The new Nikon 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G ED VR DX lens is now shipping

The new Nikon 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G ED VR DX lens is now shipping and is currently in stock in the US (Amazon, B&H, Adorama) and Europe (Foto Hans Keuzekamp). Technical specifications and sample images can be found here.

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  • doge

    I hope this wasn’t the big announcement.

    • No, the big announcement will be the new 18-220mm lens to fill the gap between the recently announced 18-140 and 18-300 lenses.

      • DuncanM


  • Anton PupkIn

    Somebody, please tell Nikon that they already have 15 superzooms. Otherwise I am expecting new F-mount superzoom for Cristmas and 2 for Nikon 1.


      $900 for that? Come on Nikon! Next you will be trying to sell a soft 58mm 1.4 for $1,700!

      • DuncanM

        The 58 is worth the money, that lens has some crazy low light qualities. Sharpness isn’t everything, especially true of portrait lenses.

        • Duncanfife

          Show us your 58 please! And the wonderful soft pictures.

          • HotDuckZ

            Low light quality is better than NOCT, just ask mr. google.

          • neonspark

            he refers to bokeh quality silly.

      • Steven Solidarios

        Its about the bokeh.

  • Lamar Lamb

    I just don’t get why they keep introducing new super-zooms. Are there that many people that buy them? I want some fast primes, or actually now that i think of it the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 should do just fine….. Stay in the truck Nikon, Sigma’s got it……

    • waterengineer

      Yes. Vacationers buy them It is now summer holiday season so, yes, this lens will be popular.

      • Kim

        Only beginners think they MUST have a ‘superzoom’ on vacation! What is it all these tourist really need ‘450mm’ for??
        If you are that far away, and find an objekt so interesting, maybe you should go a little closer? After all you are on vacation…
        What a tourist really need is a wide-angle zoom. We all realize that after some time when we look at our images from the trip, and wonder why we narrowed in all of our pictures!
        Wide-angle looks SO much better when you come home! The main subject close to camera, surrounded by great scenery! Instead of just the main subject…

        • Ces

          Go to Alaska in a cruise, and I can tell you that you will need the zoom.
          But then in my case, I used a 55-300mm. (but had to change lenses a lot)

    • Aldo

      people who don’t know (or simply don’t care) about the fine details of optic quality and slower apertures only see the focal range and convenience. We are talking about A LOT of people.

      • decisivemoment

        Some of them, e.g. the 16-85, 18-140 and 18-300 f3.5-5.6, are actually really good lenses, so long as you’re aware of the limitations in terms of controlling depth of field. I hope this one doesn’t amount to a dumbing down replacement for the 18-300 3.5-5.6; f6.3 DQs a number of bodies for decent AF at 300.

    • They are big sellers, that first 18-200 was out of stock for a long time. A lot of people want a convenient zoom, not the best in optical quality. A D3xxx body with an 18-300 will take better photos than an iPhone, and provide great shots for sharing via email and on FB. Most people don’t require more than that.

      • lorenzo

        “A lot of people want a convenient zoom, not the best in optical quality”.

        If it is true those people should buy that Coolpix with a 2,000 mm zoom.

        • kotozafy

          But a 2,000 mm focal is not so convinient…

      • shawn

        I could very much see myself using something like this for some daytime sporting events like a sports day. It would be a lot easier to just carry around 1 lens and body and get both close and distant shots without either changing lenses or bodies. That is assuming the image quality is reasonable and sharp.

    • Sports

      When I know what I’ll be doing, I change to a 50 mm or a 70-200 or whatever, but apart from that, my camera just waits with the 18-200 super zoom attached. Always ready. Could be just at home, or it could be on a vacation.

      But I totally agree … why release new ones all the time? Go, build something that didn’t exist before!!

      • AM I Am

        A new 18-305mm will sell like hotcakes.

      • neversink

        They are building things that don’t exist. There was the 800 fluorine lens and now the 400 fl lens. But not e wry thing produced is going to wow everyone. There are many choices out there, but the whiners will come out of the closets no matter Nikon announces.

