless camera nikon 1 v3, however i was hoping Nikon would add-on D5 with the following:

        Very dense arrangement of 105 focus points with phase-detection AF and 171 focus points with contrast-detect AF ensures precise acquisition of the intended subject with dense coverage of a broad range of the frame.

  • lord eels

    what’s so hilarious to me is that many of you are basically screaming for a mini-D4s with 24mp and a d800 price tag. stop being annoying. that’s 5 years away.

  • neonspark

    sRaw which nobody will use when they see what it does 🙂

  • Saffron Blaze

    D700 with 24 mp please. I’ll take the Expeed 4 and AF improvements too.

  • Josh Warrender

    Give me a stop cleaner ISO, the AF improvements, internal GPS, and 4K vid. $3300-3500, take my money.

  • KnightPhoto

    How about WT-5A compatibility this time too?

  • Rocky

    So, realistically, we’ll get an 800S announcement around Photokina, citing the details, huh? Delivery will start Thanksgiving-ish. I imagine we’ll all survive until then, and the wait will be worth it if the new camera is a genuine refinement of the current twins. With luck, they’ll leave out the “kitchen sink.” Show us what Pure Photography really is about: if anyone can (still) do it, it’s Nikon.

  • Marc

    Looking at the flood of reactions and comments I guess there are more people who are looking forward to see this camera becoem reality

  • Guest D800

    Wonder if they will ever fix the AF/M switch like on D700, improve write times to cards, occasional lockups, re implement Live View and add a rotating LCD screen? That is my wishlist for an S model.

    • Guest D800

      Forgot to add, compatibility with CaptureNX 2!

      • TeaBreak

        Most important! Long live NX2.

    • David Portass

      unlikely, I doubt we will ever see the M/S/C AF switch return, AF/M is here to stay

  • decisivemoment

    I don’t think a lot of people here seem to realize the amount of extra bandwidth that Expeed 4 has over Expeed 3. The D800 could quite easily push 8fps through an Expeed 4 chip; the fact that the maximum frame rates are not going up over the current ones suggests some other limitation, build quality, battery power, weight or resistance of the mirror mechanism, or something else.

    • TeaBreak

      The reason is just marketing. Not that much people who would prefer a D4s over a D800s @ 8 fps and sRAW.

  • I can’t wait to shoot my kids at 5fps, 36mp, with my kit lens! haha

  • What some random guy on DPReview says is not exactly “science”.

    Nikon’s sRAW and Canon’s sRAW are probably not the same things. Some people have opined that Canon’s sRAW is “just” an HDR JPEG which is actually a really good idea (it would have the headroom of RAW with the file compression flexibility of JPEG). Nikon’s sRAW files are far bigger and appear to be pixel-binned 12-bits-per-channel RGB values. This means that it’s like taking a RAW image, treating each 2×2 set of sensels as a single pixel, and saving a 36-bit RGB value for it (and, based on the file size, compressing is losslessly). This is nothing like JPEG, it’s more like 36-bit PNG. And — worse — a RAW file is only 12-bits per sensel, so by storing 36-bits for every pixel (by binning four sensels) you only save 25% of the space.

    Saving the full resolution image as a 36-bit RGB image using JPEG-style compression would be far less lossy than throwing away half of your resolution and storing it losslessly. Canon seems to be using lossy compression on the half-resolution 36-bit RGB image.

  • SkyMeow

    I too need a high mp pro body in addition to my D4. Please release D4X!!!!

  • paulpap


    I was an early adopter and bought the D70 as soon it hit the shelves. 6.1MP and I was in heaven. But – that’s totally beside the point. I’ve been shooting travel and lifestyle for a large-format glossy magazine for the past 8 years (D70, D200, D300s, and now the D700) and I – and they – just don’t need 36MP. I don’t need the resolution. I’m not doing huge prints, and I don’t shoot landscapes or studio. And while I know that people like Joe McNally own and use D800’s, I’m pretty sure that his go-to camera for most assignments is still the D4 (Joe – correct me if I’m wrong…). The new D4s is still a 16MP camera, so that must be what a lot of pros still want. I have no doubt that there are a lot of people of who love the increased resolution and are not fazed at all by the need for 32 or 64-gig cards, increased storage, and possibly the need for more computer horsepower and that’s really fine. I can actually afford all of that, but do I need it? No. I also don’t want the heft of a D4. The form factor of the D700 is perfect for me. Hence, my desire and hope for Nikon to throw the D4s sensor – or even the D610 sensor – into a pro body. Hey – I can hope!

    • You want a different camera, then. You may not need the high pixel count of the D800, but many of us who create large prints have been waiting for it for a long time. It’s a specialized tool with a special purpose.

      The D4 is a much more general camera, and likely more suited to your purpose. If you wan the sensor from a D4, The D700 is also a fine machine – I’ve had 2 of em. For some purposes, I wish I wouldn’t have sold them. But for general assignment work, I pull out the D4, for high-resolution the D800, and if I want the D4 sensor, but don’t want to lug around the massive machine, the Df, which is a great machine as well.

      If your D700 is serving you well, no need to upgrade.

  • Espen4u

    A high res Canon is rumored, eos 3d. Perhaps the d800s will se some real improvement, not just with a speedier chip inside.

    • RBR

      (Fingers crossed.)

  • Marc

    Would it possible to have an Ethernet (min 100mb/s) connection on this camera ?

