Refurbished Nikon D800 cameras available again for $2,199.99

The refurbished Nikon D800 deal for $2,199.99 is back on eBay for the next 24 hours (free shipping, 180 days warranty, from a reputable dealer).

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  • Is Nikon clearing D800 stock just like the J1 for a potential D800s release this summer? I do not believe there are so many refurbished D800 cameras out there.

    • Global

      I’m really curious about this new (seeming) strategy as well.

      Wasn’t there a Left-side focus issue when they first came out? Sometimes I wonder if these cameras are in fact New — but “not within tolerance” — such that the tolerances are expanded for sale as “Refurbished.” Would that be legal? Afterall, the manufacturer sets the tolerances, right..?

      On the other side, this camera had a lot of hype — which means a lot of returns by folks whose computers, photo editing and photography skills couldn’t muster it: many people are surprised how a photo straight out of a D40 can look PERFECT on the computer, but D700, D800, etc. look like crap by comparison (people have camera phone expectations of sharpening and detail). So there might be at least a couple hundred returns when buyers remorse sets in.

    • nek4life

      I hope not I just bought this thinking that the d800s wouldn’t be out for a while. But I figure it’s such a good price that even if I do decide to upgrade I shouldn’t lose out on too much money even if the price drops.

    • Manuela does not sell the D800 anymore. So I think you are right.

  • Michiel953

    If I didn’t have one already, I’d jump on that deal straightaway.

  • Spy Black

    Wish I had the cash for that. I’d jump right on it.

  • doge

    Why are there never any refurbished D800e cameras for sale?

    • cbeking

      Because they never get returned 😉

      • dudeman

        So True. That’s Why I Want One.

      • KT

        Or because Nikon manufactures 10 D800 for every 1 D800E so there’s always a surplus of refurbished D800 on sale.

    • Just Me

      Go on DXO, compare any lens, especially 70-200f4 VR, with D800E and D800 and any other camera for P-Mpix sharpness. That is why no one returns D800E…. Thankfully the D800s will have the same sensor /no AA according to the rumour.

  • Matt

    And I just bought a D800 from Cameta for $2399 last Friday 🙁

  • Mark

    I almost bought one of these, but got D7100 instead. The fact that the used prices are only $150 short of new price of $1096, convinced me it’s that good a camera, and after seeing the iso6400 files, I’m sold after just 1 day.

  • I’m still waiting for someone to compare the D800 and D800e with a state of the art lens, i.e. the Zeiss Otus.

    • Eric Frame

      why? is that the only lens you’re going to use it with?

      • Of course not. I’m curious how much IQ difference there is between the two cameras. Initial comparisons, when the cameras were introduced, showed relatively subtle differences, but now, higher resolution lenses are available. Are those differences still relatively minor or were their differences partially masked by lens resolution limitations?

        • Spy Black

          Any lens can do that. You don’t need an OTUS for that. It’s not like the difference is magically going to be apparent only with the OTUS. If that were the case, there would be no reason to buy the 800E.

    • Michiel953

      By pure coincidence I took a few shots with the Otus on my D800 yesterday. Wide open, 1/4000, 100 ISO. Focus is very critical of course. It’s very sharp, hardly any aberrations, but I found the colour, straight out of the camera RAW, a bit lifeless, which surprised me bearing in mind my experience with Zeiss glass on that camera.

      It is very heavy, and long, so requires careful technique to avoid shake. If I didn’t cradle the lens carefully I could see the image quiver in the viewfinder. Maybe I’m not strong enough.

      • dclivejazz

        You probably already know this, but RAW files usually look a little flat when first viewed, because they have no extra contrast and saturation and little sharpening. RAW files allow you to process them as you wish, compared to the algorithms built into jpegs from the camera.

        Are you saying the color in the RAW files from this camera lens combo were a bit lifeless compared to other RAW files in your experience? Thanks.

        • Michiel953

          Yes DC, that’s what I meant. I was comparing apples with apples. My ingrained reference image is what my 24, 35, 58 and 85 1.4’s produce RAW, straight out of the camera. 58 softer (surely wide open) than the Otus, but a bit more life. Didn’t do a direct comparison though, maybe I will in the near future. Just step outside the shop, click away; street shots.

          The 58, compared to my other primes, appears less sharp, and contrast is very very smooth. Extraordinary lens. You have to almost live with it to learn how to use its qualities to the full.

          • dclivejazz

            Thanks for the clarification. Very interesting to hear.

            • Michiel953

              My pleasure!

    • Just me

      DXO has done it. Just check their site. D800E beats all for sharpness, including regular D800. With ANY lens.

  • Manuela

    Why buy a refurbished D800 when you can get a new one for almost the same price?

    • William

      Where can you find a new one for about the same price?

      • big al

        Direct from

        New D800: $2,796.95

        It’s simply not worth the risk and heartache of buying 2nd-hand with a dubious warranty. In UK at least, new Nikon camera bought officially gets a two year warranty when you register it.

        When you’re about to buy a camera like this, at this price, $200 is worth it for peace of mind. Also, D800e is a lot better so I wouldn’t bother with this.

        • big al

          $597 difference actually, but still worth it imho.

          • Manuela

            In Europe D800 sells for 2.199€, and usually the price in € is numerically the same as in $ in the USA.

  • o_joe

    I bought one of these at this price the last time this deal came up (2 mos ago or so? ). No issues… All is well. Delivered via ups in 3 days. Nikon grey box. Focuses well.

    • Michiel953

      You got a good deal. Enjoy that camera!

    • nek4life

      Good to hear! Never bought a refurb before, but the price was too good to ignore.

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