      • kotozafy

        6.3 at the long end didn’t exist before in the Nikkor line ๐Ÿ™‚

    • LeFred

      This type of zoom would have made a great kit lens for soccermoms. I often see the old Tamron 18-200mm offered as a kit lens for D5xxx or D3xxx.
      But for $900, this can only be a convenience zoom. Another lost opportunity in my opinion…

  • Kynikos

    Thank god.
    Now I can die in peace.
    (After taking a selfie with this marvel of modern engineering.)

  • Shaun V.

    Wasn’t an 18-300mm just released a couple years ago? It seems Nikon’s new strategy is to make things cheaper and sell them for more money.


      They are just rehashing..shame on Nikon!

    • Mr_Miyagi

      Yes, and I owned it. It was optically a terrible lens–even as a travel lens for which I was willing to accept lower standards–so I got rid of it.

    • iamlucky13

      It looks like the 18-300 F/3.5-5.6 was released just under 2 years ago:

      Not that the world needed yet another 18-X superzoom, but there are some differences. The new lens is a hair slower at the long end at F/6.3, but quite a bit smaller (33% lighter, 9% smaller diameter, 19% shorter length), with 7 aperture blades instead of 9, and a couple fewer lens elements. It also dropped from a 77mm to a 67mm filter, which is arguably a benefit for the target audience for this lens due to the cost of larger filters.

      Perhaps surprisingly, Nikon actually did reduce the price of the new lens by $100 compared to the old one.

      It seems Nikon’s strategy in the face of weak 1 series sales is to try to retain casual SLR users by holding the price of convenience kits low and bring the total kit size closer to that of the competing mirrorless products.

    • neonspark

      how is this a new strategy. was the old strategy to make more costly things for less profit?
      OMG WTF is wrong with the internet today.

  • Aldo

    I’ll wait for the 18-1000mm f11-16

    • reignoffire

      i guess that will create history with your hassy lunar with an adapter


    A Perfect Lens for the DX Fan Boys…who expect nothing from soft, barrel distortion, glass. Thanks Nikon your DX Fan Boys are happy today.

    • neonspark

      I don’t believe that Mr DX fan boy in person Thom Hogan even wants another DX zoom.


    Someone pegged it right. It seems that Nikon Thinks that everyone has short and long term memory loss. At Nikon Headquarters they were saying…Humm Didn’t we just release that same lens a few months and years ago? Yep, but our DX boys don’t remember.

    • Sports

      It’ll be just like buying a DVD because you forget that you already own it.

  • Guest

    Good New DX Boys…Flip Flopwell just reviewed this important lens…and said throw away all of your other lenses…this is the perfect carry around lens. Sharp, Lightweight, Crystal Clear!


    Good New DX Boys! Flim Flopwell just reviewed this new lens. Flim said it was the perfect carry around lens that Nikon makes, at this moment. Sharp, Lightweight, and can carry in your pocket! Buy it today!

  • Anton PupkIn

    Every time I see an anouncement of a new superzoom I wait for the review. Every time I read that review, I hope that THIS TIME it will be something worthwhile. But each time it is just another dark, blurry, wobbly piece of junk with massive distortion, vignetting and ugly bokeh. ๐Ÿ™

    • Steve Griffin

      The worlds resources must surely be almost “used up” just making these pieces of junk. Perhaps there should be a law against them? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Carleton Foxx

      You shouldn’t make decisions based on reviews. You should only make decisions based on your vision because I can guarantee you that there’s kids out in the world right now using dark, blurry, wobbly junk lenses on beat up old D3000s and D60s and making photos that are worlds ahead of anything you or I have ever shot.

      • Anton PupkIn

        Of course I tried some of those lenses. And yes, they are what I said. I just wanted to make my post shorter. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kim

      A superb lens from 18-300mm would be MASSIVE!

      Those that aren’t, are in the best case seven notches below mediocre.

  • Global

    An “18-300 DX” multiplied by the factor of x2.7 should be a “48-810mm FX equivalent” lens when mounted on the Nikon 1 CX format, isn’t that right? Or does DX-to-CX multiply differently than FX-to-CX?

    [I know FX converts that way (20mm FX = approx. 60mm CX), but do we use the same multiplication factor of x2.7 when going from DX-to-CX?]

    • Regional

      You do. Focal length is focal length, it doesn’t change depending on the size of the eye/sensor behind the lens. Only the field of view is narrower with a smaller sensor, hence “equivalent” to the view from a 2.7x longer lens when on CX.

