We are getting closer to another Nikon announcement

Another Nikon announcement is coming soon: the latest rumors I received today indicate that Nikon will soon announce new product(s) (could be as early as this week). I still cannot confirm the exact date, but the D800/E replacement was rumored to be announced this month. Another possibility is the new Coolpix camera with 1" sensor.

I am trying to get the exact announcement date. If you have any information, you can always contact me anonymously here.

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  • Spy Black

    I hope the knocks the price of the D800 down.

    • Aldo

      I don’t think people are waiting for the price to go down… but for the megapixels to go down ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Spy Black

        That’s what the D610 is for. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Henri

          The D610 is not for professional use. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your business. You can, but that is not how it is built for. It is better described as the D3300 with a bigger sensor.

          • Spy Black

            Only someone who isn’t a professional wouldn’t be able to use the D610 professionally.

          • Dantheman

            I am afraid that if you cannot get high quality pro level results from a D610 the problem does not lie with the camera.
            I am curious just what you think is missing, that makes it so unsuitable for pro use.

            High image quality { DR, SNR, etc}
            39-point AF system and weather sealing { as good as D800}
            100% VF
            Excellent battery life
            Genuine Quiet mode
            Dual card slots, with UHS-I support

            • outkasted


          • Joven

            Exactly! I really appreciate the D600/D610’s tiny body, beginner tutorials, single dial for controlling both the shutter speed and aperture, lack of focus motor, commander-less flash, inability to attach a Nikon branded battery grip, lack of controls for ISO and AF drives, 95% coverage viewfinder, and lack of AF tuning.

            It’s like I can’t tell the difference if I don’t look at the sensor!

            • fred

              …Slow flash sync speed, slowish 1/4000th sec shutter…

            • Joven

              1) I think you missed the point

              2) you named TWO points vs about 10

              3) slowER flash sync speed. Canon cameras sync at 1/200 second instead of 1/200, and they seem to be getting along just fine. You act as if the D800 and D4[s] have leaf shutters that allow them to sync faster than 1/500 second.

            • Shay

              What are you talking about? 95% coverage? Lack of AF tuning? Have you even ever looked at a D600?

            • Joven

              I know it’s the internet, but even you should have been able to pick up on the sarcasm.

      • neonspark

        boy are you going to enjoy the 50+MP sensors of the next half decade ๐Ÿ™‚

      • AM I Am

        I think people are waiting for more megapixels….. but less megabytes.

      • david

        54mp d4x

        • fred

          54MP D900

      • Dmitry Anisimov

        you don’t have to wait, just open camera settings and specify lesser resolution ๐Ÿ™‚

    • directions

      Ups and downs needed in D800s –

      price — down
      megapixel — down
      ISO — up
      AF points — up
      manufacturing errors — way down

      • Hierro

        WIFI IN
        GPS NOT IN OUT
        U1/U2 modes IN
        Exposure bracketing like D600 3 pictures with +/- 3 LV
        better, higher reoslution screen (of d7100)
        but fully articulateable like d5300
        native ISO 50
        lighter and smaller without any impact on build IQ (size of d610/600 or DF)
        better video (no moire etc.)
        real quiet silent shutter mode

        • D800 User

          That should be the D610 replacement. Please no gimmick in the D800 series ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Henri De Vreese

          Wifi: will bring price up and is still inferior to tethering. (used the 6D’s wifi and it was a pain to work with in the studio)
          U1/U2: Who would want that shit if you have memorybanks?
          Smaller?!?: HELL NO! D600 is too small for my hands (normal male hands…)
          Video: Only way they can improve it is offering 10-bit raw video. It’s the sharpest DSLR up to now, seldomly have moirรฉ.
          Quiet shutter: +1
          Price on the D800(e) is pretty good already imo…
          Megapixels are perfect for everything except for sports. People that want the megapixels down never used this camera in real life situations… Being able to pull 5 different pictures out of a single image is just jawdropping (and 24mp cannot do that no…).
          I don’t think anyone would need more than 51600 iso, but they may reduce the colorshifts north of iso 6400. Otherwise I really like the iso-performance.
          AF-points: AF-points in every corner of the frame would be awesome.
          Never noticed ANY manufacturing error with any D800(e) I ever used…

      • neversink

        Get a D610, D4 or Df or used D 700. You obviously haven’t used the D800 to experience how well it performs in all situations.