  • flaker

    Hopefully they fix the AF. The AF on the D800 suuuuucks.

  • FlorianDuotones

    Want a 24mp sensor with better high-ISO results and 120fps at 1080p !!! 4K-video would be nice to 😉

    • That defeats the purpose of it being a D800, which is all about the large file size. You are looking for the D600s 🙂

  • Bern

    I wonder will they at a 4K option to the video settings, and I wonder will the aliasing be improved particularly for video to avoid needing to manually add the anti-aliasing filter that is available to buy?

  • Gizmodo

    D 800S
    Same card slots as 610
    Improved processor speed
    In camera panorama stitching

    • Josh

      That’s strange you say in camera pano, I’ve been thinking about that lately. If they could figure out a way to do in camera NEF file panos (which should be about 72MP in D800), it would be a game changer, IMO.

  • AnotherView

    Based on those specs definitely not worth upgrading my D800 for. I guess Nikon is just trying to milk the last drop out of that D800 cow…err…market.

  • Mike D

    Interesting business move. A whole lot of amateur photographers purchased the D800 and are probably wondering if their $3,000 was well spent. (It wasn’t.) This sizable group will unlikely purchase the replacement body. I suspect Nikon will only sell half the number of bodies of this upgrade.

    • dilbert

      My D800 invest is very well spent, no regret at all. Still, the AF is the thing that would like improvement, so I’m a D800s believer right away.
      Pity it was not the D800s in the first place, but Nikon needs to get an income just as we do.

      Since it will be a D800 replacement I don’t see why it should generate less sales than the D800 today. Plus those upgraders.

    • Josh

      Says you. I’ve been very happy with my D800. So much so, that you are correct about the second part. I’m unlikely to buy this refresh.

      • Mike D

        I remember the huge pent up demand for a high megapixel, semi-pro body and the D800 was back-ordered for almost a year. I believe the pent up demand will not be the same for this refresh, although it will sell consistently. At the same time, Canon quietly introduced the EOS 5D Mark III, a lower MP camera, that nails it on several fronts including JPEG color rendition and setting up presets. I’m sure that this model kept a lot Canon users from migrating to Canon, at least that’s what several Canon shooters have advised me.

    • JohnH

      So you are implying that amateur photographers are not qualified to use a D800? What hogwash . . . .

      • Mike D

        Nope, just some amateurs lured by the high pixel count. At this point I’m one of them. I get equal or better overall results from a D7100 than my D800. (DX has greater depth of field) If an amateur is using a D800 without using a tripod, the photographer is definitely not getting the best out of the D800.

  • I would hope they would drop the price a bit, given how much Sony is selling their A7r for

  • Garth Muller

    hopefully the D800 and D800E will see a drop in price. but if the differences between the new D800s and the old D800/D800E are minute then upgrading will be a no-no.

  • twoomy

    I’d give anything for a D800 that is lighter and a bit shorter (top to bottom), so it fits better in the majority of bags and cases that were designed for SLRs without a vertical grip. And perhaps more room so PS lenses have more room?

  • twoomy

    I’d give anything for a D800 that is lighter and a bit shorter (top to bottom), so it fits better in the majority of bags and cases that were designed for SLRs without a vertical grip. And perhaps more room so PS lenses have more room?

  • salim

    Just make the AF a bit faster at night/low light and I’ll buy one. I love my D800e, I just wish the focusing in night/dark areas would improve a bit.

  • Hopeful

    Any hope of the new (well relatively new) card technology being brought to the D800? Seeing cards capable of 400mb/s+ is killing me knowing the fastest I can get is 150mb/s with the 1066x cards. Using SD is hopeless if you hit the buffer

  • Odea

    Yeah, people here know all the difference that 1fps would make at crucial situations. In practice, 11fps will not make much difference as compared to 10fps. But 5fps will make huge difference as compared to 4fps. Anyone who has ever used both the D700 and D800 should feel the same. But this newest came will go obsolete rather quickly as the release of the D900 is planned in 2015. So I will skip this for a D900. The D900 is expected to gain no more pixels, instead it is going to be a very speedy camera with 8fps to be used for multiple purposes.

  • hq

    I really hope your specs are way off. And I certainly look forward to real improvements: WiFi (a must these days) with untethered liveview, remote operations, etc. Built-in GPS. Improvements in Low Light performance, less noise in high-ISO and better Dynamic Range. Enhanced focus performance in low light (think Panasonic GH4-like in -4EV !). Better focus tracking for faces. Improved auto-focus accuracy for video. Better video codec (perhaps ALL-I instead of IPB). Built-in stereo mic for Video. Drop the CF card and support SD UHS-II / Class 3. Less weight (hey, if they can do it in the 400 f/2.8). Then, everything else is welcome.

  • nc_mike

    built in 802.11ac wireless PLEASE!!!

  • Nicasio

    Come on, they should be able to get 6fps at 36mp, and 8fps at DX crop, without any grip. That and an usable live view would be a real update!

  • Where’s my…

    Based on the sample images, what D800E would have truly needed would have been way more resolution for the sensor to outresolve any lens you throw at it, making the lens imperfections act as the optical low-pass filter.

  • UrbanJungleFashion

    What is sRaw?

  • Sharpness

    I hope the new D800S fixes the mirror slap that reduces the resolution of the D800E when used with telephoto lenses like the 600mm f4. Mirror lock-up makes a huge improvement with long lenses.

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