The Nikon D800/E replacement will be made in Thailand

Nikon D800 camera made in Japan
A quick update on my last post for the rumored Nikon D800/E replacement: the new camera will be made in Thailand (the D800/E were made in Japan). I am still not sure about the exact model name of the new DSLR, but most likely it will be called D800s or D810. Prototype cameras have been already tested out in the field.

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  • DeepCVisualArts

    New camera means a better camera. That is all myth :). But yeah new photographer can be a better photographer if one learns one’s camera well

  • KubaWer

    I just returned my 3mo. D800 after shutterg button failure.. Im lucky – i got full refund so i can get D800s, but most of my Nikon gear was already in service.. maybe i will switch to Cannon MK IV.. To many failures from Nikon.. Do You guys have problems with You gear?

    • Marcel Speta

      no i don’t. Within past 8 years i had D70s, D200, D300, D700, D3s and no problems at all. Low-ends have more problems and as i can see new production need better QC. Also some models having software bugs (D7100 flash metering issues)…

      • KubaWer

        I had problems with D7000, SB700 -straight from the box.., Nikkor 24-70 2.8 Lens..

        • Neopulse

          Damn, that is terrible luck man. I feel bad for you 🙁

  • Michiel953

    I’d like to get back to a point I made before commenting on some or other topic. Why can’t camera manufacturers offer modular models? You choose body (modern, retro), sensor (lower or higher mp count), shutter, high or medium fps. Done. Car manufacturers can do it. It would get rid of all that “Why doesn’t Nikon make the model I want?” discussion.

    • zeissomaniac

      I do not get this. If the D900 is slated to come out in fall/winter 2014, who would buy this D800S? Nikon sure is trying to pull a fast one.

      • Michiel953


      • 24×36

        Who said D900 is coming out that soon? Not even a rumor of any credibility suggests that…

    • Neopulse

      This kind of idea has been mentioned before a long time ago. I think there was even a patent filed by someone that allows one to swap out sensors (can’t say much about the fps and other stuff), but yeah it would be great that.

      • Michiel953

        It can’t be so difficult if your product development process is geared to it; look at the MQB platform that VAG (Volkswagen, Audi etc) is using now.

        Choose a body shape out of three, a sensor out of three, and a shutter out of three, with according price structure. Sounds very simple, and will satisfy a lot of customers. Might even be cheaper.

        • Neopulse

          There has to be things considered. Compatibility issues. For example processors made for a specific sensor that include the RAW and JPEG outputs since they have to be processed differently since the sensors outputs are different. And also that would include video processing compatibility. And also there’s AF, I think it would cause a problem in the sense of the sensor picking up the correct focus and transmitting it properly to one’s eyes. I think stuff like that are what holds it back. But I think we are capable to surpassing that, and it doesn’t take much to do it. Although patenting this idea would be a good thing to do actually.

          • RBR

            I do not believe the (ASIC) processor is sensor specific, but the firmware that runs on it which is adapted to a particular sensor.

            • Neopulse

              Hmmmm… well yeah firmware does make a huge difference. People have bricked cameras trying to bring out more power from the sensor. Chances are there is something to it. Maybe they would sell it together, like the sensor wired or “glued” to the processor to pop it into the camera body. I for one wanted a Df that has a bigger viewfinder and a Nikon-made focusing screen to use manual focusing lenses on it. I liked the idea when it first came out, unfortunately fell short to other people’s expectations (like AF which to me I think wasn’t meant to be the real point of it).

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    Well that’s a big disappointment.

  • bgbs

    There is a big difference between design flaws and production flaws. Most Nikon problems can be traced back to Japan’s R&D office, where all the design flaws were introduced. Even if you move all the manufacturing to Germany, it will not eliminate design flaws made by Japan. producation flaws can be correct, design flaws cannot, not by any manufacturing facility.

  • decisivemoment

    I have to say in my experience the Thai-made Nikon gear has been consistently better than either Japan-made or China-made. The only problem on any of my Thai-made products was an AF mirror adjustment angle issue on both D7000 bodies. I have had multiple serious problems with decentering, tilted elements, zoom mechanisms and camera electronics and body adjustment on Japan and China gear.

    Whether I’d buy the “s” is another question. I have two standard D800 bodies, and while the “s” packs an impressive punch — the AF upgrade, the better JPEGs, the built-in GPS and so on — even the standard D800 is no slouch and I’ve yet to be convinced that removing anti-aliasing works for me. I do believe that we’re rapidly headed for a situation where software renders it moot, but, except in most landscape and nature, we’re not there yet. Nikon have apparently worked down their stock of standard D800 bodies quite nicely, so resale will hold well, but I may just find myself keeping mine for a lot longer than I’ve kept previous digital bodies.

  • DaC

    Is the D9300 (or D400) and the D810 going to be produced side by side or was the rumored D9300 really the D810 moving to Thailand?

    I am just a shutter bug, not the pro that many here seem to be. I currently have no need for a D810 or that matter a D800 as my D600 and D300 are good for what I need. I would like to replace my D300 at some point. Weather proofing and stronger build that comes with the pro level camera are important to my DX shooting. I have not purchased the 7100 mostly due to money (remember my shooting is only a hobby) but some day I will upgrade the DX camera and give my D300 to my family to use.

    • RBR

      I have the D7100 and there are a number of things to like about it, but one of them is not the buffer…6 frames in 14-bit RAW and then you are into buffer overrun. What ‘genius’ specified this?

  • Steve Bond

    I am sorry but if it is anything like my D800e, poor build quality could not withstand a 24 inch (or less) drop..inside casting cracked. 3300.00 of JUNK

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