      • decisivemoment

        What we’ll actually get:

        AF points-same*
        Manufacturing errors–somewhat down

        *with improved sensitivity and speed

      • Me

        Price? Really. How quickly familiarity breeds contempt.

        I remember when the D800 price was announced, people were convinced this was an error. The price was simply astonishingly low and was a game changer.

        • Maji

          Actually proves that we are are all greedy… Nikon priced it what we know is a great value, but still we want it cheaper.

      • Dantheman

        I bought the D800 specifically for the higher MP count as I presume would have most people. Did you not notice the 36mp sensor on the camera description? Nikon offer 16mp and 24mp FF bodies.

        If you want lower MP with better high ISO ,AF with superb build quality you can pick up a D3s used for around the same price.

  • Jon McGuffin

    Oh, pretty please be a Coolpix update with that super duper 1″ sensor! Who needs a D800 anyway?

    • MarkG

      almost everyone who dream of FX but can’t afford it !


        I can. Do you need some financial help? Call me at BR-549 operators standing by.

      • ..and then they try it after d7k and decide to go for d610 because d800 is one damn sloooow motherfu*ker ๐Ÿ˜€

        • neversink

          Nothing is slow about the D800. I use it all the time for all different types of shoots. Never had any problem capturing great images with it.

      • Henri De Vreese

        If you dream about FX, you don’t need it…
        I shoot fashion and to be honest, I don’t NEED a D800e and all the best glass ever made, it just makes the job easier. A D7000 with Sigma 18-35 and 70-200 would be fine for a lot of photographers dreaming of FX.

        • Hval

          Talking of which, I took a few photographs with my Nikon D800 with the Sigma 18-35mm lens.

          These photographs may be seen here: –



          • Juraj Balaลกko

            Nice bokeh.
            Please take som shots for sharpness too.

            • Hval

              Just taken a couple of photographs and put them in the same location. Flowers in vases.

              The photos were taken in an unlit room on a tripod whilst using my Camranger and iPad. It is very grey and wet outside so there is not much natural light. Also I have not calibrated this lens with this camera as yet. No flash utilised.

              I do believe that I shall have to carry out some tests with this lens on the D800.

              just as an aside, I love this lens on the Nikon D300. I had never actually thought to utilise it on a Nikon D800.

            • Yes, than use tripod , ISO 100, f8 and test for corner sharpness, like some flat subjects

            • hval

              Tripod was used. Photos were taken at ISO 100 at f10

            • hval

              Whoops! Just checked. I had left camera on auto iso and it was at f11. Apologies.

            • hval

              Have taken some photos, for those interested, of a brick wall plus two additional photos of vegetation.


      • One thing I feel people tend to forget as well, is just how well the high end camera keep their resale value. If you pulled the trigger on a D800, day one. And used it for years, ran up the shuttercount but generally didn’t scratch the crap out of it. You could go and sell it now for $2k probably without trouble. Man that’s a lot of camera for around $1000. Or you could have gone through a couple consumer cameras for the same money.

        I’m always amazed at the higher end cameras too. The d3s Still seems to fetch insane resale value.

    • Clubber Lang

      I think this camera will be pretty nice for a small, hiking cam but the cool pix name is a downer. They should get Samual L. Jackson to market it as the ” Bad Mother!&@?er line to give it some balls.

    • 5r

      You know, not all the photos are made by super duper professional photographers like you. So pls let us, the amateurs have our cameras. And if you are not able to deliver some quality photos with the existing equipment, than most probably it is not the equipment to blame

  • How many Nikon CEO’s does it take to screw the price on this one?

    • Aldo

      I don’t think price is the issue…. but the lack of key features that should be second nature by now… eg no video (pure photography bs) and not making the 5+ year old 51 point focusing system standard in all new DSLR’s…

      • I do think price does matter ๐Ÿ™‚ and is number 1 selling point IMO

        • Aldo

          not on the higher end ones… d800, d4/s, d7100, d600/10 … the most heard complain is on the Df… but that is only because of what I pointed out.