  • decisivemoment

    Is this a replacement for their excellent 18-300 3.5-5.6 (I hope not, unless they really did something spectacular optically) or just yet another variation?

    • Global

      I just noticed that the lens you are referring to is actually brighter on the tele end. Why is Nikon making this lens darker..?

      If slowing the f/stop is how they get it sharper, that’s a bit disappointing. Its only a 1/3rd of a stop of light — but at the far tele end, the equivalent of 450mm, every 1/3rd stop of light is important.

      • Global

        Oh, I see the trade-off — the new lens is about 20% smaller. I guess that’s useful if you’re really concerned about being compact. Maybe Nikon felt pressure from the mirrorless movement.

        • EnPassant

          The main difference is 280g less weight compared to the old version. That is quite substantial.

          • Starfires

            Exactly. The old one was just to heavy for traveling to properly replace the 18-200’s. I’m not sure why the hostility to these super-zooms. They are obviously a compromise, but a great way to have access to so many focal lengths on a large sensor. The question is, is it substantially better than the competition?

        • JXVo

          The older f5.6 version is big, heavy and expensive for what it is. So, some of the versatility advantage of 15x zoom was compromised by ” you definitely don’t want to hang this thing off your neck all day”
          The new one seems to be closer in size to the 18-200. If you take the view that last 100mm of a superzoom is for emergencies then the new lens may actually be acceptably sharp at 200mm, where the old 18-200 was not

  • Leonardo Baraldi

    Someone can tell me why it’s still hard to find 35mm f1.8G FX?

    Would be due to some fault of manufacture or design flaw?

    I am waiting for a decent review to be able to decide between Nikon or Sigma 35mm

  • Art

    I’m gonna pass on this one. Besides in a couple generations Nikon will be producing a 18-800 F2.8 using photo-multiplier technology as they do in night vision sets. So not only will you be able to rack it out to 800mm but you’ll be able to shoot at a shutter speed not less than 1,000 at night.

  • Nikon Newbie

    Now shipping??? I purchases this lens back on 5/4, before I left for a trip to Hawaii. I took some great shots!

  • Nikon User

    This lens costs so much and it doesn’t even contain a distance meter. Even the new Tamron 16 300 has it.

    Nikon is too greedy in the past 5 years. Give my 2007 Nikon company back please.

  • lorenzo

    It is not true, it is just a Nikon coffee mug – it will perform better as such.
    Nikon, you can’t change the laws of Physics!

    • Kim

      LOL! Made my day ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kit lens for the D400.

  • whisky

    i think it was over at Thom’s site i first read this lens was redesigned for “manufacturing efficiencies”.

    taking a look at the lens designs for this new variant of the Nikkor 18-300mm, and Tamron’s 16-300mm f4.5-6.3 โ€” they’re virtually identical. identical number of elements in the same groups. identical placement. there’s a precedent for nikon co-manufacturing with tamron, in that the old 70-300mm (pre-VR) design was also rumored to be made by tamron.

    we’d have to wait to see performance reports, but i strongly suspect the guts of this lens is made by Tamron, but priced like a Nikon.

    lens designs available here:



  • Remedy

    Why would I want this over the latest Tamron 16-300mm is beyond me.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      Oh, please. You wouldn’t buy either of them.

  • Barry

    This is actually a very good lens. I have been using it for a week or so and am very impressed with it. I have been looking for a good xx-300mm that was not too bulky for general use but mainly for airshows. I have a full frame for prime lens use and am happy to accept the very minor limitations of this lens that are overshadowed by its sheer convenience.

  • Steven Thomas

    It’s about time Nikon brought out some new DX only lenses of the non superzoom variety. There’s been plenty of bodies but as a DX user myself i feel like i’ve been left on the scrap heap. Can’t remember the last new DX lens that came out other than superzooms or full frame lenses. Canon has just brough out a budget 10-18mm. That would be really nice to have, an affordable wide angle. That, and a new fast standard zoom. Getting a bit fed up with Nikon’s all out assault on the full frame lens front.

  • Bill

    Some people have the freedom to take their time, walk over to the item of interest, get the angle just right, maybe wait for the sun to move… others are just plain happy to grab a picture before the wife/kids or tour operator yells at them.

    Reality bites.

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