          • I have grew up with Nikon 5 focus point AF on film DSLR and was more than happy to work with it in fast pace environment, so as you can imagine video does not bother me either but if Nikon keeps asking more $$$ for gear which has big flaws in it when released and does not deal with costumers like Fuji for example does with their free firmware updates, I do think they are going to loose their clients with overpriced tools… which we happen to call cameras ! again IMO ๐Ÿ™‚ Wake up sleeping bunny wake up ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Aldo

              I grew up with a nikon fm2n and f3… one split screen… My first out of focus picture on the job came out of an AF camera.

              Roll back to when the d800 came out.. people were impressed with the price… in a positive way… then the d600 was expected at 1.5k.. but 2k wasn’t that bad.. it was the lack of features that had people upset (and of course the spots)… with the d7100… lack of buffer.. maybe no wifi/gps and no 1080 60p.. Df.. price was an issue.. people were expecting a cheaper camera since it had no video… but then holding the 51point focusing system was very puzzling.

              I can only agree with you on lenses… to me some are slightly overpriced. Bodies seem adequately priced… but holding features and quality control (as you pointed out) is what really has nikon on a the bitter tongue of some.

            • To me there is too many great cameras out there, so increasing the prices is not going to work for ever. I have no idea what kind of photography you do for living but I shoot weddings and portraits commercially, and Nikon has been my gear to go for 20 years so far. My current camera is still D3s backed up with D700. You read correctly! These 2 guys did not let me down once, and 12MP is enough for beautiful 12×18 albums to be printed with metallic finish. I also shot with D800 and returned it back after a 5 day Indian wedding when focusing let me down with back-focusing issues. Nikon did made some silly mistakes recently and D600 late ‘apology’ to its owners with bring it fix it promise saved their reputation IMO at least for now. I work hard and I rely on the gear I use, so I do not expect nothing else but great experience when I am going to spend another 3+ or 6K+ number on a new FX Body. And I still think these prices are just too much for regular guys who do not make living with their cameras ! ๐Ÿ™

            • neversink

              Never had these back focus issues or left focus issues on my D800, and I had a very early one.

            • That is great, and how it should be ๐Ÿ™‚ not in my case, not mentioning the LCD greenish hue – and yes I had one of the earliest models as well ๐Ÿ™‚ – here is what was happening – http://www.pressthetrigger.com/index.php/2012/06/d800-af-problems/

            • neversink

              That’s terrible. If I had those problems, I would have sent it back also. I test all my gear to the max after I buy, just in case I need to return any lens or body or other equipment. Sorry you had the problem.

            • neonspark

              yeah that last firmware from nikon was really expensive.

  • Jon Potrero

    I’m skeptical Nikon will blur product lines by installing a CX sensor in a CoolPix camera. But if they do, and it’s a replacement for the P7800, it won’t be announced until September.

    • Captain Megaton

      Depends on what level of sales pressure they are feeling from the RX100 series. I imagine it is substantial.

      • Spy Black

        Considering what Sony has just done with the RX100 III, I think there’s no point any other manufacturer should bother trying to compete. Sony owns the pocket market with that camera.

        • Dmitry Anisimov

          owns? do you have figures?
          I agree that RX100 is the best pocketable camera, but it’s expensive, and some ppl are sonyhaters

          • Spy Black

            I mean strictly from what the camera is for it’s size. It is indeed unfortunately expensive.

  • Bokeh Monk

    See D800S is due to be announced anyway now, in Canada new D800 are selling for $2699 and D800E $2899

  • lorenzo

    I don’t think that the price of the D800 will ever go down; the camera will be discontinued and possibly sold used on eBay for $4,000 as the last semi-pro made in Japan. The D800S will be sold at $3,595.99.
    Let’s see how wrong I am ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Henri De Vreese

      I hope very wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰
      $3.600 is just crazy…

    • clifflwms

      It’s possible, that’s what Canon did with The 5DIII (The price eventually dropped). Canon users were NOT happy about it but they bought it anyway. Nikon Users will probably do the same, but I hope Nikon doesn’t do that.


    It is the Nikon 1 J4s 18.5mp


    For you DX Fan Boys Nikon D9300 32mp 9fps.

    • Bryan

      Geez I hope it’s not 32mp. IMO it’d be better at 16.

      • John Tangney

        I’m hoping for 18 or 20 MP!


          Let’s think about this. Nikon’s entry level cameras are at 24mp. Trust me..though i am wrong,lol…it will have 32mp.

          • reignoffire

            nah……look at d4. 16mp vs 36mp of d800. i think d9300, if it exists, will be 16/18mp.

          • 1j2

            Yep. And still the 8 years old Multicam 1000 AF Module from the D80.

          • benedict

            I agree pixel war will continue to the next decade as every manufacturer knows quite well that high pixel count can boost their sales. It’s the easiest way for sales persons to persuade uninformed people to buy one rather than the other. I expect the D900 to be 50+MP and even slower than the D800.

      • neversink

        Explain why it would be better? We already have D4 at 16mp

      • henk

        24MP 9fps!!

      • jr456

        It will not be 16MP….what are you thinking?

    • neonspark

      possibly. It is a given FX will be pushed to 50+ while DX will probably start inching to 30s. It is the natural evolution.

  • D9300


  • PhotoLaw

    I hope it’s a new fluorine coated SB-910e for $650.

    • Hierro

      No better …SB 920….has to be updated..no mor infrared wirelss …radio flash transmitting…in order to comply/compete with Canon’s speedlite ex-rt 600…..nikon has still not answered…..

      • Mike

        Phottix Mitros+ fills that roll very nicely.

  • Neopulse

    Kinda of quick the “update” of the D800/E since it came out in March 2012. But to me honestly it felt like it came out June 2012 or later from the ridiculous back order and demand it had that year.

    It is an update kinda similar to the D4s by making it have a new EXPEED processor and a higher fps but with the same sensor. Guess it’s inevitable this camera coming out at around the same time the D4s.

    • Do you think its too fast? I’m eagerly awaiting it if the rumors are true.

      You’re right about the backlog. I ordered as soon as the Swiss shops allowed preorders and got it in June.

      I wonder if they’re moving the production to Thailand because they need a higher manufacturing yield than Sendai.

      • Neopulse

        I guess we’ll find out very soon if production can keep up with the demand. A lot of people desired the D800/E when it first came out, I doubt this will be any different.

  • Daniel

    D400 is coming!!

  • bob2

    Oh please Nikon, pretty please, another 18-XXX kit zoom, with whatever camera you announce. Because you just can’t have enough kit zooms in the 18-XXX range.

    • Sports

      There’s a huge gap between 18-200 and 18-300. They should release at least one zoom between those two.
      OMG, just thinking …. what a mess, if they figure out how to make 17-xxx zooms instead. Then, they’ll have to re-release at least five different kit zooms.

    • Kynikos

      I don’t think the 18-55 has enough range myself. We need an 18-60, but keep the f/3.5-5.6, even if it means adding $1,000.

  • 6FPS+ with better focusing!

    I was out shooting motocross a few weekends ago, and the top shot came from my D7000. My D800 (FPS) and Df (focus coverage) played secondary roles.



      OP…Please…I am begging you please no more Spam!

      • Wot?

        I’m spamming for a 4 year old D7000?

        • Henri De Vreese

          Don’t you know that good gear becomes bad with time? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • I still love it! In fact, that’s probably why I’ve come to the conclusion that 6 FPS and a focusing system that fills more of the frame is what I need.

    • Aldo

      It obviously came from your d7000 as your weren’t shooting with your d800 when you took that shot ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Your logic is crushing, hehe.

        • Aldo

          btw nice shot

    • neonspark

      Motocross wasn’t what the D800 was aimed at. It was for fine art, studio, landscape or portrait. Everybody at motor sports who is anybody shoots with the D4 or 1DX.

      • neversink

        Baloney! I shoot sports and wildlife and editorial with both my D4 and D800. And I have colleagues who only use the D800 for editorial. Stop with the myth. The D800 is extremely versatile and you can capture anything with 4.5 fps as you can with 10. And they will be I creasing the fps on the new model anyway.

        • neonspark

          I understand you may do so, but the D800 was touted in nikon’s own marketing as a studio/landscape camera. As many have pointed out, 36MP and 4.5fps is not really suited for the task of burst shooting.
          and no, you cannot capture everything with 4.5fps that you can with 10.

          • I mostly agree with Neversink. It’s extremely versatile, but 6 FPS would make it even more so.

          • Ceasar Sharper

            Hmm, I shoot wildlife with my D800 in burst. A faster FPS only gives me increased choices of a better shot at the perfect instance. With the right technique it’s only about being able to capture the right instance. While the D800 is very versatile, it is not the optimum body for sports or birds.

            • neversink

              Not optimum in today’s world, but even with the D4, I often shot on single burst mode, even when I shoot wildlife. I prefer to wait for the right moment. I will use high fps settings from time to timeโ€ฆ.

            • Lcky

              +1 single shot, H for specific purposes or in between shooting S.

            • Ceasar Sharper

              True, I have a few images where I caught a bird in the act of landing and was able to select the image I liked. with more FPS I only increase the choices. Yes, if you start shooing too early you fill the buffer too soon and get poor results. Good technique sometimes beats newer gear.

          • neversink

            We’ve been having this debate for so long on NR. In the days of film, 4.5 fps was fast. People received Pulitzers for photos taken without any motor drives. Machine gunning doesn’t make one a better photographer.

            • Me

              Too true but the D700 ding-dongs need something to complain about. They remind me of a certain group of Star Trek fans who launched a campaign to bring back Kirk.

          • T53


        • saywhatuwill

          People seem to forget that successful photos were made when people used a 4×5 press camera! ONE SHOT every 10 – 30 seconds. In later years we had 3.5 fps up to 5 fps for film. That seemed pretty fast in the day, though there were a couple specialized cameras that went higher. Anyway, there are many, many photos that were shot at those frame rates. People crying that they need more or they can’t get pictures are ones who seem to use the spray and pray method instead of waiting for “the moment.”

          • Do a google image search for:
            Babe Ruth at bat
            Hank Aaron at bat
            A Rod at bat

            The old shots are classics, but I don’t think Sports Illustrated would even think publishing them if shot today.

      • I don’t want to criticise your opinion, but I’m nobody then. And I’ll freely admit that more FPS would have given me more, and better, keepers. It’s why I’m excited about this rumor. 6 FPS “feels” right for motorsports to me.

        (this was meant to be a link, but I think Disqus always seems to put the image here too)

        D800 +300/2.8:

        • Spy Black

          Is that an out-of -camera JPEG? The noise levels at 800 is similar to my D600 at 1600. Curious.

          • Shadows are pushed, especially the eyes.

            • Spy Black

              I was looking at the noise in the sky and the foliage behind him. Here is a 100% crop of an out-of-camera JPEG ISO 1600 shot out of my D600.

  • Aldo

    idk… whatever comes out… please just don’t purposely cripple it… it’s getting old and obvious.

    • Too right.

      That’s pretty much the crux of it, isn’t it?

    • The Nikon Way

      Little chance of that it won’t be crippled. Can’t have low/mid range products hitting sales at the top of the range.
      Nikon learnt that with the D300/D700/D3

    • neonspark

      do you think the D800 was crippled when they released it? because I thought it beat its bigger sibling the D3X by miles while staying true to its size and weight specs.

      • neversink

        Agree with you completely neon. It also beat the D3s / D700 in many ways.

      • Aldo

        I don’t believe the d800 was purposely crippled… but you have to remember the d800 was a long due delayed model (due to the tsunami)… the mindset was different then. They could have included the “S” raw feature though, but I don’t consider that crippling. You need to look at what came out after the d800: d600, d7100, Df… they are all cameras crippled in one way or another (on purpose). And when I say crippled of course I don’t mean it literally… We all know a good photog can shoot good pictures with a toaster.

        • Spy Black

          …but my fingers burned so many times I had to give that up, I use a D600 now. No more burnt fingers. It’s awesome…

        • Me

          Crippled is photography forum language for “not exactly as I specify with no consideration given to sales, cost of manufacture or profit margins”.

  • rt-photography

    I just hope they start taking video seriously because in the wedding industry in my country, its pretty much 80% canon users.

    from the classified sections in forums I frequent and groups on facebook, people are leaving nikon to buy canon. specifically for video.

    • d800e_shooter

      well, if people are leaving specifically for video, perhaps the Panasonic GH4, alongside the 12-35/2.8 and 35-100/2.8, is a better buy?

      • rt-photography

        Yes, spoke to a few that were hyped up about the GH4 and were going to buy it. but they were already with canon. with lens mounts for different co’s its nice to be able to swap and use what u have. I saw some who moved to canon but didnt want to have to get all new lenses and use nikon lenses with their canon cameras.

        Nikon is just sleeping at the wheel with video.

        • Henri De Vreese

          Oh yeah, that’s why here a lot of people are using D800’s and not 5D3’s…

          • rt-photography

            I only know whats happening in my country. im sure there are some countries where nikon are dominating in video.

            but weddings, canon here dominate. C100’s like a dime a dozen.

            • lord eels

              well the c100 is a pretty cheap low end cinema camera, that is the products single value to users. wedding videographers are cheap.

          • clifflwms

            Yes, they are, but honestly the 5D3 is better suited for Video than the D800. I own a D4, a D4s, a D800, a C100, and… a 5D Mark III. I love them all. The Canons are strictly for video; and even though I use an Atomos Samurai Blade on them, the Canon footage is just easier to work with, especially matching the white balance. Oh I also own a Df, don’t get me started on its video quality! Otherwise, I love that one too.

    • lord eels

      remember why canon dominates video, while to stills shooters full frame DSLRs are higher end, but to video DSLRs represent cheap cinema cameras for bottom feeding low end filmakers, aka wedding videographers.

      nikon is still everywhere in the wedding shooter world, and as apple has proven you don’t have to be #1 to be the best. in fact that’s rarely the case.

    • mikeswitz

      Take it from an actual film maker, buy a dedicated video camera. One designed only for that purpose. I promise you you’ll get better results. And don’t shoot 4k. The bride will kill you!

      • rt-photography

        I dont shoot video. I do stills.today weddings here, DSLR is the trend.

        • mikeswitz

          That doesn’t mean its a good trend, or it will last. And while lord eels may have a point he doesn’t have to be rude considering all his vast experience with videography.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Yup, when I started shooting the D800 after shooting 12mp for a decade (D2, D3) I was NOT prepared for how much you see that you don’t actually WANT to see…

  • reductron

    I hope it’ll be the 800s with left sensor improper focus activation as a menu option.

  • reignoffire

    i guess it will take 400 1″ coolpix/1 before releasing D400

  • Daniel Hรถgberg

    Wohoo! Nikon D2300 -even smaller then the Canon SL1/100D! Or maybee a FF sensor in a d3300 sized body – I would not even look at the mirrorless offerings from the other manufacterers anymore if they where to release that.. Sony and Fujifilm has been making me drop my jaw with every new release for the last 3-4 years.. WHEN is Nikon going to make me drop my jaw?

  • Arthur Tazo

    I am so excited that I just cant hide it. I am about to lose control and I think I like it.

  • ronin

    Rumors of rumors?

  • please let it be just a faster d800. faster in terms of fps, writing files and, and iso, and I will give my money. for now I wouldn’t go for the slow-ass d800

    • Henri De Vreese


    • neversink

      Too bad. My D 800 is a workhorse.

      • Hon no jodan

        Albeit a slow workhorse ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Righty-o

    The world needs a new Coolpix.

  • MRPhotoau

    I haven’t read through the thread and I’m sure someone has pointed it out already but I’m going to say it anyway. We do realize that canon rumors is talking about strong rumors of a 7D replacement this month. Could mean we will finally hear the last of the ‘where’s my D400’ comments.

    • D0104

      No, it won’t.

    • nwcs

      Nikon and Canon watch each other a lot. If Canon released a 7D upgrade then Nikon will be on their heels announcing a D300 successor. In fact, they’re probably waiting just for that.

  • Kynikos

    Please let it be the Coolpix!
    Please let it be the Coolpix!
    Please let it be the Coolpix!
    Please let it be the Coolpix!
    Please let it be the Coolpix!
    Please let it be the Coolpix!
    Please let it…

    • PiskyPixie

      Be careful what you wish for.

  • cantsaywhoiam

    My sources tell me that there won’t be any new announcements before Photonika and believe me, my sources are *very* reliable.

    • Impossible, there are always new products announcements in August and I am pretty sure there will be something in June (D800s).

      • Embagoed

        Well, you know the schedule!

      • Ceasar Sharper

        I hope you’re right about the D800S but a D9300 would be sweet. Then I’ll just have to decide if I should invest in gear or use the $$$ for workshops to improve my technique or spend it to travel to a cool place to practice to apply my current technique. Choices, choices, choices

      • reignoffire

        admin…any news about d400/9300 ?

      • broxibear

        I wonder if it will be an “S”…maybe they’ll bring back the “X” ?


        • For now everything points to a D800s. Low chance of D810.

          • Gopher.

            Why not an “n” ? We’ve not had one of those since the FM2n.

  • stoooopid

    Coolpix B. 24MP aps-c, 23mm f/2 lens, no AA filter, full set of external controls – oh wait, I am waking up – I was dreaming – I am sure Fuji will announce that pretty soon.

    • Mostly I agree with Ming Thein on the idea that more megapixels on a Coolpix “B” would not improve the camera. Of course many enthusiasts want more megapixels, despite that handheld shooting will not improve the image quality, just create larger file sizes. We’re near a diffraction limit, and the pixel site size of the Coolpix A matches the D800E already.

      24mm or 21mm equivalent? I think Ricoh will have something for you in the future. Until then, try to find a WC-E68 converter, which turns a Coolpix A into a super-wide shooter.

      • stoooopid

        well, I agree – 16MP is more than enough – however – I just meant updating to the chip in the D7100 – which has other advantages with noise and DR. And the lens on the coolpix A is supposed to be really good – maybe the 24MP won’t be wasted on it.

        • I haven’t been using the Coolpix A long, though I’m already impressed by the low light capability. The front Function button could be placed a bit better, though overall I like the camera. I use custom white balance, and accessing that could be faster, though a firmware update could make that possible. Autofocus could be improved, not so much on accuracy, but on speed in low light. Slightly wider focus ring would be nice, along with a setting to automatically zoom the screen, though I’m getting use to that.

          On a side note, the number of compliments I get on this camera is amazing. The small size is not intimidating to most people, making it a great walk-around camera. I have the black body with viewfinder, and the silver filter adapter with silver lens hood, which makes it seem like a vintage camera to some people. It’s like a modern Leica A in some aspects.

  • Erik Spaan

    I still hope for a D9300…

    • April Fool

      U hope in vain.

      • Erik Spaan

        You know more, work @ nikon ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • reignoffire


  • Essien

    please let it be ๐Ÿ˜‰ a new coolpix….in order to have more time for further improvemnents of the d800(s)/d810 than the rumored ones…..

    Pray and hope….time will tell us….

    • Michiel953

      Mid lifecycle updates will never be earth shattering. If you want those, wait for the D900.

  • libgentile

    What happened to the 7200?

  • JohnH

    Wake me up when Nikon announces a mirrorless FX camera . . .

    • nwcs

      Have a great nap Methuselah ๐Ÿ™‚

    • neversink

      You will have a long nap, Rip van Winkle

  • flaker

    A D800 that focuses?

    • Juraj Balaลกko

      Yeah, would be nice if they fix my D800 first, sent it in 2 times, still flawed!

  • koenshaku

    I would wager it is the Coolpix the world is not yet ready for the D800S neither is Nikon they’re probably bug testing the hell out of the thing to repair their damaged reputation.

  • Don Merlot

    There won’t be a p8000. Nikon have dropped the ball.

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